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Toyota Service Brakes Reports

Tuesday 23rd of June 2015 12:54:07 AM

TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2010 I Was Backing Out Of a parking space at a taco bell when i noticed a car coming so i decided to stop and pull
TOYOTA TACOMA 2007 After A Couple Of Months i started experiencing a loud "squeak" coming from the rear of the vehicle and a "whistle" at speeds of 65-80mph.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2006 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2006 toyota 4runner. the contact stated that during routine maintenance, the technician stated that the pistons was frozen and
TOYOTA AVALON 2002 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2002 toyota avalon. the contact stated that while driving at a low speed, the brake pedal was depressed but
TOYOTA CAMRY 2014 Driving Down Highway At 60mph. vehicle down the road slowed to enter merchant lot. applied brake. something snapped, steering locked,
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2013 We Rented A Toyota Prius from enterprise in shreveport la at the airport. we drove to kilgore tx for the shakespeare festival. in
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Was Driving About 30 miles an hour and approaching a stop sign and suddenly, all dashboard lights come on, the brakes stopped
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2007 Failed. Car Not Safe to drive per toyota service technician, and requires replacement costing $3700. the fault was a failed abs brake
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 On 11//18/0/01irc'd A Recall For excessive corrosion of the rear cross member. in 10/2012,i was informed that the truck frame passed inspection and
TOYOTA RAV4 2014 At Approximately 8:20 Am On friday, january 16th, 2015, i was pulling into an empty parking spot in front of my apartment
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 2008 Camry Hybrid Stopped At a gas station with car was in park. no one in car, car came out of park,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 While Driving Or When Parked, all dashboard gages (engine temp, speedometer, etc.) drop to 0. at the same time,
TOYOTA RAV4 2005 Started My Trip From Home and i block away i tried to stop for a stop sign, the bake would not hold.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 Incident On December 31, 2014 about 11:30 am in wayne, pa: at an intersection as i approached a stop sign where a car
TOYOTA CELICA 1991 Vehicle Started Making Sounds Similar to that of one dragging a metallic object and the brake pedal became loose.
TOYOTA SCION XD 2008 Abs And Brake Lights Intermittently come and stay on. manual transmission xd. abs/brake lights come on both at highway and city
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Was Driving The Camry when i reached a complete stop my check engine light came on, didn't really notice any change, two
TOYOTA RAV4 2013 While Driving Down A Bridge at approximate speed of 36 and before the red light i left my right leg from the gas pedal and
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2014 Anti Lock Brakes Did Not let me stop when reversing down hill because of loose gravel
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 toyota sequoia. while driving approximately 70 mph, the vsc, abs, trac, and brake warning
TOYOTA VENZA 2014 At 55 Mph The Vehicle, with the best efforts of the driver, would not stop and the brakes would not engage. the
TOYOTA AVALON 2003 The Engine Started Cold And revved to 2500 rpm and then oscillated between 2500 and about 3000 rpm and never slowed down. i
TOYOTA TACOMA 2014 There Are Two Problems Occurring with this vehicle. one is the key will not turn ignition switch at all. i was at the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. the contact stated that while driving 60 mph, there was a delayed response when the
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2006 Was Driving In Traffic When an alarm sounded and several dashboard lights lit up. center display said "chech vsc system". i
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 I Pulled My Truck Out of the garage (it was backed in) and when i approached the street applied the brakes. the brake
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2003 I Was Driving Normally With no issues on local streets. suddently the vsc,trac, and e-brake lights came on the dashboard
TOYOTA TACOMA 2009 Tl-the Contact Owns A 2009 toyota tacoma. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 20 mph, the brakes failed to respond without
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Was Driving Down A hill about 5mph because it was snowing and there were cars infront of me. i was slowly pressing the
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Approx Mid January 2014 while going down the hwy about 40 miles from home my vsc light came on and i lost almost all
TOYOTA TACOMA 2003 So In December I Took my tacoma to the dealership for a regular frame inspection after learning upon the issue. the truck is in
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Started The Car And Noticed the abs and parking brake light were on. tachometer was jumping between 0 and 1000rpm. air
TOYOTA SIENNA 2009 The Car Had An Alignment problem after 5000 miles. firestone always aligned the wheels but 1 went through 3 sets of tires. the
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2010 I Would Like To Note that this was the third incident in over a two year period. the first two incidents i dismissed
TOYOTA RAV4 2006 Driving Down Road At 20-25 mph. suddenly the right front wheel locked up (brake pedal was *not* being pressed) and began the abs shudder
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 As I Was On A 2-hour drive to meet my brothers for the appointment to enter my elderly mother into assisted living all the warning
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 I Started The Car And everything seemed normal. i started accelerating down the street and the dashboard lights up with all kinds of
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 While I Was Driving On the highway to work, driving at approximately 70-75 mph, i started to brake. instead of decreasing
TOYOTA RAV4 2012 On Thursday 18 December, my wife and i left springfield, missouri to dallas, texas to visit our family for the christmas holiday.
