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Oldsmobile Engine And Engine Cooling Engine Gasoline Reports

Wednesday 23rd of September 2015 08:24:10 PM

OLDSMOBILE 88 1988 Vehicle Started To Loose Power, rainy weather lifted hood and the engine compartment caught on fire.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1993 Driving Vehicle, Decided To stop at motel, returned from motel, noticed vehicle smoking, minutes later flames engulfed front of vehicle.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 While Driving Home Auto Caught on fire and totaled auto, no one was seriously injured.
OLDSMOBILE CALAIS 1987 While Driving, The Engine caught fire. please describe. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1987 The Engine Stalls/hesitation/stumble/stop. tt
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 While Sitting Idling Auto Engine burst into flames and burned completely up. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 The Oil Pump Broke And caused the engine to be replaced. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 Consumer Parked Car In A parking lot and caught on fire from the engine . tt consumer states while pulling into a
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 Engine Fell Out While Driving. tt
OLDSMOBILE SUPREME 1990 Car Was Parked And Ignition turned off, there was an engine fire, vehicle was totalled. tt tt
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 Vehicle Had A Fire That started in engine. tt
OLDSMOBILE CALAIS 1990 At 47,000 Miles The whole engine blew. tt
OLDSMOBILE 98 1989 When Car Is Warm And at stop light car make noise. tt
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1987 At 30,000 Miles Vehicle needs a new engine. tt consumer states steering rack was replaced.*jb
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Front Engine Burst Into Flames and the drivers seat belt would not open right away, with excessive force the driver managed to get loose
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 Defective Engine Had Stalling Problems replace alternator and caught on fire. customer states hears a banging noise when steps on brakes intermittently, front
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 The Front Brakes And Rotors have been replaced twice. the brakes are vibrating again when you try to stop at a higher rate
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1994 During Rainy Weather The Serpentine drive belt gets wet and slip, slippage results in loss of power acceleration and makes car prone to rear
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 When Slowing Down Or Coming to a stop vehicle is not able to accelerate at a correct speed. when slowing down vehicle will shut
OLDSMOBILE 88 1999 While Traveling At Highway speeds vehicle will lose all power and steering and brakes get hard. consumer was almost rear ended because
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Vehicle Stalls Intermittently When Applying brakes, dealer has serviced vehicle and replaced valves in the exhaust, however problem reoccurred.*ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 While Traveling At Any Speed engine will stall without warning, causing a loss of brake and steering control. dealership has examined
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Intermittently Vehicle Will Stall out and die without warning. dealer has inspected vehicle and replaced various components. however, problem
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 When Driving Over A Bump in the road vehicle stalled. this has happenedon three occasions. dry conditions, no prior warning.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1999 Vehicle Caught On Fire. dealer has been contacted for this problem, and discovered a mouse has built a nest in engine compartment.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 While Traveling 55mph On highway without prior warning consumer began to experience engine failure. after vehicle was taken to an out of state
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Intermittently, Vehicle Shutters When coming to a stop, turning corners, and starting up. its getting worse. dealer was notified,
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 At Night While Driving At 60mph vehicle lost all power and stalled without prior warning. consumer was able to restart vehicle immediately after.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Engine Intemittently Stalls. dealership has examined vehicle and was unable to reproduce problem or determine a cause. please provide any
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 Consumer Was Driving 20 Mph when engine stalled in middle of highway. vehicle setfor awhile and it restarted. also,
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Vehicle Was Taken In For an oil change, and mechanic noticed a leak.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 While Traveling At Highway Speed of 60 mph vehicle shutdown without warning. vehicle was almost involved in a rear end crash, due to
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 Half Of The Time Car stalls at lights, and when slowing down at turns. consumer is afraid of being hit in
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 Vehicle Experienced A Back Fire while driving and causing an engine compartment fire. dealer / manufacturer were not notifed at this time.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 While Traveling 10-15 Mph and after coming to a stop vehicle would intermittently stall. soon after vehicle restarted. please provide
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Vehicle Stalls When Driving At highway speeds intermittently . there is no prior warning. vehicle will restart again, but eventually it will
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Engine Is Consuming 1 1/2 quarts of oil every 3,000 miles. dealership informed consumer that oil consumption is acceptable up to 2
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Consumer Was Traveling Up A hill and transmission started slipping, vehicle had white smoke coming from rear. consumer pulled over
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 Intermittently Vehicle Will Stall Out at 15mph and lower. dealer has inspected and repaired vehicle; however , problem still exists.*ak
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1994 While Vehicle Was Being Driven a fire started in engine compartment, cause unknown. please give any further details.
