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15 Mar

PLYMOUTH HORIZON 1990 Consumer Purchase Tire From Sears its a michelin tire was driving and the tire blew out drove into a gas station to put air in
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 While Driving 55 Mph vehicle stalled, dealer replaced a leaking fuel line. vehicle has stalled since. dealer cannot remedy.*ak

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Pe00.046; Consumer Was traveling about 70mph on highway and heard a huge banging noise. she was in fast lane,
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 While Vehicle Was Being driven air bags deployed without a collision occurring, cause unknown. also, in rainy weather conditions water
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Tire On Driver's side blewout, causing driver's air bag to deploy. driver received minor bruises on face.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 While Driving At 45 Mp tire blew out and the consumer lost control. applied the brakes and was able to stop the
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 While Driving At 65 mph tire blew out, causing the consumer to lose control of the steering, and the air bags didn't
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Intergrated Child Seat Straps are faulty, causing child to get stuck in seat. consumer states straps had to be cut to remove
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Took Vehicle To Have Recall repair work done, but was told by the mechanic at the dealership that nothing was wrong with the tires
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Vehicle Was Taken To Dealer to have recall repair done, and the dealer didn't do what the recall stated they should do, to
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 Goodyear Tire Recall Notice ; inner sidewalls may have been cut during the tire mounting process, may cause a tire blowout,
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1995 At 18,000 Miles All four michelin tires are leaking (slow leak michelin p19570r14 xw4 ), took to tires manufacturer, said
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 Front Brake Rotors Warped, causing brakes to vibrate, also premature wear of front brake pads and replaced tires. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Tires Had Been Wearing Out, and aligment had not corrected problem. please provide more information.*ak
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 1. Tire Tread Separation with left rear tire, and 2. left front bead seal blowout.*ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1990 We Were Traveling North On i-95. we heard an unidentifyable noise. i stopped the car and did not find anything obvious.
PLYMOUTH HORIZON 1987 Top Tread Of Tire , from sidewall to sidewall was completely torn off. metal casing is showing around the whole tire
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Recall97v2000000 Concerning Tire Failure. on prior year for same problem. engine damage could occur.*ak
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 Traveling 75 Mph Sudden Left front blowout, new tire less than 20 miles.*ak (tiresize: p205/75r14)
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1995 Dangerous Explosion Of Tire While driving. could have killed if on highway. tire exploded all around side on the outside.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 Excessive Tire Wear On Outer edge of tires. third set of tires in 35k miles. alignment has always been checked and
PLYMOUTH NEON 2001 While Driving Home From The grocery store (less than 2 miles away), i experienced a blowout of the forementioned tire. my speed at
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Two Front Tires Developed Shifting radial belts which caused a shake in the steering. so far three of four tires have developed this problem,
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 This Is The Second blow out of these tires and one flat tire since bought . the first blow out was
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1992 Driver's Side Rear Tire Failed, blow out occurred, van rolled 4 times. *ak (tiresize: p205/70ri5)( dot number: tire size: p205/70ri5
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Vehicle Is Garage Kept, and well maintained. original tires with light to moderate treadwear. on clear dry well maintained
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 The Goodyear Tires Had To be replaced at 33000 miles. the engine has been making a clicking noise (sounds like a bad lifter)& using
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 2000 Two Weeks After Purchasing Car, on trip north, front passenger tire blew out at rockymt., nc on i-95. later
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 I Have A Broken Arm and cannot fill out forms easily. please call me and i will give you infornation. tire
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak( dot number: )
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 I Noticed A Small Split on the outboard sidewall of the left front tire. even though the tires had adequate tread remaining,
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Tread Come Off 2 Front tires (tiresize: 15)( dot number: tire size: 15 )
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1996 The Head Gasket And Cam seal have been replaced numerous times. other problems include steering, tire wear, brake wear .
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Tire Blew Out And Was completely destroyed. vehicle remained stable. i had checked tire that morning for inflation and was driving
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Shimmy At Low Speed. dealer dignosed tread / belt separation. michelin dealer replaced tires with symmetry tires explaining old series no
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Chrysler Has A Sticker On driverside door stating 35 lbs air the front tires were running on the side walls i complained to chrysler the
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Chrysler Has A Sticker On driverside door stating 35 lbs air the front tires were running on the side walls i complained to chrysler the
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Pronounced Tire Bounce Between 45-50 mph. took to dealer on friday, 5 october. they diagnosed 3 tires out of round.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 Had A Complete Blowout On right rear in july 2000. because the tire was destroyed, i assumed the blowout was due to
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Car Was Wobbling And Pulling to the right. i took it to the chrysler dealer and they told me all four tires were separating.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1990 I Have Had Seven (7) blowouts with these tires. all failed the same way, sidewall failure. all tires were replaced at no
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Visual Radial Cracking On Side wall 1/2" below tread( dot number: vdmo41a408 tire size: p20570r15 )
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Experienced Belt Separation And Ensueing blowout at 60 miles/hour. no obstruction was hit.( dot number: tire size: 205/75r14 )
PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 Cracks Developed In Tire After only 6000 miles of use and dealer would not refund for faulty product.( dot number: e4 027269 tire size:
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 Good Day, No Summary listed for abov evehicle.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Over Charging Of Ac System, causes transmission/tires and engine to lock.this is an extreme hazard to passangers of both vehicles, and any other