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Started The Car And The "brake" warning light immediately came on. also, in the multi-information display at the center of the speedometer,
TOYOTA PRIUS 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota prius. while driving various speeds, the brake pedal was depressed and failed to respond. in
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2006 While Traveling On A Mountain highway my toyota highlander started making an extremely loud squealing noise from underneath the dash. all of the warning
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2005 As I Started Driving The car my vsc off vsc trac and break light when on when i tried to brake it made a terrible
TOYOTA SEQUOIA SR5 2003 I Received A Recall Notice from toyota for undercarriage rusting. i took my vehicle to the dealership for treatment. they kept the
TOYOTA YARIS 2008 When Using The Cruise Control and going up a hill, abs light and brake light comes on. now it does it even without
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Driving On The Freeway, the vehicle all of a sudden started to barke. i was unable to accelerate and a beeping noise
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 1. After Having driven my toyota rav4 limited edition for about 3 miles, i was turning left into a parking space at
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Sudden Deceleration Of Vehicle: 2004 toyota sienna xle. the vsc engages, without warning, on smooth, dry roads and when cornering or
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2006 Air Pressure In One Tire constantly deflates. the vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that due to the porosity chrome of
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2002 Vsc, Trac Off, abs and brake lights came on while driving. high pitched buzzer/alarm started and remained constant. brakes became very
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota camry. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 30 mph during rainy weather, the brake
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 After Driving My 2011 Toyota rav4 limited edition for several minutes, i came to a complete stop waiting for an opportunity to turn left.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 First Experienced Pulsing Brakes When slowing on highway. at approx. 12,000 miles returned to dealer had rotors resurfaced. same thing
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2012 The Brakes Of The Vehicle slip. when you are on the freeway and you need to stop for accidents and you brake the vehicle
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 Driving To My Job And went to park. i put my foot on the brakes to slowly enter the space about 10 feet away
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2013 December 17, 2014 I was enroute to work between 9:00-9:30 am. and as i am driving along hughey road approaching robinson street a
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 While Driving On Interstate Vsc warning light came on, beeping and alarms heard. engine slowed down and i felt like the vehicle was
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2011 I Was Driving In The sierra nevada when i noticed that the car started vibrating severely when applying the brakes on downward slopes. i
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2011 I Was Driving In The coastal hills of the san francisco peninsula when i noticed that the car started vibrating severely when applying the brakes
TOYOTA CAMRY 2014 I Was Driving From Shopping center onto hwy 111 ,as i saw the red truck in front at the intersection. i began to
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 We Were On A Trip from ny to atlanta, ga last thanksgiving and somewhere in north carolina, the car emitted a warning ping,
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 I Was Getting Off Of the highway. i started to decelerate and i lost a majority of my brake power. all of the
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 At Higher Speed Brakes Vibrate horribly when brake pedal is pushed and car is almost uncontrollable. now it happens all the time at
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 I Had 3 Incidents Of unintended acceleration (ua) with my 2011 rav4 within 3 weeks of each other in mar/apr 2014, 1 resulting in
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2005 In Miami, Fl. at intersection of waterway drive and sw. 72 ave. made left turn under rain, (all day raining)
