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Toyota Power Train Axle Hubs Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA AVALON 2000 Axle Hub Bolts Broke. all torqued to mfgr specs of 76 ft. lbs. bolts broke when being re torqued to specs.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 4 Wheel Drive Vehicle Right front wheel locked up causing the vehicle to spin. yh

TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1988 4-wheel Drive Locking Hubs Fail, causing vehicle to jerk/grab. *ak
TOYOTA AVALON 2004 2004 Toyota Avalon. consumer requests reimbursement for power steering and wheel hub repairs. *smd the consumer stated she experienced steering
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 toyota corolla. the contact stated that the rear hub assembly on her vehicle was defective. she
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 We Noticed A Loud Noise coming from the rear of the car a 2003 toyota corolla. it was noticeable beginning at 20
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Car Began Making A Very loud noise that sounded like a small plane with lots of vibrations coming from the rear of the car.
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 When I Was Driving The vehicle it started to make a rumbling and rattling sound in the rear of the vehicle. i notified toyota
TOYOTA PRIUS 2001 Potential For Fatal Injury Due to loss of control because of faulty driver's side rear axle hub bearing failure with separation of wheel from vehicle
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2000 Excessive Noise From Rear Of car. initially indicated as a tire problem but turned out to be incorrect. then
TOYOTA RAV4 2006 I Have A Brand New 2006 toyota rav4 v6 sport 4wd and within 4 days of collection, the rear left wheel was in the
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2000 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at 55 mph there is a vibration in the rear end,. loud noises can also
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 2004 Toyota Sienna All Wheel drives have a suspension or drivetrain issue that causes tires to wear to chords on inside edges in 10 to

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