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Toyota Service Brakes, Air Antilock Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 When Brakes Are Applied Between 10 and 35mph vehicle vibrates. dealer has not been able to duplicate or correct problem,
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 Need To Pump Brake Pedal, in order to come to a stop. brake system experiences a delay before braking.*ak

TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 I Have Had Multiple Problems with both sliding doors on my minivan. i had rattles fixed on 3 separate occassions and recently took
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 01/2001 - 03/2001 4 Wheel abs. intermittent occurrence of the following: abs functioning or brakes operating when brake pedal is not depressed.
TOYOTA T100 1995 Airbag Did Not Deploy In 30 mile/hour crash,brakes-abs system-has extended response time in the system,causing delay.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 No Summary
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 While Driving At A Rate of approx. 35 mile per hour the brakes went down to the floor which resulted in a back
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1993 Recall On Head Gaskets-2 Repairs&1yr. later engine failed-dealer said not their problem
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 When The Brake Pedal Is applied in an emergency situation, it goes to the floor and causes a rumble, before it comes to
TOYOTA AVALON 1996 Brakes Make Loud Whistle When in backing out of parking place.
TOYOTA CELICA 1991 No Summary
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Accepted For Arbitration By Wa state atty general
TOYOTA AVALON 1997 The Abs Controller Failed. this part controlls the abs braking action. according to other repair sources it is highly unusual for
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Car Stalled On Highway At 45 mph, steering and lights worked, stall caused collision-3 people hurt. the dealer does not know why
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Anti-lock Brake System.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Brakes Were Shaking Violently. dealer said that it was because of the abs.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 I Was Driving On City streets, and coming to a stop sign. i started braking, and while braking, i hit a
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 Brake Problems. Vibration In truck when using the brakes. 60,000 miles and going on second set of brakes/rotors trying to eliminate the
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 Abs Brakes Fail. there was a problem with the car that was supposedly fixed by toyota before i purchased the car in 2001
TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 (1) Driving At Speeds Between 60-75mph on smooth flat roads (2) vehicle sways or "floats" side to side, especially during crosswind conditions
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Purchased 2000 Toyota Tundra In 2004 with abs light on and rear end noise. truck vibrates significantly when break is used down hill.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2005 1. We Purchased A new 2004 toyota camry xle from beaverton toyota (beaverton, oregon) 2. here are the
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 2005 Tacoma Prerunner. Automatic-package 2. had new vehicle surge 3 different times after purchase first week of march. last time sent me
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 While Traveling At Less Than 20 mph, the driver in front slammed into the car in front of them (no brake lights).
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 I Purchased A Toyota Sienna new in 4/2000. within a few months the brakes began to squeak every time i braked.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Brake Failure ! Travelin approximately 55 mph with cruise control. tap brake to release cruise. begin coasting. approaching
TOYOTA AVALON 2002 On 8/9 I Took My car to darcars for front brake service using a coupon for $64.95. against my consent i was
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2004 On Sunday, July 25, 2004, i was pulling from a driveway to a tar road and when applying my brakes the vehicle
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 2003 Toyota Camry Le With anti-lock brakes - brakes slip and vehile does not slow down when applied on a bumpy surface. *ak
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 Consumer Complained About A brake problem. vehicle shook when brakes were applied. consumer had the brakes repaired at an after
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 While Driving Down A Hill when i applied brakes towards bottom of hill and front brakes began to vibrate and caused front end to shimmy.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 2002 Toyota Camry Brake Failure. i was traveling approximately 50 miles an hour when a car entered the lane two cars ahead of
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Our 2003 Leased Toyota Camry has been great for the first year. we currently have approx 5600 miles on the car. during
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Camry 2003 Brake Failure. brake pedal froze when driving and would not press down at all. frantically, while driving between
TOYOTA CAMRY 2001 While Driving Vehicle Shut Off and brakes failed. dealer notified. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Three Times Consumer Went To toyota to tell them that something was wrong with my brakes. the first time, (may 3,03)
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 Consumer Called Complaining About brakes. dealer was contacted but did ot want to work on the vehicle.*ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Brake Failure. *dt
TOYOTA AVALON 2000 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the brakes. also stated that while driving the vehicle lost 99% of the brakes. dealer was
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Consumer States When The Brakes are applied, in snowing weather car slippery, dealer has inspected the vehicle and change tires, and
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Just Started Raining I Was cut off and braked. when i applied the brakes they locked and i hit the middle meridian.

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