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Pontiac Exterior Lighting Headlights Switch Reports

15 Mar

PONTIAC LEMANS 1992 Headlights Goes Off Due To faulty switch; driver stranded on highway road; switch replaced 5 times. tt
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 2001 Battery Amp Gauge Fluxuates Random, maxing amp (18) then dropping dramatically dow as low as (8). lights (headlights, brake lights,

PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Faulty Headlight Switches, Caused headlight failure while driving at night. replaced switch and noticed meltdown of switch wiring reoccurring, and notice
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Consumer Received Recall Notice 00v287000/ engine starter. also, experienced problems with switch that controlled exterior lights of vehicle malfunctioning.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1997 Headlight Dimmer Switch Assembly Has failed while driving, causing poor visibility. also in 6-24-98 , #6 fuel injector had to be
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 When Decelerating Headlights Begin to flicker on/off. dealer says that it's normal operation for the headlights. *ak
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 While Driving Vehicle During The day, daytime runing lights would flicker on & off. it does not happen all the time. had
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 When Switching From High Beam to low beam have no headlights unless using high beam. the relay switch was replaced in 1994 for the
PONTIAC LEMANS 1992 While Driving At Night Experienced headlamp switch failure, when turning switch to on position, light doesn't come on, unless pressed firmly and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Headlights Cannot Be Turned Off due to malfunctioning of light switch. *ak
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 Headlight Switch On These Vehicles are of a bad design or have a wire in the wrong place (causing it to get cut) .
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1995 The Head Lights Keep Going out when you turn them on. they also go out while you are going down the road.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Since Purchased New This Car has been nothing but trouble. now there is a switch recall in 2001. why hasn't something been done
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2000 For My Car Being A 2000, i have had more than enough problems with this car. for starters, i had a
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1993 Intermittent Smoke From Steering Wheel when using directionals. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1986 Vehicle Experienced Symptom Of Recall in which the push-pull headlight switch may have electrical contacts allowing an intermittent headlight short circuit causing panel to flicker
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1996 Daytime Running Light Switch designed to turn off running lights and turn on low beams when it gets dark, however it activates low
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1989 Headlight Switch Failed, Causing lights to go off.
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1996 The Light Switch Assembly Failed while driving at night. the light switch assembly was replaced about 3 years ago for the same problem by
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving 30 mph at dawn on normal road conditions, the head lights switch was turned off, but the
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2003 While Driving Headlights And Interior lights flashed on and off. driver took vehicle to the dealer for inspection, mechanic determined that
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 I Have Been Having Problems with my headlights not long after i bought the car. only the daytime running lights work on the
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 While Driving At Night Headlights failed. this caused poor visibility to the driver. the consumer was able to maintain control of
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 Lost Exterior Lights. I had no dash lights no running lights. took to the garage and found out the headlight switch had melted.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1994 Consumer Stated There Was An electrical short in the switch that controlled the headlights. the headlights failed to come on. *ak
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 1997 The Head Light/signal Switch Does not work properly. the head lights wont come on or go off while driving or when using the turn
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 Car Electrical System Goes On and off whenever a/c is on.very dim lights inside and out when headlights are on.*ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1995 While Driving Smoke Came Out of the dashboard. headlight switch and bracket were burned. interior lights, headlights, and

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