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Wednesday 24th of June 2015 02:24:43 PM

TOYOTA AVALON 2001 Odometer Is Giving A False reading. also, vehicle was designed for a 15 inch wheel, and vehicle has a 16 inch wheel.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 Transmission Went Out At 75 mph/tachometer went to zero, and engine kept running. dealer informed consumer that she was # 49 on
TOYOTA AVALON 2000 Speedometer Is Not Reading Speed accurately. vehicle is actually going 8 miles faster than what the speedmeter is reading. as a result,
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1999 Tires On The Vehicle At the time of purchase were of the incorrect size which caused speedodmeter to register incorrect speeds. please
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 While Driving Speedometer Bounces Back and forth which does not give accurate reading. dealer claims may be defective speedometer head or
TOYOTA TERCEL 1996 Set Car In Reverse And the mileage is erased. please describe. *ak
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 This Complaint Relates To A design defect which makes the instrument cluster and especially the speedometer unreadable a significant amount of the time when the
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2001 Speedometer Stopped (went To Zero) while car operating at 65 mph. registered complaint with toyota, who advised it was acceptable defect, and
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 All Three Of The Rear seatbelts will not retract. i tried to put a child resraint seat in the left rear seat,
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 While Driving In Interstate 15 at 70 mph,i suddenly lost speed and tachometer went up.the engine running but speed going down.i just
TOYOTA MR2 1987 Bought Car With 97,800 miles carfax reports much higher miles than that. odometer was tampered with.*ak
TOYOTA SIENNA 1999 Speedometer Not Working At Startup. after some driving, the needle begins to register. dealerships says a "sticky substance" (??) caused
TOYOTA TACOMA 1999 Speedometer Increases To Be Off at higher speeds 5 mph at 55 and increases as speed goes higher. *ak
TOYOTA T100 1997 Speedometer Bounces At Various Speeds 6 cables replaced, 1 head, and 1 gear problem still exists. dealer unable to repair.
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1988 Not Sure I Answered All of your questions properly. so to summarize, i just had my 5th speedometer cable installed in my vehicle.
TOYOTA T100 1997 Speedometer Starts To Fluctuate After 323 original miles. the speedometer head was replaced. the cable assembly was replaced twice. but it seems
TOYOTA T100 1997 Speedometer Fluctuates At The Speeds below 50 mph. the dealers replace the speedometer head and replace the cable assembly twice. but the problem
TOYOTA TACOMA 1998 Transmission Failed. Yh
TOYOTA TACOMA 1998 Transmission Failed Since New. yh
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Speedometer Experiencing Failure. *yc
TOYOTA AVALON 1997 Cruise Control Malfunction. yh
TOYOTA AVALON 1997 Trip Guage Failed. Yh
TOYOTA COROLLA 1991 Speedometer Cable Failed. Mjs
TOYOTA RAV4 1996 Speedometer Replaced.
TOYOTA T100 1995 Speedometer Out Of Alignment, making noise.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 Design Defect Regarding Drive Shaft lubrication. the flange or base of the universal joint bearing overrides the base of the alemite
TOYOTA COROLLA 1998 The Car Slows Or Runs faster than what the speedometer shows. yh
TOYOTA TACOMA 1995 Transmission Failed. Vehicle rolled forwad from parking and strike a building. yh
TOYOTA LAND CRUISER 1991 Odometer Fraud.
TOYOTA T100 1997 Speedometer Failure.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 Odometer Fraud.
TOYOTA TACOMA 1996 Transmission Noisy In Third Gear, suspension pops on rough roads, and speedometer makes clicking noise.
TOYOTA T100 1996 Speedometer Vibrates Until Vehicle Reaches 65 mph.
TOYOTA PREVIA 1992 Speedometer/odometer Malfunctioned, Did Not give correct readings for the miles traveled and after having been stopped for speeding on interstate 95. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1992 Speedometer Cable Replaced.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1992 Odometer Fraud. *sd
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 Speedometer Failed. *aw
TOYOTA TACOMA 2007 After A Couple Of Months i started experiencing a loud "squeak" coming from the rear of the vehicle and a "whistle" at speeds of 65-80mph.
