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Toyota Structure Body Tailgate Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1990 Tailgate Electric Door Failed And cannot open gate. tt
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1988 The Liftgate On Vehicle Has failed, was replaced by the dealer, but has started to corrode after its first year, owner believes

TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1991 Center Inside Of Rear tailgate bends in with normal wear&tear compromising weather seal and allowing exaust fumes into passenger cab.*ak
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1998 Support Struts On Liftgate Unable to fully support liftgate when rear window retracted down into door - apparently due to additional weight towards bottom of
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1997 Loss Of Auto Transmission Fluid resulting in failure of transmission, possibly due to lack of care in verifying sufficient fluid supplied at point of
TOYOTA CAMRY 9999 2 Rear Quarter Panels Rusted.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 2007 Toyota Prius Tailgate Latch rubber has degraded and effectively melted to where the latch fails to work most of the time, and deposits
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 Tail Gate Lifters Failed To completely lift the tail gate. not noticing the tail gate was slightly lower than normal, the driver,
TOYOTA SIENNA 2005 The Tailgate Fails To Stay open either immediately or randomly closes without warning. the van had the 2008 recall performed and now the replacement
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 The Tailgate Switch Had A rubber cover that is melting and become nonfunctional at times. according to toyota service department, this is a
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2006 Pushed Switch For Power Rear tailgate window, window assembly broke and window fell down into door. upon examination, all components -
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 2007 Toyota Prius - Tailgate switch melted and makes opening the tailgate difficult and messy. *tr
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2006 Approximately 4 Years Ago, i could not open the tailgate of my toyota tundra. i took it to the dealership and they
TOYOTA SCION XB 2004 Wheels: Premature Tire Wear (prior to tire mileage warranty) along with unexplainable warping of the rims. tire blow out and/or handling/steering issues can cause
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 2005 Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Is dangerously weak, and is unable to support what most consider normal weight for a truck tailgate. although substandard
TOYOTA VENZA 2010 On My 2010 Toyota Venza, my wife injured her hand when she was closing the tailgate and the power motor which pull the tailgate
TOYOTA SIENNA 2003 Opened Tail Gate On 03 toyota sienna van. reached in to get something and gate suddenly came down striking me on the top of
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 2004 Toyota Sienna Power Rear lift tailgate malfunction. tailgate lifted normally then suddenly and without warning began powered closing, striking my wife
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Automatic Rear Tailgate Door Sometimes closes by itself after opening, causing potential injuries to people who are leaning into the vehicle to unload the
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007 You Already Have Other Complaints about tailgate failure on 2007 toyota tundra trucks. i have read about them and seen the pictures.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 My Toyota Sienna With Power lift gate has become unreliable and will initiate closure without warning or initiation. replacing the hydraulic support struts
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 2004 Toyota Sienna Opened Back door dropped unexpectedly causing minor head injury and property damage. *jb
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007 My Tailgate Is Cracking Along the inside seem. this looks to be a common flaw judging by the toyota forums on the internet.
TOYOTA TOYOTA 2003 Back Hatch Unlocked And Flew open on highway while i had customers in my 4 runner. pulled over and tried to shut..
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007 Tailgate Latch System is not working as expected and is flimsy. 2. my tailgate is weak and small cracking at
TOYOTA TACOMA 2007 A Friend And I Loaded a refrigerator in the back of my 2007 toyota tacoma double cab 4 wheel drive long bed pick up truck
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota sienna. the tailgate had the same failure as noted in defect investigation #
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 I Was Loading A Motorcycle into the back of my 2005 toyota tacoma and the tailgate collapsed. i have owned this truck for
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 The Liftgate On My 2004 toyota sienna minivan, which is equipped with a automatic opening and closing feature, will sometimes start to close
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 New 2005 Tacoma Toyota Truck with less than 10k. the tailgate is all bent. very poorly should
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 We Purchased 2 New Toyota tacoma pick-ups for our motorcycle dealership. we have been in business for 8 years, and owned ford,
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 Dt: Consumer Was Unloading a motorcycle from his truck and the rear tailgate bent in almost a v. this shifted the

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