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SUBARU LEGACY 1995 Strong Gas Fumes When She starts up the car. please describe. tt
SUBARU JUSTY 1992 While Driving Flames Were Present under the car which caused the engine to burst. please describe. *ak
SUBARU LEGACY 1998 While Warming The Vehicle Up there is a strong fuel smell coming from the dashboard compartment, and whenever stopping in traffic the smell
SUBARU OUTBACK 2000 While Driving Vehicle Kept Pulling to the right, and front end was wobbling, caused by the carriage bolt that fell off. dealer
SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 Fuel Odor Seeping Inside Vehicle.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 subaru impreza. the contact stated that fuel fumes were emitted inside the vehicle. the dealer stated that
SUBARU BAJA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 subaru baja. the contact stated that while parked in a garage, there was a fuel odor present.
SUBARU LEGACY 2006 The Vehicle Stopped Responding To throttle pedal input, resulting in having to pull off the road, across lanes of traffic. engine light
SUBARU BRZ 2013 This Vehicle Makes A "chirping" from the fuel system that which subaru of america claims yields no danger or effect to the vehicle. from
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 Driving About 30 - 35mph when all of a sudden the car lost power. the car did not stall, but engine went
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 My Daughter Was Driving The car after getting off work at !:30 am when the engine stalled and the car would not restart.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2003 A Metal Cap Inside The fuel pump assembly has sheared at the place where its screws onto the fuel pump body. this caused a
SUBARU IMPREZA 2009 When Attempting To Fuel The vehicle (the tank was less than one-quarter full), the gas splashed back out of the vehicle on me and
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Very Strong Smell Of Gas in cabin. i have 2 kids that i take to school, and in the morning i have to
SUBARU WRX 2002 When It Is Cold Outside my car smells like raw fuel very strongly in the cabin resulting in headaches and dizziness. this is a
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 When Starting Car In Cold weather there is a very strong gas odor in cabin. subsequent research has indicated that other 2001 legacy
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Was Parked In A shopping mall parking lot. when i started the engine and pulled out of the parking space the gas
SUBARU WRX 2002 Working Night Shifts, Started my car to let warm up, temperature was 43 degrees fahrenheit at the time. after start up i
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 This Vehicle Is A Forester xt turbo. i was operating on cruise control at 78 mph, approximately 900 miles from home, when
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Extremely Strong Smell Of Gas in cabin in cold weather. i drive my small daughter to daycare every day in that car. the
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 I Was Turning Right To park at a state park. the parking area is sandy and full of pot holes. i was almost
SUBARU OUTBACK 2014 In Tank Electric Fuel Pump continued running after car was shut off and key was removed. *tr
SUBARU BAJA 2005 This Winter When The Temperatures dropped below freezing i had a strong smell of gas in my car. most noticeable when warming the vehicle
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 When Weather Got Colder This fall and winter suddenly intense smell of fuel in cabin. looked under hood, tightened whatever fuel clamps i
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Sudden Loss Of Accelerator Control in traffic. cannot rev engine or maintain speed above 600 rpm/5 mph; barely idling. codes on ecu
SUBARU WRX 2005 On Cold Days, The car smells like gas - many reports online about fuel leaks in cold weather for subaru. *tr
SUBARU BAJA 2005 During Cold Weather A Strong smell of gasoline enters the passenger compartment. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Leaking Fuel When Cold Outside, i can see fuel dripping from a fuel line under intake manifold every time i start my car in
SUBARU FORESTER 2014 While Driving Our 2014 Forester xt 2.0 uphill on the highway at about 50 mph, the cel, hill-assist, eyesight-disabled and another
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 The Vehicles Turbo Failed And destroyed the engine. the turbo and engine were all factory original. i replaced the part that
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I Am Experiencing An Extremely strong smell of gas. this began winter of 2013, which i had repaired at my expense of $700+,
SUBARU IMPREZA 2003 It Has Recently Been Extremely cold in chicago and upon initial startup of the vehicle there is a strong smell of gasoline inside the cabin.
