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Toyota Power Train Axle Assembly Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA CAMRY 1990 The Left Front Axle Shaft broke down the middle which caused the vehicle to become inoperable and cannot be steered. please describe.
TOYOTA PICKUP 1992 The Left Rear Wheel Completely separated from the axle assembly. tt

TOYOTA CAMRY 1987 Axle On The Front Broke while driving. tt
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1990 Consumer Was Driving 40 To 45 mph the rear passenger side rear axle came off causing the truck to rollover truck was totoaled .
TOYOTA CAMRY 1991 Driving In The Middle Lane and vehicle just died because of the left side axle assembly. tt
TOYOTA PICKUP 1991 Seal On Rear Axle Started leaking; soaked brakes with oil to point where they quit working; no knowledge of rear brakes not working;
TOYOTA CAMRY 2001 Steering Wheel Shakes At 60mph so violently that consumers have gone almost numb. consumers can feel steering bouncing from floorboard.
TOYOTA TOYOTA MOTORHOME 1986 While Driving On Highway rear axle slides from under vehicle, causing loss of control. please give any further details.*ak
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 Rear Axle Will Not Balance. was told that it cannot bet aligned. also, told that it may have happened during
TOYOTA PASEO 1992 After Consumer Heard A Noise while driving he took wheel off to investigate. discovered that noise was caused by front
TOYOTA TACOMA 1995 While Driving Front Axle Broke, causing loss of control cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
TOYOTA TACOMA 1998 Chasis/leaf Spring/rear Axle Is Defective, the vehicle leans over a one inch degree to the drivers side, no one has to be
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1995 Driving At 30mph The Rear axle broke on the driver's side, causing the driver to lose complete control of the vehicle. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1997 While Driving Vehicle At 60 mph the rear axle on driver's side broke. owner took vehicle to dealer to have it repaired,
TOYOTA CAMRY 1990 Broken Rear Axle. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 2002 Front Right Axle Had Broken 6 months after the consumer bought the vehicle. *ak the consumer stated that the manager indicated that
TOYOTA COROLLA 2000 While Driving 45mph Rear Axle broke off, causing an accident.*ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1994 While Driving, The Left side rear axle broke, causing the wheel to fly off, vehicle lost control, resulting in an
TOYOTA MOTORHOME 1986 Vehicle Included Under Recall, according to the dealer manufacturer stated that vehcle was too old to be repaired under rear axle recall.*ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1993 Vehicle Has Had 1 Set of axles replaced.
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2001 Increasingly Excessive Noise From Rear axle. dt
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Rear Seals Repeatedly Leak, causing brake fluid on rear brake drums, resulting in the failure of the rear brakes. first failure
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2000 Rear Axle Broke Causing Vehicle to rollover 3 times. mr
TOYOTA TACOMA 2000 I Purchased A Toyota Tacoma from one eleven vitage cars on 01-16-01. they however did not disclose the fact that the vehicle had a
TOYOTA COROLLA 2001 Traveling On Straight Section Of road. rear driver side axle sheared in half, causing vehicle to roll over.*ak
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Drums Have Been Replaced 3 times ,front rotors replaced 2 times, front pads replaced 2 times,replacedrear shoes1 time,replaced right side axle
TOYOTA PRIUS 2001 At 45mph On Dry Pavement, clear weather conditions i disengaged cruise control by tapping brakes. so that i could accelerate into
TOYOTA AVALON 2001 When Driving With 4 Average size adults in the avalon (2 front/2 rear) - the rear bottoms out (axles/suspension) and the front scraps when going
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 Brakes Had To Be Replaced after each failure due to oil contamination. *ak
TOYOTA TOYOTA TRUCK 1983 Left Rear Axle Fell Off, . *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 After Purchasing Car I Had to replace brakes after 3 months, then told rotors were warped, now rear axle is faulty and calipers
TOYOTA SIENNA 1998 The Vehicle Lost Control And crashed into the concrete medium divider and landed on top of it after the right rear-axle snapped and the wheel
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1999 Brakes Vibrate Badly But Only once in a while. after coming to a complete stop the rear axle or rear end clunks badly
TOYOTA PREVIA 1993 This Tire Separated Wrapping Around axle and tearing off rear bumper, rendering the vehicle unstable until the rubber tread tire off. the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1994 We Took Our Car Into a firestone dealer to find out why this car was chewing up tires. this is the third set of
TOYOTA TOYOTA MOTORHOME 1985 This Vehicle Should Have Been recalled along with other vehicles of its type in 1991. mini-motorhomes built by other manufacturers were recalled.