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Toyota Hybrid's Have A Braking device in the transmission. this device can be applied at any time. when using the transmission
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2004 Driving Home And My Brakes stopped working. i had my mechanic look at it and he said the abs module had failed. he
TOYOTA TACOMA 2013 When Braking Between 45-65 Mph, i can feel a strong shimmy ans shaking in the steering wheel. i have to let off the
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2007 After Getting Off The Highway (not in my town) lights came on my dashboard for the abs braking and vsc system. there were
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 Brake Pedal Loses Pressure While braking over bumps in road. pressure returns after bumps are passed. recall issued and software fix provided by
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 While Toyota Was Happy To sell me a 2011 rav 4 in dec of 2014 with 18,000 miles on the odometer 3 months later
TOYOTA SIENNA 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 toyota sienna. while driving approximately 6 mph, the brake pedal was depressed and the vehicle failed to
TOYOTA COROLLA MATRIX 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota corolla matrix. the contact stated that while driving at an unknown speed, a knocking sound emitted
TOYOTA PRIUS 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 toyota prius. while starting the vehicle, the brake, abs, and vsc lights illuminated. in
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 toyota tundra. the contact stated that the service brake light illuminated on the instrument panel. the contact
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2013 With My Foot On The brake, coming to a stop at a stop sign, we went over uneven pavement and the car lurched
TOYOTA YARIS 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota yaris. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 50 mph, the brake pedal was depressed
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2012 I Owned This Vehicle Since brand new. it had happened more than a dozen times. when going over bumps or uneven surfaces,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 toyota camry. the contact stated that while driving approximately 30 mph, the vehicle independently accelerated without warning
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 The Warning Panel Indicated "check vsc system," along with a loud beeping noise. my brakes went out completely and as i pumped the
TOYOTA TACOMA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 toyota tacoma. while driving approximately 60 mph, the abs light illuminated and the vehicle stalled. the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2011 Hello, I Own A 2011 sienna le v6. in cold weather, it has a problem when braking where the vehicle lurches forward
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Excessive Rust Pretty Much Everywhere. just had to replace the rear differential and associated parts because rust caused differential leak. cost was over
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 I Have 2 Complaints. 1) i was driving in local traffic when 5 warning lights appeared: master warning light,
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 While Driving Home From Work my dash brake light went on. at the next stoplight i checked to see if the e brake had
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 Brake Fluid Low-toyota Service Center said master cylinder was leaking onto vacuum pack thus both had to be replaced, an extremely expensive repair that
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 At Stop And Starting To accelerate vehicle hesitates while trying to go into intersection. stalls for a few seconds vsc light comes on
TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 toyota camry. while making a right turn, the brake pedal was depressed but the vehicle failed to
TOYOTA TACOMA 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 toyota tacoma. while driving various speeds on a slippery surface, the rear passenger side brake became inoperable.
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 I Was Driving About 35 mph when all of my brake, slip indicator and abs warning lights came on. i immediately pulled over
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 I Have A 2002 Toyota tundra that i bought from del toyota in thorndale pa. i bought this truck new from this dealer.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2008 2008 Toyota Tundra 5.7l double cab w/74,500 miles 4hi, 4lo, abs, vsc lights come on and flash at random intervals.
