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17 Mar

SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 I Installed Mevotech Strut Mounts (mp903987 & mp903986) on our 1997 subaru legacy postal when installing new rear shock absorber/struts. the right side failed
SUBARU SEAT BELT ASSEMBLY 9999 I Took My 2010 Subaru forester this morning to farrish subaru of fairfax, virginia to have the center seat belt replaced per the above

SUBARU 64669AC360MU 9999 Purchased My 2011 Outback In july if last year. i have taken it to the dealer on several occasions due to a vibration in
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 2004 Subaru Outback Wheel Bearing failure. *tr
SUBARU 64669AC370MU 9999 I Was Driving On A mountain road at about 50-55mph with the cruise control on in 5th gear. when i came to a steep
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 Motor Failure Leaving Me To roll though and stall in the middle of an intersection. *tr
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 Unintended Acceleration Of 2005 subaru outback, manual transmission while driving on 2 occasions within 10 minutes and 5 miles of each other.
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 10/19/04 Right Rear Wheel Bearing replaced on my 2000 subaru forester at 56,886 miles (previous maint performed on 3/2/04) at a cost of $324.
SUBARU 64669AC370MU 9999 2007 Subaru Outback 2.5i, 5-speed manual transmission -- when my foot is taken off the accelerator to shift the engine actually accelerates rather
SUBARU 64669AC390MU 9999 My 2002 Model Impreza Wrx-2. 0l experiences a fuel smell in cold weather. took it to dealer courtesy motors subaru-chico ca. the service
SUBARU 64669AC390MU 9999 I Bought My Subaru Impreza wrx sti brand new, and after having it about 4 months a transmission mount called the pitch rod mount
SUBARU 64669AC390MU 9999 Both Rear Wheel Bearings Have failed twice. replaced twice by repair shop. original ones lasted 50,000 miles, 1st replacement
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 I Have A 1998 Subaru legacy outback with manual transmission. when it gets hot (i live in houston!!!) the clutch pedal will get spongy
SUBARU 64669AC380MU 9999 (1) Defective Seat Mount design, and bad manufacturer repair. (2) driver front seat mount( left front mount were mount attaches to
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 Gas Smell Coming From The vents and under the hood. very raw and strong. fuel leak! subaru of america fixed this
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 Please Note!.... . my 1998 forester l-model with only 54400 miles has been diagnosed as having a leaky oil pump.
SUBARU 64669AC260MU 9999 1996 Subaru Legacy, Brighton model sw 65,000 miles i purchased the vehicle new. i have had plugs and wires replaced

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