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15 Mar

PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 Under Headlight, Wiring Harness "pop ups" has worn out, resulting in vehicle fire in area behind headlights. please describe details.
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1990 Water Get Into The Headlight, it reduced the visibility. *ak

PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Water Gets Into The Headlight, it reduce s visibility. *ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1993 The Headlight Assembly Becomes A fishbowl. please describe. *ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1993 Water Seeps Into The Headlights and blows out the bulb and the water will collect inside and you will get a fishbowl affect. please
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Condensation In Headlights Due To lens assembly cracking. *ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1989 Was Driving Vehicle When headlight cover became dim. was not able to see distances clearly during night. headlight lens cover was
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1992 Headligt Lenses Are Discolored And cause poor visibility when driving at night. dealer / manufacturer were not notified at this time.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Headlight Bulbs Are Prematurely Blowing out, cause unknown. *ak radio and dome lights are not working. the engine had
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 When Driving Lastic Covering on headlights becomedarkand yellow, and affects visibility during night driving. he has contacted dealership.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Vehicle Had Been To Dealer twice , would not start, bought new battery. next day dead again. dealer said headlight
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Consumer Is Having Problems With the headlights, visibility is very poor. dealer told the consumer to purchase the whole unit.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 Plastic On The Headlights Has started to fog up, reducing the amount of light that driver received through the lens. moisture
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1998 Ongoing Problem With Poor Visibility due to headlights not porjecting enough light to see properly ahead, even when using high beams. dealer
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Headlights Are Very High, inadequate for night driving. sometimes driver cannot tell when lights are on or off. dealer contacted, and
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 The Headlights Are Dimmer Than usual and produce "shadows" which cause visual difficulties. dealer said they are newly designed headlights. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Headlights Are Very Dim, coloring is very yellowish and not bright, need to use high beams to see at night, took vehicle
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Consumer Discover The Plastic Len on headlight was wearing out. dealer was not notified at this time time. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 When Headlights Are Used There is poor visibilty. dealers are aware of problem. cause unknown. *ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1992 The Headlights Are Filled With water , causing the headlights to blow out. ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Vehicle's Front Headlights; the sqaure design which is made in a 2pcs allows water to enter, and causes possible shorts/bulb burnouts.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1987 When Seal Broke Into The headlight globe, the hea lights had to be replaced. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with the headlamps on the vehicle. also stated that the headlamps are deffected because they are braking so
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Consumer States That While Driving and turning the headlight from high to low beam it will flick off causing a distraction to the consumer view.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1996 Headlight Covers Are Degrading The light, resulting in driver limiting driver's view of distance.*aki
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 While Driving At Nightheadlights Go out without any warning. unable to drive vehicle, cannot see.*ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 While Driving At Night Headlights will only shine 45-50 feet ahead of vehicle on low beam, dealer has adjusted lights, however problem still
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Headlights Come On/go Off While driving at night.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Headlights Shut Off And Come back while driving at night.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Headlights Are Dim, Can't see very far down the road, unsafe to drive at night. premature failure of fuel gauge sending unit.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 I Have Seen All Of the other vehicles be recalled due to inadequte lighting by the head lights but i still do not see the
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1993 Headlight Plastic Is Fogged Reducing headlight distance and clarity. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Vehicle Has Had The Same problems for 2 1/2 years now, vehicle will not turn on, cooling fans will not shut down once
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Light From Headlights Has Gradually dimmed over the years although bulbs have been replaced. cause appears to be lack of aging- and/or
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Although This Is A Severe safety failure, the dealer refuses to do anthing about it. i have seen this very same clouding
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1990 Platic Headlight Lens Crazed And blocks beam and proper road lighting. *ak
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Headlight System Does Not Illuminate roadway to a sufficient distance in front of the car at "low beam".*ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Windshield Wiper Problem Has Been fixed at least 2 times by dealer. problems continue on an intermittent basis. we never know
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 I Am A Teacher And leave for work early in the morning. i live on an unlit semirural road with no sidewalks.
PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 Head Lamp Doors Do Not go up when you select lights on..also sometimes when they are up and on they do not go
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 The Seals On Both Front headlamp assemblies have failed allowing moisture and dust to enter, thus clouding the lenses and reflectors to the point
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Moisture Builds Up In The front headlights untill a pool of water deveopes. this pool of water than moves around inside the headlight causing
