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Toyota Visibility Glass, Side/rear Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA CELICA 1990 Rear Hatchback Window Emploded While driving 55 mph. please describe details. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1986 All Windows Including Windshield Have developed white lines inside the glass. tt lines inside the glass are vertical and clear.*jb

TOYOTA CELICA 1992 Rear Windshield Is Oxidized; no vision is possible; driver cannot see out of rear window; could cause accident. tt
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 Windows Shattered Inward Toward Passengers for no apparent reason. tt
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 While Driving About Any Mph with rear window down will make a lot of vibration and a loud noise that could not be taken
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 Rear Window Reflected Sound. if had one rear window all way down it created wind vaccum that hurt ear drums.
TOYOTA AVALON 1996 Consumer Was Traveling And passenger's rear side window shattered for no reason. there were no tree or traffic traveling on that side.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1986 Window Handle On Drivers side fell off. he took it to garage. the only way that the handle will stay
TOYOTA SIENNA 1999 While Stopping At A Traffic light rear window exploded without warning into little pieces, that shattered completely. there was
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 Vehicle 3rd Row/right Rear Passenger window has exploded outward after driver's door was closed from the inside. window was not struck by anything.
TOYOTA CELICA 1997 During Normal Conditions While Lowering convertable top of car the rear window glass shattered. there was nothing obstructing the lowering of top, so
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Vehicle Parked In Driveway Overnight; next day went to vehicle & noticed rear window had exploded or blown out; took to dealer who
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1993 Failure On The Rear Window, the rear window does not close fully, causing exhaust fumes/odor to enter into the vehicle.
TOYOTA AVALON 1998 Consumer States While Traveling At highway speed consumer notice a loud noise flowing with glass in rear seat of vehicle without any indication rear window
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 Consumer States That There Is a loud noise that comes into the vehicle once the consumer opens any of the rear windows with out opening
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Driver's Side Visor When Deployed forward collides with rear view mirror. this causes rear view mirror to change position rendering an improper rear
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Severe Rear Cavitation When Rear windows is aware.can't be repaired. *ak
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 By Accident, I Put my driver's side rear window approx. 1/2 way down . unknowingly, i left the window down.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 When The Rear Window Is rolled down the car create varying pressure in the car causing if not careful the ear drum rupture. one
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 No Summary Listerd For Above vehicle. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1999 This Rear Window Shattered Completely as driver entered parked car and closed door. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 A "known Problem With This model" with "parts on national back order" is that the driver's window track is apparently disfunctional and has to
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 While Driving About 65 Mph somebody will open rear window, and it will make a tremendous noise, wich will hurt passengers'
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Windshield Scratches And Pits Easily, right rear window had wide deep scratch. *slc
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Window Tracks Failed. nlm
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 On Two Occasions The Glass window on the driver's side fell off track causing window to malfunction. *yc
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Design Of The Tinted Windows causing poor visibility.
TOYOTA COROLLA 1997 Film On Windows Cause Poor visibility in direct sun light.
TOYOTA PREVIA 1995 Due To Seat Belt Failure during slow down for traffic light off exit ramp, 2-year old car seat was ejected and pushe dinto headrest
TOYOTA AVALON 1996 While Driving On Smotth, well traveled, paved road right rear door window shattered with pieces across back seat and in the street.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 Windows Roll Down Half Way. *sd
TOYOTA PICKUP 1993 Rear Sliding Window Handle Replaced.
TOYOTA CELICA 1989 Poor Visibility From Rear plastic window. (other vehicle on 479652). *skd
TOYOTA CELICA 1991 Poor Visibility From Rear Plastic window. (other vehicle on 481527) *skd
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 Rear Window Inoperative. *ak
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1988 Middle Sliding Windows Separated From vehicle and flew down the road. *skd
TOYOTA PRIUS 2012 2012 Toyota Prius. consumer writes in regards to vehicle window exploded. *smd while driving 35-40 mph on a paved road,
TOYOTA COROLLA 2013 2013 Toyota Corolla. consumer writes in regards to rental vehicle door became stuck and window shattered. consumer was dissatisfied with actions
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 toyota camry hybrid. the contact stated that the rear window suddenly shattered. the vehicle was taken to
TOYOTA RAV4 2012 On A Sunny Hot Day vehicle was parked for approx 20 outside. entered the vehicle once no mishap. upon second entry "3
TOYOTA AVALON 2013 Failed Component In This Vehicle, as well as every other 2013 toyota avalon, has a distorted rear window and one cannot get a
TOYOTA COROLLA 2012 2012 Toyota Corolla. consumer writes in regards to gas pedal problem and window on driver's side. *smd the consumer
TOYOTA SIENNA 2005 Cpsc#i1260525a. 2005 Toyota Sienna. consumer stated about two years ago, she started have problems with the drivers door on her mini van,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2005 2005 Toyota Camry. Consumer sent additional correspondence related to transmission and driver side window issues. note consumer has previous correspondence in the system
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2005 On 11/9/2011, While Driving on interstate 80 near auburn, ca., the rear window on my 2005 toyota highlander spontaneously exploded/shattered.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2011 A Tree Branch Struck The rear window of the truck, shattering the tempered glass. shards of glass as long as 6" were
