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Toyota Service Brakes, Air Disc Rotor Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA RAV4 1998 Squeaky Brakes Which Gradually Becomes worse with grinding noise, problem with all rotor and need new brakes, one month later with brakes still
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Taken Vehicle For Routine Maintenance at filling station. mechanic noticed all four brake rotors were cracked. owner informed not to drive until repaired,

TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Problems With Rear Rotors. please describe details. *mr
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1996 Going Down Hill, Vehicle began to shake as if abs is trying to operate. several weeks later, the brake pedal begins
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Rotors, Drums, Pads and shoes replaced at 12,000 miles and 34000 miles after developing severe vibration. these were replaced under
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Quite Noisy, Making Rumbling noises and grabbing, when braked with any sort of force, due to poor material in both ft disc
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1992 Front Brake Pads Replaced At 11000 due to excessive wear. beginning of other brake repairs--including rotors and pads.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1995 Front Brake Rotors Failed Resulting in grinding noise.
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2001 Tracking Control And Emergency Brake lights stay on all the time. have had the problem fixed twice, but within a week or
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 When Applying The Brakes The vehicle will have a heavy vibration and extended stopping distance.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 My 2002 Toyota Tundra Has vibration in the brake system. toyota tried to say it was normal wear after 50k miles to have
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 I Have A 2002 Toyota sequoia limited. i've had two sets of brake pads and rear shoes and even new rotors but i still
TOYOTA AVALON 1998 Severe Rusting On Rear Brake rotors on a 1998 toyota avalon effectively reducing the braking power of the car. john summers a district parts
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2001 Brake System. Steering Wheel vibrates when braking at high speed.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2001 Brake Failure: At 14,000 miles the rear brakes wore down to the rotors causing the rotors to fail. at 19,000 miles the
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 My 2001 Tundra Vibrates And pulsates when braking. i have had brake pads installed and the rotors turned 3 time in the last
TOYOTA TACOMA 2002 My 2002 Tacoma Vibrates At high speeds and when stopping. i've had the brakes fixed 5 times now and it's still not right.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 My 2000 Toyota Tundra Started vibrating severally at around 15000 miles. toyota fixed the problem, and at 31000 miles the problem came
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 2000 Tundra Was Purchased At 47,000 miles. within 1000 miles, a severe vibration developed whenever the brakes were applied at speeds
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 The Vehicles' Front Brake Rotor continuously whop, and when brakes are applied the front end of the vehicle vibrates. the dealership has turned

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