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Saturn Electrical System Wiring Rear Compartment/trunk Reports

16 Mar

SATURN LS 2002 This Car Has Been Nothing but trouble. i have had to have the drive shaft replaced, the motor mounts replaced, the
SATURN LS 2000 Faulty Electrical Tail Lights; when headlights are on brake lights dont come on. head lights off tail lights come on.

SATURN LS 2000 Both Rear Lights Assemblies Shorted out, leaving my vehicle without any rear lighting. service department stated that they knew there had been problems
SATURN SL 1996 Rear Lights Kept Going Out - saturn dealer said the electrical system had been butt-spliced. since only saturn worked on the vehicle, this
SATURN SL 2001 Instrument Cluster Trunk Ajar Warning light illuminates while driving. dealer cannot remedy

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L200 Saturn 2002 - When I put the key in and turn it on so the radio would work, all the dash lights, radio lights, tiny steering wheel cruse control lights flicker and there is a clicking sound under the dash, not the starter. When I turn the ke

2003 Saturn LW300. Parking brake cable is frayed and rusted. There is a front, intermediate, and another really short cable that connects the intermediate to the parking brake mechanism itself. I can't find those short little cables, not a dealer,

The first questions I ask may or may not sound stupid, but my first question is was the fuel filter replaced? When fuel filters go bad they can cause dirt to get to the fuel pump and wear it out. So #1 is replace the fuel filter ever

2005 L300  At 33,000 miles, the electrical system on dashboard took on a mind of it's own.  In park the car would rev on its own, and every pulse the car made, the odometer would add miles.  Drove it 22 miles to the auto repair and odometer add

Hi I get a 2000 ls 300 saturn and we fix the heads because was blow gaskets before, now the car doesn't want to start , just staring,but no pressure gasoline,and the gasoline gauge dosent work.
Before all works really good. What we can do on i

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