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Pontiac Equipment Electrical Air Conditioner Reports

15 Mar

PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1987 Have The Air Conditioner Repair about three times and still doesn't work . tt
PONTIAC LEMANS 1992 Intermittent Failure Of Air Conditioner. *ak

PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 Air Conditioner Does Not Work. nothing happens when it's turned on. no heat or cold air. moved & had dealer in other
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1991 Driving Vehicle; Air Conditioner would turn off due to pressure sensor; steering or turning to left would be greater pressure than right turn.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 Failure Of Abs System Created a loss of fath in abs as a means of stopping. donot trust that it will work spent 2x's
PONTIAC MONTANA 1999 Purchaused Used (6 Months old) have now owned auto for 2 years. at 38000 miles transmission starting shifting harsh at times,
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1990 Want I Really Want To know is if my car was in a car crash-because there has been a lot of things wrong with it.
PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1989 I Was Promiced All These things but he ignored me and i have been ended up with a piece of junk that i paid $800
PONTIAC FIREBIRD 1986 I Intend To Send More information on this gmcproduct at a later date. no safety defect listed in the summry. *ak
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1992 My Car Started Making A horrible noise under the hood on the way home from work back in december. i live about 4
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 A/c Used R-12 System Had failed twice due to leak evaporator. the original evaporator leaked and was replaced by under factory approved warranty
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1990 When You Are Traveling At low speeds and try to stop there are many times when the brake pedal goes to the floor and it
PONTIAC SUNBIRD 1987 Air Conditioner Replaced.
PONTIAC MONTANA 1999 Consumer States Air Conditioner Compressor failed. replaced compressor and other related components. this repair was made after the 36,000 mile
PONTIAC MONTANA 1999 The Air Conditioning Compressor Makes noise. the compressor was replaced. *jg
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 9999 Air Conditioner Leakage Due To faulty o-ring.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1988 Air Conditioning Electronic Temperature Control.
PONTIAC LEMANS 1989 Air Conditioner Hoses Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1992 A/c Condensor Downsized By Manufacturer, causing excess moisture in ducts which caused a mold odor to come from vents.
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1990 Evaporator Drain Water Leaks Into the front of vehicle, causing corrosion prior to recall.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 Air Conditioner Not Powerful Enough to cool vehicle.
PONTIAC FIERO 1985 Air Conditioner Inoperative.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 Air Conditioner Inoperative Due To valve failure.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1987 Air Conditioner Problems.
PONTIAC TRANS SPORT 1990 Fan Stuck On One Setting/high. *sd
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 Air Conditioner Does Not Work and puts out smoke from vents. tt
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 Air Conditioner Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1987 Air Conditioner Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 Air Conditioning Fan Failed, causing noise.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1992 A/c Fan Failure.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 1991 When Outside Temperature Reaches 85 degrees temperature inside vehicle rises to 70 degrees due to defective climate control module. *aw
PONTIAC LEMANS 1988 A/c Failure.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1993 Air Conditioner Failed.
PONTIAC LEMANS 1993 Air Conditioner Failed.
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 pontiac grand prix. the contact stated that she noticed a mildew odor in the vehicle. the failure
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2000 pontiac bonneville. in april of 2005, the air conditioning failed in the vehicle. when the
PONTIAC G6 2006 Began Popping When I Turned any direction, had it checked out by the pontiac dealer, said the power steering needed greased. 2
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 I Have A 2002 Pontiac aztek and there's a ticking noise in the motor and the oil is good and all the other fluids are
PONTIAC TORRENT 2007 Air Conditioner Blows Out Hot air. *tr
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2001 pontiac montana. whenever the contact would activate the air conditioner, either while driving various speeds or at
PONTIAC VIBE 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 pontiac vibe. when the vehicle is started, it makes a clicking sound. the only way
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Air Conditioning Replaced 4 Times at my own expense once when it was under warranty. shortly after it broke again due to defect
