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Toyota Parking Brake Indicator Light Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA TACOMA 2004 Parking Brake Light Stays On. vehicle is sluggish. brakes are squealing. *tr
TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2003 Vsc/abs Skid Control Ecu Failure. the dealership is saying that my 2003 toyota sequoia limited 2 wd 53,500 miles needs a new

TOYOTA SEQUOIA 2001 Tracking Control And Emergency Brake lights stay on all the time. have had the problem fixed twice, but within a week or
TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2006 I Recently Purchased A New 2006 toyota 4 runner. i have had nothing but motor transmission, electrical failures. i have only had
TOYOTA T100 1995 1995 Toyota T100 Has Firewall and clutch bracket problems as noted in previous complaints and has caused financial, starting and repair issues.

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My wife experienced a lurching forward incident while parking our 2003 4Runner in the garage.  It leaped forward hitting a storage rack and causing minor damage ($3500) to the front end of the car.  I wrote to Toyota reporting the incident, but

I had a 2005 Toyota Corolla -- and two weeks ago, in a matter of seconds, it took off backwards and the vehicle has been declared totalled by the insurance company. It began as follows: In leaving a restaurant, I got into my car and backed out

I have Sienna 2002 over 8 years.  I came back from a week long trip and tried to drive out of airport parking lot.  I relaized that car did not speed up smoothly as pushing gas pedal slowly and noticed high RPM at low speed.  As soon as I

Don't know if this has been reported before or not but has happened several times with out warning while pulling in to a parking space and slowing down by putting pressure on break vehicle seems to 
not want to stop but speeds up so far I have

My 2005 toyota corolla caught fire last week. My car has never, EVER, had a problem with anything. But on 4/20, as i was driving home from work around 6:00, my car just died on me on the way to the post office. It was hard to steer. I turned off t

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