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Saturday 31st of October 2015 05:54:36 AM

PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 The First Problem Stated Was the door lock on the drivers side, i have keyless enty but ian unable to use this because my
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1998 Windshield Lamination Came Apart. yh
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 The Windshield Wiper Control Module, the front window regulator and the driver side power window control failed. *yh
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 Right Rear Window Was Inoperable and the regulator was replaced. left rear window was inoperable and the motor/regulator was replaced, the left
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2004 pontiac vibe. the contact stated that the vehicle was repaired under nhtsa campaign id number: 08v162000 (visibility).
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 pontiac vibe. the contact stated that the drivers side power window would make a loud grinding sound
PONTIAC G6 2006 About 2 Years Ago My g6 started leaking water around the drivers side sun visor and i also noticed that the passenger side seat belt
PONTIAC VIBE 2009 2009 Pontiac Vibe. Consumer writes in regards to potential floor mat interference with accelerator pedal and power window master switch recall notices. *smd
PONTIAC G6 2007 My Pontiac G6 Has Had an exterior lighting issue since august of 2012. pontiac will not help me fix this. the brake lights
PONTIAC G6 2007 I Financed This Used Car in 2010 at 27,000 miles. since i have had this car i have not had the chance to
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Car The Worst. I've sunk more $ in2 it than she cost to buy. $15,000 at lst. head gasket x2.
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Actuator That Operates The heater blend door - overextends and breaks the heater blend door. this causes the heater to not work at
PONTIAC G6 2006 Power Steering Goes Out on my car several times aday. it has gone out on me while driving as fast as 40mph.
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 I Own A 2006 Pontiac torrent driving along one day and the heat just went out. this caused a dangerous situation as the defrost
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Heater Has Stopped Working. the mechanic says the door rod has either broken or the motor has gone bad. more than 200
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 April 15th, 2010 Our ignition wouldn't kick over. it would take more than three times to kick over. i tried conditioning the
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Defroster Is Inoperable. Temperature doesn't change to heat when air blend dial is turned. the heater doesn't work either. in freezing conditions,
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac torrent. the contact stated that the heater blend door fractured, causing the heating system to
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Heater Blend Door Is Broken - confirmed by two mechanics. from reading online, this appears to be a very common (and expensive) problem
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Failure Of The Hvac Blend door (verified by gm dealership after paying $135) has made defrosting the forward windshield in cold temperatures impossible.
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Arm On The Air temperature blend door on my 2006 pontiac torrent that connects to the actuator has broken. this allows nothing
PONTIAC G6 2008 My Brake Lights Keep Lighting up as i am driving down the road. when i press the brake pedal the brake lights go
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 I Own A 06 Pontiac torrent and just recently the heater and defroster quit working. after having it diagnosed i was told that the
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 My Car Was Taken For repair for the front driver,passanger windows according to the recall letter. after the repairs were done they will
PONTIAC G6 2007 Cruise Control Was Active-on; windshield wiper was on 'fast pulse'; rain was moderate to heavy; road was hilly; event: when the
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 No Heat; Temperature Control does not change from cold to hot. believe temperature blend door to be the problem, as this seems
PONTIAC G6 2006 I Was Driving On I-94 near ann arbor, mi during a rain storm. i had the wipers going and i heard a
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 torrent. broken valve door. hundreds of other people are having this problem. however,
PONTIAC G6 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2007 pontiac g6. the contact stated the power windows would open and close independently without being activated. the
PONTIAC TORRENT 2007 While Traveling Down The Road i tried to activate the rear wiper to clean the rear window. but the windshield wiper would not
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 pontiac vibe. the contact stated that when driving at various speeds, there was an abnormal banging from
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 The Gas Tank Is Not sealed in the middle allowing gas and fuel vapor to leak from car! all the sway bar on the
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Experienced No Heat; Fan worked. no heat means you can't defrost or de-fog your windshield. took to dealer for repair. from
PONTIAC G6 2006 I Hit A Pothole And the bracket holding the control wires for the abs and traction control on the passenger side broke and my shocks
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2005 2005 Pontiac Grand Am Se the drivers side window becomes detached from the window regulator. the glass is attached with a plastic glued to
PONTIAC G6 2005 2005 Pontiac G6 - Water pours from the interior lights splashing the inside of the car and driver which is as unexpected as a child
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 2006 Pontiac Torrent. Consumer states problem with the functioning air temperature blend door *tgw the consumer stated when she turned the heat on
