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Subaru Traction Control System Reports

17 Mar

SUBARU FORESTER 2008 I Bought The Car In may of 2008. on feb. 29, the check engine light and the traction control light came on,
SUBARU FORESTER 2012 While Driving On A Main route check engine light kicked on and proceeded to flash while the stability/traction control light came on disabling the traction

SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 Our 2007 Subaru Outback Fishtails all over the place on icy roads that all other vehicles safely travel on at twice the speed as we
SUBARU OUTBACK 2008 I Have A 2008 Subaru outback equipped with good winter tires. at highway speeds on winter roads my car is extremely unstable.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 The Car In Snow Or icy conditions does not hold a straight line and the rear walks out and begins swaying uncontrollably. in
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback Will Not track straight in slippery conditions at all. the term ┐ghost walking┐ is being used for this and is
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Experience A Side-to-side Shake on icy road conditions. it is very unsettling to the car and is not simply road conditions. fwd,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 We Have A 2005 Subaru outback that sways in the rear of car under the following conditions 1. over bumps the rear will swing
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 1. Slightly Icy road condition. 2. abnormal loss of road feel and control. 3. no
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 On Many Occasions The Vehicle's rear-end side-steps or oscillates on icy/snow-packed road conditions. this has also been described as "ghost-walking" where it feels like
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Driving Under Normal Cold Conditions. every time that we went under an overpass where ice has forced on the highway the car momentarily lost
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Vehicle Was Traveling On Highway and encountered wet road conditions. vehicle began to pull to the left and the driver side front bumper collided
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 2005 Subaru Outback Sedan Driven on icy/snowy road conditions experiences extreme slippage in the rear of the car. have experienced this on at
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Outback Auto Trans. on many occasions the vehicle's rear-end side-steps or oscillates on icy/snow-packed road conditions. this has also been described

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