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 I Pulled Onto The Highway, and pushed the accelerator down to get into traffic, and the vehicle failed to accelerate instantly as it
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2008 2008 Camry Hybrid Stopped At a gas station with car was in park. no one in car, car came out of park,
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 The Car Was Shifting Very harshly and with a very strong shaking like a shimmy. i called the toyota dealers repair shop and it
TOYOTA COROLLA 2010 There Was No Wreck, my horn does not work dash lights stay on lighter acts like thers a short and the electrical in consoul
TOYOTA PRIUS 2012 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2012 toyota prius. the contact stated that after the vehicle was parked, it rolled away in reverse independently.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2000 The Rear Axle Housing Has rusted through such that differential fluid was leaking through a hole in the metal and dripping onto the roadway.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Transmission Failure. I Am surprised that a car with just 117k miles could have a transmission failure. i was parked at a stop
TOYOTA CAMRY 2014 Dealer Replaced Worn Intermediate Shaft noisy and binding steering now ordered and pending replacement of complete steering column under warranty
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Experiencing Abnormal Behavior When Shifting gears (auto trans). transmission was shifting oddly - harsh shift condition . it was not a frequent problem
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2011 T-sb-0201-11 From Toyota States "some vehicles equipped with 2gr-fe/fxe towing package engines may exhibit an oil seep from the engine oil cooler pipes." this
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2010 Drive Shaft Failure. car feels like it is being hit from behind.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2004 My Manual Transmission Failed This evening. fortunately i was only an eighth of a mile from home and was able to use my momentum
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2011 ôon 12/26/2014, I Started my tundra, placed it into gear after a 30 second pause and proceeded to literally stand on my breaks
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2006 Vehicle Kicks Out Of Gear while driving would shift real hard into second gear taking off then when up to speed would kick out of
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 The Gear Shift Lever Housing broke while shifting from drive to park. fortunately i was in a parking lot and not someplace where i
TOYOTA PRIUS 2014 I Puled Out On the road & the it died. it a little bit it stared up. the same thing happened last
TOYOTA RAV4 EV 2012 I Was Driving In The parking garage at work and the yellow exclamation light appeared on the dash with a message that says "check ev
TOYOTA COROLLA 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 toyota corolla. the contact stated that the vehicle hesitated to accelerate when the accelerator pedal was depressed.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 I Was Stopped At A red light. when it turned green i started to accelerate and turn the transmission blew. subsequently, i
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2001 On The Rear End Differential housing, the back cover area (non replaceable) has become so porous because of heavy rust scaling and flaking that
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 This Is A Complaint Upon toyota and as they have been aware of manufactured defect in the rear differential gears and bearings of most if
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2012 Driveing 30 Miles East Of dickinsen noth dakata front drivers tire blew cruise set at 76 mph speed limit 75mph bought new tires in duluth
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 When Attempting To Shift From park to reverse with the engine running and the brake applied, unexpectedly the column automatic transmission shifter completely broke
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2002 Frame And Rear Differential Rusting out
TOYOTA AVALON HYBRID 2013 My 2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid is having engine revving problems. while operating at normal speed (45-50). the rpm's suddenly increase to high levels
TOYOTA TACOMA 2012 My 2012 Tacoma Is Not shifting properly. it is shifting very hard and a bit erratic when driving, and when i am completely
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 Been Have Shifting And Shuddering problems for over 15 months and 20k miles. vehicle has been into dealership 2 dozen times for torque
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Rust On Everything Under The truck as well as the rear bumper. parts that have had to be replaced because of rust and/or rust
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 toyota camry. the contact stated that the shift lever failed to shift into gear without warning. the
TOYOTA PRIUS V 2012 I Owned This Vehicle Since brand new. it had happened more than a dozen times. when going over bumps or uneven surfaces,
TOYOTA RAV4 2012 2012 Toyota Rav-4. Consumer stated car was on an incline and rolled backwards and hit another vehicle. *ta
TOYOTA TACOMA 2010 Dear Sir Or Madam: i purchased a 2010 toyota tacoma double cab 4x4 at the end of 2010. and