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 While Driving Home On The expressway (during rush hour) at around 65 mph there was a sudden extremely loud noise. i had no
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 2006 Pontiac Torrent - Heat stopped working without warning - only cold air blowing from heater and defroster/defogger. brought car in for service to
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 2006 Pontiac Torrent - Heat stopped working without warning - only cold air blowing from heater and defroster/defogger. brought car in for service and
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Heat Went Out With Out warning. upon researching online found it's a common problem and should be recalled. the actuator was
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 There Was A Recall To replace bolts that hold the front windows onto the door window regulator of the 2003 pontiac vibe. i
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Window Sash And Regulator Clips break easily and frequently. *ln
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 The Contact Owns A 2002 pontiac grand am. whenever the key was inserted in the ignition it will start sometimes and another times it
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 Left Front Passenger Window Went down with out any warning and did not come back up, another piece of crap and another idiotic piece
PONTIAC G6 2007 Grinding Noise Comes From Steering column when accelerating and turning at same time (i.e. turning from one road to another after stopping at
PONTIAC G6 2007 Situation: The G6 Was On cruise control at about 50 mph, the road was in vermont hills/mountains, the weather was raining -- from
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 We Own A 2006 Pontiac torrent which has absolutely no defrost or defogging system that will kick in. mileage is 63,000. no
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2001 First Incident Happened When I was just driving to work i went to lower the rear window heard a noise and the window fell down.
PONTIAC MONTANA 2003 I Have A 2003 Pontiac montana. the driver side window would roll down fine using the power switch. but rolling it up is
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac torrent. the contact was driving approximately 30-35 mph when she activated the heater and it would not
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Heat Blend Door On my 2006 pontiac torrent with 79,953. miles on it failed on october 7, 2010. i found
PONTIAC MONTANA 2000 Windshield Cracked And Created A dangerous driving condition. it was caused by the rusted roof corners pushing both top corners of windshield glass forward.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 Heads Up Display On 2004 grand prix failed due to control spring becoming free due to premature part failure of the plastic arm.
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 2003 Pontiac Vibe Rear Power windows will not roll down. the front side passenger windows makes a loud noise when i roll it
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2001 I Bought The Car In december 2006 from lafontaine 4399 highland rd, waterford, mi. some time in february/march i took the car
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1994 The Windshield Wipers Completely Stopped working on my 1994 pontiac grand prix. there is a safety recall for a faulty windshield wiper switch
PONTIAC VIBE 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 pontiac vibe. the contact was driving at low speeds in a parking lot when she reversed and crashed
PONTIAC G6 2005 Wiper Assembly Failed Twice During operation. initial failure was in dec '08 and the entire wiper assembly was replaced at my expense.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 My Girlfriends 2004 Pontiac Grand am (v6) has a problem with her windshield wiper motor transmission link. on the link itself there
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 2006 Heater No Heat- Air temp door broken- no gm help as recalls goes. got to have heat to clean windshield in winter.
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Was No Warning Leading up the incident, which can be a serious safety hazard in cold weather. the 2006 pontiac torrent
PONTIAC VIBE 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 pontiac vibe. the contact was driving approximately 10 mph, when he proceeded to make a left turn;
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 I Have A 2006 Pontiac torrent. the heater stopped working on a trip home for florida. we live in pennsylvania, so it
PONTIAC VIBE 2009 2009 Pontiac Vibe Steering Feels like steering wheel not controlling direction of vehicle and slight turns cause car to turn more than it should.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2006 My 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix has been in for service 3 times for system charging failure, the car looses power, the light flashings,
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 2004 Vibe Had A Recall for the popping of the drivers' side window. took it 3 times to d & g pontiac in port
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 The Software In The Center instrument panel can cause the heating, air conditioning, defrost, and radio controls, as well as the
PONTIAC VIBE 2005 Simply Rolling The Window Up or down. i had the lf power window repaired 5 times while under warranty. now the rf window
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 Visibility: Defroster /defogger System. *tr
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Windows For 2002 Pontiac Grand am break the plastic window shield and drop into the door. potentially cause accident due to loud noise and
PONTIAC VIBE 2006 Driving On Level Surface, rolled down passenger side front window. sharp crack and thud. window separated from mounts and fell into door
