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Oldsmobile Service Brakes, Hydraulic Foundation Components Disc Reports

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OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 The Rear Disc Brakes Are corroded and caused the front brakes to wear out rapidly and have complete jobs done. please describe.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 The Rear Disc Brakes Are rusting and now they will not stop the car at all. please describe.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 The Rear Disk Brake Fell, had them fixed twice but the same problem is still there. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes Which caused reduction in braking pe94-063. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 There Is Rear Brake Failure sometimes it locks up will not release fully have disc brake . tt rear brake calipers have
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Abs Braking Problems. tt front inside brake pads disintegrated destroying brake surface, low brake pad indicators were not in contact with
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Rear Disc Brake Showing Corrosion after examined by smith auth sales gm. please describe details. tt
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Consumer Was Driving And Went to apply the brakes went to the floor there were no brakes have disc brake took to dealer couldn't find
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 Front Brakes Wearing Fast. tt
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1989 All Brakes Replaced Within 70, 000 miles; wear out prematurely; take lot of foot pressure to pedal to stop vehicle. please provide
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 The Front Brake Had To be replace the third time wear out at 15,000 miles . tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Brakes Will Drag Or Severe noise when applied. please describe details. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Frontal Collision, Impact 12:00, speed 50mph, experienced loss of front brake effectiveness , pe94-063 active. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Replaced Front Brakes. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 The Rear Disc Brakes Are completely corroded and do not work at all. please explain. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes, partial loss of braking. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes/excessive Wear of front brake rotors/pads. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Corroded Rear Disc, Causes excessive wear on front brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Rear Disc Brakes Are Not working. please explain. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Corroded Disc Brakes Causes Lack of brake reduction when applied. please describe details. tt
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1994 Consumer Is Having Rear Disc brake problem it making noise. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Rear Disc Brakes Corroded And deteriorated. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Consumer Was Driving Try To stop car wouldn't stop hit a truck this is disc brake. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Rear Brakes Corroded To The point of nonfunctioning, causing wear to ft brakes, replace both ft and rear brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes, rebuilt calipers, install new pads. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Rear Disc Brakes Lockup, replace left rear brake pad/rotor 5 times. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Vehicle Had Rear Disc Brake corrosion.(pe94-063). tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Front Rotors Warped/rear Calipers Seized. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Rear Disc Brakes Corroded Prematurely. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 The Rear Disc Brake Was corroded. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Corroded Rear Disc Brake Of rear,and dragging of the disc pads, front brake failure extended stopping distance, pe94-063 active. tt
OLDSMOBILE CALAIS 1990 Front Brakes Pulsate When Stopping. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Consumer Is Having Problem With both front ,rear disc brake. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Warped Rear Brake Rotors, causing vibration when brakes applied, also replaced front brake pads. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Had Problem With Corroded Rear disc brakes and calipers, also replaced rear brake rotors/pads. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Rear Disc Brakes Do Not work/front brakes lock up on ice or slippery conditions, causing vehicle to skid. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Corroded Disc Brakes Causing Lack of brake reduction when applied. previously repaired. please describe deails. identify components replaced. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Experience Long Stopping Distance, replace pad 5 time and 1 set of rotors on frt brake system. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Brake Failure,front Brake Calipers and rotors, and hoses, and rear corrosion of calipers and disc rotors and pads. tt
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1994 The Front Disc Brake Has 24,000 miles replace brake four time. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Rear Disc Brake Corrosion. please explain. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Rear Disc Brake Corrosion Due to a defective seal. tt |
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Excessive Wear Of Front Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Corroded Disc Brakes, Excessive wear of front brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Corroded Rear Disc Brakes. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Rear Disc Brake Corrosion, resulting in freeze up, replace rear brake system. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Brake Failure, Rear Brakes lockup and replace rotors and pads and slide kit, pe94-063 active. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 Abs, Brakes Failure, in for repair, replacement of disc pads and rotors on vehicle on front and rear pe94-063 active.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Rear Disc Brakes Wear Excessively due to lock up of braking mechanisms. tt