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 1999 A/c Leaks On Passenger Side floor. also a/c blower motor does not work. wheel rims are corroded and pitted. air bag light
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 pontiac grand prix. while driving 30 mph in rainy conditions, smoke appeared from the vents approximately two
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2004 Problem With Passlock System, car not turning on, has left stranded 6 times with my son at night, costed me tow charges,
PONTIAC VIBE 2007 Accelerator Pedal Too Sensitive,causes sudden starts,very jerky. *jb the ac compressor was leaking. 10/03/07. *jb
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 The Air Conditioning In The van doesn't work. stopped over a year ago. took it in for service and after 360.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 I Was Finding Antifreeze In my oil. took to the shop and had to have the intake gasket and the manifold gasket replaced.
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2005 I Bought This Car In februaruy 2007, and as soon as i got home with it the interior light stopped working. the interior
PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 Air Conditioning Doesn't Work, 2) condenser/compressor failed. very costly repair, unae to fix it at
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Fuel Gauge Stopped Working,could not tell how much fuel there was. dealer said fuel sensor went out. notice other complaints of
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Air Conditioning Failure. had to replace condenser because of faulty bracket. *nm
PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 2004 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix Gtp. 45,000 miles. as of today, i have had this vehicle in service eight times
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 The Air Conditioner Condenser Had to replaced after it corroded and began to leak coolant at 47k miles. mechanic indicated that this was
PONTIAC MONTANA 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated that upon entering the vehicle, there were noticeable water puddles on the floor of both the driver and passenger
PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 The A/c On My 2002 montana van was blowing warm in april 2006. at that time my van had 54k miles on it.
PONTIAC BONNEVILLE 2000 Car Started Chugging In City driving, then stopped. single hiss and large puff of smoke from under the hood. pushed car out
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated The air conditioner would not work unless it was set on high. on the lower levels, the compressor
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 2002 Pontiac Aztek A/c Condenser had a leak and needed to be replaced. *ts ***nar*** *jb
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 One Day My Air Condition was working and the next day it no longer work have taken to repair shop and was told i needed
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Air Conditioner Condenser Was Replaced in summer of 2003 and again in 2005. mechanic said that both incidents were due to faulty engineering
PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 (1) Bought Vehicle As A certified used vehicle with 20,000 miles on it. just before 32,000 miles, the a/c started
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Air Conditioner Stopped Functioning At around 60,000 miles. ac condenser was replaced. repair tech said that there was a bracket that was
PONTIAC GRAND AM 2001 The A/c- Heater Speed Control selection 1 and 2 stopped working in 2002 shortly after i purchased my vehicle. on april 10,2006,
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1997 In 2001, Driver Side window motor does not operate anymore. replaced it. ($150). in 2003, driver window motor and passenger
PONTIAC MONTANA 2002 My Van Only Had 70, 000 miles on it when the air conditioner went out on it, i have only purchased gm vehicles and
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1999 I Bought My 1999 Grand am in oct' 04. the first 2 mo. of owning it my alternator went out. a
PONTIAC SUNFIRE 2002 Air Conditioner Loud Noise While on, abs rattling when stopping in non wet weather. popping while turning right. headlamps don't
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 Condenser Broke For Air Conditioner. i have seen this problem on just about every aztek! *nm
PONTIAC AZTEK 2001 We Have Had Multiple Thing go wrong with our 2001 aztek we purchased under 40,000 miles, now has about 60, 000- the
PONTIAC MONTANA 2001 In June Of 2004, the air conditioning failed in my 2001 montana mini-van. one day it worked, the next it didn't.
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 Dt: The Right Air Conditioner condensor, near the bottom, is cracked along the bottom. took to the dealer and he has seen
PONTIAC AZTEK 2002 Had To Replace 5 Wheel bearings ac condensers rear latch does not unlatch at times dealer said they put on a stronger spring still only
PONTIAC PONTIAC 2002 I Have Complaint On The failure of my air conditioner. the air conditioner went out just shortly after the warranty expired due to
PONTIAC GRAND AM 1991 My Car Will Crank Up and drive for hours but if i stop and turn it off it will not crank up for 3-4 hours.

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