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Saturn Visibility Sun Roof Assembly Reports

16 Mar

SATURN SL 1992 Sun Roof Had Fallen Off without prior warning. consumer was concerned of this situation. *ak
SATURN SC1 1994 The Two Metal Armsthat Support the sunroof are rusted on the inside. *ak

SATURN SATURN 1996 Sun Roof Leaks Onto the windshield, damaged the head liner and carpet. dealer contacted, and holding vehicle for $250 at consumer
SATURN SL 1994 Automatic Shoulder Belt Doesn't Work and the seat belt won't come across the consumer's chest. also, there is a leak coming from the
SATURN SL 1994 Seat Belts Move Back And forth while driving and they won't open when the car is stopped. also, sun roof and speedometer malfunctioned/
SATURN SC1 1996 The Sun Roof Button Does not function properly ,causing the sun roof not to close. *ak
SATURN VUE 2002 While Driving At Night The sun roof deflector flew off from the top of the vehicle. consumer states that this could of caused an
SATURN SC1 1996 Sunroof Failed To Close When it began to rain while driving. *et
SATURN SC1 1999 The Sun Roof Failed, and to have it fixed cost 1200 dollars. i contacted saturn of cary and saturn customer assistance at
SATURN SC1 1998 Sunroof Blew Off While Car was traveling 25 mph. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Dealer Advised Sun Roof Tracks need to be replaced at a cost of almost $500 and the seat belt track needs to be replaced at
SATURN SC 1994 The Drivers Side Seat Belt is stuck in the middle of the door it started out just getting stuck occasionally and then would move all
SATURN SL 1995 After Barely Two Years, the cruise control began working only intermittently; it now seldom works. before the car had 50,000 miles,
SATURN SC1 1997 The Transmission Was Very Hard to shift into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, very hard to get into 1st gear from a complete
SATURN SC1 1995 I Cannot Believe That A car, recommended by consumer reports, can have so many serious failures! thank god i purchased the extended vehicle
SATURN SL 1995 Locator Switch On Sunroof Failed causing cables to fail and guides to break. sunroodf is rarely used this failure should not occur.
SATURN SL 1996 Sun Roof Failed.
SATURN SL 1996 Sun Roof Motor Failed.
SATURN SL 1996 Sun Roof Failed.
SATURN SL 1994 Broke Left Track Caused The sunroof not to open. nlm
SATURN SC 1997 Sunroof Failed.
SATURN SC 1992 Sunroof Fails Intermittently.
SATURN SC 1993 Interior Sunroof Shade Was Not closing properly.
SATURN SC1 1993 Sunroof Leaked Onto The Floor gear shift, causing problems.
SATURN SC1 1995 Vehicle Delivered With Broken Sun roof enclosure, causing leak.
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 Constant Sunroof Leak Into Passenger side of vehicle, multiple repairs. the rain runs down into vehicle leaving massive puddle of water on
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 While In A Stopped Position, i tried to accelerate and my transmission would not go into gear. i was stuck not being able
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Purchased Pre-owed 2008 Outlook In nov of 2009. first sunroof/moonroof leaks noticed in spring of 2010. drains were "fixed", but continue to
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 I Took This Vehicle To an automatic car wash. about halfway through, water started pouring into the vehicle through the overhead console and
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 Leaks In Sunroof, Water coming out of airbag area. master cylinder for brakes went out. *tr
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 Sunroof Started Leaking And Leaked into the fuse boxes and cause the fuse box and wires to corrode which caused the car to not shut
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 The Sunroof Is Leaking Water. had to take it to the dealer several times before they say they fixed the problem. i do
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 saturn outlook. the contact stated that whenever there was rain, water would leak through the closed sun
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Major Sunroof Leak. whenever it rain i have a steady stream of water leaking into the car and creating a puddle of standing
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 saturn outlook. the contact stated that the engine stalled when the accelerator was depressed. the vehicle was
SATURN SC1 1996 1996 Saturn Sc2, While driving the sunroof blew off into the roadway and broke. *bf according to the police report,
SATURN OUTLOOK 2008 Fax Fwd (fl) Co-owners Of a 2008 saturn outlook with a defective sunroof, requesting gm reimburse repair cost for gm mfr defect, reply
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 2007 Saturn Outlook, Consumer received notification of rejection. * bf the sunroof leaked, the rear wiper was broken and
SATURN VUE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 saturn vue which was purchased in december 2002. she stated that there were numerous failures with the vehicle.
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 Sunroof Leaks. The leaks lead to reserves of water above the headliner that can be heard when turns are made. significant
SATURN SC1 1998 Sun Roof Rails, After a great deal of research i have found the clips that the sunroof runs along to raise and return the
SATURN ION 2006 Key Cannot Be Removed From ignition after car is turned off. have returned to the dealership 4 times for this problem. each
SATURN ION 2006 In February/march Of 2006 I started experiencing issues with the sunroof. the switch operating the sunroof was not working properly. i
SATURN SC1 1998 1998 Saturn Sc2- Cam cover leak- 12/13/02 same cam cover leak 10/26/04 paid for it twice...
SATURN ION 2003 Interior Roof Around Sun Roof - very loss and wires are exposed. dealership was notified when vehicle was purchased and failed to fix
SATURN SC1 2001 I Bought My Car From the medford saturn dealership, a 2001 saturn sc2. i have never been in an accident with this
SATURN VUE 2003 I Have Had Several Problems with my 2003 vue. first, the vti transmission seems to hesitate and or slip when accelerating.
SATURN SL 1991 While Driving At Approximately 60 mph the sunroof detached from the vehicle. upon inspection the mounts were completely rusted through. at no time
SATURN SL 1995 1995 Saturn Sl-2 Sunroof Failure. took it into a saturn, and they quoted 776.00 to replace the guides and stop bumbers.
SATURN SC1 1996 Sunroof Failed To Close When it started to rain....took to saturn to be looked at and they told me it was
SATURN SATURN 1996 The Factory Installed Sun Roof leaks. at first it just was minor, now the rain pours in. it has drenched my car's
SATURN VUE 2002 Saturn Vue 2002.sunvisor Does not swing all the way to the windshield because of defective original part. (the design is defective. the
SATURN SL 1995 The Vehicle Has Caused Me nothing but problems, it eats oil without any sign of where it is going. the auto belt

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