TOYOTA TOYOTA TRUCK 1985 Rear Axle Bearing Failure. fear of axle breakage as described in nhtsa action number pe86074. toyota states no responsibility.
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1997 My Wife Was Traveling North on i-395, exiting off at d street when the right rear axle broke and the wheel came off the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1995 Vehicle's Rear Axle Makes Noise, replacement of the axle bearings did not rectify axle noise. *mjs
TOYOTA COROLLA 1980 While Driving The Left Rear axle came off of vehicle, resulting in wheel falling off (ohio traffic crash report). *mjs
TOYOTA TOYOTA MOTORHOME 1983 The Design Of The Axle on the motor home is weak, bearing is to small not enough lug bolts to support dual wheels resulting
TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 Automatic Transaxle Locked Up Causing front wheels to stop turning. yh
TOYOTA COROLLA 1992 Replaced Left Axle. mjs
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Noise Heard Due To Loose castle caps on end of axles. mjs
TOYOTA AVALON 1997 Transmission Failed, Causing The transmission to lose internal pressure, thereby loosening gear connection. the result of the lost pressure causedllo the vehicle
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1992 Right Rear Axle Snapped, causing tire to fall off/accident.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1990 Transaxle Failure. *ak
TOYOTA CAMRY 1990 Left Front Axle Drive Shaft sheared into half. *ak
TOYOTA T100 1994 Axles Failed. *sd
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 2007 Toyota Camry. consumer writes in regards to right front axle and tires replaced on vehicle at low mileage. *smd
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2000 Rear Axle Seals Leaking Gear oil from rear differential into rear brake drum housing covering brake shoes, drums, and braking components in gear
TOYOTA TACOMA 2002 2002 Toyota Tacoma. Consumer states in 2010 while backing out of the backyard, the left wheel axle broke *tgw the consumer stated
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. the contact stated while driving the steering wheel locked, and the drivers side axle broke;
TOYOTA PRIUS 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 toyota prius. while driving approximately 60 mph, the contact noticed that all the warning lights illuminated on the
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota highlander. while stopped a stop sign and the rpms begin to increase excessively. when the contact attempted
TOYOTA COROLLA 2008 2008 Toyota Corolla. S10 appropriate handling- letter from regarding toyota problems *tgw the consumer stated in february 2009 the driver's side axle snapped.
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 toyota camry. the contact stated the vehicle would vibrate abnormally when driving 45 mph. the dealer advised
TOYOTA MATRIX 2005 Letter From Senator On Behalf of constituent. re difficulties with her 2005 toyota matrix. *kb the consumer stated the brakes were
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota highlander. while driving at speeds of 5 mph in snowy weather, the vehicle began to loose traction,
TOYOTA PRIUS 2002 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2002 toyota prius. the contact was driving approximately between 65-75 mph on normal road conditions when all of the warning
TOYOTA CAMRY 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 toyota camry which was purchased in 2008. he stated that within 5,000 miles of purchasing the
TOYOTA TACOMA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 toyota tacoma. while driving 55 mph the rear differential locked and the vehicle veered to the left and crashed
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2002 toyota sequoia sr5. during routine maintenance at 60,000 miles, he was advised that the entire
TOYOTA MATRIX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 toyota matrix. the contact stated that at 60,000 miles, the wheel bearings and rear axle failed.