SUBARU WRX 2002 Smell Of Fuel From Within the car during cold temperatures. this is a known issue per tsb 01-170-09. dealership may deny
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I've Owned My 2004 Forester for 4 years now and never experienced this problem. however, this winter seemingly having longer cold spells
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 During Cold Weather, A strong fuel odor permeates the cabin of my 2005 subaru impreza wagon. upon engine warm up the fuel
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Upper Front Fuel Line And connection to throttle body? is leaking raw gas and fuel is pooling on top of engine just outward of upper
SUBARU IMPREZA 2004 At Temperatures Of 20 Degrees f or below, there is a strong fuel smell when the car is running. tightening up the fuel
SUBARU WRX 2004 When In Freezing Temperatures, my car is leaking gasoline in the engine compartment. gasoline fumes are entering the passenger compartment causing
SUBARU IMPREZA 2000 Very Strong Fuel Smell Coming from the vehicle. found serious fuel leaking from the fuel lines and intake manifold. dealer/other owners reported same
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Fuel Lines Crack In Cold weather (approx under 25 and under). strong fuel smell in cabin was enough to make passengers ill, car
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Noticed The Same Problem Last year also at about 134000 miles. when the outside temperature drops below 20 degrees would be my best
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 During Cold Weather, (latest incident occurred at 15 degrees f), there is a strong fuel odor inside the vehicle while the vehicle is
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Once The Temperature Has Dipped below about 25 degrees, there is a strong smell of gas that comes from the engine area.
SUBARU WRX 2003 On The Morning Of Feb 3, 2014 i started my car and it smelled very strongly of raw gas. i turned off the
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Upon Starting Car In Cold weather (approx. 25 degrees f or colder), there is a strong fuel smell. cannot turn heat on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 1st Incident 1/10/2014- Leaving A stop light car would not accelerate and vdc, cel and brake light flashing. sat on the side of
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Very Strong Fuel Smell In the car with heater on so strong have to roll window down. happens 2 to 3 times a week
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Very Strong Odor Of Gasoline in the cabin right after startup and throughout short trips, especially with heater on. seems to happen most
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 When The Outside Temp Drops below 15 degrees fahrenheit there is a strong smell of gasoline in the passenger compartment until the engine warms up.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 In Cold Weather (below 20 degrees or so) the fuel lines in the engine compartment come loose and leak raw gasoline onto the hot engine.
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Strong Smell Of Gasoline Under hood when starting car cold. auto repair center found leaking fuel line. tightened clamps. then the following
SUBARU WRX 2005 Strong Raw Fuel Smell In cabin when starting in temps <30 degrees. fuel is clearly visible leaking from lines below manifold. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 In Cold Weather We Get a strong fuel smell. the smell enters the car and gives everyone a headache. other subaru owners we
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 This Past Week, With the temperatures here in new jersey dipping into the teens, i smelled the distinct odor of gasoline in my
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 On Very Cold Days While car is warming up, a strong smell of fuel is coming from under the intake manifold. a closer
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 When I Start My 2003 subaru forester in very cold weather there is a strong fuel smell in the cabin of the car coming through
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Over Last Few Winters, when temperatures drop to freezing there has been a bad fuel smell in cabin. especially with heater blowing,
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 The Morning Of Jan 24, 2014 my wife and i came started the car and noticed a strong gasoline smells when we started the
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 It Had Been Cold, below freezing in the mid west, most of the time i would recirculate the cabin air, but every
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 While Driving Vehicle In Extremely cold weather notice strong fuel smell coming in car. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 Fuel Leak Located Near The fuel rail only apparent while vehicle is cold, once it warms up it appears to go away .
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Since The Recent Temperature Drop where we live (maryland, dc metro region), we've noticed a strong gasoline smell inside the car's cabin.
