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16 Mar

TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1990 Vehicle Was At A light and consumer stepped on clutch and heard a snap. vehicle lurched forward, and hit
TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 Vehicle Accelerated Suddenly And Unexpectedly, resulting in a collision/ minor injuries. manufacturer has been notified. *ak

TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Intermittently Accelerator Pedal Will stick. recall 01v012000 has been issued on vehicle's make and model; however, this vehicle
TOYOTA CAMRY 2001 While Driving 60-65 Mph Engine stalled, accelerator pedal went to floor. dealer found accelerator cable had snapped. consumer received
TOYOTA COROLLA 1999 When Driving At 20 Mph and upon attempting to stop vehicle by applying force to brake pedal brakes did not respond,
TOYOTA CAMRY 1993 Sudden Acceleraton While Shifting Into drive, causing vehicle to hit various things, and run into a wall. dealer / manufacturer were not
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Consumer Received Recall 01v012000/ throttle cable, and tried to have service performed by dealership. dealership informed her that they were unaware
TOYOTA RAV4 1998 When Applying Brakes pedal goes to floor ,causing extended stopping distance. also, vehicle continues to accelerate after
TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 While Drivng About 30 Mph engine suddenly accelerated without a prior warning.consumer had to turn off engine, and put pawl in
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Recall 01v012000; Accelerator cable housing could be deformed at cruise control actuator to throttle body connection. consumer is experiencing this problem.
TOYOTA RAV4 1998 Sudden Acceleration While Parking Forced vehicle into a rear end accident. dealer/manufacturer were not notified at this time. feel free to provide
TOYOTA ECHO 2000 While Applying Brakes Vehicle Accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly. driver put vehicle into park to stop it. dealer was inspecting vehicle.
TOYOTA RAV4 1997 While Driving Down The Road coming to a red light consumer took foot off gas pedal, and vehicle started to accelerate,
TOYOTA COROLLA 1999 While Driving Into A Parking garage car started revving very high plunged foward into a wall. while on level ground consumer
TOYOTA COROLLA 1998 While Pulling Into A Parking spot put car in park and vehicle jumped curve. second time while in a parking lot put
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 While Parking On A Parking lot vehicle suddenly accelerated. took vehicle for service to find out what had caused this problem on two
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 Vehicle Experienced Several Erratic Surges while in stop and go traffic which caused sudden acceleration, and resulted in a rear end collision.
TOYOTA VAN 1989 Accelerator Linkage Cover Located between the brake pedal and the gas pedal, caused a rear end crash because driver's foot caught on the
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1997 While Pulling Vehicle Into A parking space and shifting gear into park, vehicle jumped out of gear, and suddenly accelerated.
TOYOTA COROLLA 1993 Consumer Was Going 25mph while it was sunny outside & car began to accelerate up to a higher speed. the only way
TOYOTA COROLLA 1997 While Pulling Into A Parking space vehicle suddenly accelerated by itself, then crashed into a gate. consumer shifted thevehicle into park.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated, resulting in a minor collision. driver sustained minor injuries, and vehicle was totaled.
TOYOTA RAV4 1999 Cruise Control Arm Fell Off the vehicle when t brakes were applied. vehicle proceeded, resulting in a collision. dealer isnpected
TOYOTA 4X2 1991 On Five Occasions Vehicle Would suddenly surge forward intermittently . acceleration appeared to occur whenever the vehicle was in low speed/ while parked/ when
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 While Sitting At A Stop light with foot applied to the brake pedal vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing a collision. cause unknown.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Vehicle Will Surge Forward When driving between 40-45 mph but usually in warm weather.the dealer claims this is normal operation of vehicle.there
TOYOTA COROLLA 1997 Coming To A Stop At approximately 5 mph and applying the brakes,vehicle suddenly accelerate/ lunged forward, causing an accident. *ak
TOYOTA AVALON 1999 Vehicle Involuntary Accelerated As Soon as pedal was depressed. stepped on brakes, vehicle kept accelerating. dealer contacted, and could not
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 While Driving Into A Parking spot vehicle suddenly accelerated forward. conusumer hit the brakes, but vehicle went foward, accelerating to high speed
TOYOTA AVALON 1998 When Pulling Into Garage, door opened slightly, accelerator not touched, vehicle took off going forward, put gear into reverse, vehicle
