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Subaru Unknown Or Other Reports

17 Mar

SUBARU LEGACY 1996 While Driving Engine Light Becomes illuminated, then cuts off. engine will turn over when restarted. dealer was contacted, but was unable
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Components Of Vehicle That rely on electrical system operate erratically and will turn on and off on their own. engine check light

SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Engine Check Light Keeps Coming on once started and would stay on until vehicle is shut down. taking vehicle to dealership.*ak light
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Keyless Entry Was Not Working properly/dashlights would go out, and sometimes headlights would go out too. also, had to
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 While Driving Engine Check light came on. had been repaired before. dealership knows about problem & had ordered parts from japan.
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 Engine Running Very Rough. vehicle stalls out after going 20mph. intermittent problem. been to dealer 9 times for problem. check engine
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Consumer Was Driving About 40 mph up a hill and engine check light came on. consumer lost all power of the vehicle.
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Consumer Was Driving Into carport when she was unable to stop vehicle due to floor carpet interfering with brake pedal, causing vehicle
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Authorized Servicer/dealer Said It Was safe to drive for a week before replacing. it seems like a fire hazard to me. dt
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 Subaru Has Not Contacted Us or let consumers know there is a problem with 2002 foresters. dt
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Subaru Is Well Aware Of the problem but will not issue a recall. this is a continiuosly defective part and should be
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Engine Check Light Came On. dealer said i had a burned cylinder. this was at 108,000 miles. a second mechanic confirmed
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 The Tack That Is In place to hold the driver's side mat in place does not work. the mat continuously falls off
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Comments From The Dealers Invoice: 671 miles: checked for oil leak, found fluid leaking from power steering rack. removed and reinstalled rack assembly.
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Floor Mats Repeatedly Slide Up under the accelerator and potentially impede acceleration. apparently, subaru has now addressed this problem, in later models,
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Subaru Legacy Has Had A widely reported history of a hesitation or highspeed miss. in the case of this vehicle, it was
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 The Subaru Forester Cited In this complaint was purchased new at woodbridge jeep subaru in woodbridge va. on august 29, 1998.
SUBARU LEGACY 1994 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 The Scratch On The Glass is on both drivers side and passenger side. i was told it is from the inner door metal rubbing
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 Check Engine Light Went On - car drove without incident - light went out- light went on again, and car began to vibrate and
SUBARU SVX 1995 No Summary
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Car Has Pulled To The right since purchase. purchased vehicle late sept., 1998. ac did not work very well,
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 No Summary
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 No Summary
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Tires Lost Nearly All Air within 2,000 mile of checking;had to replace;they went to steel bar at 18000 miles; fumes inside
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Check Engine Light Remains On - it therefore gives warning for which no detectable cause can be found. subaru of america has been
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 No Summary Listed For This vehicle. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 I Received A Letter From nhtsa dated 4/13/99 indicating that i had been granted approval for an air bag switch, but it had not
SUBARU IMPREZA 1996 A Stuck Valve Caused The car to misfire and the check engine light to go on. it took subaru 3 months to figure
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 When Car Started After Having stopped for 3 hours, battery warning light and brake warning light illuminated. checked brakes/fluid and alternator belt
SUBARU SVX 1994 The Leak From The Engine separator plate is because its plastic. (so told by the technican). subaru changed it in late 95,
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Brake Pedal Went To Floor when has replaced linings ,front caliper,master cylinder and booster.problem still occured.lucky all occurances were
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Engine Warning Light No Longer works.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 The Panel Near The Gas pedal fell down. nlm
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 Ash Try Will Not Stay closed, required replacement. mjs
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 Interior Cargo Compartment Carpet/weak Material resulting in tearing. mjs
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Security System Goes Off When hazard lights are engaged/abs brakes squeak. in addition, while pulling out of parking spot, vehicle lunged forward
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Interior Panel Failed Resulting In it falling off.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 Beige Dashboard Reflects In Windshield and causes a glare, also obstructs driver's side rear view mirror, impairing visibility.
