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Tuesday 6th of October 2015 09:23:07 PM

SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Consumer Heard A Roaring noise from rear of vehicle, beginning at 4000 miles. dealer could not find cause.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Sidewall On Right/rear Tire shredded while vehicle was traveling at about 65 mph. then, right rear tire dropped, and
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Right Rear Tire Blewout while driving at 60 mph, car became difficult to control.*ak tire is firestone wilderness.
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Consumer Had Gone To Dealer to have tires checked. dealer verified rear tires were worn unevenly, and, shoe on rear wheels were
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 While Driving, Tires Wobble causing the front end to wobble, when accelerator pressure is released the wobble goes away until tires get warmed
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Road Salt Gets In Between tires and rims ,causing a slow leak to occur in the tires. dealer beaded the tires,
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Rear Tires Were Wearing Out excessively on the outside edge. had the tires replaced at 25,000. front tires are the original
SUBARU IMPREZA 1999 While Traveling 45mph Right front tire blew. took to tire store & had tire replaced. the back tire blew in 21 jul
SUBARU LOYALE 1990 Transmission Leaks Fluid/ Horn has no sound when it's hit and right front tire makes grinding noise, like metal to metal. had
SUBARU OUTBACK 1996 Vehicle Caught On Fire In the fuel tank area due to improper tire size and the overheating of the rear differential. please
SUBARU LEGACY 1992 While Driving, Experienced Tire blow out, replaced tire with temporary (t-tire), drove approx. 20 miles to nearest garage at 45mph,
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Yokohama Geolander H/t Radial P215/60r16. all 4 tires failed to maintain air. air would leak out between tire and wheel.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Bridgestone, Original Equipment, mounted on a 2002, subaru, outback, 2628 miles. tires have blownout twice within first week on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 While Traveling On Highway consumer hit a pothole and left front firestone tire and wheel came off.*ak
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 P225/60r16, Original Equipment, 6000 miles, mounted on a 2001, subaru, legacy outback. after traveling at 30mph tire had a
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 The Firestone Wilderness 225/60r16 Experienced blowout which resulted in vehicle accident. *mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 When The Original Recalls Of the wilderness tires occurred we were told by subaru and firestone that our size tire was not effected.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 This Car Comes With Firestone wilderness tires made especially for the outback. at only 24000 miles, i had a blowout in which
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 are posted at i replaced all four tires despite the substantial tread life
SUBARU JUSTY 1993 The Front Tires Repeatly (every 3-4 months) loose air and go flat. we have had several tires of the same type do
SUBARU IMPREZA 2001 Tire Failure. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Tire Could Not Be Balanced, tread found to be separated. *ak (dot number: w2x0w66070 tiresize: p225/60r16)
SUBARU LEGACY 1992 Front Right Tire Completely Fell off the wheel while i was driving on the freeway. the tires had only been put on 6
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Tire Failed Under Highway Speed for no apparent reason. the tire did explode. the tire dealer inspected the other three tires
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Left Front Tire Blew Out on highway at speed of 75 mph on a 85 degree day. outside sidewall blew and completely split
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 The Tire Is Tubeless. traveling at an estimated 50 mph the tire side wall separated from the tread. if i lost
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 We Purchased A Brand New subaru outback s/w in 1999 and recently had a flat tire. upon placing the "mini" spare provided with
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 When You Put Car In r and start to go all 4 tires dont engage at the same time. *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 In Two Separate Incidences, on 9/26/2000 and 03/30/2001, an original bridgestone tire supplied with a newly leased subaru forester had a blowout while
SUBARU IMPREZA 2001 First Off The Roads Were wet from a previous rain and there was no standing water. i was turning a left hand corner
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Car Is One Year Old, 22,000 miles and the second front bridgestone tire failed. one had a large side bubble, one
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 The Subaru Forrester Was Purchased on 8/25/2000. the above tire (and 3 other tires) were brand new on the vehicle which showed 24,
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 I Did Not Have An accident, at my 26,000 mile check up 2 different dealers told me my tires were worn out.
