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Pontiac Structure Frame And Members Underbody Shields Reports

15 Mar

PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1997 Was Driving In The Rain & went through a puddle. this caused power steering to go out, and lost control.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Consumer Went To Change oil and noticed front cradle bolts were corroded, causing safety hazard. when took to dealer for

PONTIAC GRAND AM 1998 Driver's Side Trim Malfunctioning. *yc
PONTIAC FIERO 1991 Starter Heat Shield Wore Away resulting in several starter failures from overheating due to proximity to engine. mjs
PONTIAC FIERO 9999 Starter Continually Experienced Failure Due to the lack of replacement heat shield part that is no longer manufactured, original heat shield wore away,
PONTIAC PONTIAC 9999 There Are No Starter Or alternator shields on the vehicle resulting in overheating and damage to motor and alternator on several occasions.
PONTIAC G6 2008 This Vehicle Has Many Problems starting with the seat belt in the rear of the vehicle is malfunctioning, brake lights are on all the
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1991 Owner Was Driving At 40 mph when the vehicle pulled to the left. was able to avoid oncoming traffic and stop vehicle, upon
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2005 I Was Driving My Car to an auto parts store to see if they could tell me why my steering kept going to the
PONTIAC SOLSTICE 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 pontiac solstice. while driving 40 mph on wet pavement, one wheel lost traction at 10 to 15
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Rear Subframe Retainers Rusted Out causing engine/transaxle to drop and steering shaft to separate causing loss of control where the vehicle ended up in the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 Tl*contact Owns A 2001 Pontiac grand am. she noticed that there was a leak under her vehicle for a few years. on several
PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1994 Just Driving Down The Highway when a grinding noise started coming from the rear of the car(94 pontiac sunbird)immediately pulled to the side of the
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 After Going Through Automatic Car wash, noticed that the carpeting on passenger's side, both front and back (just deep carpeted areas, not
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1997 Dt: The Contact States when the vehicle was taken to dealer for repairs of the power steering rack the welds where the
PONTIAC G6 2005 1) Driving My Pontiac G6 onto a regular driveway slope 2) forward metal impingements (only driver side affected) attached to the chassis
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1991 The Recall To Fix The cradle bolts which have rusted and broken on my 1991 pontiac trans sport should have included vehicles registered in minnesota,
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 1. Noise From front end of vehicle 2. bolts holding motor to k frame snapped dropping motor to the ground
PONTIAC TRANSPORT 1990 While Driving 20 Mph frame bolts broke. as a result, the middle cracked in half. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1994 I Was Exiting Off Route 82 and heading east on rt. 422 going about 30 mph. est. when i heard a
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 My Wife Purchased A 1999 pontiac grand am in 1999. for the last two years, we have been experiencing problems like the
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1992 While Pulling Out Of The driveway steering unit failed, causing the consumer to lose steering power, and vehicle fell into

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