SUBARU WRX 2008 Car Is Making Clicking Noise every-time the clutch is being pressed / released. advised it is the spot welds by the firewall holding on
SUBARU XV CROSSTREK 2014 1. Vehicle Manufactures Are advertising electronic safety equipment as selling points 2. there is general recognition of the danger of using hand
SUBARU OUTBACK 2012 I Was Driving Into Work on the morning of 3/3/14 when i notice a smoke/burning odor. i discounted it but keeped alert waiting for
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 Subaru Corporate Recently Purchased My 2014 forester back under the lemon law. this was after i had 4 documented incidents of the vehicle veering
SUBARU IMPREZA 2011 While Driving Home To Boulder, co from golden, i heard what sounded like a gunshot overhead and immediately pulled over. my sunroof
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Low Beams Replace Several Time, replaced both recently and both went out at the same time in the dark on they way to work.
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 I Was Turning Right To park at a state park. the parking area is sandy and full of pot holes. i was almost
SUBARU FORESTER 2011 Brake Switch Went Bad. no tail lights, brake lights, or 4 ways. during a 300 mile trip, part of which
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 Excessive Oil Consumption: i am experiencing a significant problem with my subaru impreza 2012 with excessive use of oil and the oil light
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 First Noticed In The Spring of 2013, one of the safety hand-holds in the back seat popped out of its socket as someone was
SUBARU FORESTER 2011 My Husband Purchased A New subaru forester in may of 2011 for me with an extended warranty for 7 years. it was a big
SUBARU IMPREZA STI 2008 My Clutch Pedal Began Clicking and creaking this summer. i finally found out that the welds that held the clutch to the firewall were
SUBARU OUTBACK 2013 While Towing A Camper Well within the towing capacity of the vehicle, the vehicle would not accelerate beyond 60 miles an hour. we
SUBARU IMPREZA 2008 This Car Was Purchased By myself brand new with a few miles on the odometer. the clutch pedal was always stiff and squeaky and
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 The Vehicles Turbo Failed And destroyed the engine. the turbo and engine were all factory original. i replaced the part that
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I Am Experiencing An Extremely strong smell of gas. this began winter of 2013, which i had repaired at my expense of $700+,
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I've Owned My 2004 Forester for 4 years now and never experienced this problem. however, this winter seemingly having longer cold spells
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 A Strong Fuel Smell When i started my car.
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 In Very Cold Conditions. when the car is in idol or running it has a very strong gas smell around the engine and in
SUBARU LEGACY 2013 My Vehicle Showed Significant Lag in speeding up after pressing the accelerator and revved very high rpms (34-4200). this also occurred when i removed
SUBARU IMPREZA 2008 The Clutch Pedal On My 2008 wrx makes a loud creaking noise every time it's depressed. when i investigated the noise, i noticed
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 When The Temperature Drops Below roughly 20 degrees fahrenheit, a strong fuel odor fills the cabin. flatirons subaru in boulder, co,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 This Is The 5th Subaru i have owned in my life and have not had any problems with any of them with stability in snow
SUBARU IMPREZA 2006 Code P1410 Secondary Air Injection system switching valve stuck open. this is a common error many 2006 and up subaru impreza wrx owners are
SUBARU LEGACY 2003 Driving Rt Lane at 60 mph on i-26, lsr exit, on overpass, car started to veer left. when i
SUBARU LEGACY 2013 As I Drove My Vehicle into a parking space with a concrete bumper at the head, just as it was ready to stop,
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 After I Purchased My Vehicle, i noticed a hesitation between 20 - 40 mph. this is the first year for the forester's
SUBARU WRX 2008 Metal On Metal Popping Started for apparently no reason. intermittent, inconsistent and difficult to replicate. noise stopped after warmer weather started.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 Head Gasket Failure***** 2003 Outback **** this is not a new problem as four of the subaru's we've owned had hg issues. although
SUBARU FORESTER 2009 After A Day Of Heavy rain we found a puddle of water on the passenger side floor, with all windows and doors closed.