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 There Was A grinding noise coming from front brakes. at highway speeds over 60, there was a lot
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Braking At Any Speed vehicle vibrates violently. dealer has examined vehicle three times. dealer turned the
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Applying Brakes vehicle shakes and vibrates. brake rotors/ pads are defective. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 Consumer Was Traveling On highway went to apply brakes and pedal went all the way down to floor.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1996 There Is A Very intense grinding noise when using brakes and, sometimes brakes stick.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Vehicle Keeps Shaking Whenever Applying brakes at speeds above 30 mph. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Brake System Makes A grinding noise when brakes are applied at low speeds. there is also a vibration in brakes
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Premature Wear Of Brake Pads and rotors. dealer has put 6 sets of pads and rotors on vehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Brakes Were Making Grinding Sound. dealer replaced front brake pads. but, grinding sound still coming from rear brakes. rotors
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Every 4000-6000 Miles Rotors And brake pads need to be replaced. in wet conditions braking distance has increased. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Grindung Noises Comes from brakes, and pedal will from time to time kick back when ever stepping on brakes.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1990 While Driving About Any Speed could step on the brakes pedal, then when let go, caliper will not release like it suppose to.
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1998 Defective Front Rotors,causing Vehicle to vibrate, and extended stopping distance. only occurred at high speed of 50 mph. vehicle
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1996 Vehicle Was Taken To The shop to be checked for brake problem, brakes were making a loud sqeaking noise. at that time
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 When Exiting A Ramp And applying brakes extreme vibration occurs, causing entire vehicle to shake. dealer cannot identify the problem.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Applying Brakes Consumer Will feel a vibration, and wheel will shimmy and rattle. consumer took vehicle into dealer at 3,600
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Braking System Malfunctioned, Causing brake pads/ rotors and calipers, that need to be changed frequently, to result in extended stopping
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1996 When Brakes Were Applied They would squeak. dealer has replaced the pads and the rotors.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Consumer Was Traveling About 65mph on the highway and upon applying brakes, vehicle continuously vibrated and trembled. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Ongoing Problem With Excessive Wear of pads and rotors as of 8,000 miles. dealer replaced front pads, and turned the rotors.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Independent Repair Shop Informed Consumer that vehicle had no airbags while repairing harness wiring, leading into steering wheel. also, excessive wear
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Consumer Has Had Problem With vehicle since purchasing it on 12-17-1998. different brake pads & rotors have been changed to the extreme.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Transmission Was Slipping & eventually stopped & wouldn't go in reverse. dealer put new transmission in on 04-17- 2000, it
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 When Consumer Applies brakes vehicle pulsates/vibrates and then veers to the right.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 At Any Time When depressing the brakes vehicle would vibrate. dealer has been contacted. please provide further information. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Consumer Took Vehiicle to the dealership for a check up. calipers were binding. they replaced the sleeves on the rear
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 Rear Brakes Malfunctioned Due to lack of adjusters,causing more wear and tear on the front brakes and extended stopping distance which may
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 Front Brakes Were Wearing On the rotors & pads. was no prior warning. first time happend on 3/13/98/16,000miles.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 When Traveling And Upon Attempting to make a normal stop, a great amount of force is applied to the brake pedal in order
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1995 Faulty Pads And Rotors; vehicle has been experiencing ongoing problem with pads/ rotors replacement on three occasions; 1st. at 8000
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 Received Recall Notice #97v05900 for under hood fuse. contacted dealer, who in turn, contacted manufacturer. was informed no recall for
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1997 Rear Brakes Malfunctioned Due to a design flaw, resulting in extended stopping distance. also dealer replaced brake calipers/pads and rotors,
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1989 Rear Disc Brake Mounts Broke, causing the calipers to leak brake fluid . consumer has contacted the dealer. pleas provide any further
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Front Left Brakes Are Prematurely wearing out, cause unknown. dealer cannot identify the problem. please give any further details.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 Rear Brake Calipers Freeze Up, and the rear brake rotors consistently need resurfacing or replacing. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 When The The Brakes Are applied the vehicle vibrates and shakes . rotors were rotated and replaced. later they changed the rear hubs,
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1991 Consumer Replaced Brake Pads/rotors; turned master cylinder, and brakes were all replaced. when consumer applied brakes there was loud grinding noise.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Consumer Called Complaining About Having problems with brakes and rotors. also stated that the brakes keep on failing on the vehicle. dealer was
