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16 Mar

SATURN SL 1994 Ext 554: Engine Loses Power, power to drivetrain is interrupted when shifting gears, loses acceleration, manual transmission, 5 speed.
SATURN SL 1992 Man-tran: Transmission Pops Out Of gear, sometimes while driving, sometimes while getting ready to go; no warning. tt

SATURN SL 1996 Car Will Not Hold In fifth gear when putting it in fifth gear it slips out . tt
SATURN SL 1995 Was Coming Down A Mountain to find that second and third gear were not available because a computer chip over rides it. tt
SATURN SL 1993 Intermittent Manual Transmission Failure, when shifting into reverse it won't engage. *ak
SATURN SL 1992 5-spd Trans; Shift Lever will pop out of gear in 3rd and 4th gears. please describe details. tt
SATURN SL 1995 Manual Shift, 5 Speed, when driving continue to pop out of thrid gear when shifting after driving. tt
SATURN SL 1995 Vehicles Manual Transmission Gear Jumps out of 3rd and 5th gear. tt
SATURN SL 1995 Vehicle Pops Out Of Gear. tt
SATURN SL 1994 Replaced Shift Housing. *ak
SATURN SL 1994 Man-tran 5sp: At Times, transmission does nothing in reverse; jumps out of gear; dangerous during icy weather. tt
SATURN SL 1993 While Traveling At 65 Mph transmission blew up, and some pieces flew into car*ak consumer states transmission is a 5 speed manual,
SATURN SC1 2001 While Driving At 30mph Consumer took foot off accelerator and vehicle kept going. she then applied brakes; but, it did
SATURN SL 1993 While Making Right/left Hand Turns transmission pops out of 3rd gear without warning.*ak
SATURN LS 2000 While Driving 55 Mph Or more vehicle would vibrate. vehicle taken to dealer, consumer was informed that the rear control arm bushing needed
SATURN SL 1993 On Two Occasions The Transmission slipped out of gear . please describe.*ak
SATURN SL 1993 Manual Trans Axle W/5 Spd system blew up, throwing shrapnal. please describe details.*ak
SATURN SL 1995 While Driving The Transmission Pump failed. *yh
SATURN SL 1993 Transmission Was Replaced, It would not go into reverse and would not shift into a higher gear. *slc
SATURN SL 1996 After Driving For A Long period of time the vehicle slams into reverse when shifted into reverse, the dealer was unable to duplicate or
SATURN SL 1995 Vehicle Slips Out Of 3rd gear. *slc
SATURN LS 2000 Transmission Began Leaking Oil 1800 miles. *slc
SATURN VUE 2002 I Had My 2002 Saturn vue parked in a neighbor's driveway. twenty to thirty minutes later, my car popped out of
SATURN LS 2001 On June 11, 2001 i purchased a new (2001) saturn l-200 4-door sedan at saturn of cerritos, 18400 studebaker road, cerritos,
SATURN SL 1994 Is Shifter Popping Out Related to "chewed up" actuator clutch cyl.?
SATURN SL 1991 Manual Transmission Gear Shift Arm suddenly was loose. saturn of asutin reported shifter cable broke and replaced same. if break had occurred while
SATURN SC1 1997 The Transmission Was Very Hard to shift into 1st, 2nd and 3rd gears, very hard to get into 1st gear from a complete
SATURN SL 1995 The Transmission Broke And The dealer can offer no cause, sealed transmission
SATURN SL 1995 The Car Started To Make a rattling noise suddenly, over a distance of a few blocks. the noise started to get louder,
SATURN SC1 1997 While Driving Our Saturn Sc2 at approximately 30mph we heard a loud explosion and the vehicle stopped moving. my husband and i exited
SATURN SL 1995 Transmission Failed.
SATURN SATURN 1995 Transmission Slips Out Of 3rd gear if not shifted precisely. *dsh
SATURN SL 2000 The Consumer Stated That The transmission was leaking. *yh *dt
SATURN SL 1999 Consumer Was Informed The Transmission fluid was burnt.*jb
SATURN VUE 2002 When Coming To Stops, the vehicle would surge as if being hit from behind. after the initial surge the vehicle acts like
SATURN SL 1997 While Driving, The Shifted cable bushing (which is made of plastic) broke preventing the driver from being able to shift gears. nlm
SATURN SL 2001 When Driving, The Vehicle will at times jump out of fifth gear, and has also come out of third gear on 2 occasions,
SATURN SATURN 9999 The Vehicle Slams Into Various gears very abruptly at odd intervals and without warning, the vehicle was taken to the dealer on two occasions
SATURN SL 1997 Transmission Will Not Lock In first gear for braking on steep mountain grades. nlm
SATURN SATURN 1996 While Car Is Parked And in gear transmission slips and car creeps a few feet. qcaw
SATURN SC1 1997 Transmission Grinds When Shifting Gears.
