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15 Mar

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 While Driving On The Highway or road lost all power steering control. in order to get the vehicle to start, had to
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1991 Air Bag Indicator Lights Stays on at all times. consumer has had this problem service (3) times.*ak

PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 The Lighter In The Interior systems comes out and has burned the rug a couple times. *slc
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1991 This Control Module Controls Rear vent windows, overhead lights, elec. odometer, trip odometer, ext. temperature and compass.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 The Power Outlet Will Not operate due to an internal defect. nlm
PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM 1995 Without Warning Cigarette Lighter Ejected violently from its dashboard location and bounced and landed in drivers lap between his legs, almost resulting in control
PLYMOUTH C BODY 1969 98 Voyager Expresso 3.3 engine. doors lock at random, when put in gear, when put in park, while keys in
PLYMOUTH SPORT UTILITY 1979 Serpentine Belt Has Repeatedly Fallen off of our 1999 plymouth grand voyager. this condition has occurred driving through very small standing water and/or
PLYMOUTH C BODY 1969 I Own A 1996 Plymouth voyager and on this min van the wipers act very erratic. they work when they want. sometimes they
PLYMOUTH C BODY 1969 I Have A Plymouth Grand voyager in which was involved in an earlier re call for the abs brakes now they failed again*ak
PLYMOUTH SPORT UTILITY 1979 Car Was Recalled To Correct air bag light malfunction, but presently the airbag light continued to come on, and it smelled as if
PLYMOUTH C BODY 1969 Total Power Shutdown While Trying to start. started 10 minutes later. various components started failing - door locks, intermittant wiper,
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 I Have Problems With My wipers going on and right back off since the month i bought this vehicle in 2000 . i cant
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1991 Brakes Failed To Stop And light comes on w/anti lock light chrysler replaced with another exact part from junkyard and charged me for new parts
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1993 Bought Van Used August 1999 with 91,000 miles. van now has 134,000 miles. transmission has been rebuilt/replaced 3 times
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 The Seems To Have A lot of problem shifting to a lower gear when on the road. often we can feel a jitter
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 It Is June Of 2003 and the car is currently in the shop again for the transmission problem. it has had a power steering
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 2000 We Purchased The Vehicle Because it only had 21,486 at three years old and they called it certified. when the air conditioning went
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 The Spark Plugs Are Full of oil
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1996 I Acquired A 1996 Plymouth breeze in march of 2002. the day after i got the car, the "check engine"
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Airbags Did Not Deploy In broadside crash suspension is messed up steering wheel wobbles hard when turning engine failed 6 months after van was bought
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 In Heavy Rain The Car is very hard to steer, i have had to replace the transmission, i have had to replace the
PLYMOUTH C BODY 1969 The Starter On My 2001 plymouth neon needed to be replaced before i even owned it for 2 years. i did not buy

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