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 Consumer States That When The brakes are applied there is a virbration and a metal to metal noise coming from the front end of the
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 About Every 12000 Miles Consumer has to have the brake pads or rotors replaced due to unusal wear in either part. contacted
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 Left Front Rotors And Pads are wearing excessively, causes grinding and vibration when brakes are applied. dealer contacted. feel free to
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 When Applying Brakes At 40 mph and higher there is vibration. vehicle has been taken to dealer 4-5 times, no problem was found.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Drivng At 60-65mph And brakes are applied vehicle vibrates, almost causing loss of control. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Braking Is Not Working Properly, pads and calipers will easily wear down and there is a grinding nosie at low speeds, consumer has
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 There Was Grinding Noise in front of vehicle. took vehicle to dealer, and they replaced front brakes. please provide
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Consumer States Vehicle Would Vibrate and the front wheels would grind when brake are applyed, dealer notified and replace the front rotors
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 There Is Pulsation When Applying brakes, front rotors have been replaced 4 times due to being warped.*jbconsumer is logging this complaint because practically
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Coming To A Stop brakes pulsate. took vehicle to a mechanic, and they took off front drivers side wheel and
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Consumer Has Replaced front brake system about 6 times. mechanic stated there was a service bulletin. however, has not
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1990 While Driving Rear Disc brake on one side sticks on rotor. had to replace cylinder. problem has not been remedied as
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 Three Sets Of Brake Pads and one set of rotors were replaced within 16,000 miles of wear. dealer notified. feel free
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Traveling At High Speeds front end vibrates violently. dealer has been contacted. *ak dealer states because of vibration the rotors
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Brakes Would Make A Grinding noise when braking or turning. took vehicle to dealer, and they stated that wheels were too big for
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Applying Brakes vehicle will vibrate throughout steering. dealership is aware of problem.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Steering Wheel Wobbles At Various speeds when brakes are applied. dealer has inspected and repaired vehicle four times; however, problem still exists.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1996 Consumer Stated The Fuel Sending unit was leaking fuel, vehicle was taken to auto tech where they verified the problem (pinpoint holes in sending
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Right Front Wheel Still Making noise. vehicle taken to the dealer and had front rotors replaced twice, and front brake pads replaced
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 When Applying Brakes At Any speed there is a very strong vibration, took vehicle to dealer, and they machined and cut the rotors,
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2000 When Driving On Wet Pavement and when attempting to stop, consumer applied brake pedal and brakes failed to respond, causing extended stopping
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Consumer Stated The Abs Rotors were making a grinding noise although rotors and the pads were still new, dealer replaced rotors and pads,
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1994 Brake Pads/ Rotors Failed.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1996 Front Disc Brake Pads Wore out prematurely.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 The Car Has Worn Out two set of brake pads in 30000 miles, two set of rotors, and one set of callipers.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Caliper Made Out Of Aluminum will not release when applied. i have purchased several new brake pads and 2 sets of rotors before
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors Are Too Thin To handle heat genarated by disc pads,resulting in out of round condition. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Our 2000 Alero Was taken to the dealership because there was a squealing and grinding noise with the brakes. after being looked
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 I Have Taken The Vehical to be fixed under warranty 3 time starting in july 2000, sept 2001 at the same dealership (schaumburg olds)
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 I Have Heard Through News 8 in grand rapids that alero's and grand am's have a problem with their braking system. i have pulsuing
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 I Have Been Having Brake problems for the last year and a half. the brakes pulsate under any braking conditions ,but at speeds
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 I Have Been Having Brake problems for the last year and a half. the brakes pulsate under any braking conditions ,but at speeds
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 In Order To Keep The car stopped, it was necessary to apply an excessive amount of pressure to the brake pedal. there
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Severe Pulsation In Steering Column when applying the brakes, especially on the front driver side. front pads and rotors were replaced per
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Brakes Pulsate During Light Braking. car shakes badly. warping sound can be louldly heard from front of vehicle in any wet conditions.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 Both Rear Calipers Seized And both rear rotors had deteriorated metal. front rotors deteriorated inside. cost to repair is in excess of $700.