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1992 After Driving Could Stop And engine will stall without a prior warning. engine will not start until consumer will let
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1992 Was Traveliing About 55mph On highway and heard a clunking noise. vehicle began to smoke,and lost power.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Vehicle Has Stalled Numerous Times, always at slow speeds. dealer could not find cause of problem. *ak after the
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Check Engine Light Illuminated And vehicle had stalled and would not start, dealer stated the problem was with emissions and that the gas cap
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 Engine Block Has Prematurely Cracked. *ak the consumer believes the engine block should never crack. *yh
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 While Drinving At Highway Speeds engine will suddenly die. this has happened several times. dealer has been contacted.*ak
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1997 Stalled In The Cold Weather and backfired. oil pressure when tested went to 210psi. dealership wasn't aware
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 While Driving Vehicle Just Stopped, and all power was lost. as soon as vehicle was taken out of drive and put into park,
OLDSMOBILE CALAIS 1989 Consumer Was Traveling About 35mph on a street approaching a stop light, rough idle/ vehicle ran hot, and turned off without prior
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1999 Vehicle Experiencing A Problem With complete lost of power intermittently on three occasion, this problem can lead into a vehicle crash. delaer notified
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 While Driving 5mph Over Speed bumps in an apartment complex engine & transmission had fallen out. transmission was a replacement for the original that
OLDSMOBILE 88 1994 Vehicle Will Shut Down Unexpectedly and without prior warning. intermittently vehicle will crank back up immediately, but there were times that it
OLDSMOBILE 98 1993 Gas Gauge Does Not Read correctly. when vehicle gets to about a quarter of tank it cuts off at any stop.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 While Drivng About 10-15 Mph, driver hit a pothole and vehicle just shut off. this also happened on july 10th, after
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Driving At Highway Speeds vehicle suddenly shutdown, causing loss of all power. this happened 2 to 3 times a day erratically.
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1996 When Driving At Any Speed and without prior warning vehicle will cut off and come to a dead stop. consumer has contacted dealer,
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Driving And Without Warning vehicle will completely shutdown, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 While Driving Vehicle Just Died without any kind of warning. manufacturer has been notified about the probem. vehicle was serviced for
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 Ongoing Problem With Intermittent Engine stalling. also, abs light came on and off, indicating brake failure. vehicle was involved
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1996 Oil Level Indicator Light Stays illuminated while the vehicle is in motion, and occasionally vehicle leaks oil. dealer has changed
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1999 When Driving Through A small puddle of water, water was stacked up through the air hoses, which caused the engine to
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1988 While Driving Vehicle Would Just go dead. once going down a hill power went out and there were no brakes. but
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS CRUISER 9999 While Driving Down The Road vehicle suddenly cuts off, no warning. contacted dealer, and he was not able to find anything
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1988 Driver's Side Door Is Hanging and the hinges are rusted. this failure was recalled a number of years ago, brought in to
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1999 While Driving Vehicle Stalled and died. dealer is inspecting the vehicle. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1998 When Driving At Any Speed ehicle will cut off without prior warning. consumer contacted the dealer. dealer has replaced the fuel pump
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 While Driving At Any speed vehicle would cut off for no apparent reason. this would happen without any type of warning. vehicle
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 While Traveling At Low Speed vehicle stalled without any indicationtons. please provide further informaton. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1994 Engine Will Stall While Vehicle is in motion intermittently and without warning. dealer cannot determine cause. *ak
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1998 Ongoing / Intermittent Problem With vehicle stalling. whenever vehicle comes to a slowdown speed or stop position it would shut off.almost resulted
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1999 While Driving At Highway Speeds vehicle hesiates/revs up and stalls unexpectedly which may cause a crash. please provide further information.