TOYOTA SIENNA 2011 Hello, I Own A 2011 sienna le v6. in cold weather, it has a problem when braking where the vehicle lurches forward
TOYOTA CELICA 2000 This Vehicle Has ( According to all sources available ) burned oil from the time it left the plant brand new,most 2000 to
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 The Frame Is Rusting. there are hole starting to form.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Excessive Rust Pretty Much Everywhere. just had to replace the rear differential and associated parts because rust caused differential leak. cost was over
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 When Toggled, Passenger Side window opens with a bang. no matter how many times the window is raised or lowered subsequently,
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 Vehicle Has "growling" Noise Coming from front differential. noise is also associated with vibration in steering and affects stopping and acceleration as faulty parts
TOYOTA PRIUS 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 toyota prius. the contact stated that while driving approximately 75 mph, the vehicle would independently shift from
TOYOTA SIENNA 2006 Will Driving I Came To a stop sign and proceeded to slow down but the car continued to rev a high rate and lunged forward
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2005 I'm The Original Owner & sole driver of the vehicle & ever since i test drove it the day i purchased it this car's had
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 As My Wife And I were riding in the car we felt a brief shudder... we thought it was maybe from the
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 toyota 4runner. the contact stated that fluid was leaking under the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to
TOYOTA TACOMA 2014 Any Time I Engage The 4x4 once you making a tight eight er left or right the steering kinda locks on you and if you
TOYOTA CAMRY 2014 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2014 toyota camry. the contact stated while driving approximately 40 mph attempting to accelerate, the vehicle hesitated.
TOYOTA COROLLA MATRIX 2006 Loud Noise From Motor Compartment reduced speed drove car into garage now car wont back up and mechanic said its clutch and transmission. possibly
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 This Vehicle Had A Recall because of the excessive rusting of the frame. i brought my truck in march of 2013 and was told
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 I Purchased A 2003 Toyota rav4 from the toyota dealership that only had 13 miles on it in august 2003. in august of 2014,
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 toyota rav 4. the contact stated that while driving at approximately 25 mph, the transmission failed to
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 Re: 2002 Rav4 Suv Transmission ecm/atm repairs. dear sir: i am sending you this letter to
TOYOTA PRIUS 2009 Service Engine Light, Code p1121, coolant recovery tank flow control valve bad. there is a service campaign on this for 2007 prius
TOYOTA CAMRY 2010 In Extremely Cold Weather (less than 20 degrees)the transmission slips when first driven in the morning after minimum 4 minutes idling. engine rpm
TOYOTA RAV4 2006 At Approximately 81000 Miles, rav-4 started to burn oil at a rate of two quarts per every 3000 miles. now at 120,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 There Is A Noise In the front wheels or when brakes are applied from forward to reverse, it makes a clicking sound that can
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2000 When Getting The Left/rear Wheel bearing repaired (due to heavy rusting of the differential housing, causing fluid loss), the technician reported extensive frame
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 I Was Driving Down Freeway at 55mph and without any warning transmission made loud noise and then locked up, since car is front wheel
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 Toyota Has A Service Bulletin for a problematic torque converter for 2012 thru 2014 toyotas camrys, i went to the dealer today. a
TOYOTA TACOMA 2013 When Accelerating After A Stop there is a hesitation or stall. this happened with our 2010 tacoma, also. we traded
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 When I Accelerate The Car when the rpm's are between 1,500 and 2,500 rpm, there is a shudder and delay in acceleration.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2004 Driving Down The Local Highway, smelled transmission fluid burning. pulled over to find transmission fluid leaking from under the radiator area. i
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 Wed Am, Nov. 12, 2014, i parked my 2011 toyota camry se 4cyl in an airport parking garage. weather
TOYOTA CAMRY 2013 When Accelerating From A Stop the vehicle will sometimes move about 10 feet and then hesitate for about 1 to 2 seconds. it will
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2007 The Vehicle Is Sluggish Occasionally when accelerating. the check engine came on at first and now all the dashboard lights came on. i
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Last Week, On The freeway entrance the car would not accelerate, then "bucked" and "raced". i nearly got rear-ended by the car
