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Oldsmobile Suspension Front Wheel Bearing Reports

Monday 7th of September 2015 01:55:12 AM

OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 While Driving Front End Of vehicle separated from bushing, causing front end to drop, resulting in loss of control.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 There Is No Response When braking. dealer replaced worn out front wheel bearings. at this time front wheel bearings need to be
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Braking Is Not Working Properly, pads and calipers will easily wear down and there is a grinding nosie at low speeds, consumer has
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 Low Brake Fluid Light Comes on. 1st repair replaced wheel bearing(!), second repair - sensor. third repair master cyl.
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 Third Time Into Shop For low brake fluid warning light. previously replaced wheel bearing and a sensor.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1998 Bought New Tires And Was told by tech that almost every achieva they see needs the bushings replace on the lower a-frame. also
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors And Pads Replaced 5 times, please recall. also, front wheel bearings wore out causing excessive tire wear and vague steering feel.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1989 I Was Driving At A speed of 40 mph when i heard a thump and my car veered to the right and i tried to
OLDSMOBILE 98 1996 Wheel Bearing Failed.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 Vehicle Is Emmitting Noise From the front end, midas diagnosed it as being the front wheel bearings. having them replaced, the
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 Customer Stated That Noise In the bearing, dealer replaced right front hub bearing assembly, wheel bearing loose and noisy, replaced left front
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Front Wheel Bearing And Hub assembly was replaced.*jb
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 A Low Pitch Hum Emanating from the rear of vehicle, vehicle taken to several dealerships, none able to located problem, on 12/17/00
OLDSMOBILE 98 1995 Wheel Bearing And Right Front hub assembly failed.yh
OLDSMOBILE 98 1995 Wheel Bearing, Right Front hub, left front hub and bearing failed. nlm
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 Upon Check-up Mechanic Noticed That rods and bushings for sway bar were never installed.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 Suspension Malfunction Causing The Vehicle to vibrate at speeds over 45 mph and vehicle is consistantly out of alignment.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Transmission Failure; Also, anti-lock brake sensors/front whel bearings/battery/alternator/power door locks malfunctioned and molding on top of windshield came loose. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 9999 Oldsmobile Intrigue. Consumer States several problems with vehicle to include burning oil *tgw the consumer stated the vehicle doesn't leak oil, but
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1991 oldsmobile cutlass ciera. the contact took his vehicle to be inspected by a dealer because he was experiencing
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 Transmission Failure-three Times In As many years also electrical problems with rear lights and also intake manifold leaking. both window switches failed. passenger
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 I Was Just Informed That i will need a new wheel bearing. this is the third one in the past 5 years. what
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 oldsmobile silhouette. the contact stated that the vehicle makes a clunking noise when the brakes are applied.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Front Wheel Hubs. I purchased this car new in 2001 and had to replace the front hub and bearing 3 times. the
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2004 Front Bearing Hubs Failure. front suspension failure, front break system failure. *tr
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2003 2003 Olds Alero. at 35k miles, both front wheel bearings failed. upon taking it to the dealership for work,
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2002 Last Year I Had A rubbing type sound coming from my front end, upon taking it to tuffy i learned that i needed a
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2004 When My Vehicle Reached 49, 000 miles i had to have the front wheel bearings and brakes replaced. my car is now at
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 Our 2001 Oldsmobile Silhouette Has had numerous issues. the issues are placed in a close chronological order. all events have occurred
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 I Purchased A 2000 Oldsmobile alero in june of 2002, since the purchase i have had nothing but mechanical issues. the first
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2003 At About 43,000 Miles my 2003 olds alero began experiencing grinding or humming noises from the front end that got louder with acceleration.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Dt*: The Contact Stated The front wheel bearings were defective. the bearings failed every 15,000-20,000 miles. there was a
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1999 On 11 Apr 2005, i purchased a 1999 oldsmobile bravada from a nh dealer, with approx. 74000 miles on it. within
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Front Tire Area Was Making lots of noise. took it to dealer for service to check it out - thought it might be
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2003 Dt: The Right Passenger Side wheel bearing failed. there were only 37,811 miles on the car when it failed. the vehicle
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2002 Dt: Without Warning Caller Hears a noise ,and at the same time, the bell sounds , and the dash lights come on.
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2002 Awd Disable And Abs Lights illuminated. right front wheel bearing and hub assembly failed and were replaced.*ak
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2002 Awd Disable And Abs Lights illuminated. right front wheel bearing and hub assembly failed and were replaced.*ak
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2002 Awd Disable And Abs Lights illuminated. left front wheel bearing and hub assembly failed and was replaced.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 About 2 1/2 Years Ago i had to replace both front wheel bearing hubs. on 12/29/04 i had to have the right bearing hub
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 2000 The Wheel Bearing On Both the front left side right broke twice and the right side once. the first incident , i
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Consumer Complained That Front wheel bearing had to be replaced three times with less then 59,000 miles on vehicle. dealer
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2002 While The Vehicle Was Getting the tires rotated mechanic informed the consumer that both rear wheel bearings needed to be replaced. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2001 Vin: [xxx] Both Driver And passenger side wheel/hub bearing assemblies, very expensive parts, failed at 64k miles and 69k miles respectively.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 While Driving. The Right front wheel bearing assembly made an excessive amount of noise. the consumer took the vehicle to the dealership,
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 The Brake Light Kept Coming on. after having the brakes serviced the brake fluid remained low. then ,the rotors
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Brakes Have Been Pulsing A lot to the point that the car does not break well. took it in to have it fixed
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Intermittently There Is Vibration And grinding sound in the front end of the vehicle. dealer examined the vehicle and found that the wheel
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 While Driving At Any Speed consumer heard a rattling sound coming from the front end of the vehicle. dealer examined the vehicle and
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 At Low Speeds It is difficult to make left hand turns. dealer determined the bearings malfunctioned. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 While Driving Noise Was heard coming from driver's side wheel. consumer took vehicle to the dealer for analysis, and
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Replaced The Front Drivers Side wheel bearing in june of 2002. wheel bearing is going out again and needs to be replaced after
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Technician Replaced Front Wheel Bearing, rotors and pads. consumer was surprised that she had to replace the wheel bearing.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Bad Vibration At Highway Speeds. had wheels aligned,tires balanced, tie rods ,both front axles, both front bearings, front disc brakes(rotors
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 We Have Replaced Both Front wheel bearings, and i think this might be a defective product. *jb
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 The Bearings On The Counter balance shaft went bad, causing a knocking noise. ts *jg

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