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Saturn Service Brakes, Hydraulic Antilock Reports

16 Mar

SATURN SC1 1994 Failure Of The Abs System, causing the right front wheel to lock up. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Applied Brakes, Pedal Went to the floor. no response from the anti-lock braking system. *ak

SATURN SL 1996 While Driving Up Hill Applied brakes to no avail, resulting in hitting another vehicle. *ak
SATURN SL 1996 Abs Brakes; Poor Performace of the brakes, the brakes is heating up and also making a loud noise. *ak
SATURN SL 1995 Abs Brake System Locks Up when they get wet, resulting in pulling to the left. tt
SATURN SL 1992 Brakes Failed, Car Did not stop while driving at 20 mph. tt *jb
SATURN SL 1994 Abs Brakes; When Applying brakes failed to stop vehicle and resulted in rear end collision. *ak
SATURN SL 1993 In The Morning The Brakes are soft after car warms up . tt
SATURN SL 1995 Front Brake Rotors Warped, vehicle skakes/loses control. *ak
SATURN SC1 1993 Brake Pedal Fadeed, Resulting in total brake failure, abs brake system, replaced front pad and turned rotor prior to experience.
SATURN SC1 1993 Vehicle Has Abs Braking System failure with no pedal pressure. pedal went to floor. tt
SATURN SC1 1995 Abs Brake Failed During Emergencey stopping, resulting in hitting a light pole and totalled. tt
SATURN SPORTS COUPE 1991 When Driving The Abs Anti lock failed consumer had an accident because of the brake go down floor and don't stop dealer replace brake six
SATURN SC1 1993 Abs, Loss Of Brake effectiveness pedal went to floor, impact 12:00 position 25 mph. tt
SATURN SL 1992 Abs Brakes Failed While Vehicle was in motion, vehicle lost control and crashed into garage wall. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Abs Braking System Failed Upon a hard braking application. tt
SATURN SC1 1995 Abs System Was Not Working. please explain. tt
SATURN SL 1993 Abs System Failure, Going at 35 mph. tt
SATURN SL 1993 Brakes Grab Making Pedal Soft. tt
SATURN SL 1992 Abs Brake Failure, Extended stopping distance pedal goes to the floor vehicle will not stop impact 12:00 speed 30 mph. tt
SATURN SL 1995 While Applying Brakes For approaching stop light pedal went to the floor and caused vehicle to rear end vehicle in front.
SATURN SC1 2001 While Driving At 30mph Consumer took foot off accelerator and vehicle kept going. she then applied brakes; but, it did
SATURN SL 2000 While Depressing Brakes there was vibration in front end and rear of vehicle. please provide further information.*ak
SATURN SL 1994 While Driving At 55 Mph stepped on brake pedal and vehicle did not stop, nor reduced speed. vehicle rolled over three
SATURN SL 1999 Vehicle Vibrates When Applying Brakes at speed over 45 mph. dealer replaced pads. but, it did not remedy situation. *ak
SATURN SW 1993 While Driving In Cold weather brakes will malfunction, and will not work as during dry/warmer weather,
SATURN SW 1994 Vehicle Was Experiencing Problem with overheating whenever a/c was being used. also , this problem caused vehicle to jerk when
SATURN SL 1999 Brake Pedal Was Applied And there was no pressure. pedal went to the floor, resulting in extended stopping distance. dealer
SATURN SL 1994 When Applying Abs Brakes pedal went to the floor, causing extended stopping distance. cause unknown. please give any further details.
SATURN SC1 1997 When Driving At 50 Mph and upon making a normal stop brake pedal traveled to the floorboard, causing extended stopping distance, and resulting
SATURN SW 1997 Ongoing Problem With Brakes Squealing when they were applied within the first mile of driving,. then brakes failed. dealer notified,
SATURN SATURN 1997 Front End Of Car Is very loose. when going over a bump it feels like the whole front is going to fall off.
SATURN SL 1996 When Traveling Down An Incline about 25 mph and upon depressing the brake pedal, pedal went to the floorboard, causing extended
SATURN SL 1997 Ongoing Probem With Transmission Not changing gears properly on any speed, and slow responding from a stop position/take off, hesitation. also,
SATURN SL 1993 Without Warning Consumer Went To stop and there were no brakes, and pedal went to floor. consumer had to jump curb
SATURN SL 1998 Vehicle's Traction Control Failed, causing the vehicle to hydroplane and spin out of control and off highway. while spinning, abs brakes failed
SATURN SL 1997 While Driving Vehicle W/emergency Brakes on of had no knowledge. was coming off freeway & was applying brakes, vehicle failed to slow
SATURN SL 1997 Defective Fan Belt Tensioner Assembly failed, causing a loss of power steering and abs while making u-turn. *ak
SATURN SL 1993 Was Slowing Down To Make a left hand turn at 10mph, applied brakes & no braking power. vehicle hit a ditch. driver's
SATURN SL 1993 When Applying Brakes On An incline, the pedal went to the floor and there was no braking ability. this happened on a
SATURN SW 1993 Abs Brakes Failed. after starting and pulling out at a slow speed, 4 mph, the brakes will go to the floor,
SATURN SL 1993 Abs Brakes; When applying brakes in normal conditions the pedal went to the floor and brakes fail to stop the vehicle.
