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Saturn Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Master Cylinder Reports

16 Mar

SATURN SC1 1993 Replaced Master Cylinder. *ak
SATURN SC1 1995 Master Cylinder Was Replaced At 3,084 miles. please explain. tt

SATURN SL 1994 While Driving At 55 Mph stepped on brake pedal and vehicle did not stop, nor reduced speed. vehicle rolled over three
SATURN SW 1997 Consumer Was Traveling 30mph On highway and was approaching a stop light when she applied brakes, and brake pedal was gushy
SATURN SL 1997 All Hydraulic Pressure Disappeared Because of failure of master cylinder.*ak
SATURN SL 1996 Upon Attempting To Make A normal stop consumer noted that vehicle became difficult to stop, causing some extended stopping distance. also
SATURN SL 1993 When Applying The Brakes Pedal went to the floor and the vehicle did not stop emergency brake had to be used to stop vehicle.
SATURN SW 1998 Master Cylinder Is Defective, causing the brake pedal to hit floor, resulting in loss of brakes, also front brakes get very hot,
SATURN SL 1997 Brakes,master Cylinder; Driving approximately 73mph with cruise control set, car crossed interstate going slowely, tapped brakes and nothing happened.
SATURN SL 1996 Failure Of The Abs Brakes, consumer was driving 60 mph and the cruisie control was on, the consumer applied force to
SATURN SL 2001 I Have Not Even Owned this vehicle for one full year and it has cost me $700.00 in less than 2 weeks.
SATURN SL 2001 No Summary. Dt
SATURN SC1 1998 The Master Cylinder Failed X2 resulting in my rear ending a jeep. the repair cost to the car and to replace the defective master
SATURN SATURN 1996 7/14/2000 I Wanted To Check the oil,coolant etc... before we left on our vacation is when i noticed a large amount
SATURN SL 1994 Master Cylinder Failed Causing Vehicle collision.
SATURN SL 1994 While Attempting To Brake, pedal went soft and then went to the floor, vehicle had been driven 200 miles on a hot day
SATURN SL 1995 Master Cylinder Failed Resulting In leaking.
SATURN SL 1995 Master Cylinder Leaking.
SATURN SC 1996 Cylinder Head Cracked At 52000, second port developed a crack allowing oil into cooling system.
SATURN SL 1996 Cylinder Head Cover Failure.
SATURN SATURN 9999 Slave Cylinder Failed.
SATURN SW 1995 Master Cylinder Failed. *sd
SATURN SL 2001 Driving Down A Two House dead end street traveling about 20 miles per hour, when the drivers side rear wheel cilinder broke and all
SATURN LS 2000 While Applying The Brakes They locked up and the pedal went to the floor. vehicle was taken t o the
SATURN L200 2003 Brakes Have Been Repaired At least four times since consumer owned the vehicle. brakes were wearing out prematurely. the dealer

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