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry hybrid. the contact stated that while attempting to start the vehicle, several unknown warning lights
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 Bad Vibration When Applying The brakes. end result was the rotors,brake pads, and both calipers had to be replaced!! an $800.00
TOYOTA COROLLA 2014 I Was Pulling Into My driveway at 1 mile per hour and i put my foot on the brake to stop my car and it
TOYOTA SEQUOIA SR5 2003 The Vsc And Trac Lights started coming after a clucking sound heard from underneath the car followed by a loss of power. after
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2003 Driver Side Rear Brakes Will not illuminate after you depress your brakes. replaced bulb and socket that houses bulb and will not work.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2003 Driver Side Rear Brake Lights will not illuminate even when you depress your brakes even after you replace bulb and light socket. right side
TOYOTA COROLLA MATRIX 2010 Brakes Are Scrubbing Harshly When weather is damp. had it inspected at leith toyota in raleigh,nc and was told that was normal for
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 2011 Toyota Rav4 Brakes Have not much stopping power. brake pedal has to be pressed very hard. at low speed around 5-10
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 toyota camry hybrid. while driving 25 mph, a chime activated and the brakes warning light illuminated and
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 I Was Driving At ~35 mph toward an intersection of stopped cars. i pushed the brake pedal to begin to stop. the brake
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Abs Actuator Pump Assembly Problem. 89000 miles on car 2007 camry hybrid vsc control warning comes on. the dealer said i needed
TOYOTA TACOMA 2007 We Own A 2007 Toyota tacoma. back in 2009 i had an instance where i was driving during snowy conditions and when approaching
TOYOTA RAV4 2007 First Noticed The Problem On 11/10/2014 when approaching a stop light. the rav4 took longer than normal to come to a stop with
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 As The Vehicle Was Being driven on 11/20/2014, "check vsc system" showed up on the multi-information display, and the master warning light,
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 This Has Happened Several Times over the past two years. as i brake at low speeds, the car surges ahead as though
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2003 We Were Driving Along Normally, the vsc, trac, abs and e-brake lights came on on the dashboard, along with an
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2007 While Entering Into A Driveway at a very slow speed, i stepped on the brake to slow down further. but instead of
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Driving On The Road, everything was normal, then my entire dashboard lights up with all the warning signs. the internal car displays
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 While Applying The Brakes To stop at an intersection one of the front tires was over a manhole cover and the car skidded over it
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota sienna. the contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the brakes seized. the vehicle
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2004 My Vehicle Is Having An issue where the vehicle stability control and abs are being disabled. this is the default mode whenever there
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2012 There Are Two Things That occur with my brakes. one is a consistent and very loud groan with braking after any length of time
TOYOTA CAMRY 2006 Vehicle Referenced Left Target, stoughton,ma, parking lot at 12:10pm-11-11-14 (with 7yr old grandson car seated behind driver & driver was in seatbelt).
TOYOTA VENZA 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 toyota venza. the contact stated that while driving at 35 mph, the brake pedal was depressed and
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 There Is A Noise In the front wheels or when brakes are applied from forward to reverse, it makes a clicking sound that can
TOYOTA COROLLA 2011 I Was Approaching A Four way stop at the appropriate speed limit of 35mph before the impact. as i was getting closer, i
TOYOTA COROLLA 2006 Brakes Do Not Stop Vehicle, brakes have to be applied to the floor to stop vehicle. engine surges while at stop sign or
TOYOTA PRIUS 2011 While Applying Brakes On A rough road or when crossing a pot hole, cracked road, or bridge joint the brakes fail momentarily allowing
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2011 Both Front Inner Brakespads Completely warned out damaging both rotors badely, some metal pieces found on floor broke loose from both front rotors.
TOYOTA COROLLA MATRIX 2009 I Was Crossing The Bump on the road and after that i lost control. i hit a mail box in my community and i
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 toyota highlander hybrid. while driving at low speeds, the vehicle accelerated when the brake pedal was depressed.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2004 Brakers Light And Abs Light still on after release the brakers pedant .