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1995 Excessive Engine Pressure, Causing the gaskets to blow and oil spillage. dealer has been notified. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 At Various Speeds Engine Will shut down completely/stall intermittently, causing a possible safety hazard. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Since September 18th The Vehicle has stalled 9 times for no reason. this happened while driivng at any speed and pulling off after a
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Driving On The Highway at approximately 30mph vehicle stalled/shut off. this was the third time this has happened.
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1987 When Driving At Any Speed the vehicle stalls, consumer has to put the vehicle into neutral.*ak consumer has had numerous parts replaced
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 Intermittently While Driving Vehicle cut off for no apparent reason. after vehicle sat for about 10-15 minutes, it restarted.
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1992 Transmission Will Not Shift Out of 1st gear. vehicle would not go beyond 15mph. been to dealer, and told consumer transmission
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 When Driving At Any Speed vehicle hesitated upon accelerating from a stop. also, there was a clicking and banging
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 When Driving At Any Speed andwithout prior warning, vehicle kept cutting off. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1994 Randomly Engine Cut Off. dealer was contacted,and major repairs were made. yet, vehicle still has same problem.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 While Driving Vehicle Just Stalls , and there is a loss of power steering and power brakes. dlr can't find a reason for
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 When Driving At Any Speed and coming to a stop vehicle shuts down without any prior warning. also, and electrical locks keep
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1996 Engine Will Stall Or Quit while vehicle is running without any warning. dealer cannot dulpicate defect. *ak
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1994 Ongoing/intermittent Problem With Engine Stalling while driving. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop on three occasions, and problem still occurs. manufacturer notified.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 Vehicle Experiencing Ongoing Problems With the following: 1. engine stalling intermittently while driving and when accelerator pedal is pressed; 2. turn
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 While Driving About 35 Mph engine check light came on and then vehicle stalled, resulting in loss of control and a collision.
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 When Driving At Any Speed the vehicle stalls and cuts off, and sometimes vehicle would start backing up. *ak
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 The Vehicle Cuts Off At random times. has to sit for awhile to be started again. sometimes it will cut off again after
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1993 The Car Starts Intermittently. sometimes it has to sit for awhile and then start up later. dealer cant find the solution.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Water Is Getting Into The vehicle, and consumer can't find where the water is coming from. also, when using the
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Starting The Vehicle Up, a fire broke out in the engine compartment. cause unknown. please provide further information.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Recall # 97v058000 Gm/rear Cradle bolts; vehicle serviced under recall in july of 1998. while driving about 3 mph and coming out of
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1997 The Vehicle Experiences Internal Problems. please provide further information. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Power Steering Hoses And Pumps have on three occasions had problems about one month apart.the hose and pump were replaced, and problem still
OLDSMOBILE 88 1994 Vehicle Was Parked Outside And another consumer saw smoke and flames coming out of the engine, vehicle was on fire. the fire
OLDSMOBILE TOURING SEDAN 1989 Vehicle Stalled In Traffic/cut Off and lost power. vehicle is running rough when driving. have to keep feet on the
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 While Driving At 40 Mph the vehicle will stall unexpectedly which may of result in an accident. been to dlr 3 times.