SUBARU LEGACY 2011 At Approx 60-65 Mph I am getting vibration to the car- steering and driver seat. *js
SUBARU OUTBACK 2012 When Driving On The Highway the vehicle exhibits very poor straight line stability. vehicle wanders within the lane and requires excessive steering wheel
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Car Is Not Safe On packed snow or icy roads. all road feel is gone and it feels as if the car could
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 I Am Not Sure If this is a safety issue but i was told by the dealer after two visits that the transmission axle seal
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Gas Lines Leak On 2004 subaru forester xt when ambient temperatures fall below 30 degrees fahrenheit. significant amounts of fuel leak into the engine
SUBARU FORESTER 2010 The Body Control Module - which is held in place by double-stick tape(!) - dropped from its place under the dashboard and obstructed the brake
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 2011 Subura Outback At 3500 miles would not start,jump started with road side assistance,then 3 days later did same thing,took to subura
SUBARU LEGACY 2011 Dash Trouble Lights Flashing Constantly on and off check engine, brake failure, all wheel drive failure, cruise control failure, temperature light,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2004 2004 Subaru Outback Ll Bean 3.0l h6 has history of intermittent unintended acceleration, misfire (surging) at highway speed, not slowing down
SUBARU FORESTER 2010 Subaru Forester 2010 Engine Went dead while pulling into driveway. attempts were made to restart the car. a strong rubber odor filled the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2009 Road Conditions: Poor, Icy. vehicle: 2009 subaru outback wagon loaded with 4 passengers (2 adult, 2 teen, plus "light"
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Had Timing Belt Replaced On 2004 forester turbo as recommended on maintenance,schedule, next day on highway, loud screeching noise and lose of
SUBARU LEGACY 2011 At Highway Cruising Speeds Of 60-75mph there is a vibration/shake that is felt through the steering wheel. when traveling long distances this vibration
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 We Purchased Our 2007 Suburu in march 2007 as a new car from a suburu dealer in california. my daughter has been getting
SUBARU BAJA 2003 Subaru Rotors, We Have in our family 6 subarus, 2-2003 bajas ,i - 2005 forester, 1-2005 legacy, 1-2007 impreza,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I Have Several Times Experienced what is known as “ghost walking” while driving my 2005 subaru outback 2.4i. i have driven under the
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Vehicle Was Traveling On Highway and encountered wet road conditions. vehicle began to pull to the left and the driver side front bumper collided
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Am In My Third season driving my 2006 subaru outback to lake tahoe for winter ski season. i've always felt confident driving
SUBARU OUTBACK 2009 I Recently Purchased A 2009 subaru outback 2.5 special edition. while driving on i-35 near cloquet, mn, the car exhibited
SUBARU IMPREZA 2007 I Recently Purchased A New car and the dealer refused to provide the monroney sticker. is that legal? *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Our 2006 Subaru Outback Was taken on an extended trip in the summer of 2006 where the alignment went so far out of true that
SUBARU LEGACY 2006 While Driving At About 30-40 mph, the driver felt a sudden accelaration that couldn't control and his car crashed against the sidewalk and rolledover.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2008 Paint On Car Easily Dulled by normal washing. lots of swirl marks and streaks. *tr
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 This Car Needed Replacement Of both rear wheel bearings at slightly over 67,000 miles. no other subaru i have owned or heard
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 Differential Fluid Out; Subaru blames a non-dealer oil change error for problem hence not covered under warranty. owner had to spend over $350
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 When I Bought My 2001 subaru forester s. i noticed that there was a small paint chip on the hood. i asked the
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 This Vehicle Posed A Serious safety problem because the vehicle only had one key hole, but had five doors, the consumer was able
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 The Speedometer And Odometer Started working intermittently about one month ago. the dealer says the speedometer will have to be replaced at a
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 Check Engine Light Keeps Coming on. interior lights do not shut off when door shuts. engine surges when accelerating slowly. vehicle has

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