SATURN SL 1992 Shifter Cable End Fastener Broke rendering shifter inoperable
SATURN SL 1996 Transmission Has Popped Out Of gear.
SATURN SL 1994 Vehicle Makes A Grinding Noise due to transmission failure.
SATURN SATURN 1997 Frequently Popping Out Of Gear, occurs in 3rd, 4th, or 5th gear, sometimes occurs at relatively high speeds.
SATURN SATURN 1997 Manual Transmission Continually Pops Out of gear while driving.
SATURN SW 1997 Constant Cyclical Vibration While In 5th gear and travelling at highway speeds.
SATURN SL 1993 Transmission Slips.
SATURN SC 1995 Transmission Shifting Problem.
SATURN SC1 1995 Manual Transmission Is Difficult To shift into reverse.
SATURN SL 1992 Transmission Seals Leak.
SATURN SL 1995 Transmission Failed. *sd
SATURN SC1 1995 Transmission Slips.
SATURN SL 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1997 saturn sl. the contact stated that he was reversing from a residential driveway when he shifted to first
SATURN ION 2005 Events Leading Up To The failure: upon engaging the clutch (pressing on the pedal as usual) i heard a loud pop/crack noise and the
SATURN SL 1999 Tl* The Contact Owns 1999 saturn sl1. the contact was driving 45 mph when the shift cable fractured and caused the vehicle to
SATURN ION 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 saturn ion. while driving approximately 25-30 mph the vehicle lost power steering. she stated that the vehicle became
SATURN VUE 2006 Vehicle: 2006 Saturn Vue Manual transmission. twice in the last 4 months the manual transmission has failed catastrophically while driving on the highway.
SATURN VUE 2003 I Purchased A Used 2003 saturn vue 2.2l in 2006. in may 2010 with 95,000 miles on it, it
SATURN ION 2003 I Was At A Stop sign and my clutch pedal disconnected from its socket just as i was about to begin driving. *tr
SATURN ION 2004 After Only 9 Months Of owning my ion i have experienced problems with shifting the car in and out of gear. it is a
SATURN VUE 2007 2007 Saturn Vue, Manual transmission, 44810 miles. tried to shift to reverse, couldn't get into gear. went to
SATURN ION 2006 I Have Not Been Able to turn off my ignition or remove my key two separate times. not only that my power steering
SATURN ION 2006 2006 Saturn Ion-3 Automatic 2. 4l 1. power steering: power steering goes out nearly every time i drive the vehicle.
SATURN VUE 2003 Normal Driving When Manual Transmission - without warning - shifter linkage became disconnected, leaving me unable to shift out of the current gear,
SATURN VUE 2007 Failure Of Manual Transmission Linkage. shift lever action became loose during shifting from 3rd to 2nd gear. vehicle remained in 3rd
SATURN SL 1997 1997 Saturn Sl, 4 door sedan, manual transaxle, 143000 miles at a parking lot: shifter cable plastic bushing broke locking my
SATURN ION 2004 Transaxle Grinding/whining Noise In 3rd or 4th gear, excessive engagement or disengagement effort while shifting into 3rd or 4th gear, will not shift
SATURN SL 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 saturn sl1. the contact stated that when attempting to shift from 2nd to 3rd gear the
SATURN SL 1997 Driving Along Community Road And manual shift linkage became inoperative. failure was total, shifting was impossible, was lucky to be able
SATURN SC 1998 As I'm Pulling Away From a stop sign, i go to shift into 2nd gear & it's as if my manual gear shifter is
SATURN VUE 2003 There Was No Warning Just took off from my house in 2003 saturn vue and when i went to shift the transmission seemed to let
SATURN SC1 1998 Transmission Shift Cable, Just broke while driving. after doing some research, i found this is a very common problem with the
SATURN SL 1999 There Are Pins Holding Together the differential in manual and standard transmissions. this pin gets worn out and falls out of place causing the
SATURN VUE 2005 Manual Transmission On 2005 Saturn vue 4 cyl failed at about 50,000 miles. lost the clutch pedal and could not shift the car
SATURN ION 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 saturn ion. the clutch pedal on the vehicle has a retainer that does not have the proper durability.