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2001 When On A Long Highway trip on the weekend of june 7, 2008, my husband noticed black spots on the rear window of
TOYOTA CRESSIDA 1979 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1979 toyota mini mirage motor home (na). the contact stated that his vehicle was included in nhtsa campaign id
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2004 1. There Is A serious "clunk" noise when taking my foot off the brake from a stop. 2. my vehicle makes
TOYOTA FJ CRUISER 2007 I Was Driving Down The road when the rear differential broke in my rear axle. i took the vehicle to a local dealership
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2006 Last Sunday, October 14, 2007, i was driving my 2006 highlander hybrid at hormigueros, pr (zip code 00660), when suddenly
TOYOTA PRIUS 2002 2002 Toyota Prius With Trans axle malfunctions. she states her vehicle acted as if it were out of gas when she had a full
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2000 I Brought My Tundra In for an oil change only to discover all the grease from the inside of the rubber boots covering the axles
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 We Noticed A Loud Noise coming from the rear of the car a 2003 toyota corolla. it was noticeable beginning at 20
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 toyota sequoia. the contact stated that the passenger side rear axle seal was leaking. he was
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 2003 Toyota Corolla Purchased In 2002 was told today i need a brand new engine. my car has 102,000 not old at all
TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2002 Exc. Vibration In Frt. axle assy. vibration can only be felt or heard in vehicle cab at the following speeds 38-43,
TOYOTA CAMRY 2007 On 08/05/2006 I Was Driving my new 2007 toyota camry on the freeway at 3:00 am then my car dropped to the ground i could
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 I Bought A 2003 Toyota corolla from a certified car dealership, and was sold a car that was involved in a major accident and
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2004 Car Had Had All Applicable services and maintenance. out of warranty due to high mileage. no problems prior. noticed
TOYOTA AVALON 2005 2005 Toyota Avalon - Loose motor mounts causing noise/instability on acceleration from a stop. wheel bearing/axle grease leaking onto front disc pad on driver's
TOYOTA CAMRY 2003 Rust Spots Appeared On 2003 toyota camry le, especially on trunk lid , throughout 2003-2006. toyota denying any responsibility, stating
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2005 I Was Heading Up My close friends snow covered driveway in my 2005 toyota tundra double cab 4wd. i had the truck engaged
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1999 Rear Brake Failure Due To leaking rear axle grease seals which throw grease onto rear brake shoes. causing inconsistent and unsafe braking.
TOYOTA PRIUS 2002 Dt: The Contact Stated When the warning lights came on the car stalled and eventually came to a complete stop. on september 6,
TOYOTA TOYOTA MOTORHOME 1984 Dt: The Consumer Stated that the rear axel was too small for the weight of the motor home. refer to recall campaign
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 The Front End Steering Rack let go, then the ball joints let go and the whole front end fell out causing 4,500.00
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 I Have Had Multiple Problems with my 2002 tundra trd 4wd. i have had it in more than 4 times for the brakes
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 1. Rear Axle leaking - one at 62k miles and one at 72k miles. 2. wobbling in rear end
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 With About 6000 Miles Showing on the odometer, and children present in the vehicle we suffered from a manufacturing defect; a complete mechanical
TOYOTA COROLLA 2003 Recall Campaign 02v074000, while driving the rear axle assembly makes a rumbling noise ,and when applying the brakes a grinding noise was
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1995 While Driving Approximately 25 Mph right rear wheel axle broke, causing the vehicle to skid off the road.*ak *jb
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 2002 The Rear Driver Axle Seals were leaking, which caused the brake pedal to stick. please provide more information. *jb
TOYOTA CAMRY SOLARA 2000 While Driving At Any Speed rear axle produced a loud grinding noise recall 00v154000 was issued. however, this vehicle was not included
TOYOTA TUNDRA 2002 My Axle Is Being Replaced on my 2002 tundra. my local mechanic says this is a common problem. dealer will not admit or
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1997 On Feb 24 2004 I was advised by andrew toyota (glendale wi) that i again needed to replace both rear axle seals and rear
TOYOTA COROLLA 1999 When I Was Driving My 1999 toyota corolla, the steering wheel started shaking. then when i tried to make right turn, i
TOYOTA SIENNA 2003 Consumer Was Informed That The loud/squeaking grinding noise in the rear axle was normal and that it's a harmonic distortion on the rear axle.
TOYOTA CAMRY 9999 Vehicle Failed To Start In numerous occasions, egr and isc valve was replaced. also repairs made on o-ring, water pump,
TOYOTA COROLLA 9999 Vehicle Piece On Axle Broke off which resulted in an accident.*mr consumer loss control of the vehicle. she slowed down when
TOYOTA T100 1996 Consumer States That Rear axle is cracked on both sides of vehicle. dealer notified.*ak
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2002 New Automobile Front Axel noise dealer ignores complaint. *nlm
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 1996toyota Camry, 5-speed Manual trans,problem #1, there is an odd grinding noise coming from the engine compartment, took vehicle to
TOYOTA AVALON 2001 Consumer States Vehicle Has A strong vibration while driving which has caused the tires and rotors to wear excessively. dealer has diagnosed vehicle
TOYOTA AVALON 2001 Consumer States Vehicle Has An "strong" vibration while driving which is causing tires and rotors to wear excessively. dealer diagnosed bad alignment problem