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2003 Wipers Are Operating Erratically When in the off position. wipers start on their own and go as they please, all while in
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 My Passenger Window Kept Falling, once the window shattered. there was a recall notice to replace the bolts. this was completed in
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2000 My Problem Started Summer Of 2008,i was driving on highway12 traveling 55mph. i felt as if my car was lifting itself off the
PONTIAC AZTEK 2003 1. Failure Occurs when the windshield wipers are activated (inclement weather, windshield washer). 2. the
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 I Received A Recall notice (notice 07273) from pontiac informing me that my windows had the potential to shatter. that explained why
PONTIAC VIBE 2005 Front Passenger's Side Power Window has made a popping noise when rolled down more than half way since it was purchased new in 2005.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Five Years After Owning Our 2001, pontiac aztec our inside fan control burnt up and needed replacement. 07/07/2009 i purchased another 2001,
PONTIAC G6 2005 My Power Steering Light Had been coming on intermittently for the past few days. yesterday while leaving a parking garage the power steering
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2001 When The Rear Window Motor of 2001 bonneville fails, it causes the window to lower even though it is in the fully raised position.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 I Have A 1997 Pontiac grand prix and i just researched the recalls for those models. i see that there was a recall on
PONTIAC G6 2008 2008 Pontiac G6. the brackets which hold the headlights to the car are insufficient. the headlights bounce, shake, and wobble
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Drivers Side Window Makes A popping sound when rolled down. my indications were identical to complaint 10245483. i determined the door strap was
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 I Have The Age Old problem of the popping sound when i open or close the drivers side window. i have had the bolts
PONTIAC AZTEK 2003 I Live In A Small town and there are 5 pontiac aztek and buick counterparts and all five of us have at least one mirror
PONTIAC MONTANA 2005 Had An Annoying Whistling Noise coming from the front drivers side of the van at highway speed and extremely windy days. numerous complaimts with
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 When Using Wipers, Wiper would stop working and would stop in the middle of the windshield making it difficult to see when driving in
PONTIAC G6 2008 Windshield Makes A Cracking Sound when it is cold and windy. ice build up on inside of windshield in the winter time.
PONTIAC G6 2006 My Sun Visor Mirror Covers are nonfunctional as they don't stay open and do not work properly. i see that in bulletin #
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2000 I Have A 2000 Pontiac grand prix gt and am getting ready to take it to the dealer for the 3rd time since owning it
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 This Car Was Bought Brand new. since it's purchase we have had many issues. we had to replace the transmission at
PONTIAC G6 2008 Was Driving My Car In an ice storm when the windshield cracked with nothing hitting it. i was told it was a stress fracture
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 The Driver Side Power Window will not work. i put it down one day and when i tried to put it back up,
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2001 I Have Three Complaints. 1. window issues: i have had to have repair work done on two
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Had The Bolts In The window units replaced from previous recall, but did not fix my problem. the drivers side window clicks
PONTIAC G6 2007 As A Consumer I Am writing you this letter to lodge a complaint for the car/lemon i have been leasing. the type of
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that when the windshield wipers are turned off they remain directly in
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 pontiac vibe. the contact heard a loud noise after he started the ignition and activated the power window.
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Driver's Side Door Glass Makes loud snapping noise when glass is lowered. sounds like something will break. took to pontiac dealer,
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 My Driver's Side Window And passenger window kept falling. once the driver's side window shattered. there was a recall notice to
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 Window Motors Are Susceptible To water intrusion causing premature failure. *tr
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 Multifunction Switch Defective brake lights keep going out. window clip broken. *tr
PONTIAC G6 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 pontiac g6. the contact stated that the rear window defroster was activated prior to turning off the engine.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 Passenger Side Window Motor Stopped working. driver side window motor working slowly. upon replacing the bad motor i noticed there was no assist
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 After Having The Recall Done on my 2003 vibe, for the replacement of bolts in the power window mechanism. in august i again
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac grand prix. while driving approximately 30 mph, the vehicle jerked and then stalled at a traffic
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 If The Air Recirculation Button is disabled and the power to the car is on, a clicking nose begins. the clicks occur more
PONTIAC TORRENT 2007 Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air and cold air. *tr
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that he had headlights and a blue tooth installed in the vehicle.