SUBARU BAJA 2006 Fuel Leak/smell On Passenger Side during cold weather. leaking oil from engine head gasket. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Fuel And Exhaust Line leaks in cold weather. over the initial three day period - day one children complained of headaches,
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 A Strong Fuel Smell When i started my car. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 The Smell Of Raw Gas permeates the passenger cabin when the car is started in temperatures under 10 degrees fahrenheit. *tr
SUBARU WRX 2004 On Cold Mornings Less Than 10 degrees a strong fuel smell enters the vehicle. this issue was subject to recall on 2002 and 2003
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 In Very Cold Conditions. when the car is in idol or running it has a very strong gas smell around the engine and in
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 This 2004 Subaru Forester 2. 5 xt awd 4-spd automatic transmission with multi-purpose fuel injection turbo (feedback fuel system) has been producing a strong fuel
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 subaru forester. the contact stated when the temperature dropped, fuel fumes were emitted in and around the
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Extremely Strong Raw Fuel Smell coming from vents with heater on. weather has been below 30 degrees for over 2 weeks in ohio.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Smell Of Raw Gas Inside of vehicle while driving. it doesn't happen all the time only on extremely cold days. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Purchased 2003 Subaru Forester From dealer in march of 2011. dealer refused to provide service records. strong raw fuel odors coming into cabin
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Immediately Upon Starting The Engine a strong smell of gasoline filled the entire passenger cabin. cold weather temperature was well below freezing. has
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I Started The Car After it had sat in 10-15 degree weather and there was a strong smell of unused gasoline in the cabin.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Same Symptom Happened Twice: Once just after starting from a service area on the interstate, the second on suburban roads i describe here.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Fuel Smell At Start Up in temps below 35 degrees, decreases after car warms up. if very cold does not go away.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 While Driving In Normal Circumstances, engine power cut out, and complete loss of throttle control occurred. the car could only accelerate extremely
SUBARU IMPREZA 2012 While Driving In Normal Circumstances, engine power was lost, and complete loss of throttle control occurred. car would accelerate extremely slowly,
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 There's A Noxious Smell Of gasoline entering the cabin during cold weather. it dissipates when driving, but comes right back when idle.
SUBARU WRX 2005 When I Started My Car the other morning (~14 degrees f) i smelled a strong fuel odor in the cabin. i opened the hood
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 During The Recent Cold Snap here in tennessee i got a report from a friend that his 2004 forester xt was leaking fuel into his
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 2005 Legacy Turbo. A strong smell of gas in cold weather. seems to have been a problem with wrx models and saab
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 2003 Forester Has Extremely Strong aromas of fuel when starting & driving in cold weather. fuel vapors are very dangerous, here are side
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 My 2003 Forester Has Recently been experiencing extremely strong smells of fuel when driving in the cold weather. inhaling fuel vapors are very dangerous,
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 When Starting My Car In very cold temperature there is a very strong raw gasoline smell in the cabin. after driving the car to
SUBARU BAJA 2005 Strong Fuel Smell Both Outside and inside the car when the temperature drops below 30 f. fuel pump recall done before the smell
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 I Began To Smell The odor of raw gasoline as the temperatures became consistently in the single to sub-zero range. i contacted subaru
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 2004 Subaru Forester Xs when temperatures drop the fuel line shrinks around the fitting and raw gas leaks at a rate of 1 drop
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 In Below Freezing Cold Weather my 2003 subaru forester smells like gasoline inside the cabin. *tr
SUBARU OUTBACK 2013 In Temperatures Lower Than 45 degrees f, if not 'warmed up' the car will make a loud thunk noise and lurch forward upon being
SUBARU BAJA 2004 I Have A 2004 Subaru baja and fuel is leaking from the fuel lines under the intake manifold. vapors will fill cabin of the
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 Car Has Raw Fuel/gas Smell on cold starts when idling. fumes can be noticed both outside and inside the vehicle. occurs only when
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Purchased Vehicle In South Carolina and drove it back to northern kentucky. it produced approximately 380 miles on one tank of fuel. note:
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 When The Weather Is Below 20 degree the fuel lines leak causing the cab to full with gasoline fumes. this smell causes headaches
SUBARU IMPREZA 2006 Code P1410 Secondary Air Injection system switching valve stuck open. this is a common error many 2006 and up subaru impreza wrx owners are
SUBARU WRX 2004 When I Start My Car when it is cold out 20 degrees or below my gas line near the fuel rail leaks on the passenger
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 2003 Forester Has Heavy smells of fuel when starting in cold weather only. this was prevent last winter and has returned this
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Smell Of Fuel When operating the vehicle in cold weather (around 35 degrees or colder). the fumes are sometimes so intense that they
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 The Check Engine Light Comes on, but the car runs fine. i had it checked and mechanic said gas cap problem and
SUBARU OUTBACK 2013 I Stopped At A Stoplight. when the light changed, i pressed the accelerator and moved forward. i released the accelerator to slow
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I First Noticed A Strong gas smell in the vehicle on the coldest day of the year, when the temperature was below 20 degrees.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Start Vehicle In The Morning and can smell gas fumes outside and inside even when driving. this causes burning of nose and throat.
