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Saturn Steering Hydraulic Power Assist System Reports

16 Mar

SATURN SL 1997 Defective Fan Belt Tensioner Assembly failed, causing a loss of power steering and abs while making u-turn. *ak
SATURN SL 1996 While Driving At 20 Mph and making a right turn consumer suddenly lost control of the steering without warning and hit a curb,

SATURN SL 1998 Driving At Any Speed The vehicle will vibrate and make bucking sounds from time to time. the vehicle has been in the shop eight
SATURN SL 1994 Power Steering Is Defective. dealer cannot duplicate the problem. *ak
SATURN SATURN 1993 Consumer Was Driving Approximately 50-55mph when she lost control of vehicle, spun around, slid off road, hit gaurdrail/then the solid block
SATURN SL 1999 While Driving Steering Wheel Started to get harder and harder to turn. took vehicle to dealer, and steering hydroboost unit was replaced.
SATURN LS 2000 Consumer Returned Five Times To have the vehicle corrected for vibration and play. the power steering system failed. the dealer replaced
SATURN LS 2000 Front Brake Rotors Needed To be replaced at 37,929 miles because the inside edges were worn below specification and the brake shoes would not
SATURN SL 1996 While Driving 65 Mph Steering malfunctioned, causing consumer to lose control. *ak
SATURN SL 2001 Fingers Bent And Twisted Index and middle fingers bent towards the baby fingers. thumbs is bent outward from the hands. extreme
SATURN SL 1994 I Feel That Saturn Made a lemon and i bought it! i have brought this up to my sales person. he refused
SATURN SC1 1996 Notified Saturn - No Response!!! car slid on oil slick road, hit guardrail. *ak
SATURN SL 1998 Power Steering Box Failed. yh
SATURN SATURN 1997 Power Steering Failed, Causing hoses to leaks.
SATURN SC1 1997 Consumer States The Power Steering seal blew and leaked on to the generator. *yd
SATURN SL 1994 Defective Fuel Pump; Also, power steering motor/seat belt/timing chain/front brake rotors failed. *ak
SATURN SL 1995 Vehicle Hit Broaside By Another vehicle. lost control, resulting in an accident/injuries. *ak
SATURN ION 2005 Just Recently Bought The Car 3/18/2011, used and when driving car, i heard 3 rings and then where the odometer is it lite
SATURN ION 2005 The Power Steering On This car repeatedly fails. as soon as you start the car the power steering light comes on making it extremely
SATURN ION 2006 I Was At A Stop light making a left turn, i thought my car cut off because it was very hard for me to
SATURN ION 2006 While Traveling At City Speeds (approx 35mph), the vehicle's information center sounded a "ding" and displayed a message reading "pwr str". this occurred
SATURN ION 2007 I Have A 2007 Saturn ion. today i was simply driving down the street, a chime in my car went off and it
SATURN ION 2004 2004 Saturn Ion With 118k miles. the power steering will go out at least a couple of times a week at random times.
SATURN ION 2006 2006 Saturn Ion. Consumer states power steering issues *tgw the consumer stated the power steering light illuminated while driving. when the
SATURN ION 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 saturn ion. the contact was driving approximately 20 mph when a chime sounded inside of the vehicle, followed
SATURN ION 2004 Tl*the Driver Owns A 2004 saturn ion. while driving at approximately 55 mph, the power steering light came on and the vehicle lost
SATURN ION 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 saturn ion. while driving 35 mph, the contact noticed that the power steering suddenly stopped functioning. she
SATURN ION 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 saturn ion. as she was driving 35 mph the power steering light illuminated and then the power steering shut
SATURN OUTLOOK 2007 2007 Saturn Outlook, Consumer received notification of rejection. * bf the sunroof leaked, the rear wiper was broken and
SATURN VUE 2005 Saturn Vue With Sporadic Electronic failure. consumer states that the failure consists of the brake lights and gauges going to zero. also when
SATURN ION 2007 Multiple Power Steering Failure. *tr
SATURN VUE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 saturn vue. while driving 35 mph, the power steering failed and the check engine light illuminated.
SATURN ION 2005 The Power Steering Unit On my 2005 saturn ion has failed twice while driving the vehicle causing a dangerous condition. i brought the
SATURN LS 2001 Power Steering Leak... causes whining when turning.
SATURN VUE 2002 Dt: Steering System Is Failing. steering locks up on left hand turns, then starts straightening back out in the middle of
SATURN LS 2001 Power Steering System. At high speeds (i.e. freeway speeds of 65-75) becomes very inoperable and hard to control. power steering pump
SATURN VUE 2003 While Driving Vehicle Ran Off the road. consumer did not hit anything, and nothing hit the vehicle. upon trying to steer the
SATURN ION 2004 Friday There Was A Snowfall. saturday morning, i drove my car on the highway and encountered severe difficulty handling the steering of
SATURN VUE 9999 While Driving The Vehicle's Head lights went out. *nm it was discovered that there was power steering failure and the consumer
SATURN LS 2000 At 35,558 Miles Vehicle made a grinding noise while turning the steering wheel. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who replaced
SATURN ION 2004 While Driving Motor Failed. this made it hard for the consumer to steer the vehicle. dealership was aware of the
SATURN VUE 2002 While Driving 25 Mph Consumer heard a loud noise from the front of the vehicle. while turning right vehicle swerved to the left.
SATURN VUE 2004 On May 8, 2004, my son was driving my 2002 saturn vue. he was on a road that surrounds a mall.
SATURN SATURN 2000 While Driving 20 Mph Consumer lost steering control. consumer managed to pull over, and had the vehicle towed. the dealership was notified,
SATURN VUE 2003 When Pulling Out From a stop steering wheel pulled to the right. took vehicle to dealer, and dealer determined there
SATURN SL 1999 While Driving At Normal speed was hearing power steering 'whining'. while turning the wheel to right it did not respond,
SATURN LS 2000 For The Second Time Power steering made loud clicking noise. on previous occasion last year, the power steering vibrated also.
SATURN SL 1998 While Driving, The Engine stalled. the dealer replaced the crankshaft senor and coolant temperature sensor, however the engine stalled again. *ak
SATURN LS 2000 2000 L-series Wagon Has Continuing power steering problems. power steering pump was leaking and was replaced 2/01 and again on 8/01 at which
SATURN SATURN 2000 This Is The 2nd Time in seven months the power steering has had to be repaired on this car. at only 20,000 miles,

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