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Toyota Fuel System, Gasoline Carburetor System Reports

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 02:46:37 AM

TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 Vehicle Stalls In Traffic Due to defective carburetor. tt
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 The Carburetors Do Not Work right when pressing on the brake, car cuts off on its second carburetor, dealer said they don't
TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 1992 Manifold Is Warped Or Cracked, engine started to smoke. tt
TOYOTA PICKUP 1992 Because Of The Air Intake valve is so low that when driven through water its sucked up water into the engine and destroyed it.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 Carburetor; System Fails Creating carbon build up on intake valve. vehicle will experience hesitation/sudden loss of power. tt
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 Carburator Causes The Car Not to accelerate when accelerator is pressed and then the car takes off. please describe details. tt
TOYOTA COROLLA 1992 Car Surges Or Suddenly Accelerates, resulting in loss of control due to airduct allowing small rodents to enter throttle assembly area. tt
TOYOTA SR 1981 Intake Manifold Was Leaking From underneath vehicle, there was a loud noise. dealership was aware of problem.*ak the
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 It Happened All Of Sudden in the mornings when starting up the vehicle. it will start shaking, as time progressed it will get
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 Consumer Has Been Experiencing Problems with carburetor. while driving, vehicle stalls or surges forward. the manufacturer has been contacted.
TOYOTA COROLLA 1992 Consumer Had To Replace Intake manifold twice. *ak the consumer believes the intake manifold failures were due to a design flaw.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Engine Service Indication Light Stayed illuminated while driving. dealer replaced air intake sensor. please provide additional information.*ak
TOYOTA ECHO 2000 Repairs For Recall 01 v 326 000 concerning intake manifold didn't correct the problem. please provide any further information.*ak
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 This Is A Known Defect among service personnel at the toyota dealership in sarasota, florida and among mechanics. we were told the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1991 Car/engine Dies While Driving Or turning. no problem starting the car. once, car died on drive but oksy on reverse
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Engine Stops At Any Time while driving. acts as though it was out of gas. consequently i have to coast to
TOYOTA RAV4 1997 Auto Choke Valve Failure.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1993 Intake Manifold Defective.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 Engine Automatic Choke Failed.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1990 Consumer Had Taken Vehicle To have carburetor repaired. carburetor failed in high rpm mode, nearly causing loss of control. *jg
TOYOTA TERCEL 1990 Due To Carbon Build-up In the carburetor and intake valves, the car continuously stalls in traffic and will not restart.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1988 Known Carburetor Problems With The variable venturi carburetor in this model. vehicle cuts off at speeds 58-62 mph. automatically restarts when speed
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 The Carburetor Failed Resulting In dangerous acceleration, no power, hesitation, and stalling.
TOYOTA CAMRY 1996 The Automatic Choke Failed And the brakes and drums overheated and burned.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1989 Carburetor Failure.
TOYOTA TERCEL 1990 Vehicle Stalls Due To Carburetor failure. *ak
TOYOTA COROLLA 1985 Defective Vc Joints, Also electrical wires burned and carburetor problems.. *ak
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 Carburetor Failed, Causing Vehicle to surge/stop. *ak
TOYOTA PICKUP 1995 Rough Idle. *skd
TOYOTA TERCEL 1987 Vehicle Has High Concentration Of hydrogen chloride. *aw
TOYOTA CAMRY 1990 While Driving Slowly Out Of parking the vehicle acclerated at full speed and crashed into telephone pole. the driver did not cause this

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