SATURN ION 2005 3-16-2005 Car Leaking Red Fluid: diagnosis-axle not seated, new parts ordered, car repaired 4-7-2005 car making thud sound when shifting: diagnosis-not duplicated
SATURN VUE 2002 Sudden, Massive Transmission Fluid leak came into contact with hot exhaust manifold. while trying to get it off of the road after
SATURN SL 1997 On 13sep2008, At Approximately 1400hrs i was operating my 1997 saturn sl2 (manual) at low speed in my driveway; when the vehicle failed
SATURN ION 2004 While Driving The Car Locks up and is impossible to shift in and out of gear. this usually happens in 3rd, 4th and
SATURN S SERIES SEDAN 2001 Brushing On My 2001 Saturn broke while i was driving, leaving me stuck in 3rd gear. i have searched online, and
SATURN SL 2001 While Driving To Work This morning, my gear shifter just went "loose" and the car was stuck in gear without any ability to shift.
SATURN SL 1992 Shift Cable Linkage Broke At shifter while shifting during acceleration ,momentary loss of control due to no power at wheels near miss of big
SATURN SL 1999 My Manual Transmission 1999 Saturn sl2 1.8 ltr sohc was driving down the road and the shifter went limp. i was almost hit
SATURN VUE 2003 Repeated Manual Transmission Problems. shift cable bindings and clips/adjusters broke, leaving the car undrivable. this has happened twice in less
SATURN ION 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 saturn ion. while driving 65 mph, the contact was unable to disengage the gear shifter out of
SATURN ION 2006 I Have A 2006 Saturn ion 2 with a manual transmission. i had trouble with the car not going into first gear from
SATURN SL 2001 Plastic Bushing On Transmission Cable broke. have to buy the entire cable ($240), plastic "bushing" is not available to purchase by itself
SATURN SC1 1997 We Bought A Used Saturn 2 years ago from a dealership. since the day we got the car home we had
SATURN VUE 2003 Transmission Shift Failures. *nm
SATURN VUE 2003 Transmission Shift Failures. *nm
SATURN ION 2005 9/21/06, My Son Was diving his 2005 saturn ion redline home from work. car had 20,000 miles, bought new. he
SATURN VUE 2005 No Warning Was Given At all! the slave cylinder in my 2005 saturn vue went out while i was driving down the road.
SATURN SC1 1996 I Would Like To File a complaint on the car manufacturer saturn because like many people we have been driving down the road and a
SATURN SC1 2001 I Own A 2001 Saturn sc2 with 84000 miles. a gear in the transaxle differential has worn a hole through the inside of the
SATURN SL 2000 My Saturn Clutch/transmission Just Locked up and does not function. i was left on the side of the road with my three small
SATURN VUE 2004 I Have Taken My 2004 saturn vue-manual transmission in for service regarding a thumping that i heard and felt come from the shifter location.
SATURN S SERIES SEDAN 2002 Car Engine Stalls And Dies. car idles very rough. the manual transmission pops out of gear between 2nd and 3rd occasionally.
SATURN SL 2000 Set Screw That Holds The shaft that holds the spider gears in place came loose causing the shaft to back out breaking the transmission
SATURN SL 1996 Purchased The Saturn Sl1 In sept 24 of 2004 with 94,32 0miles. i had the oil changed that very same day.
SATURN SL 2002 Car Has Been Taken Back to saturn for repairs 5 times and after the max of 2 days the problems were back. the
SATURN SL 2000 Transmission Had To Be Rebuilt at 30,000 miles, would grind when shifting to 2nd gear when cold. this was done under warranty.
SATURN LS 2000 The Master Clutch Cylinder (actuator) on my 2000 saturn ls manual transmission leaked internally permaturely causing a difficulty and sometimes inability to change gears.
SATURN SL 2002 While Driving Consumer Heard A loud noise. took vehicle to dealer, who determined that the gears broke and went through
SATURN S SERIES 1995 Ball Of Ball And Socket linkage at shifter on manual transmission failed caused the inability to shift gears. this problem can
SATURN SC1 1996 Consumer Noticed While Traveling At low speeds vehicle would not shift into fourth gear.*ak
SATURN SL 1999 Bad Bearing In Manual Transmission- estimate around $1000-options: take tis one apart or buy used transmission- this should not happen in a car this new-
SATURN SL 1999 While Driving Fourth Gear on the manual transmission doesn't engage properly. dealer notified. *ak
SATURN SL 1996 Manual Transmission Will Not Shift into gear, at times it must be shoved to go in to and out of reverse, first,
SATURN SL 1996 Manual Transmission Pops Out Of gear and grinds. sometimes you can't get it into gear. all componets of the clutch are
SATURN SL 1998 Small Plastic Ring In Shifter linkage broke while in traffic leaving car stuck in first gear.*jb
SATURN SC 1999 On December 22, 2002, i discovered a leak from my car. i needed someone to look at the car immediately just

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