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2002 Rear Differential Has Rusted Through, the whole thing has to be replaced because there is no separate cover the repair cost may be
TOYOTA CAMRY 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 toyota camry. the contact stated while driving 35 mph, an abnormal noise emitted from the transmission.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2001 On October 11th 2014, i was driving my 2001 4runner, on my way to work. had just turned off a road with
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 toyota sequoia. the contact stated unknown fluids were leaking from the rear differential. the vehicle was taken
TOYOTA TACOMA 2009 Bought A 2009 Toyota Tacoma new. when slowing down to make a turn, then accelerate the engine revs up to 3,
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2006 Driving On The Highway, car broke down and stopped functioning. took the vehicle to the dealership and was charged $4259.81 to
TOYOTA TACOMA 2013 There Is A Drive Shaft vibration on acceleration, 0-20 mph. this truck has a two piece drive shaft. the front shaft has
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Part 3 Of 3the Salesman encouraged my parents to keep it because they wouldnĺt get much of a trade in, so i had my
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Part 2 Of 3 This was at my cost and at that time i expressed my concern that it was an older car and with
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Primary Complaint: Purposeful Deception regarding full benefits of extended warranty of ecm and/or transmission replacement under class action milligan vtoyota.the events leading to
TOYOTA CAMRY HYBRID 2012 2012 Toyota Camry. Consumer states vehicle turned on by itself and ran for an unknown period of time. *tgw
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 I Purchased My 2002 Toyota rav4 suv in august of 2002. ever since i bought the rav4 something has been wrong with it.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2011 Im Writing To Let Notice of a possible defect in my car. at about 33000 miles my clutch release bearing started to make noise.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2005 I Am The Original Owner of the vehicle and throughout my ownership since 2/2005 when it was bought this car has issues with acceleration.
TOYOTA MATRIX 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota matrix. the contact stated that while driving at 30 mph, the engine stalled without warning.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 This Is The Resolution To an earlier complaint i filed. my nhtsa complaint confirmation number (odi number) is: 10644563. there didn't
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2006 '2006 Tundra Dbl Cab Limited 2x4' the gears in the rear differential broke back in july 2012 at 55000 miles, toyota dealer repaired
TOYOTA TACOMA 2005 I Have 2005 Tacoma 4x4 with a frame that cracked and collapsed into its self were the left motor mount is welded to the frame.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2014 When Slowing And Then Attempting to accelerate, the engine would seem to stall almost like a dead spot. then when depressing the
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 toyota sequoia. the contact stated that the vehicle failed to shift into park. the contact diagnosed that
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2006 A Couple Of Months After purchasing the new 4 runner listed above, i began to feel a clunk from the transmission when coming to
TOYOTA RAV4 2012 Engine, In Idle And in gear, suddenly surged. it propelled the car forward in driveway and struck a car about 1 foot-18
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 At Approximately 65mph A Red triangle warning light appeared on the dash panel accompanied by a yellow circle. the parking button was flashing
TOYOTA RAV4 2008 The Vehicle Slow's Down And the engine shuts off while driving around 65 mph or higher the throttle control is
TOYOTA PRIUS 2010 Stopped At Red Light. made left turn. drove about 100 ft. car engine stopped in traffic without any action
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 On 9/30/2014 Was Trying To pull out of a parking lot to turn left and my car would not accelerate. i almost got hit
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Harsh Shifting; Automatic Shifting erratic; lurching, especially when starting from stop. local garage says transmission is shot and requires replacement ($3100).
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 I Was Driving On I-10 westbound when the red triangle light came on. i pulled over and read the booklet which said to get
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 We Received Several Recall Notices for frame deterioration and the need for inspection, correction and anti-corrosion chemical application. we took it to the
TOYOTA MR2 SPYDER 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 toyota mr2 spyder. while driving approximately 25 mph, the vehicle stalled and the gear warning indicator illuminated.
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2010 Twice In September 2014, as i was approaching a stop light, i pressed the brakes and slowed to nearly a stop.
TOYOTA RAV4 2008 A Little After Its Regular scheduled maintenance my 2008 rav4 started to make an odd noise (rattling) when reaching 40 mph at 1500 rpm.