TOYOTA COROLLA 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 toyota corolla le. the contact stated while the vehicle was parked in the garage he saw his drivers side
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2007 Rear Window- The Bracket That holds window up is broken and part cost appr. $400.00 to repair it. *tr
TOYOTA COROLLA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota corolla. the contact stated that there was water in the vehicle on the driver rear side. the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns 2002 toyota sienna. the contact stated that both the front driver and passenger side windows would open and close without
TOYOTA MATRIX 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota matrix. while the contact was driving approximately 5 mph attempting to stop; the front driver side
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota camry. the contact stated that when the driver closed the driver side door, she heard a
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 toyota corolla. the contact received toyota recall notice 08v162000 visibility: glass, side/rear a couple months ago. she
TOYOTA MATRIX 2004 2004 Toyota Matrix. Consumer states driver side front window clanks whenever its lowered below half way, and makes a rubbing noise when it
TOYOTA RAV4 2007 Back Glass Broken On Toyota rav 4 on three separate occasions. large hole in the middle of the glass. no signs
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 2003 Toyota Corolla. consumer requests reimbursement for a window replacement after it blew out on a major highway. *tgw the consumer
TOYOTA SIENNA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota sienna. the vehicle was parked when the rear passenger vent window blew out due to excessive strong winds.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 The Driver Side Window In my 03 toyota corolla collapsed and shattered. this after a recall was done a year ago for the exact
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 toyota corolla. the contact noticed that whenever the vehicle is in motion or the driver's side door is
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 toyota tundra. while driving 45 mph, the rear window shattered in the vehicle. the contact
TOYOTA MATRIX 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 toyota matrix. while driving approximately 35 mph on normal road conditions, the front driver and passenger side
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota corolla. the contact received a recall notice for nhtsa campaign id number 08v162000 (visibility:glass, side/rear).
TOYOTA CAMRY 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 toyota camry. the contact stated that the mounting clips on the driver's side window failed, which caused
TOYOTA TACOMA 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 toyota tacoma. the contact stated that the frame was corroding on her vehicle. her husband noticed
TOYOTA SIENNA 2007 Recent When Stopped At An indoor garage to park the car in the morning one of the rear side windows just spontaneously shattered.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 The Rear Glass Separated From the molding. *tr
TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 My 2000 Toyota Camry 4 door sedan was parked in a nature park parking lot at 4:30 p.m. with the driver's side windows
TOYOTA COROLLA 2007 I Bought This 2007 Corolla le in july 2008. soon we found that when the car reached the speed of
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 2003 Toyota Corolla Problems With the window. consumer states that there is a recall for this problem. consumer states that the window is
TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota camry. while driving at any speed, there is a glare in the rear window that hinders
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota corolla. while the vehicle was at the dealer for an oil change, the technician attempted to
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 2004 Toyota Corolla Window Shattered due to bolt coming off. consumer states that they would like full reimbursement for this repair. he states
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 The Windows On My 2004 toyota corolla rattle and the window come down by itself. the drivers door is the worst one.
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 toyota sequoia. while parked, the vehicle caught fire. a fire and police report were both
TOYOTA RAV4 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota rav4. the contact stated that her two rear windows shattered spontaneously. on one occasion,
TOYOTA MATRIX 2008 Driving New Toyota Matrix (<400 miles) entering freeway, hear a pop behind driver. car continues to drive fine. when stopped, noticed
TOYOTA MATRIX 2003 I Notice An Occasional Popping noise when rolling up and down the windows on my 2003 toyota matrix. this concerns me, as i
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota tundra. when the rear windows are rolled down, the contact hears a deafening noise.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1996 toyota camry. the contact stated that the front driver's side window would not go up, and now
TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 "blind Spot" On Passenger Front side window in 2005 prius. *tr
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. while driving and looking into the rear view mirror, the contact noticed that the rear
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2003 03 Toyota Sequoia Oil Gauge failed to work and rear window will not roll down. *tr
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. while looking out of the rear view mirror, the contact noticed a reflection that decreased
TOYOTA SIENNA 2006 (1) The Vehicle Was In motion, in slow-moving, dense traffic on a highway. (2) without warning, the driver-side, rear passenger
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 07 Toyota Camry--transmission Failures And wind like noise at all times on the driver's side window. the consumer stated there is a transmission
TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 The Rear Top Corners Of both front door windows are chipping and starting to crack. this has occurred in the past month. there
TOYOTA AVALON 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota avalon. the vehicle is equipped with a rear window curtain for the rear glass. when
TOYOTA AVALON 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota avalon. while driving 35 mph, the rear passenger side window fell from the vehicle.