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Right Front Tire Was Pulling car to the right. dealer also said to keep tires inflated 5psi above manufacturer's specifications. car
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 The 15" Wilderness That Came stock with this forester had to be replaced at approximately 29,800 miles. i took it in for
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Tire Seam Blew Out, in a perfect circumference, accompanied by profuse smoke. extremely dangerous situation since i could not see what was
SUBARU LEGACY 1993 Threaten To Thousands Subaru Car drivers, like firestone tires threaten to thousands car drivers using firestone tires.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 I Was Going The Speed limit outside of la and my tire shredded into 3 perfect pieces. there is a tiny hole
SUBARU SVX 1994 All Four Tires Have Developed cracks between treadwear at 6000 miles. called and written many times to firestone. *ak( dot number:
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 With Less Than 1,000 miles on a brand new subaru outback, i had an unexplained flat tire (no nail/screw/obvious damage)on my way to
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 There Was Not Enough Room on the questionnaire to show the entire dot number which is dot el yt chb 1000. this tire
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 My Wife Had Rightt front tire blowout @ 65 miles an hr. i had these tires repaced yesterday 9-13-2000 . i
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 I Have No Faith And feel unsafe and insecure with these tires. i want them off my car and the best les schwab tires
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Front, Left Tire Is bald and the other three tires are very worn. *ak( dot number: )
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 I Am Not Sure If i hit the center island and both tires blew or both tires blew and i hit the center island.
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Tire #1 Imploded, Next tire collapsed, tire 3 no leaks but air goes( dot number: tire size: 205/55/r16 )
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Within The First 9 Months, i experienced problems with 4 out of the original 5 of these tires, including a blowout of the
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Tread Seperation, Totally Flat tire at 50 mph, on i-95 in lumberton nc( dot number: w2x0-w66 tire size: p225/60r16 )
SUBARU IMPREZA 1996 All Four Tires Split Around the sidewalls and required replacement( dot number: tire size: 185-70 r14 )
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 On March 9, 2000 i took my car in to les schwab to have my tires rotated. the serviceman came out to
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Front Left Tire Split After owning vehicle only three days; happened on interstate at highway speed; no warning of problem; changed to
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 I Am Concerned About The safety of all wilderness tires on my vehicle.( dot number: ? tire size: p22560r/16 )
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 No Summary( Dot Number: tire size: 16 )
SUBARU SUBARU 1998 When I Travel 65-70 Mph my vehicle shake and vibrate really bad. i can hardly hold the sterring wheel. i can feel
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Rear Left Tire Blew Out whie travelling down rte 95 s from new hampshire. it was a cool, overcast day (70-78:). tire
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 As You Can See By the mileage, i have a brand new subaru outback legacy stationwagon and it is a beautiful machine.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Tire Blew Out On Highway causing loss of control of vehicle. no known objects hit. accident occurred after driving from south
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 The Tire Blew Out On a curve, in winter, though there was only 6725 miles on it. the dealer said it
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Car Has Pulled To The right since purchase. purchased vehicle late sept., 1998. ac did not work very well,
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Tires Lost Nearly All Air within 2,000 mile of checking;had to replace;they went to steel bar at 18000 miles; fumes inside
SUBARU OUTBACK 1996 Michelin Tires And Aluminum Rims appear to be incompatible. dealer cannot detect reason for continuing air loss. have been filling tires
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Right Front Tire (185/70 R 14) is leaking air. yh
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 Bridgestone Tires Have An Air leakage (185-70r-14). mjs
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Bridgestone Tire Patched. *aw
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 While Driving 20-25 Mph, the right rear firestone ht p225/60r16 (dot unknown) tire exploded. driver was able to control and stop
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Bridgestone Potenza 205/60r15----the Tire Went flat while turning a corner with no prior warning--this tire was not repairable & was replaced----second incident occured with 17944
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Consumer States That Bridgestone Dueller 683 (p205-70-r15, dot# unknown) original equipment tires are softer and wear out quickly. *tt
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 The Bridgestone Tire,(dot#obt2pfb419,tire size p205/55hr16) the right rear tire blewout and literally splited in two while driving.
