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Subaru Suspension Front Springs Coil Springs Reports

Sunday 4th of October 2015 04:00:16 AM

SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 Recall 01 V 216 000/coilspring: unable to get dealer; frederick motors; frederick,md; phone# 301/663-6111 to honor recall because no parts
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Consumer Received Notification That his vehicle was affected by recall campaign 01v216000. however, dealership had refused repairs because struts were not
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 Recall 01v216000, Consumer Received recall letter in september, has been told by subaru there were no parts available for repairs. *ak
SUBARU OUTBACK 1997 Recall 01 V 216 000/front coil spring: unable to get dealer; hassett dealership; wantah, ny; phone# 516/785-7800 to honor recall
SUBARU LEGACY 1994 While Driving Under Winter weather conditions vehicle was making noises and handling improperly. dealership examined vehicle and determined that
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Consumer Received Recall Letter 01v216000 on front coil springs. consumer went to dealer, dealer stated that subaru was aware of the problem.
SUBARU LEGACY 1994 While Driving Heard A Bang that came from the left front tire. then, could hear a clocking noise. took vehicle to dealer,
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Spring Broke When I Sat down into seat of the car. *ak
SUBARU SUBARU 9999 Consumer Brought Vehicle In For recall repairs to install the front spring guards, dealer did not perform recall repairs due to after market struts
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 The Consumer Took The Vehicle to the dealer regarding recall 01v-216 for front coil springs, consumer was told by the dealer that the parts
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 Consumer Received Recall 01v-216, however when consumer contacted dealership to schedule an appointment she was informed that they were out of parts and it
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Consumer Received Recall 01v216 And had recall work done and is now requesting reimbursement. *slc
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1995 subaru legacy. the contact stated that she was unable to accelerate from a stop. the vehicle was
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 subaru outback. while backing out of the driveway at approximately 5 mph, the contact heard a clunking
SUBARU OUTBACK 1996 According To Subaru In Nhtsa recall no. 01v-216, the protective paint was applied incorrectly to '96 subaru legacy outback springs which leads them
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 Dt: The Contact Stated when leaving the dealership after getting the vehicle serviced the driver's side front coil spring fractured. this punctured
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Request For Reimbursement Regarding The repair of the 1996 subaru legacy driver's side front spring.*mr during a routine inspection, it was discovered
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Today, 06/17/05, During a routine nys safety inspection, it was discovered that the spring on the driver's side front of my 1996
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Nhtsa Recall Number 01v216000 failed. vehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with front coil springs originally sold or currently registered in the
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 Consumer's Vehicle Experienced The Same problem as mentioned in nhtsa recall 01v216000. passenger vehicles equipped with front coil springs originally sold or
SUBARU OUTBACK 1999 Front Right Coil Spring Broke which and caused the front tire to become shredded. the car was undriveable and needed to be towed
SUBARU SUBARU 9999 Problems With Vehicle Front Coil springs. it appears that subaru is aware of the defect caused by improperly applied paint on the front coil
SUBARU LEGACY 1996 Consumer Made An Appointment With the dealer about two weeks ago for recall 01v216000 repairs regarding front coil springs. the consumer
SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Dealership Is Not Able To do recall 01v216000 repairs for front coil springs in a reasonable time frame. *ak

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