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Subaru Suspension Front Wheel Bearing Reports

17 Mar

SUBARU SVX 1992 Rear Bearing On The Back of the car that holds holds in wheel rear axle had to be replaced four times there seems to be
SUBARU SVX 1992 Rear Wheel Bearing Problem, replaced, bearing make loud noise again

SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Premature Wear Of Front wheel bearing. dealer or manufacturer have not been notified. please provide additional information. *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 In June Of 1999 Right front wheel bearing was replaced because of a loud noise being made during operation of vehicle. then,
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Front Right Wheel Bearing Had to be replaced. *ak
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Vehicle Lost Two Of hub caps. rear driver door was off track/ left wheel bearings went out and have been replaced
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Wheel Bearing Keeps Failing. consumer has had them replaced 3 times , part only lasted about 2 1/2 months. *ak
SUBARU SVX 1992 Consumer Had To Replace Transmission at 80000 miles. at this time transmission is going out again. also, wheelbearings are defective, water
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 While Traveling, Consumer Noticed a grinding sound emitting from the rear wheel. vehicle was serviced by dealer technician who notice the rear wheel
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 In Left Rear Wheel There was a malfunction in bearings. consumer had to replace bearings three times in past four
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 From 14,000 Miles To present 34,000 miles front wheel bearing is being replaced for fourth time by dealer.
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 The Wheel Bearing Has Failed three times. nlm
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Consumer Stated The Left Rear wheel bearing failed. *jg
SUBARU SVX 1994 This Is Our Third Svx and all three have had wheel bearing failure.*ak
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 I Contacted Manufacturer Subaru Of america (soa) regarding my issues. they (soa) acknowledged they are having problems with the bearings, but could not
SUBARU SVX 1992 Owners Of This Car Which if needed 100-1000 or more owners can claim that this car built by subaru has a defect in the transmission.
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Dealer Replaced Wheel Bearing At 29,000 miles under warranty. went bad again 30,000 miles later, even though owners manual states that
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 I Took My Subaru In for an oil leak problem and was informed that my right bearing was bad. the oil seal was
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 The Wheel Bearings Have Failed three times so far, and i need to have them replaced again for the fourth time. the
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 I Already Had To Change broken bearings in both rear wheels of my 2001 subaru forester. i am trained to monitor noise and
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Reapeaded Wheel Bearing Failure. *ak
SUBARU SVX 1992 Wheel Bearing Problem Continues. we have replaced the same bearing (left rear) seven times since owning this vehicle. seems to last
SUBARU SVX 1992 Replaced 4 Wheel Bearing Due to persistent roaring at all speeds, but especially above 45mph. rear wheel bearings were previously replaced 20k
SUBARU SVX 1992 Noise &pully Bearing Seal Leaked
SUBARU SVX 1992 Have Replaced Wheel Bearings Several times (4) in three years. transmission failed and needs replacing. these a currently known defects with
SUBARU SVX 1992 The Bearing Problem Started As soon as i bought the car - originally under warranty. no problem, until car failed first inspection (after
SUBARU OUTBACK 1996 On Sevral Occasions, The left and right bearings failed causing damage to the axle assembly. bearings had to be replaced twice.
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 The Right Rear Wheel Bearing assembly has failed on three occasions causing a mild roaring sound, dealer has replaced the wheel bearings, hub,
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 2005 Subaru Legacy Wagon. consumer states problem with passenger wheel bearing failure *tgw
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 99 Subaru Outback Hit In rear bags did not deploy minor neck and lower back bruises. also, another front wheel bearing failure after
SUBARU TRIBECA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 subaru tribeca. the contact stated that while driving approximately 15 mph, the vehicle began to shake. the
SUBARU SUBARU 9999 Wheel Bearing Problem On Subaru's. *nj in certain cases, the bearing grease from a bad wheel bearing on late 1990
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 My Wheel Bearing Failed In both front wheels--passenger side at about 79,000 miles and drivers side at about 84,000 miles. the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 2006 Subaru Outback Wagon, front left (drivers side) wheel squeals at low speeds. sound is intermittent, but always present at start
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Right Rear Wheel Bearing Failed at 31000 milesin november 2005, and was replaced by the dealer. at 67000 milesin june 2007,
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 Metallic, Grinding Noise From right rear wheel. when parked for a week, refused to move - frozen in place.
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 Subaru 2001 Forester, 71, 440 miles, one owner, purchased 04/2000. while driving, grinding noise from rear of vehicle.
SUBARU SVX 1992 I Purchases A Subaru Svx 1992 model. i test drove it and it seemed fine. took it to a mechanic to have it
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Both Rear Wheel Bearings Have failed twice. replaced twice by repair shop. original ones lasted 50,000 miles, 1st replacement
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Rear Left Wheel Bearing Failures. the left rear wheel bearing has failed and been replaced 4 times in 60,000 miles. numerous contacts
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 Rear Wheel Bearings Were Replaced four times. vehicle was making too much noise before the bearings were replaced. consumer
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Left Rear Wheel Bearing Failure at 65000 miles an unlikely occurance at this age . *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 There Was A Grinding Noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. upon inspection of the noise by the dealership, they indicated
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 I Bought My Subaru Forester 2000 new. under warranty i have had to replace my wheel bearings three times. a forth time
SUBARU IMPREZA 1997 Rear Wheel Bearings Have Failed 4 times under warranty and additional 4 times out of warranty. bearing were replaced during each repair,
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Rumbling Under Car Was Indication that a problem existed. 1st incident thanksgiving weekend 2003. front left wheel bearings falied and had
SUBARU IMPREZA 1999 Repeated Rear Wheel Bearing Failures ever 30k miles.*ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 Both Rear Wheel Bearings Have failed prematurely, one at 38000 miles and again at 75000 miles and the second at 79000 miles.
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 A Noise Could Be Heard while driving the vehicle. the dealer determined that the right rear wheel bearing must be replaced.
SUBARU FORESTER 1998 Dealer Has Had To Replace front and rear wheel bearings three times. the problem has not been resolved at this time.*ak
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Dealer Had To Replace front and rear wheel bearings three times. the problem has not been resolved at this time. *ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 The Car Is 4 Years old with 24100 miles. at 16000 miles, right rear wheel bearing failed and was replaced under
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 While Driving There Is A very loud banging noise coming from the right rear tire. vehicle was towed to dealer, dealer is
SUBARU IMPREZA 1999 Consumer Hears A "rumbling" Noise coming from the rear end. consumer previously had rear wheel bearings replaced at 42000 due to premature wear.
SUBARU FORESTER 2000 Right Rear Wheel Bearing Needs replacing at 51,000. these should last much longer as they do in my other vehicles.*ak
SUBARU FORESTER 1999 The Wheel Bearings Have Been replaced 3 times since the vehicle had 29000 miles. *nlm
SUBARU IMPREZA 1998 The Wheel Bearings Failed Prematurely. *jb

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