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Subaru Wheels Cap/cover/hub Reports

17 Mar

SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 Hub Cap Keeps Flying Off while driving, almost causing several accidents. tt
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Vehicle Lost Two Of hub caps. rear driver door was off track/ left wheel bearings went out and have been replaced

SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 Wheel Hubs Do Not Stay on while driving. they will just pop right off, nearly causing an accident. dealer has been
SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 Hubs Keep Coming Off Vehicle when driving. dealer contacted, and is in process of replacing hubs. problem still exists. provide further
SUBARU IMPREZA 1996 Ongoing Problem With Wheel Cover: caps not staying on. dealer/manufacturer were not notified. *ak
SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 Subaru Mechanic Stated This Was defect of this year and model of subaru, the only way to keep hubcaps on was to modify wheels.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 The Original Hubcaps Are A safety violation. subaru made a very bad engineering design. they fastened a plastic ring with holes
SUBARU IMPREZA 1996 Hub Caps Are Difficult To remove and reinstall. the service dealer's tech. broke one trying to remove the cover. the
SUBARU WAGON 1991 Wheel Covers Failed.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 Wheel Hubs Continually Falling Off of vehicle. mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback Rear Hub recall: not convinced that the recall that replaces the rear hubs with the improved version is effective.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 Wheel Hub Keeps Coming Off after replacement of tire. almost lost control of car due to a wheel hub coming off and hitting windshield.

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