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 The Vehicles Tires Were Showing signs of balding at only 23000 miles and was told they would only last another 7000 miles, before the
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Consumer States While Traveling, the tire suddenly burst and collapsed around the entire circumference of the sidewall,by the time consumer got the vehicle
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 The Firestone Wilderness Tire Experienced blowout while driving. *mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 The Firestone Wilderness 225/60r216 Tires are defective which is causing the vehicle to pull while driving. *mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Consumer Believes Faulty Firestone Wilderness tires (225/60r16) caused severe steering wheel pull while driving which required constant pressure on the steering wheel to keep vehicle
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Firestone Tire Experienced A Blowout, consumer requests reimbursement. *slc
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 While Driving The Tires (firestone wilderness) feel as if they stick to the road surface. *mjs
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 The Original Firestone Wilderness Tire failed and shredded while driving. *mjs
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 Rear Right Tire Went Flat (michelin radial tire style xw4.205/70r15). yh
SUBARU LEGACY 1990 Tires Worn Out Prematurely. (yamaha) yh
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Tires Are Not The Same size, resulting in noise, causing failure. *yc
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Bridgestone Tires Blew Out Twice.
SUBARU GL 1986 Left Front Tire Broke Off, causing damage to undercarriage. (ohio state police report)
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Bridgestone Tires Not Designed For driving on gravel surfaces. *sd
SUBARU OUTBACK 2014 We Purchased Our Outback On april 28,2014. on may 1, 2014 we brought into the service department because it was pulling to
SUBARU IMPREZA 2014 Hit Small Pot Hole Which other cars were driving over with no failures. i called subaru roadside assistance. they put donut flat on.
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A continental extreme contact tire, size: 205/55r16. the contact stated that the driver of the vehicle was traveling approximately
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 subaru forester equipped with firestone tire fr380, size p215-60-r16. the contact stated that the tires became prematurely
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 Contipro Contact 225/60r17 Tires were mounted as replacements 11/17/13. tires were rotated and maintained by dealer on a regular basis.
SUBARU OUTBACK SPORT 2009 On November 13, 2013 i was driving on st rt 52 heading east in new richmond, ohio at a speed not less that
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 I Recently Purchased A New set of 4 cooper cs4 (p215/60r16) tires for my 2002 subaru forester, having them installed by a dealer,
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Vee Rubber Vitron Tires Purchased new 12/23/2011. one tires steel belt separated, popped through the tire in two places on 09/07/2013. tire
SUBARU FORESTER 2008 I Purchased 4 New Kumho solus kr21 p215/60r16 tires on july 18, 2013, from tiresouth in atlanta, ga. when i tried
SUBARU FORESTER 2012 Notice Two Blemishes On tire side wall after buying new car, 1 year later bulging is bigger. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 My 2011 Subaru Outback Came with oe contiprocontact p225/60r17. this is a tire of continental that has an 80000 mile warranty. these tires
SUBARU FORESTER 2009 We Are 15,000 Miles into 4 new (april 2012 purchased, mounted may 2012) p225/55zr -17 pirelli p6 all-road 2007 production tires.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Re: General Altimax Rt 205/60r15 dot 65tm3t3 (per continental). tread separation/bubbled sidewalls when vehicle traveling 50-55mph. driver felt tire going flat & pulled
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 Crack In Tire Sidewall. no exterior damage. tire guy said problem in manufacture. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2013 After Two Month Of Using a new car model outback 2013 the left front tire had emptied at the parking lot. an invisible
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 In One Months Time We have had 4 separate cooper weathermaster s/t2 205/70r15 tires have sidewall failure. these are snow tires used
SUBARU LEGACY 2008 I Bought Car New & it developed issue @ 3 1/2 yrs. i also have the subaru extended has only been serviced
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 I Had A Blowout On the freeway. purchased replacement tire and drove 313 miles on this brand new tire and it developed a
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 2011 Subaru Outback. Consumer writes in regards to vehicle shaking while driving due to snow and ice build-up in the tires.*tgw
SUBARU LEGACY 2011 While Driving On A Rural paved road our car could not avoid a pothole due to oncoming traffic. the impact of the pothole was
SUBARU FORESTER 9999 Cpsc#i1190225a. Bridgestone Dueller Ht. consumer stated these are the worst tires ever! very dangerous on wet surfaces and useless on snow. *ln
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 This Is Part 2 Of original complaint # 10422477. since i have a 2nd defective tire. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 I Have A Subaru Outback 2011 with 16,000 miles on it. the non driver-side tires have bubbles on them. i
SUBARU IMPREZA 2009 Original Tire Defect Discovered At 16k miles on one tire (bulge in sidewall) with no known reason (no impacts or potholes). needed to
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 Recently Purchased 2011 Outback Suburu, brand new. with 1500 miles, the dealer inspected our tires and found 3 out of 4
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 I Just Bought A Used 2005 subaru legacy gt. 20 minutes after purchasing the vehicle i was driving along a snowy highway and accelerated
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 2010 Subaru Outback 2.5. 9.5k at speeds above approximately 65mph sever vibration of steering wheel (steering wheel deflection about 1/8 inch back
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 I Purchased And Had Installed 8 new hankook tires for two vehicles at l&m tire & wheel 185 w. king st. abbottstown,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Last Month, Sidewall Failure of bf goodrich touring pro 225/60r16 h-rated. purchased replacement tire at sam's club 3 weeks ago.