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 While Driving On Wet Pavement water got into the engine compartment though the air cleaner system, causing the vehicle to stall on the
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 While Driving The Vehicle Started to smoke in the driver's side of the engine,blew up and caught on fire. appraiser claims the
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 Intermittently While Driving The Vehicle will stall, almost resulting an accident. cause unknown. dealer cannot determine problem.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Driving At 70mph The engine cuts off, losing brake power. steering and instrument panel. dealer has vehicle currently. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Driving At Any Rate of speed the vehicle will completely shut down, cause unknown. please give any further details. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1984 The Vehicle's Speed Reduced When the engine caught on fire. dealer has not seen. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1997 While Driving, Engine Shut down, causing vehicle to stall. please provide details.*ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1992 While Driving Engine Dies out for no reason. cause unknown. please provide further deatils. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1994 At High Speeds The vehicle shuts down with no warning. dealer notified. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 While Traveling The Vehicle stalls without indications. consumer has contacted dealer. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1995 Was Coming Off A Ramp at about 30 mph when a defect in engine caused loss of power and steering. consumer went to
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1996 When Driving The Vehicle Down the highway at any given speed the engine shuts off and have to coast to the side of the
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 When Traveling At 5o Mph the vehicle will cut off without prior warning, causing loss of power steering and loss of control.
OLDSMOBILE 98 1995 Qwhile Driving The Vehicle Loses total power. there is no indication that the vehicle is going to lose power. the dealer has
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1997 While Driving At Approx 30-35 mph coming off exit ramp started slowing down , applied brakes ,no brakes, no steering ,loss
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1995 While Driving Vehicle Shut Off, losing total power. the dealer repalced the fuel pump in vehicle. owner was driving after the replacement
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 Engine: Driving Approximately 15 Mph when there was loss of power steering and brake failure.engine had cut off in line of traffic without
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1995 Vehicle Developed A Hesitation. the vehicle hesitates for 4-5 seconds erratically. dealer has been trying to repair the problem. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1996 When Traveling About 50 To 60 mph the dashlight came on, the vehicle stalled and cut off. consumer has contacted the dealer,
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1995 While Driving At Or About 40 mph the vehicle cuts off . vehicle has been to dealer for repair. the dealer
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Driving Vehicle, Coming To toll booth 300 ft away; grayish smoke came from under hood. other people noticed heavy black smoke.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Driving Cty Rd & Vehicle stalled; had problem restarting; worked fine next day; happened again & almost was rearended; had towed
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 While Driving Flames Were Shooting from the hood. brakes gave on vehicle. fire department said that a gas line broke. manufacturer
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 When Trying To Pass Another vehicle, the vehicle's engine shut down and then restarted on its own. *ak the
OLDSMOBILE 88 1995 While Driving At Any Speed, the vehicle engine shuts down, causing the vehicle to stall. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1992 Vehicle Was In Motion, it started to make noise, occupants exited the vehicle and soon after it caught on fire.
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1984 Owner States While Driving Vehicle slams into a stop and that it feels like it's going into park, dealers are unable to
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Engine Stalls Intermittently. Dealer has been unable to fix problem. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1990 At Times The Vehicle Seems like it doesn't want to start, it floads because there is too much gas.*ak *jb
OLDSMOBILE 88 1993 While Driving Vehicle On Highway driver noticed smoke coming from engine, when owner pulled vehicle over the engine burst into flames , the
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 Car Burned To Much Oil, took to dealer the first time there was a transmission problem, still having the problem,
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Was Driving Saw Smoke And vehicle caught on fire. please describe . *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 The Car Stalls And Stops and the power steering goes out while in operation because of the fuel injector. *ak *jb
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 Stalls When Making Turns And mid-turns and loses control because the enginge locks. please describe in detail. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2001 While Driving Vehicle Will Stall without warning. consumer had vehicle serviced several times for this problem. the cause is still unknown,
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1996 Vehicle Will Stall Out While coasting or coming to a complete stop. dealership cannot fix problem, cause they cannot duplicate
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 2001 While Merging Onto The Freeway at 65 mph, the engine shut off leaving the power off. vehicle difficult to steer.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1996 While Driving Vehicle Will Just stall out without warning. have no steering or brake power. contacted dealer. cannot locate cause of problem.