SATURN SL 1992 Abs Sensor And Brake Cables are attached to brackets which have fallen off, and causing cables to shear off, resulting in
SATURN SL 1993 Abs Brake Prolbems; While driving 25 mph, no inclement weather, dry pavement. driver applied brakes in an emergency situation with
SATURN SC1 1998 Applied Brakes On Rainy Road. vehicle slid through red light & broadsided another vehicle. driver hit side left window & steering wheel.
SATURN SL 1995 While Driving In The Rain applied the brakes and the vehicle would not stop which caused the sl1 to hit another vehicle.
SATURN SL 1994 Abs; Driving At Approx 30-35 mph went about 3 miles, left emergency park brake on,came to a stop , saw light
SATURN SL 1995 Brake Problems; Intermittently While driving about 30-35 mph on normal road conditions, during normal braking and applying the brakes, the pedal travels
SATURN SW 1993 When The Owner Applied The brakes the vehicle accelerated. *ak
SATURN SC 1995 Abs Brakes Locke Dup Twice, once resulting in a crash. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Driving About 25 Mph, went to apply (abs) brakes & they failed to work; rearended another vehicle; air bag didn't deploy;
SATURN SL 1994 While Drivin, At Approx. 50mph, suddenly experienced abs failure, attempting to slow down, pedal went to floor, got off
SATURN SW 1994 Driving About 50 Mph When vehicle in front stopped suddenly, applied brakes (abs) hard, pedal went to floor, slid about 30 feet
SATURN SL 1995 When Applying Abs Brakes Experiences erractic operation, vehicle pulls to left, pedal pulsates and steering wheel vibrates. dealer realigned front suspension twice,
SATURN SL 1996 Sometimes When Applying The Brakes there is a grinding noise, on one occasion went to apply the brakes and there were no brakes,
SATURN SL 1996 Abs Brake Failure , when applying abs brakes they make a grinding noise, and there is complete loss of effectiveness. *ak
SATURN SW 1996 Abs: When Applying Brakes During panic stopping, wheels lock up, vehicle skids, fishtails, rearend of vehicle spuns out,
SATURN SC 1995 With Abs Brakes; When braking on curve on wet road surface, owner lost control when brakes were applied, resulting in an accident/injury.
SATURN SC1 1999 The Brake Failed To Stop the vehicle. *yh
SATURN SC1 1999 While Driving The Vehicle; lost control and flip over and neither the air bag deploy. dealer has been notified. *mr the
SATURN SATURN 1997 While Driving At Any Speed, with no warning, and applying the brakes brake pedal will go to the floor, causing
SATURN SC1 1995 While Approaching A Right Curve and applying brakes, brake pedal hardened, and brakes failed. manufacturer was notified. *ak consumer missed
SATURN SL 1993 Abs Light Was Coming On and off intermittently, currently, abs light remains on while driving, and causes abs to be non operational.
SATURN SL 2001 After A Rain Or Snow day, brakes will tighten up and make a grinding noise like metal to metal. dealer was contacted.
SATURN SL 2000 When Depressing Brake Pedal brakes would grab and loosen. dealer has repaired vehicle once; however, the problem has
SATURN LS 2000 While Driving Brake Lights Will come on and stay on. problem can happen at any time when consumer is driving. contacted dealer,
SATURN LS 2002 On More Then One Occassion while making a turn at 10-15 mph and applying brakes pedal went to the floor, causing
SATURN SL 1996 Warped Front Brake Rotors.