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 2002 Subaru Outback Legacy, left rear tire failed causing unit 1 to spin, striking the concrete wall with the right rear before coming
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 My 2010 Subaru Outback Has front end shaking, and steering wheel shimmy at speeds over 65 mph, 1 trip to the dealer for
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Blow Out With Complete Detachment of tire tread from wheel at 50 mph; car crashed into stone wall; air bags deployed; fire
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 Our 2010 3.6r Outback arrived in apr. the first time that the vehicle was taken on the highway, i noticed a
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 I Purchased A Subaru Outback 2.5i premium (manual transmission) on 03/15/2010 and noticed moderate to severe steering wheel and front driver's side wheel vibration
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 Brand New 2010 Subaru Outback has a shimmy problem . the steering wheel shimmies and when making a wide turn, often the steering
SUBARU OUTBACK 2010 There Is An Continuous Vibration and shimmy in the front-end and steering wheel of my 2010 subaru outback that since new (oct 2009) has not
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I Have A 2005 Subaru outback turbo. turbo failed at 65k miles. axel broke at 64k miles and now the right
SUBARU IMPREZA 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 subaru impreza. the vehicle was equipped with bridgestone potenza re 92 tires, tire size 205/55/16. the contact
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 subaru imperza. the rear continental tires made a loud noise while driving at high speeds.
SUBARU WRX 2003 There Has Been No Accident or crash. this is an ongoing safety problem with a model of tires. the tires are kumho spt
SUBARU LEGACY 1992 Cracks Appear In Circumferential Sipes after 9,000 miles / 1 yr 10 mo. this occurred in all 4 tires. snowy northeast
SUBARU LEGACY 2003 Tire Valve Stem Failure. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 subaru outback. the vehicle has goodyear regatta 2 tires, size 205/70/15. while driving approximately 30
SUBARU OUTBACK 2009 Sidewall Tire Failure In Ordinary use; 2009 subaru outback, 5500 miles, bridgestone/firestone tire failed, inner right rear sidewall fractured.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i, 4 snow tires, 5mt. this has happened several times. when driving the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Absolutely Horrible Performance In Icy road conditions. other cars pass with ease while mine felt like it was slipping and floating over the road.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2007 We Were Driving On Highway 14 at about 9 pm when we heard (and felt) a loud bang and then felt the noticeable bumpiness of
SUBARU IMPREZA 2007 The Following Was Sent To bridgestone via email this is to inform bridgestone tire of a catastrophic sidewall blowout that occurred on a bridgestone
SUBARU 22 1973 Dear Sir Or Madam, i have seen in the media that tires being inflated and explode while a person is attempting to inflate a
SUBARU LEGACY 2004 The Tread Of This Tire separated from the tire while driving. the tire had approximately 45,000 miles of use. the
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 Constant Vibration From Tires At 65mph or faster, gets worse as the speed increases. *tr
SUBARU IMPREZA 1993 1993 Subaru Impreza Experienced A tire blow out causing the consumer to run off the road and hit the median wall twice. *kb
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 The Manufacturer Provided Tires That wear at an excessively rapid pace, resulting in a car accident due to losing traction while driving over sand/grit
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 subaru forester. the vehicle has yokohama geolandar, size p215 55r17 tires. when accelerating slightly from
SUBARU FORESTER 2006 Yokohama Tire Blew Out While turning a corner at about 10 mph. tire was original equipment and had 12,500 mile on it.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 I Have Two Subarus With bridgestone potenza tires on them. on two separate occasions, i experienced flat tires with them.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 subaru impreza. the contact took the vehicle to the dealer for scheduled maintenance. when she arrived,
SUBARU BAJA 2006 On March 16th 2007 I was driving from my home in fort myers florida to a business meeting in clearwater florida. i was
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 We Purchased A New 2006 subaru with brigstone tires. we drive in wet and snowy conditions regularly. on our first drive to
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Tires Are Falling Apart. at less than 10,000 miles subaru advised us to replace them. they are bridgestone potenza re92a
SUBARU FORESTER 2006 We Purchased A 2006 Subaru forester taking delivery of the car we noted that subaru included yokohama tires to which we complained we
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 1998 Subaru Forester's Tire Blew out. *ts when the tire blewout it caused the vehicle to go off the roadway and strike
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Dt*: The Contact Stated The passenger rear tire blew out while driving 70 mph. the tire blew out which caused a loss of
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Standard Equipped Tires On Subaru legacy 2.5 wagons are bridgestone potenza re92 215/45/zr 17, supposedly an all year tire. this tire
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 While Driving On Interstate 35 we encountered patchy ice on the road surface. on more than one occasion with constant speed (60 mph,
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 This Complaint Is Regarding Goodyear assurance comfort tires. i purchased these tires for my 2000 forester on may 5, 2005.
