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Toyota Electrical System Wiring Rear Compartment/trunk Reports

16 Mar

TOYOTA CAMRY 1992 Wiring Harness Going From Trunk lid to chassis installed too tight; when lift trunk lid, pulls apart; creates fire hazard; no
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 Dashboard Trouble Lights -- Bulb out, check engine, reverse indicator on gear selector ( while in park or any other setting) came

TOYOTA TACOMA 1999 Can Not Fix Wiring Harness for tow hitch witch caused horn,raido,blickers,and taillights to fail
TOYOTA COROLLA 2005 2005 Toyota Corolla Would Not start. consumer states that the vehicle would not start. he was told that the wires at the trunk
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 The Wiring Harness Powering Several rear mounted lights severed completely from its master cable. this harness runs along the left hinge of the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1999 Shifted (automatic Transmission) Into Reverse. fuse blew. power windows and all dashboard gauges stopped functioning. wiring harness, at the
TOYOTA TACOMA 1998 While Driving I Noticed That my left turn siginal did not operate properly when i put it on. upon further inspection i found that
TOYOTA COROLLA 1996 Tail Lights Go Off And on intermittently. when tail lights are not working, cruise control does not work. when cruise control is
TOYOTA CAMRY 1998 1. The Automobile would shimmy, shake and stop operating suddenly when the brakes were applied. this lead to several near
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 While Driving, The Made a loud clanking noise which seemed to be coming from the front. when the consumer stopped and the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1997 Trunk Hinges Are Cutting Into the wire harnness for the tail lights and reverse lights. fuses for the reverse lights and speedometer have blowen
TOYOTA SIENNA 2004 Toyota Has Eliminated The Brake lights on the tailgate of the sienna. the small brake lights that are on the corner of the
TOYOTA CAMRY 1995 Normal Opening And Closing Of the trunk lid has caused the backup warning light wiring harness to be warn and severed, resulting in failure
TOYOTA AVALON 2001 Trunk Opens, Not Fully, just ajar, by itself. this has happened approximately (6) times in (2) years. the trunk is
TOYOTA COROLLA 1995 The Tail Lights (stop Lights) on my 1995 toyota corolla fail constantly and intermittently. when i replace the bulb(s), the problem is

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