SATURN SC1 1999 Driver Attemtped To Enter Left lane on interstate while traveling at 65-67 mph. while entering lane, and at diagonal, had to hit
SATURN SL 1996 When Going From A Higher rate of speed to a low rate of speed (65 mph to 25 mph or 40 mph to 15 mph)
SATURN SL 1993 Total Brake Failure On Braking from 40mph. brake pedal goes to the floor but does not stop vehicle.*jb
SATURN SW 1996 Driving On Back Road, brake pedal repeatedly went straight to floor without resistance. had to use engine braking and hand brake to slow
SATURN SATURN 2002 I Was Heading Up A hill with 3 cars ahead of me, 3 behind... when i got to the top of
SATURN SL 1998 I Too Have Had Repeated brake problems with my sl1. the first time saturn replaced them because at 25,000 miles, they
SATURN SW 1994 Bracket Held In Place By only one rivet. bracket break loose, stressing abs wiring. dealer has repaired 3 times
SATURN SL 1999 Vehicle Has Had 3 Multiple incidents of heavy brake pulsation caused by front rotors, and one failure of abs sensors causing abs failure.
SATURN SL 1994 When I Brake It Brakes then lets go and then brakes again and keeps doing that until i come to a complete stop. also
SATURN SATURN 2000 The Vehicle Revs Up To a maximum of 2000rpms when it is placed in park and in drive when the brake is released the
SATURN SL 1999 The Brakes With Abs (i have experience driving vehicles equipped with abs braking) tend to provide extended stopping distances, especially at low speeds,
SATURN SL 1994 Tthis Was The Third Occurrence. when the first occurred the vehicle was taken to the saturn dealership in bowie maryland for check/repair, but
SATURN SL 1997 Complete Braking System Failure, creating unstable control of vehicle due to radical vibrations through steering system. dealer solution and manufacturer's "band-aid" solution
SATURN SW 1997 Anti Lock Brakes Make Shrill noise and the pedal goes to the floor, brakes worn excessively.
SATURN SC 1996 During Rainy Weather Anti-lock Brakes locked up causing vehicle to rear-end another vehicle. *tt
SATURN SL 1997 Abs Brakes Failed Resulting In multiple accidents, no deployment of both air bags during collision, passenger seat collapsed during impact injuries due to
SATURN SL 1993 Total Failure Of Brakes.
SATURN SC 1993 Abs Brake Failure.
SATURN SC1 1993 Bracket That Holds Abs Wire harness rusted off on both sides. hanging down wires on right side through axle shorted out abs system.
SATURN SL 1995 Brakes Failed Causing A Collision.
SATURN SL 1993 Alternator Failed; Also Replaced abs brakes. *ak
SATURN SL 1995 Abs Brake Failure, Upon applying pressure, front brakes pulsate. *ak
SATURN SW 1995 Antilock Brakes Failed, Causing accident.
SATURN SL 1994 Cruise Control Failed To Disengage, causing vehicle to lose control, also abs brakes failed to work properly. *ak
SATURN SL 1996 Antilock Brakes Failed, Causing accident/injury.
SATURN SL 1993 Anti Lock Brakes Failed, causing wheels to lock up.
SATURN SC1 1994 Antilock Brakes Locked Up, causing vehicle to swerve into right lane. *sd
SATURN SATURN 1995 Antilock Brakes Failed, Causing accident. *aw
SATURN SATURN 9999 Antilock Brakes Locked Up, causing loss of control/accident. *aw
SATURN SATURN 1992 Abs Brakes Failed After Exposure to inclement conditions. *tw
SATURN ION 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 saturn ion. while driving at speeds under 20 mph the steering wheel became extremely stiff, without
SATURN SKY 2008 I Purchased A Saturn Sky redline less than 2 weeks ago. each morning when i start the car after it has sat overnight,
SATURN AURA 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 saturn aura. while driving 35 mph and coming to a sudden stop, the contact noticed that only
SATURN SKY 2008 The Brakes Do Not Work properly until the car is warmed up. could not stop when backing up. *tr
SATURN SKY 2008 I Was Traveling At 20 mph about 25 minutes into morning commute when the vehicle in front of me impacted another vehicle. at
SATURN VUE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 saturn vue. after purchasing the vehicle in july of 2007, the contact had to take the vehicle
SATURN SKY 2008 I Am So Disappointed In my new 2008 saturn sky. i've had to take it to las vegas 3 times for brake problems.
SATURN SKY 2008 I Have A 2008 Saturn sky redline with 700 miles. the brakes do not work until the vehicle warms up.
SATURN SKY 2007 Rear Differential Seal Leaking 12/27/06 rear differential seal leaking 02/21/07 tried to rebuilt rear differential 07/06/07 clutch replace the whole rear differential
SATURN SKY 2008 When The Car Is Not warmed up for several minutes the brakes do not work. *tr
SATURN VUE 2002 Abs Brake Failure. *tr
SATURN RELAY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 saturn relay. while driving 5-20 mph, the brake pedal extended to the floorboard when depressed.