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 I've Had Brakes Fixed, and have replaced the tires twice! the back-end keeps making noise every time you change the gear from park
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 The Rear Brakes Are Insufficiently proportioned to the front causing the front tires to loose traction easily under moderate braking. there is a
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 I Have Had A Lot of problems with the rear disc brakes equipped on my cutlass supreme. there was a class action suit against
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1997 Complete Brake System Had To be replaced , rotars, pads, shoes, etc. *ak
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1998 There Have Been Three Major failures. front brake pads and rotors have been replaced twice already, and now the front rotors are
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Will Someone Have To Die before gmc takes care of this problem. no safety defect stated.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors Refaced And Pads Replaced with only 22500 miles on vehicle (all at my expense). i find it very odd that rotors have to
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 I Have Had This Car in for service of the brakes going on 10 times. each time they have either resurfaced or replaced
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 Vehicle Purchased Used From Dealer, has been in for service four other times,differant problems,brakes suddenly started to cause vibration when braking,abs is
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1998 The Front-passenger Side Brake Pads are wearing unevenly. the outside brake pad has worn down to the squealer while the inside brake pad
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 I Had The Car Into the dealer three times prior to the warranty expiration with complaints about the brakes. my concern was that
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors And Pads Replaced 5 times, please recall. also, front wheel bearings wore out causing excessive tire wear and vague steering feel.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 This Is Actually Wife's Leased car (carol j. nartker). prior brake failure, on file. no problem source ever determined for that,
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1989 Brakes Lock When Wet, even after new brakes and master cyclinder installed , doing it since the car was new and bought by
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 I Bought This Car Brand new and at present i have 38,320 original miles on. no safety defect mentioned in summary. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Brakes Warped For The Second time this time dealer replaced both rotors and pads and said thay had a bullitin 00-05-23-002 the rotors
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1998 My Leased 1998 Bravada Which i acquired in 10/00, used, began indicating brake pad wear and need for replacement in late april 2001.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 I Have A Clunking, scratching noise from the front end but i noticed a grinding or squeezy sound when braking. i was told
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Brakes Failed With No Warning. going down hill when front pads gave out and assembly dug into rotors. required replacement of pads,
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Brake Rotors Warp Every 15k miles. rotors turned and pads replaced twice at owners expense. rotors and pads will need replacement next service.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Car Consistently Wobbles While Driving. dealer replaced struts, rotors and brake pads. problem still exists. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Brake Rotors Have Warped And needed to be replaced 3 times before the car had 47000 miles. an upgrade of the equipment was
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Rotors Grounded And Pads Sanded at our expense. brakes had to be hammered on to stop. vehicle always feel like when you just
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Have Seen Many Postings About rotors warping every 10 to15,000 with both autobahn and standard (mine) on 1998 intrigues. seems everyone gets
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors And Pads Replaced For warping every 5000 miles or so.have had many other items repaired on this vehicle*ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Rear Brakes Do Not Perform like they are intended which makes this vehicle unsafe at speeds as slow as 25 mph. when the driver
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Rotors And Pads Needed To be replaced for a second time 11/13/00 at 11340 miles. first replaced 07/10/00 at 8500 miles.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 This Vehicle's Brakes On Front heat up turn rotor's blue and warp them....we as of 10/2000 have had 2 new set's
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Engine Stalls While Driving - happened on highway, side roads, all speeds. no warning. car may or may not be restartable.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 Why The Noise When Brakes are applied at slow speed and while backing?