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 This Letter Is In Reference to an issue, namely, harsh shift condition, on our 2003 toyota rav4, the vehicle presently shows
TOYOTA COROLLA 2010 I Took My 2010 Toyota corolla s in for service on 9/26/14 at victory toyota of canton, mi 48188 for a regular service.
TOYOTA RAV4 2011 At 34,000 Miles I brought my 2011 toyota rav 4 in for service at victory toyota of canton, mi 48188 for a regular
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 I Was Told By Toyota that is normal now for the brake actuator to perform a test once the car changes gears from first to
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 My Wife Was Driving To a doctor's appointment and, while on the "on ramp" to the interstate, the car would not shift from
TOYOTA COROLLA 2014 A Whistling Noise Coming From the transmission i took the car in and the dealer told me the it was the trans. so they
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 drive, especially after sitting in the hot sun for several hours. this is a well documented issue
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 On September 19, 2014, when my wife was driving a 96 toyota camry car home, all of the sudden, the vehicle
TOYOTA SIENNA 2005 2005 Toyota Sienna. consumer writes in regards to shift lock solenoid assembly recall issues. *smd the consumer stated he was
TOYOTA SCION XD 2008 I Was Driving My 2008 scion xd with a manual transmission home from errand run, close to home. near a busy intersection,
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 My 2001 Toyota Rav4 Had the same problem that was covered in toyota's extended warranty and recall for this make and model. according to
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2006 The Secondary Air Induction Pump (aip) and switching valves failed on my 2006 4runner limited with v8. this is the same issue that is
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2011 When Making A Left Or right hand turn from a stop or barely moving and applying the gas pedal slowly, the car acts like
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1997 I Have A 1997 4runner that is catastrophically rusted through the frame and has been a danger since purchasing. the amount of rust
TOYOTA PRIUS 2013 I Was Driving On The highway at 55~60mph, and suddenly the power steering trouble light indicator came on. i noticed the steering
TOYOTA PRIUS 2014 Acceleration Driving East On us rte. 50 at about 60 mph: vehicle accelerated for no apparent reason. i nearly ran into the
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 toyota 4runner. the contact stated that when the vehicle was shifted to park, the vehicle reversed.
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 I Was Driving Along And came to a stop. when i started to go, my rav had no power, then it
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 Traction Control Function Cannot Be deactivated on the 2007 prius and should be considered a hazardous function. in slippery conditions while making turns from
TOYOTA COROLLA 2010 I Was Driving My Car down the highway going about 60mph and all of a sudden lost all engine power, with no warning,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 My Toyota Camry Car Got water pump leak issue and it overheated my engine and it needed engine replacement. i am out of warranty
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 The Prius Will Shift Itself out of drive and into neutral when the car has been sitting in the hot sun and the interior heats
TOYOTA TACOMA 2014 We Were Driving Home After the purchase of the truck. there was severe vibration inside the cab and it felt like the driveshaft was
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 I'm The Owner Of A 2003 rav4, purchased from a toyota dealer in 2011. last week, i experienced a time lapse of
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2002 toyota rav4. the contact indicated that the vehicle failed to shift to reverse. the contact had
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 I Am The Original Owner of a 2003 toyota corolla s with a manual transmission. in november 2011, the bearings in my
TOYOTA RAV4 2009 I Purchased A Used 2009 rav4 with about 78,000 miles. it was a one owner with a clean car fax. it was
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2000 Experienced Soft Hum Like Noise. took vehicle to local toyota dealer for diagnosis. rear end housing found to be severely rusted to the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 toyota camry. while driving various speeds, the gear shift moved into another gear when it was inadvertently
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota sienna. the contact stated that while in reverse, the vehicle moved forward. the contact attempted
TOYOTA CAMRY 2013 On Several Occasions Over The last month i have noticed the car stalls when you attempt to drive in reverse. most recently it did
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2007 Front Differential Went Out At 48k miles. it cost me $2000 to replace. i read various blogs and this is a
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 Going From A Very Slow speed or from stop it has a hard time getting out of first and or second. i will jerk
TOYOTA SIENNA 2014 Tl - The Contact Owns a 2014 toyota sienna. the contact was not included in nhtsa campaign number: 14v414000. the contact stated while
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 Recently The ┬┐┐check EngineÔ┐┐ Dashboard light on our 2001 toyota rav4 came on. i took the vehicle to an auto parts store that offered
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Ignition Key Was Removed With transmission in drive and ignition switch not in off position. this has now happened at least twice.