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Gas Is Leaking In The engine as a result of cold weather. strong gas smell. why did subaru use fuel lines that contract
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Gas Is Leaking In The engine as a result of cold weather. strong gas smell. why did subaru use fuel lines
SUBARU OUTBACK 2013 After Stopping At A Stop sign, i attempted to drive off, but the car did not accelerate on application of the throttle pedal.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 Happened Twice In One Week. all of sudden, accelerator not responsive and lost of power. check engine light comes on and cruise
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 When The Gas Tank Is filled above half a tank, fuel leaks onto the ground in large amounts near the rear of the vehicle.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 During Cool Weather Conditions From cold startup the engine has heavy fuel/gas smell which is transported into the vehicle cabin causing unhealthy breathing conditions for
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 While Driving 70mph In The fast lane down the highway i turned cruise control on. as soon as the cruise control was engaged all
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 Fuel Lines Shrink Under Temperatures of 30 degrees. a strong odor of fuel coming from the engine bay. seems like a very dangerous
SUBARU OUTBACK 2006 I Was Accelerating To Get on the freeway entrance in my subaru outback (with my wife and two small children) when i notice a complete
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Car Smells Like Fuel When idling on a cold day. rubber fuel lines and fuel filter were loose and after tightening them fuel smell
SUBARU IMPREZA 2013 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2013 subaru impreza. the contact stated that the check engine warning light illuminated as the traction control independently disengaged
SUBARU WRX 2004 Started Vehicle After Sitting Overnight in sub-30 degree weather and a very strong smell of raw fuel was evident in vehicle. this happened on
SUBARU OUTBACK 2011 During The 2 Years Since i purchased my 2011 outback 2.5i (cvt), there have been about 15 occasions where i was going downhill,
SUBARU BRZ 2013 Chirping/squeaking Sound Possibly From The engine's high pressure fuel pump noise occurs upon de-acceleration at 28mph w/ car in neutral see subaru
SUBARU FORESTER 2008 In July Of 2012 While driving on the highway my check engine light came on, canceling my cruise control. i took the
SUBARU FORESTER 2009 The Check Engine Light Came on while driving and stayed on. that meant something was amiss with the emissions control system, probably a
SUBARU LEGACY 2011 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2011 subaru legacy. the contact stated that while driving at various speeds, the vehicle lost power, the
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 After Coming Home And Parking my car in the garage my wife came in from the garage and said it smelled like gas. i
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 subaru forester. the contact stated that when the fuel tank was full, the vehicle would emit an
SUBARU FORESTER 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 subaru forester. the contact stated that the vehicle exhibited an abnormally strong gasoline fuel odor while parked.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 subaru outback. the contact stated that whenever the heat was activated, the contact would notice a gasoline
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 Strong Raw Fuel Smell Inside and outside vehicle during cold weather. fuel smell strong enough to cause nausea and dizziness if windows remained
SUBARU LEGACY 1997 My Fuel Filler Rusted Off @ the fuel tank causing it to leak on the ground when the tank is nearly full.i have read
SUBARU FORESTER 2012 Fuel Mileage Way Out Of whack. on highway at 100-110 kmh averages 11 l/100km sunroof leaks when going through car wash.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2007 The Subaru Of America Dealership would not pay for a ecu replacement at the subaru dealership i brought the 2007 impreza outback sport to.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 My 2004 Forester Xt (turbo) developed a slow gasoline leak, with gas seeping from hoses/clamps located underneath manifold. gas fumes were entering the
SUBARU LEGACY 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1999 subaru legacy outback. the contact stated that while refueling, the filler neck corroded and fuel emitted from
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Gas/fuel Smell Inside Cabin and engine compartment during vehicle warm up in driveway when temp was in low 20's. unable to locate
SUBARU BAJA 2004 I Have Fuel Leaking From the fuel lines on the drivers side to the right of the alternator. i am assuming one or both
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 Exact To The Subaru Recall issued in '09 (2002-2003 impreza only), my 2005 subaru impreza wrx smells terribly of gas on cold morning when
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 When Weather Turns Cold, the smell of raw gas comes into the car, as well as in the garage after parking.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 In Cold Weather, My 2002 subaru outback cabin gets filled with very strong raw fuel smell as the car warms up with the heater
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 I Purchased A 2001 Subaru outback when the temperature outside is below freezing around 28 degrees or lower, there is a strong odor of
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 When The Weather Is Mildly cold, and it is approximately 50 degrees or less, and the vehicle sits parked for at least 4-5
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Raw Fuel Smell In cabin of car during cold start/cold weather. it appears that the fuel lines shrink in cold weather and
SUBARU FORESTER 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 subaru forester. the contact stated that the vehicle would struggle to accelerate up inclines and the check engine
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 Prominent Gas Smell Inside Cabin when temperature is below 32 degrees f. it is a known safety issue on subaru's but nothing is
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 On The First Genuine Cold day of the year (below 40 degrees f) i noticed a strong fuel smell coming from my air vents while
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 Check Engine Light Went On. took car to dealer. fuel cut valves (made of plastic), on top of the fuel tank,
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Sitting At Stop Light - light changes green - no acceleration. car will move at idle speed creep through intersection. pull over stop
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Gas Lines Leak On 2004 subaru forester xt when ambient temperatures fall below 30 degrees fahrenheit. significant amounts of fuel leak into the engine
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 subaru outback. the contact stated that when driving the vehicle he noticed an overpowering smell of gas.