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 The Headlamps Had To Be re-aimed. nlm.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Consumer Can Not See While driving at night due to faulty headlights. nlm
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Deffective Design Of Head Light causes regular and high beams lights to have very poor light output. yh
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 The Head Light System Is very weak to be used at night on the road. yh
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1994 The Right Headlamp Has A burned reflector. moisture gets inside the lamp when there is a leak around the lens.
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1992 Headlights Failed Due To Condensation.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1995 Headlights Failed, Causing Poor visibility, resulting in an accident.
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Headlights Too Bright, causing poor visibility.
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Headlights Misaligned, Causing Poor visibility.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1991 Head Lights Failed Twice.
PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 Left Popup Headlight Fails About 60% of time to pop up. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1990 Headlights Fill With Water During inclement weather, causing reduced visibility/bulb failure when water splashes on the hot bulbs.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Both Headlight Lenses Have Yellowed, making it very difficult to see at night.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Healdights Failed 2 Times. *sd
PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 Headlights Burn Out At A frequency of every 6-8 months. *ak
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1990 Water Leaked Into Headlight Lens, resulting in halogen lamp being shattered. *skd
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1998 plymouth voyager. when the vehicle is turned off, the headlights remain illuminated and occasionally activate automatically.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Over The Course Of The last couple years i have noticed that the lenses that cover the headlights on my 1997 plymouth grand voyager have
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Headlights Are So Frosted/yellowed You can.t see at night.the lights on this vehicle were not that good when they were new. but
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at night the headlight illumination was too dim. the vehicle was driven to the dealer who
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated The plastic headlight cover became grayish through time. this interfered with the amount of illumination. the dealership
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving various speeds, the instrument cluster panel gauges failed to illuminate. additionally, the headlights intermittently illuminated
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Dt*: The Contact Stated That both front headlight covers are cloudy and discolored, which makes it difficult to see the road ahead.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1998 I Have A 1998 Plymouth neon. i am angry with the way these cars were built from chrysler. it is unacceptable that my
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 The Headlight Lenses On My 1996 plymouth voyager van are deteriorating. you could say they are fogging up. i looked at them with
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 Year 2000 Plymouth Voyager Minivan. extremely dim/poor headlights. dangerous to drive at night. no remedy to situation.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 There Was A Recall Many years ago in germany on the starter,also have a letter from the chrysler shop the part get replaced
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 I See There Is An investigation on dodge caravan and grand caravan, plymouth voyager and grand voyager and chrysler town and country and voyager
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Headlight Lens Degradation
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 Dt: Headlight Lens Gets Very cloudy over a period of time. can not be replaced unless you buy the whole unit at about $250.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Headlight Lenses Cloud Up Un many of these vehicles to the point it restricts the amount of light that passes through the lens which in
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1988 Driver Noticed That The Headlamp lenses are to bright. this causes poor visibility to the driver while driving. vehicle was
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 The Transmission Goes Into Gear without depressing the brake. the guide plates had damaging spots. *tc the
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 Plastic Headlights Get Cloudy And significantly reduce light output and thus visibility during night time driving. i have experienced this with several chrysler
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1998 Front Light Covers Are Made of plastic, when it rains or when it gets dark it is impossible to see.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Headlights Lens Developed A discoloration that reduced the lights illumination an d driver's visibility while driving at night or on dark roads. the
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Consumer Complained About The Headlights. both headlights have glazed over, almost opaque, resulting in extremely reduced visibility during the
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 While Driving Front Headlight Lens were fogged, making it hard for the consumer to see during night hours. *ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Plastic Covers Of 1997 Plymouth voyager minivan headlamps are losing transparency. minute cracks appearing on the surface of the headlamps are making
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 While Driving At Night Headlights would get condensation inside of the lens that would cause the lights to become dim. this would pose
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1993 My 1993 Plymouth Acclaim's Front headlights collect water and eventually burn out the headlamps. also causes poor visability for night driving.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1996 The Headlight Lenses On My 1996 grand voyager have become increasingly fogged over since late in 1996- it is at the point now where
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 98 Plymouth Voyager Vin #2p4gp4531wr687519 please be advised that my acrylic head lamps have become pitted via normal driving. i believe this

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