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 When The Vehicle Stops At a light or a stop sign and pressure is released from the brake pedal, the vehicle accelerates without applying
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 When Pulling Out In Reverse in a parking lot the vehicle accelerated unexpectedly and hit 4 cars. no injuries. toyota indicated there was
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1997 Vehicle Was In An Inside parking lot. owner was parking and had foot on the brake the truck jumped back and accelerated forward,
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1994 Consumer Was Traveling About 5 mph in a parking lot, upon depressing the accelerator pedal, the vehicle suddenly accelerated. consumer,
TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 After Driving In A Parking space, consumer took vehicle out of the drive gear, with the intention of placing vehicle into park,
TOYOTA COROLLA 1993 Driving To Intersection, Speed control off; engine started revving high; speed control went on; applied brakes, but it did not
TOYOTA TACOMA 1996 Engine Normally Idles At 550 rpms and suddenly and unexpectedly increased to 1050 rpms. when pulling into a garage or service station this sudden
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Consumer Has Problems With The accelarator. dealer was contacted. mr
TOYOTA CAMRY 2000 While Driving, Consumer applied brakes and vehicle suddenly accelerated, causing a front colision. delaer has been notified.*ak consumer stated
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Accelerator Cable Broke While Driving. consumer was not able to move car at all. recall 01v0120000 did not apply to this
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 At A Stop With Brakes applied vehicle suddenly surged forward. engine raced and rpm's went up to 6000. consumer shifted to neutral to
TOYOTA COROLLA 1993 While Backing Out Of Driveway vehicle revved out of control. *ak
TOYOTA PICKUP 1994 Driving At Speed Of 15mph, vehicle went into open throttle position, speed 35mph, lost control went inbankment impact 12:00 and unbody damages.
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Vehicle Exhibited Sudden Unintendend Acceleration on two previous occasions. on this thrid time it caused my wife to rear end a jeep cherokee.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Ignition System, Caborator And starter failed in the 1998-99 model camry's. nlm
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 Defective Carburetor/fuel System Causing Vehicle stalling, hesitation and surging.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 Accelerator Sticks At Idle
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 The Accelerator Jammed, Causing an accident, also airbag did not inflate, resulting in injury.
TOYOTA PICKUP 1993 Speedo Cable Loose, Causing rattle under passenger's seat when unoccupied.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 My '02 Toyota Tundra Would suddenly not idle on its on. then it would run normally. this has happened twice now. now
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 My In Car Gps System shows it doing 75 mph when the speedometer (in dash)shows it doing 80, 66 mph when doing 70 on
TOYOTA AVALON 2005 Consumer Brakes Did Not Work on toyota avalon 2005. *ts (11/17/05) the vehicle also would experienced sudden acceleration when the brakes
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2005 When Making Turns (and Sometimes just when accelerating), this car and all like it hesitate when the throttle is depressed and then lunges forward
TOYOTA CELICA 1994 Steering, Suspension, Clutch and brakes, cooling system and driveability, fuel and fluid breakdown. severe component failure leading back to ecu
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 I Was Stopped In Traffic on ih-35 in austin due to an accident ahead. i had an opportunity to move to an exit
TOYOTA TOYOTA 9999 Complaint Concerning The Alleged Surging problem of toyota vehicles. *bf the consumer stated that it felt like the problem
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2002 Vehicle Jumped Into Gear When driving .the dealership was unable to duplicate the problem. *la *sc *jb
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1998 When The Consumer Shifted To drive, the vehicle surged forward. this caused a minor collision with minor damage to the vehicle. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Vehicle Suddenly Accelerated While Backing out of the driveway. *mr this incident caused damage to a garage, and hit
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 When Trying To Park, the driver pressed the brake pedal and the vehicle suddenly surged forward. the vehicle ran over the curb
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Vehicle's New Braking System Was unsafe. brake pedal had to be depressed almost to the floor before it engaged. as a

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