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Plymouth Engine And Engine Cooling Exhaust System Manifold/header/muffler/tail Pipe Reports

15 Mar

PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1994 Exhaust Manifold Is Rusted Out, as well as brake lines. tt
PLYMOUTH NEON 1996 Vehicle Was Leaking Oil From underneath the vehicle, and vehicle was blowing white smoke coming from engine manifold. *ak

PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1998 When Driving Vehicle There Was a loud noise coming from the engine. also, there was an oil leak due to a
PLYMOUTH LASER 1990 The Vehicle Made Loud Noises due to a crack in engine manifold. dealer has repairedvehicle. *ak
PLYMOUTH NEON 1998 Vehicle Been Experiencing Various Problem with the following: 1. sun roof leaking; 2. spark plugs failed, and had to be
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1997 Vehicle Was Parked Sitting In a driveway,went to start vehicle, put it in reverse, did not reverse, instead it accelerated.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1996 When Driving And Applying Force to the brake pedal consumer noted excessive noise from the rear supension, consumer contacted the dealer, the dealer
PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 1991 Recall Work Was Performed, vehicle was returned to customer with more problems than before, dealer does not accept responsibility.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 Vehicle Has An Exhaust Manifold crack. *jg
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 A Special Nut And Bolt needs to be added to the frame cross member to stop the frame from bumping the driver side floor board.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Headlights Shut Off And Come back while driving at night.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 The Bolts That Mount The exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold came loose because it needed a special seal.
PLYMOUTH NEON 1998 The Neon Was Misfireing, replaced plugs two different times within 2 months, gas millage rotten took to dealer, they replaced the oxygen
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 The Car Was Bought New and because of health it was sold to son. it only had 27,000 miles on it
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1998 I Have Contacted Chrysler And they paid for the ignition and the manifold gasket replacement. they paid $1,000 of the transmission failure.
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 Muffler - Loud Rattle, brakes - loud scratching sounds/ replaced pads still scratching
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1998 When Accelerator Is Pushed A buzzing noise occurs. the mechanic at the dealer said it was a warped manifold. he also
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Exhaust Pipe Detached. *tt
PLYMOUTH SUNDANCE 1988 Muffler Failed. nlm
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Exhaust Muffler Failed.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1997 Exhaust Tail Pipe Failed.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Muffler Failed Causing Hesitation On take off.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1992 Tail Pipe Failed, Causing hesitation upon acceleration
PLYMOUTH NEON 1995 Tail Pipe Failed.
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1987 Defective Muffler.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1994 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1994 plymouth grand voyager. the contact is experiencing a leak in the fuel system next to the exhaust manifold.
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 2000 Crossover Pipe Connecting Manifold To exhaust developed a hole back in august 2004. part was ordered from chrysler dealer end of august, have
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 A Part Has Been Ordered for my car since oct 2004. at the time the order was placed i was told there were 1500
PLYMOUTH PLYMOUTH 1998 Crossover Pipe On Engine Manifold has had a leak due to rust on the underside of pipe. i have had order in at the
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1998 I Learned Recently Thatengine Head gasket has a massive leak and oil is leaking into all components. i am very frustrated and will
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 1999 Plymouth Voyager The Cross over pipe on the manifold hole and can't be repaired mechanic told me he never seen one break before on
PLYMOUTH NEON 1997 1997 Plymouth Neon Headgasket Failure. this problem is a known design problem of the original gasket.*ak
PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 1999 Head Gasket Failure With Suspected cracked cylinder head. this vehicle has 77k miles and is now undriveable. the heater does not work now,
PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER 1999 Ignition Lock Cylinder Defect. third defect/replacementon this vehicle. stranded do to defective material/workmanship. additional defects include temperature switch,
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1998 Faulty Head Gasket And Cracked exhaust manifold. *ak
PLYMOUTH BREEZE 1997 I Am Having Trouble With my 1997 plymouth breeze, i took it to a repair shop and was told that it is the head

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