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 Vehicle Accelerated By Itself While driving at 45mph. i had to use both brakes to stop the car and experienced a harsh
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 15,000 Miles After Having the water pump replaced, it was leaking again and dealer replaced it under warranty. why no recall on
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 Engine Coolant Level Dropped To bottom of reservoir. dealer replaced the leaking water pump. work was done under warranty.
TOYOTA RAV4 2012 Since January 13, I have had my battery die on me 4 times (including the first time) - twice in january and the others
TOYOTA COROLLA 2009 I Took My Car For a maryland state inspection. it was found by a licensed state inspector, that the left front axle shaft
TOYOTA RAV4 2001 Ecm Was Replaced In 2007. no problems at that time. in may 2014 brakes plus misdiagnosed problem and fixed almost everything possible.
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 toyota sequoia. while driving 70 mph, the vehicle suddenly came to a complete halt without the contact
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 toyota sienna. while driving 20 mph, the vehicle automatically shifted into reverse when the contact applied the
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 The Transmission On My Fj cruiser is shuddering. it first started at low speeds of 25 mph, it now does it at higher
TOYOTA AVALON 2007 I Was Stopped At A traffic light right off a highway exit on a busy mall road. when the light changed and i tried
TOYOTA CAMRY 2008 Engine Light Came On. computer indicated the transmission crank sensor was operating intermittently and could cause the transmission to cease operating.
TOYOTA SIENNA 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 toyota sienna. while driving 60 mph, the vehicle stalled and would only shift into reverse. the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 This Happens While Driving At any speeds. i was driving at 20mph and needed to pick up speed to make a pass and the
TOYOTA CAMRY 2004 I Have A 2004 Toyota camry le equipped with the 2az fe i4. at first i started hearing water sloshing from underneath the dashboard
TOYOTA RAV4 2003 Vehicle Driven By Elderly Widowed mother (josephine beasley, age 70) no more than 6,200 miles per year and began experiencing harsh shift in
TOYOTA T100 1994 Vehicle Would Not Start. shift lever in first gear, clutch pedal fully depressed and clutch bypass switch engaged. vehicle lurched forward approximately
TOYOTA CAMRY 2012 to move between gears and tends to get stuck. similar to this you tube link:
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2004 Transmission Jumps At Different Speeds
TOYOTA PRIUS 2007 Transaxle Failure Resulting In Repair bill of $4948. please see details under fuel/propulsion system category as i didn't select the proper "affected
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 I Was Driving On A surface street and felt a strange but and then a distinct thump, thump,thump, sound began emitting from
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 toyota tundra. the contact stated that while having the vehicle serviced, he was informed that the
TOYOTA TACOMA 2002 I Took In My 2002 tacoma for an oil change and was told that they could not put it up on the lift due to
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 1999 There Is Significant Rust On the frame of the vehicle. particularly where the control arms are welded to the body. in addition,
TOYOTA COROLLA 2010 Upon Purchasing This Car From carmax on 02/2012 there had been constant transmission issues that were not being resolved from the dealership. i had
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2004 Rear Axle-housing Rotted Through . dealership knew this on inspection of frame on may 20 2014.corporate office was made aware of problem
TOYOTA RAV4 2002 I Purchased A 2002 Toyota rav4. suv. and within the first six months of owning it, my drive belt broke and almost
TOYOTA SIENNA 1999 The Car Was Off, the key was not in the ignition. my two year old daughter was in the front of the car.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2011 Im Really Unhappy With This car its just 1 thing after another first had the noisy moon roof issue and finally got it fixed by
TOYOTA PRIUS 2008 Gear Shifted Into Neutral Without use of gear shift control. happened several times and wasn't able to shift into reverse or drive. kept
TOYOTA PRIUS 2008 1 - After Being Parked the car will go into reverse or drive, but when you let off of the brake, it will

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