SUBARU OUTBACK 2005 Fuel Is Leaking From The welded seam on the passenger side of the fuel tank when the tank is full. i parked the car
SUBARU OUTBACK 1998 As My Wife And I were filling up our 98 subaru legacy outback we noticed a smell of gas fumes on the way home as
SUBARU FORESTER 2007 Subaru Forester 2007 Fuel Cut valves (made of plastic), on top of the fuel tank, were both cracked and leaking fuel.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2009 On Friday 7/8/11, My 2009 subaru impreza wrx failed to fill up gas even though the tank was empty. instead, gas
SUBARU IMPREZA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 subaru impreza. the contact stated that while refueling the vehicle, fuel began to spill out of the
SUBARU FORESTER 2010 Fuel Tank Design Of Subaru forester allows rodents to construct nests atop the tank and chew through plastic fuel lines. leaking fuel may produce
SUBARU WRX 2002 Strong Odor Of Fuel And/or burnt oil inside the vehicle repeatedly. i contacted subaru long ago about this problem when i got a
SUBARU OUTBACK 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 subaru outback. the contact stated that when refueling the vehicle, the fuel would spill back out.
SUBARU WRX 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 subaru wrx. the contact received nhtsa campaign id number: 09v468000 (fuel system, gasoline:delivery:fuel pump) and
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 On Jan 12 2011 My 2005 subaru impreza wrx started to have a raw fuel smell coming into the cabin area when it was
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Fuel Odor Noted In Passenger compartment starting 4/9/11, (137218 mi) 55 degree ambient temperature, vehicle running for 10+ minutes and up to temperature.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 In Very Cold Temperatures (below freezing), the fuel line under the intake on the passenger side will occasionally leak at the connection between the
SUBARU WRX 2004 I Have A 2004 Wrx and when the vehicle is left outside during very cold temperatures, at startup, there is a prominent fuel
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Gas Lines Leak On 2004 subaru forester xt when ambient temperatures fall below 20 degrees fahrenheit. significant amounts of fuel leak into the engine
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2003 subaru forester. the contact stated that when starting the vehicle in cold weather temperatures, the vehicle would
SUBARU BAJA 2004 My 2004 Baja Turbo Has the gas leak problem in the manifold area. have replaced hoses and clamps 3 times on the two that
SUBARU FORESTER 2009 Gasoline Odor Inside Vehicle When stopped at traffic lights causing headaches,and fear of fire! *tr
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 In Cold (<32f) Weather Vehicle emits very strong smell of gasoline from inside engine compartment. once temp rises smell goes away.