TOYOTA PRIUS 2006 While Pressing On Break While going low speed to stop at a red light, the car accelerated before braking. a few minutes later,
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 Dashboard On My 2009 Toyota camry hybrid bought in florida new has become a danger to driving do to the shinny and stickiness on the
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2005 At Slow Speeds On Clean, dry pavement and normal braking conditions all warning lights on the dash will illuminate, the skid/traction control will
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 While Driving All Brake Lights lit up on dash, "vsc check system" message showed. but the car seemed to brake fine, until
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 The Car Pops Out The 6th gear. it is also harsh when shifting gears, brakes have noise,air bags sign off.the car
TOYOTA CAMRY 2006 I Do Not Know The exact details of the entire accident, as we did not yet meet the new family, but it took
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2006 Abs Brake Accumulator Failure At 98,958 miles. dealer wants $3000 for repair. it looks like all 2006 highlander hybrids, some lexus
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 While Driving To The Market at 40mph a series of warnings came on. the "check vsc system", the brake light, abs,
TOYOTA TACOMA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota tacoma. while idling at a stop, the vehicle suddenly accelerated independently. the vehicle did not
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 This Has Happened Several Times. the vcs system warning indicators go off on the car, including the brake light the abs light and
TOYOTA YARIS 2009 I Braked To Avoid Hitting an animal which emerged from the ditch. the car fishtailed, lost control and flipped once landing on
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 Check Vsc System Displayed And abs, traction control, emergency brake and caution lights are on and the brakes are very slow to respond.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2008 1-while Traveling On An Interstate highway, auto engine still running but no power to wheels. fortunately near a ramp- coasted off ramp and
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1999 While Turning Left At 5mph the abs and brake light suddenly went on and a high pitched sound came from the dash. the brakes
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2008 When Applying Brakes At High speeds the vehicle shakes. i have replaced both front disks and brake pads all around and the vehicle still
TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 When Applying The Brakes At highway speeds (more than 50 mph), the car violently shakes. the car's brakes were replaced and the
TOYOTA PRIUS C 2012 Breaking Often Becomes Extremely Aggressive when moisture is prevalent. initial application is normal, until deeper into the breaking cycle. once
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Can Not Stop The car on red light or any stop sign, there is a abs sign, they suppose to
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry hybrid. the contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the brake sensor light illuminated
TOYOTA COROLLA 2006 My Wife Was Coming Back home after dropping our 3 year old daughter at the school. at a signal, while making a right
TOYOTA PRIUS C 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2013 toyota prius c. the contact stated that while driving 10 mph, the brake pedal was depressed
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 toyota sequoia. the contact stated that the brakes would seize in weather temparatures under 40 degrees when attempting
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 Frequently The Brakes Would Feel hard and fail to fully engage once putting the car in drive and releasing the parking brake. this was
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2013 Was Going Down Hill At 40mph the light turned red i tried to stop i pumped the brakes twice then twice again the
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2007 Vehicle Purchased Used July 2011 w/ 45k miles. in may 2012 at 55k had brakes repaired, all 4 wheels new rotors pads
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 The Break Petal Began Needing to be pushed nearly or all the way to the floor. this continued until the break line was fixed.
TOYOTA TACOMA 2004 Abs Actuator Assy Fell Off the vehicle, it was mounted on right rear axle housing, and banged around vehicle and ground.
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 While Driving In City Traffic, a number of indicator lights within the the dashboard instrument cluster illuminated including the "brake" indicator, the yellow
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 1999 Car Was Being Driven In the city of chicago at a slow speed...brakes went to the floor... avoided hitting
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 Hard To Press The Brake pedal, warning lights, potential brake failure.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 toyota highlander. while driving approximately 40 mph, the contact heard an abnormal noise when depressing the brake
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2001 On October 11th 2014, i was driving my 2001 4runner, on my way to work. had just turned off a road with
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 Wiring Problem With Passenger Side brake light. kept replacing bulb, then replacing socket, now going to put a whole kit. toyota
TOYOTA SIENNA 2006 Abs Light And Break Lights are on. take the vehicle to a mechanic and they said that it is not the first sienna with
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 I Was In A Fast food drive thru. as the line moved, i tapped my gas lightly to move a bit forward and
TOYOTA RAV4 2013 The Rav4 Was Purchased New from a dealer. while driving home, the brake pedal travel felt excessive, as if there was too
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Just Got My 2007 camry hybrid back after the "check vsc system" warning light came on this past week. i called my toyota
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 When Braking While Approaching Stop sign having slowed to ~10 mph, i encountered a bumpy section of road. the brakes feel like they
TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 The Issues Started With Both the abs and brake lights coming on every so often. the lights would come on for about a
TOYOTA COROLLA 2009 Toyota Sent Me An Undated notice of a limited service campaign to install smart stop technology. when i took my car in for the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2005 Approaching Full Stop Realized That although braking car was not slowing. braked again and again then car felt as if coasting
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 In The Early Summer Of 2013, i was traveling north on i-15, approx 5 minutes to st. george, utah on a
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2010 On July 16, 2014 i turned my car on, ready to return home to new jersey from brooklyn, at this point the
TOYOTA PRIUS 2012 I Went To Start My prius v. after it was started, a number of the warning lights came on including the
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 When I Am Braking And my car hits a bump in the road, my brakes stop working and the "skidding" icon lights up.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2003 Toyota Applied A Corrosion Resistant compound to the rear cross-member assemblies and to the adjacent areas of the frame. this coating has completely
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 The Abs Braking System Is activated when approaching a stop sign with poor road conditions. if the road conditions are bumpy and or may
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 This Is Related To Report receipt date: feb 09, 2010 (i bought the car used in may, 2013). nhtsa campaign number:
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2005 Brakes Became "soft" With Vibration in pedal and complete loss of acceleration power. upon review-saw this is a common complaint that is not
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2009 Vsc System Warning Light Comes on, and the brakes become very "soft", nearly failing. this only happens when temperatures reach 50 degrees
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 On 10/14/2014 I Took The car to dealer for brake reservoir recall. the dealer replaced the brake fluid reservoir and reset the brake
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 This Is A Chronic Problem with the car: when it hits rough terrain, the brakes do not react properly. there is a
TOYOTA COROLLA 2011 I Bought A Brand New toyota corolla 2011 right off the lot and the caliper began seizing. the car would thrust to the
TOYOTA COROLLA 2006 I Had To Replace The brakes on my car almost every 1 year and a half because you could here something wrong with the brakes
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Under Wet Conditions, My brake warning light appeared just as i was approaching a red light, i found i had no power brakes,
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 I Continue Having This Issue when braking over a bump or braking while turning. the car speeds up instead of slowing down when pressing
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Noticed Strange Sound Coming From abs actuator after vehicle shut down. had it checked at toyota dealer and it was determined that the
TOYOTA YARIS 2007 Abs And Brake Sensors Are faulty. abs not working.
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 The Abs Brake Accumulator Was defective resulting in a warning light and loss of braking power. brake pedal would slowly depress all the way
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 On October 21 I Was return to my home my speed was 40 on a main street and when i start to slow my speed
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 I Sas Dribbling In Mano road n e ben i santi to use the break to make a chance line bevande i attive to my
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2004 This Appears To Be Exceptionally common. the vsc trac, vsc off and abs and parking brake lights come on, the brakes are
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2008 During A Maintenance Visit To east coast toyota of carlstadt, nj an "update" to the ecu computer system was performed. after this "update"
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2001 On Multiple Occasions, The vehicle has exhibited random activation of the vehicle stability control system at highway speeds on dry, smooth pavement.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER HYBRID 2007 My Car Had Been Making a chirping noise when i braked so i took it to a brake place and they put on new brake
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry hybrid. the contact stated while driving approximate 60 mph attempting to engage the brakes, the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 I Was Driving Home From work and as i approached the stop sign that is at a slight rise in the road; i stepped
TOYOTA COROLLA 2014 While Driving On A Highway in stop and go traffic, the brakes on the vehicle failed. even with the brake pedal pressed completely,
TOYOTA SIENNA 2007 The Original Brakes (front) Were replaced in 2010. after that i started getting noise when the brakes were applied. several visits
TOYOTA SCION XD 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 toyota scion xd. the contact received a recall notification for nhtsa campaign number: 09v338000 (service brakes, hydraulic).
TOYOTA COROLLA 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 toyota corolla. while driving at low speeds, the brakes failed to stop the vehicle and it suddenly
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Braking Is Not Smooth. when vehicle comes to a stop it jerks. seems as though brakes jam.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2008 I Was Driving To Work in the freeway and suddenly i heard a loud continuous beep noise with all the lights in the dash was
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 I Continue To Have A problem with braking when going over a bumpy surface. this has happened numerous times. most recently,
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2010 toyota prius. the contact stated that while driving down a hill at approximately 20 mph, the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 A Rubbing/grinding Noise Was Intermittenly being heard from the back end during braking and, at times, during acceleration. after contacting an

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