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Rear Windshield Spontaneously Shattered While driving on an open country road , no overhanging trees or overpasses), with other traffic present. no
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 Windshield Chips With Slightest Stone or debris. glass seems of inferior quality. side doors glass has imperfections. *jb
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 toyota corolla. when purchasing the vehicle on march 23, 2007 the contact was instructed to collect the
TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 We Were Driving Down A quiet rural road the temperature was 50 degrees, time 11:40pm, weather was clear and dry. there
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 I Bought Toyota Corolla Le 2005 in march 2005 at that time i got 3 year warranty/36,000 miles and the automobile has 36,800
TOYOTA SCION XB 2006 Tl *- The Contact Owns a 2006 toyota scion. while driving at 60 mph the contact opened the windows and the rear
TOYOTA SCION TC 2007 Went To Open Driver Side door when i heard a popping sound. turned to see the hatchback glass crack and spider with a collapse
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving 40mph, the vehicle was struck by another vehicle in the right passenger side door and the passenger
TOYOTA SIENNA 2006 I Bought A Brand New 2006 toyota sienna van at fred anderson toyota dealer in raleigh, nc june 06, 2006. five weeks
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2005 Front Passenger Side Glass "exploded" while driving on the interstate in montana. there were no other vehicles in the area of our toyota when
TOYOTA RAV4 2004 The Vehicle Was Parked With all windows down, heard a loud noise looked back to see the rear door window shatter completely. upon
TOYOTA RAV4 2006 Sat, July 1, 2006 the rear window of my 2006 toyota rav4 simply blewout sitting in our driveway. there was no traffic,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated While the vehicle was parked in front of the house, another vehicle passed by setting off the car alarm.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 My Car Was Parked, temp was under 70 deg. the rear window glass spontaneously shattered and exploded into thousands of pieces,
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 Windows Are Very Loose And rattle excessively. truck has been to dealer seven times, they did have a bulletin on the window regulator
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2005 2005 Toyota 4runner Sport V8 - 14800 miles - built may 2005. the drivers side rear seat window spontaneously shattered. air
TOYOTA ECHO 2002 Dt: 2002 Toyota Echo. the contact stated when closing the passenger door the rear window collapsed and shattered. the vehicle
TOYOTA RAV4 2004 Driving For About 30 Minutes, then all of a sudden the back window on my 2004 toyota rav4 shattered to pieces. there was
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 I Was Driving A Toyota 2004 corolla on the highway @ 60 mph. all the car windows were open. there were
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Radiator Ruptured And The Engine overheated; hose replaced in steering column recall; rust protective tape recall; dvd screen replaced and the
TOYOTA SCION XA 2005 Dt: Consumer States: Head rest is too big and the back windshield is too small. when changing lanes or looking
TOYOTA RAV4 2004 The Vehicle Had A Rear door with a window and while driving about 35 mph a pop was heard. the window shattered then
TOYOTA SIENNA 2003 Contact Stated: Driver's Side Window exploded in a thousand of pieces of glass with no apparent cause while driving 65-68 mph on freeway. just
TOYOTA CELICA 1997 While Lowering Convertible Top Under normal conditions and with no obstructions, back glass exploded for no apparent reason.*ak
TOYOTA SCION TC 2005 The Rear Window Does Not have a wiper. when it rains it is very difficult to see out the rear window.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 While Driving To Florida Noted that there were stains on both windshields either from a manufacturers defect or from the windshield washer solvent which appeared
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2004 While Driving 30 Mph, the driver heard a loud squeaking noise coming from both passenger and driver rear windows. suddenly the
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2003 The Driver Side Window Blew out while the consumer was driving. the glass made scratches on the door. the manufacturer
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2004 Car's Design Makes Changing Lanes highly dangerous: the back window is extremely small and narrow, and the two back seats have unusually high head
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 On One Occasion The Glass window on the driver's side fell off track causing window to malfunction. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 Consumer's Vehicle Rpms Went To the red zone. consumer pulled over and parked, and driver's side window would not go
TOYOTA COROLLA 2000 My Automobile Is A 2000 toyota corolla. i was driving on an ordinary road at perhaps 35 - 40 miles per hour when there
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 A Week Ago, Rear window of 2004 toyota tundra had popped out of the vehicle while driving on an off ramp. i've
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Rear Driver's Side Window Spontaneously exploded while driving. *ak
TOYOTA TACOMA 2004 This Is A Safety Concern on my 2004 toyota tacoma double cab v6, 4x4 truck. the exterior mirrors on both sides fog up
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 Passenger Side Front Window Exploded. *mr march 2003 the front window on the passenger side exploded sending glass flying throughout the car. again
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Driver & Passenger's Side Window makes rattling/bumping sounds when opened or closed . also, when car is carrying 4 adults. the
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Rear Window Shattered Spontaneously Without being struck by anything and without striking anything. this happened on a hot day, with windows closed
TOYOTA AVALON 2000 The Windows Were Blotched Which made it difficult to see while driving. *jb
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1993 L/r Window Came Out Of window regulator chanel and fell intodoor.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 Consumer States That When Rear windows are down, the vehicle experiences very bad turbulence that is "deafening". this occurs at any speed.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 The Reflection In The Mirror appear to be closer then appear to be please provide additional information dealer is aware of the