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 We're The Owners Of A 2003 subaru forester (about 90 000 miles). for at least 6 months after we fill the gas tank,
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 1st Issue With 2004 Fxt 4at . cold start emitting raw fuel smell both in and outside of car. local shop diagnosed as
SUBARU FORESTER 2001 The Issue Is In Regard to my 2001 subaru forester, when the weather cools off to bellow 0, a strong smell of gasoline
SUBARU WRX 2002 Fuel Odor Interior Of Vehicle. file complaint under odi number 10380798 need to correct mileage to 107,310 don't know what i was thinking
SUBARU IMPREZA 2002 Odor Of Fuel In The interior of my 2002 subaru wrx impreza i contact subaru and advised them of this via their 800 complaint number
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 During The Winter Months, when the temperature is in the 20's or below, there is a strong smell of gasoline in the cabin
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 2001 Subaru Legacy Outback. fuel vapor smell in cabin when temperatures fall below freezing. this has been a persistent problem for the three
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 We Owned A 2004 Subaru forester for 6 years. 2 years ago i experienced an incident where starting out the accelerator stuck at
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Smell Of Gas Inside the car in cold weather. replaced and tightened fuel clamps, to no avail. a recall was issued
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 I Have A 2001 Subaru outback station wagon. on very cold days, there is a strong smell of fuel that pervades the
SUBARU OUTBACK 2002 There Is A Documented Problem with older model subaru outbacks (early 2000s) leaking gas into the engine compartment in cold weather. dealers and repair
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Underhood Fuel Hoses Are Allowing leakage at low temperatures. *tr
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 I Have Raw Fuel Smell upon start up during cold weather. fuel drips from the fuel line under the intake manifold on the
SUBARU LEGACY 2000 I Bought A Used Car this past summer. now that it is cold whenever we get in the car when it's really cold
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 Second Time Car Has Been in for this issue. issue is common, and many forums topics have been started documenting the commonality
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 The Previous Night Was -17, i didn't drive the car all day. at 6:30 pm i drove the car for 1/2hour, all
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 subaru legacy outback. the contact noticed a fuel smell and when she would turn the heating system on,
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Odor Of Raw Gasoline in cabin during cold weather when vehicle is stopped. seems to be the fuel leak in the engine
SUBARU LEGACY 2001 Raw Gas Leak In Cold weather has been a persistent problem, overwhelming odor in passenger compartment and after parking in basement garage.
SUBARU FORESTER 2005 Temperature Dropped Below 20*f And the smell of raw fuel became strong inside the vehicle. smell continued to happen on successive days below
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 2001 Subaru Outback, 4 cyl. strong gas smell when outside air/heater is on and temperature is around freezing or below. it has
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 2004 Subaru Forester Leaks Fuel directly onto manifold in conditions of cold ambient temperature. research reveals the problem is endemic to virtually all
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 The Dealership Diagnosed A Fuel leak in my 2005 subaru legacy 2.5 gt limited wagon (which i purchased new and has been impeccably maintained),
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 1. Noticed Strong Gas odor after driving car. upon inspection, noticed gas pooled on engine top, passenger side, under intake
SUBARU WRX 2004 During Cold Weather (~36 F), there is a strong fuel smell in the cabin. the smell seems to be coming form the engine
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Strong Gas Odor When Car is started in cold temperatures. *tr
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Raw Fuel Smell In Cabin during cold start. took to mechanic and he sees fuel leaking from the fuel line under passenger intake manifold.
SUBARU IMPREZA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 subaru impreza wrx. the contact was driving 25 mh when there was an overpowering gasoline odor emitting from
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 I Own A 2001 Subaru outback, that when the weather gets cold, somewhere at and below 30 degrees, i get a gas
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 subaru forester. the contact stated that as the temperature started to drop he noticed fluid leaking from the engine.
SUBARU LEGACY 2005 The Last Few Mornings I've smelled a strong odor of fuel as my car warms up. a very, very strong
SUBARU FORESTER 2003 2003 Subaru Forester Xs - fuel smell in cabin during cold weather. similar to the many posts out there, there is
SUBARU OUTBACK 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 subaru outback. whiled driving approximately 50 mph, the contact smelled an odor inside the vehicle. all the
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 I Own And Daily Drive a 2004 forester xt. it has recently developed what i consider to be a severe safety related issue.
SUBARU WRX 2004 2004 Subaru Wrx Sti. strong fuel smell in cabin during cold weather. upon start of cold engine, after a few minutes.
SUBARU FORESTER 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 subaru forester xt. the contact stated that during cold weather he would smell gasoline fumes inside of the
SUBARU IMPREZA 2008 Fuel Leak At Flange Joint of fuel pump/tank assembly or nearby location accompanied by significant corrosion of flange retaining bolts. leaked fuel causes odor

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