SATURN SKY 2008 Upon Starting The Car The first time of the day, or after extended shutdown, the brake pedal has excessive travel and feels as
SATURN SKY 2008 The Vehicle Has Very Poor brake response after initial cold start. if the vehicle is put in gear without allowing a minute warmup
SATURN ION 2005 Passenger Front Wheel Of A 2005 saturn ion 3, still under factory warranty with 27,000 miles, locked up on dec 22,
SATURN RELAY 2005 Purchased S 2005 Saturn Relay in april 06. since day one things have been wrong, brake rotors warped, axel broken,
SATURN SKY 2008 Brakes Do Not Work At start-up. when i start vehicle and go to drive or reverse, the brakes do not function.
SATURN SKY 2008 While Starting Up My 2008 sky redline, the brakes do not work. i went to reverse out of the driveway and when
SATURN SKY 2008 At Start-up In My Gm 2008 saturn sky, i go to reverse. when i do reverse and apply the brakes, the
SATURN SKY 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line Brake failure anytime the car sits for a few hours or more. no brake pressure. car is
SATURN AURA 2007 My 2007 Saturn Aura Had been into the dealership approx. 1.5 weeks ago because the vehicle was having difficulty accelerating. the
SATURN SKY 2008 We Took Delivery Of A 2008 saturn sky rl (turbo) in early august 2007. the very next day we started the car and pulled
SATURN RELAY 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 saturn relay. while driving 5 mph, the contact heard an unfamiliar noise. the vehicle was
SATURN ION 2006 Driving Down "grand Ave" In stop and go traffic speeds from 0 to 25 on and off. traffic started moving and then came to
SATURN SL 2000 I Was Traveling On The freeway at 75 mph (speed limit.) the truck in front of me hit the brakes. i
SATURN RELAY 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 65 mph on normal road conditions, a noise was heard from one of the tires. the
SATURN RELAY 2005 Car Purchased 8/24/05 1/9/06 = abs/traction control service lights illuminating; part repaired 3/31/06 = high speed braking vibration/pulsation; part repaired
SATURN LS 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated, while driving 60 mph., the brake pedal depressed all the way to the floor and, failed
SATURN SATURN 1994 Dt*: The Contacts Stated while attempting to apply brake pressure, the brakes were difficult to press. this occurred on normal roads,
SATURN RELAY 2005 There Have Been Several Occasions where abs brakes and traction control needed to be activated. whenever they activated they failed.
SATURN SL 1995 Dt: 1995 Saturn Sl1 4 door. consumer's vehicle was involved in an accident on september 29, 2005 . upon
SATURN VUE 2003 Dt: 2003 Saturn Vue. the front sway bar links and torsion bar have been replaced three times and the problem recurred.
SATURN LS 2002 Dt: When Brake Pedal Was applied, pedal faded"and went to the floor. when the brake pedal was pumped pressure came back .
SATURN VUE 2004 2004 Saturn Vue Underwent Comprehensive vehicle test including braks at saturn of new brunswick on 6/4/05. on 6/24/05 while at full stop in
SATURN ION 2004 There Would Be Extended Stopping distance and the brake pedal would go to the floor. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the
SATURN ION 2004 Vehicle Is Experiencing Problems With the brakes. while driving, the brakes would make a clicking noise and when applying the brake there was
SATURN LS 2001 While Driving 35 Mphand Upon trying to stop the vehicle, the vehicle accelerated, and the brakes failed. consumer stated that she had
SATURN SL 1999 When The Consumer Applied The brakes,the pedal went to the floor. the consumer was unable to maintain control of the vehicle and
SATURN SC1 1993 Consumer Complained About Multiple Failures. the trunk failed to close on its own. while driving the trunk would open and
SATURN SL 2002 The Brake Pedal Travelled To the floor board. the owner took the vehicle to the dealer and had the dealer inspect the vehicle.
SATURN SC 2002 While Applying The Brake Pedal the consumer noticed that the pedal went down. the consumer was able to maintain control of the vehicle
SATURN VUE 2003 While Driving At 65 mph on a rainy day consumer applied the brakes to slow down the speed, but the brakes failed.
SATURN SL 1997 I Bought A New 1997 saturn , paid cash and 2 months after purchase, i had brake problems. put brakes on,
SATURN LS 2001 Consumer Had Problem With Brakes and will provide further information on this issued.
SATURN LS 2001 My Car Has 58,000 miles on it. i was informed that it was in need of front brakes. i was then
SATURN LS 2000 When The Vehicle Was Placed in reverse the brake pedal went to the floor and the vehicle continue to move although the driver kept pushing

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