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Front Passenger Side Power Window made loud popping noise going up or down until window came off track. driver side soon began making the
PONTIAC G5 2008 2008 Pontiac G5 Gt Trunk mounted rear spoiler is mounted so high that it significantly obstructs the view in the rear view mirror.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2002 2002 Bonneville: All 4 Doors/windows have been re-sealed multiple times because rain water flows down the outside of the windows, then flows inside the
PONTIAC G6 2008 2008 Pontiac G6 Has Issues with possible defects. *nj the consumer stated while driving 40 mph, the vehicle wandered.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 The Blower For My Heater will not shut off even though the keys are out of the ignition and the car is shut off.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 Automatic Driver Side And Passenger side windows both partially down, driving around 35mph, when passenger side window falls sideways into door. first
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 After Receiving A Recall Notice about the front side window on our 2004 pontiac vibe the window became misaligned after making a noise. we
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 I Drive A 2004 Pontiac vibe. i would roll the driver side front window and it would make a popping sound. before i
PONTIAC G6 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac g6 gt. while driving the vehicle off the dealer lot at approximately 2 mph, there was
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1999 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1999 pontiac bonneville. in 2003, while driving 15 mph, the contact noticed a huge cloud of white
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Driver's Side Window Pops When going up & down. it is intefering with the door check link. this will likely break
PONTIAC G6 2007 Passenger Window Has Extremely Bad whistle road noise. i have reported this to the dealer 4 times! they cannot seem to fix this
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2001 All Windows Except Drivers Stopped working, all door locks except drivers stopped working. car was stored for part of winter. i
PONTIAC G6 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 pontiac g6. from the date the vehicle was purchased, the sun visor on the driver's side hangs
PONTIAC G8 2008 in sunlight due to reflections and low contrast, darkly shaded dials. for a drivers eye view: http://g8gt.
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 Driver Window Shattered After Loud noise. window shattered in my face. dealer would not acknowledge gm recall and pontiac has not been helpful.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 One Day I Went To roll up my window and when i pushed the up button, the window started going up but it suddenly
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 Clicking Noise Coming From Dashboard. from researching internet other consumers have same problem said they were told it was multi-function switch. i had
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 I Received My 2004 Pontiac vibe as a birthday present. ever since the day of purchase whenever the front driver side power window is
PONTIAC VIBE 2005 Driver's Side Front Power Window makes loud popping noise when operating similar to 08v162000 recall campaign for '03-'04 models. *tr
PONTIAC G6 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac g6. the contact noticed that the air bag warning light sporadically illuminated on the instrument control panel.
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Passenger Side Window Of Our 2004 pontiac vibe making popping noise when opening or closing. sounds like it's off the track and snagging
PONTIAC G6 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 pontiac g6. while driving at various speeds, the sun visors sporadically dropped down and impaired the contact's
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 pontiac grand prix. while driving at any speed during the day, the sun reflects off the plexi-glass
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 Purchased Car New At End of 97 model year. within first six months returned car six times due to defective sway bar bushings.
PONTIAC GTO 2005 There Is A Visibility Issue with the front windshield and rear window. the glass has imperfections (wavy) in it causing objects to look distorted
PONTIAC TORRENT 2006 2006 Pontiac Torrent - 500 miles on car - ambient temp 35 degrees f - defroster on high for approximately 10 minutes - vehicle equipped
PONTIAC G6 2005 My 2005 Pontiac G6's Driver's side sun visor had an electrical short which caused smoke to come from the headliner area. the dealership
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Grand Am 1999, My passenger side mirror fell off after touching it, found that all the plastic screw holders were broken, we
PONTIAC MONTANA 2005 2005 Pontiac Montana Experiencing Problems with the windows and the windshield wipers. *mr the consumer found damage on the door
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 I Began Noticing A Grinding sound when passenger side window was rolled up and down. glass became increasingly scratched. dealership repaired at no
PONTIAC AZTEK 2004 There Was A Problem with driving visibility both during daylight and dark of night. the spoiler design/location part of the body separated
PONTIAC MONTANA 2004 Safety Hazard With 2004 Pontiac montana with sun visors.*mr the vanity mirror installed on the sunvisor does not have a cover.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2004 While Pulling Into A Parking area the vehicle stalled without warning. as a result the steering column and brakes locked up.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Driver Side Window Broke Two years ago while the car was no longer under warrenty. i paid for the motor and window -
PONTIAC VIBE 2003 The Glare From The Sun causes poor visibility of the numbers on the instrument panel. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Problems With Power Steering Pump, alternator, rack and pinion, power windows, and head gaskets. *mr the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2002 I Purchased A Brand New pontiac grand am gt1 in july 2002. shortly after, i noticed that it was hard starting.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1998 The Windshield Wipers On My 1998 pontiac grand prix fail when ice builds up under them. this has happened 3 times in the last

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