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 The Front Tires Shimmy And pull to the right or left, depending on the tire rotation( dot number: tire size: 15 inch
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Bead Separated, This Is the third tire of the same type where we have had this happen( dot number: pjkekjkr27 tire size: 205/70/14 )
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Firestone Affinity Touring Tire Experienced blowout, p205/r15, claim 40-2431-862. *slc
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Firestone Affinity Touring Tire Experienced blowout, p205/r15, claim 40-2431-862. *slc
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 When Making An Emergency Stop the vehicle wanted to spin out of control. this wa sdue to the vehicle being equipped with the original
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Firestone Affinity Tire(p195 70 R15)experienced blowout, consumer wants reimbursement. *slc
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Tires (no Make Or Size) began to crack. *slc
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 The Michelin Weatherwise Steel Belted tires developed bubbles, one blowout prior to replacing tires occured which almost resulted in collision. *mjs
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 The Vehicle Vibrates Due To a problem associated with tires. yh
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 (j & L Tire Company) tires wore out. *yc
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 Tires Failed Two Times.
PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 1992 Rear Driver Side Tires Continue to blow. 4 tire have failed, 3 blew out and 1 had steel belts showing.(dot 7790554330,
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER (AWD) 1994 3 Tires Has Failed. these tires separated approximately 1/4 of an inch inside the rim toward the center of the tire, concentrically around
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1987 Winston (20570r14) Tire Blew Out.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Tires Failed Prior To Recall notice, p205/7or14 superguard gt.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Tires Severly Worn (goodyear Conquest p205/75/r14).
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Three Tire Failures, First tire failure began 30 days after ownership. (goodyear conquest p215/65r15).
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 Vehicle Tires Continue To Loose air. goodyear eagle ( p185/65r14).
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Tires Are Constantly Going Flat on the vehicle. (goodyear invicta gs p165/80r13 83t).
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 When Making An Emergency Stop vehicle wanted to spin out of control even though it was traveling in a straight line. this was due
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Tires Unbalanced, Causing Uneven tire wear.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 Tires Wore Out.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Left Rear Tire Coming Apart.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 Michelin Tires Size 185-65r14 Failed.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Excessive Rear Tire Wear.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1988 Tire Alignment/wear Problems. *sd
PLYMOUTH COLT 1990 Tires Replaced. *skd
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1994 Left/right Front Michelin Tires Continuously losing air. *skd
PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 1990 Goodyear Invicta Tire Blew Out. *skd
PLYMOUTH NEON 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 plymouth neon with merit mystic touring tr tires, the size was 195/65/r14 and the dot# u9abhu42802d13l. the
PLYMOUTH SATELLITE 1971 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1971 plymouth satellite equipped with dillacp tr-413 255/45/17 tires. the contact stated that after noticing a reccuring failure with
PLYMOUTH NEON 2000 I Purchased A Set Of bridestone turanza el400t bl 195/60r15 87t dot# hykueadr2106. they were found to be defective and the dealer replaced them
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 I Was Heading North On scenic highway, north of creighton in pensacola fl doing 50 in a 45 mph zone. suddenly i heard
PLYMOUTH NEON 2001 2001 Plymouth Neon, Right front tire blew out. *bf the vehicle suffered damage. (ohio traffic crash report # 10-0164-91)*jb
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Four Tires Tread Separation All same tread wear douglas tire 215/70r14 i have photos available of today's tire and will photograph the remaining two
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 My Mother, Brother, and i were on an emergency trip to arkansas in the middle of the night on 09/01/08. we
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 1993 Plymouth Voyager Had A tire blowout and lost control upon slowing also struck another vehicle. *nj one of the occupants
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1987 Douglas X-trac Tires 205/70r14s. *tr
PLYMOUTH CARAVELLE 1988 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1988 plymouth caravelle. while driving 65 mph, the contact heard a thump and smelled rubber. she
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 1994 Voyager Tire Blew Out. *ts the consumer lost control of the vehicle and struck a construction sign. the vehicle
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 Driving Home From Florida In a 1998 plymouth caravan pulling a hobie cat sailboat on a trailer the left rear tire separated. i have
PLYMOUTH NEON 1996 On 01/03/06, I Purchased 4 new dayton daytona hr tires (size 185/60r14) from reeves tire in joplin, missouri for my 1996 plymouth neon.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 1999 Plymouth Grand Voyager Bf goodrich touring tires are defective.***no answer required***. *mr the tires caused the vehicle's hubcaps to spin in
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 While Vehicle Was Parked Consumer noticed bubbles on the front driver's side tire. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Vehicle Was Shooting Sparks From under the dashboard on the driver's side. then, the brake lights and the dashboard lights could not be
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 We Purchased The Vehicle Because it only had 21,486 at three years old and they called it certified. when the air conditioning went
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 The Spark Plugs Are Full of oil
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1992 I Would Like To Know more about the recalls for the above vehicle and what exactly they cover and don't cover and i go about
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Airbags Did Not Deploy In broadside crash suspension is messed up steering wheel wobbles hard when turning engine failed 6 months after van was bought
PLYMOUTH NEON 2001 Constant Problems With Vehicle Since time of purchase when it only had 500 miles & was supposed to be "new". it's the
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 Firestone Fr480 P175 70r14 dot code (hyep fra 229) 4 new tires purchased nov 8, 2003 from firestone dealer in port richey
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 The Struts Failed. the cause had not been determined. the part had been replaced three times within one year.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 While Driving At 30 Mph consumer heard a flapping sound coming from the vehicle. consumer discovered that tread separated from
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Consumer Started Vehicle And Proceeded to put it into drive. when he heard a grinding noise coming from the front. consumer went

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