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 This Has Been A Continuning problem and the gm has told me it is my problem. it has been all 4 brakes.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1997 Brakes Puslate; Returned To dealer.front disk resurfaced. ok for a month puslating started again.returned again, rear discs resurfed. i
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 The Front End Started To shake violently when braking at speeds starting at 65-70 mph. the dealer fixed the problem the first time replacing
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 I Have Had Many Premature failures in the 9 years i have owned this vehicle of the calipers, rotors and pads on all 4
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Brake Rotors Warped @ 25, 000 miles - fixed @ 30,000 miles. rotors warped again @40,000 miles - not yet fixed.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 I Have A Record Of all the repairs, dates and millage. i have found many people on the internet with the same
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 The Steering Rack And Pinon has been replaced 3 times within 20,414 miles , last replaced at 20,414 miles, my warranty
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1997 Tried To Contact Service Manager at dealership but would not return calls. no safety defect listed in summary.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 I Have Brought This Car back to the dealership five times. the first three times they fixed the rotors which were out of
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Purchased Car In January Of 1997 and need to change calipers, rotors, and pads approx. every 15,000 i was told that
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Extreme Pulsation When Braking - steering wheel and brake pedal are difficult to control. the dealer has tried replacing the brake pads,
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1998 Front Brake Discs Were Apparently of inferior quality. dealer told me they needed to be replaced at 32,632 miles. the vehicle throbs
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 I Have E-mailed Oldsmobile And they have referred me back to burne oldsmobile. it is a government owned vehicle that is used as
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1997 See: Assembly Description. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 The Rear Calipers Have Locked up several times. they have both been replaced several times. the brakes go on fine,
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1994 Wiper Swicth Smoked - Replaced - now wipers come on when using turn signal/ abs brakes lock at low speed while turning on bumpy road/
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1995 Front Brake Rotors Are Defective. oldsmobile failed to engineer sufficient durability in the metal alloys to prevent heat from warping the rotors during normal
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 Excessive Brake Wear Replaced 3 x in 16 months
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 This Car Has Had Thirteen garage visits under warranty so far to either diagnose problems or correct problems. tomorrow, it will have
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1994 This Is The 4th Failure of the front pads. this last failure took place after only ten months of service. the
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Seven Incidents Of Disc Brake failure. reported to dealer. fixed several times, but still fails. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 This Vehicle Constantly Hesitates, misfires,and today it backfired for the first time. when you turn off the car you can smell a
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1998 Brakes Failed. Caliper Had internal seal failure. managed to stop without hitting anyone/anything. towed to dealership. replaced faulty caliper.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 Brakes Are Unreliable. Pads have replaced three times and rear rotors twice. front rotors will need to be replaced within 3000 miles.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1997 Brakes Pulsate, Rotors Resurfaced twice already. brakes squeak even after being resurfaced.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 Front Brake Failure. *aw
OLDSMOBILE 98 1998 Consumer States Vehicle Is Shimmying when brakes are applied, dealer has completed a brake job, turned front brake rotors, replaced front brake
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Consumer Stated The Vehicle Would shake through the steering when the brakes were being applied, the front rotors have been replaced 5 times and
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 The Front Brakes And Rotors were replaced due to vibration problems. *mjs
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1994 Front Brake Disk Failed.
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1996 Uneven Wear/warping Front Brake Pads/rotors.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1996 Rear Brake Pads Failed And resurfaced all four rotors.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1996 Abs Brakes Failed. Also replaced front brake rotors/calipers and engine fan belt. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Left Rear Abs Brakes Locke dup six times. also replaced calipers/pads and rotors. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1996 Complete Abs Brake Failure. also replaced front brake pads and deglazed rotors. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Rear Brakes Failed, Causing excessive wear to front brakes.

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