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 Dt: The Contact States One of the tires has been losing air. the service mechanic states that he has never seen this problem.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Dt: Contact States He has had to change the tires on his vehicle on 1-22-05. the miles on the vehicle were 14,394.
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Rear Passenger Side Bridgestone Potenza re950 205/55r16 91 h blew out for no apparent reason. mileage on tire was 25000. no
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Recall Ww-99 Was Issued By the manufacturer that was not found at this time. there was external coolant leak into the head gasket,
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 The Tires Do Not Function, and hold traction during inclement weather, causing the vehicle to lose control. manufacturer was contacted.
SUBARU BAJA 2003 I Have A 2003 Subaru baja with 17,000 miles on the odometer. this car came factory equipped with bridgestone potenza re92 high
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 There Is Tear Between The tread and sidewall on the right rear side tire, which is causing the consumer to not maintain easy control
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Vehicle: 05 Subaru Gt limited sedan (purchased) 11/30/04) tire: bridgestone, potenza re92 (215/45 zr17. my wife and
SUBARU WRX 2002 Traveling On A Damp, bumpy asphalt road in seattle (tempurature was in the mid-40's). light ahead turns red - i apply the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Two Front Tires Need Replacement because their insides were worn. 20,000 miles later the two front and one right rear tires had to
SUBARU LEGACY 1993 The Consumer Purchased Four New firestone tires. the right rear tire went flat. the vehicle was parked. the cord that meets the
SUBARU LEGACY 2003 2003 Subaru Legacy, Purchased in july, 2003, with four firestone p20555r16 tires (potenza re 92, m+s). left front
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 All Four Tires Were Replaced 3 times within 35,000 miles due to premature wear. the tires were replaced with different model tires,
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Tire Explosion While Driving On freeway. no accident entailed. tire shows good tread left, and no apparent source of puncture,
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 I Bought A 1999 Subaru outback 30th anniversary limited edition in june of 1999. within six months, the car began to exhibit clutch
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 When Driving In Cold Temperatures tires loose air. tires needed air every 10 miles. this could be caused by the aluminum
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 While Driving Approximately 65 Mph the left rear tire blew out. the driver managed to pull the vehicle to side of the road.
SUBARU LEGACY 2002 Problems With Vehicle's Braking System, rear tire, whistling noises coming from door and oil leak.*mr the dealership repaired everything except
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 While Driving At 50 mph right rear tire blew out. oringinal tires on vehicle. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 1992 Several Tulsa Dealers Unable/unwilling To repair small nail puncture of ft70c tire. state "this tire not made to be repaired-self sealing" continual loss
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Hi, On February 25, 2003 while driving on the highway my left rear firestone tire on my subaru outback blew up.
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Vehicle Involved Is A 1999 subaru forester l. was driving approximately. 50 mph on a state highway. road conditions were dry and
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 The Right Rear Tire Blew out with no warning. *jb the consumer excessively checked for cracks which were found on all four
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 The Front Passenger Tire Blew out, which caused the consumer to pull over. *jb
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Tire Seam Blew Out In perfect circumference accompanied by profuse smoke. extremely dangerous situation since i could not see what was happening to
SUBARU LEGACY 1992 Michelin Tires Keep Blowing Out. the sidewalls are separating from the tires. ph
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 While Traveling At 65 Mph, consumer states right rear tire blew 2 1/2 inches from the rim, and there were splits going all

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