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1994 Engine Stalling While Driving At multiple speed. vehicle been at the dealer on two occasions, and at a repair shop on three occasions,
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2000 At Any Speed The Vehicle will shut off and will lose all power until the vehicle is towed to a shop. contacted dealer
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Fuel Sending Unit Was Not registering the proper amount of fuel, and vehicle cut off while driving on highway. dealer notified. feel
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 Vehicle Has Shutdown On Three separate occasions at multiple speed. vehicle been to the dealer, and problem has reoccurred. feel
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Vehicle Will Shut Off At any speed/ at any time, and without any warning to consumer. contacted dealer, and the dealer can
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Engine And Other Parts Were replaced on april 3rd 2002. vehicle takes 3-4 tries before starting. all communication lights illuminated on dashboard
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Vehicle Stalls At Any Time/any speed. vehicle has been taken to dealer numerous times, fuel tank assembly was replaced, it did not
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Engine Stalling At Multiple Speed, vehicle been to dealer on two occasions, but problem reoccurring. feel free to provide any further
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 Vehicle Would Shutdown At Multiple speed intermittently while driving. vehicle been to the dealer on four occasions, and was unable to duplicate the
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1996 Consumer States That The Recall done on the vehicle did fix the problem with the vehicle it caught on fire. contacted dealer and the
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Consumer States That When Trying to start the vehicle a fire started in the engine compartment. contacted dealer.*jb
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 Consumer States While The Vehicle was being repaired by the dealer, they also informed consumer that the vehicle may have a blown head
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 Tires Are Wearing Uneven, cannot be balanced. tires were replaced, shocks and struts replaced twice. cv joint was replaced as well.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 While Diving 75 Mph Vehicle stalls. had repaired, but problem still exists. dealer can't duplicate the problem.*ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Driving 70 Mph And without warning vehicle stalls. contacted dealer, and dealer could not identify cause of problem.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2001 At 65 Mph Engine Suddenly died. took vehicle to a mechanic and they replaced radiator. please provide any further informtion.
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 Oil Leaks Between Lower And upper crank case in engine. also, oil blows back on catalytic converter. dealer contacted. *ak
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1998 While Driving, Abs Light will illuminate on dashboard. dealer has been notified about light; however, has replaced brake sensor and
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 While Traveling On Highway vehicle shut down without prior warning.*ak
OLDSMOBILE DELTA 88 1976 The Vehicle Shut Down Without prior warning. the dearlership is aware of the problem. nlm
OLDSMOBILE 88 1986 Vehicle Stalls About 3 Minutes after first start, mostly when making turns or when coming to a stop. nlm
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1997 Engine Blewout While Driving 70-73 mph, and engaged in cruise control. manufacturer was notified. feel free to provide any further information.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1991 When Using Air Conditioning, alternator goes out and kills the battery. had 4 alternators and batteries replaced. took to dealer who indicated
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Vehicle Will Stall Out and power steering will go out, as well as other componets. contacted dealer. *ak
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 While Driving, The Engine completely shuts down at 60 mph leaving the consumer with no power steering or brakes. nlm
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 While Driving Vehicle Stalls Without warning, the dealer has been unable to find the cause of the problem. nlm
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1995 The Vehicle Was In Motion and it caught on fire.*ak
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2001 While Proceeding From A Stop transmission went out, was unable to move forward. dealership was aware of warning since engine check light
OLDSMOBILE 88 1996 Consumer Stated The Fuel Sending unit was leaking fuel, vehicle was taken to auto tech where they verified the problem (pinpoint holes in sending
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1979 While Driving 65-70 Mph, and without any indication, vehicle stalled. technician stated engine needed to be replaced.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1996 While Starting Vehicle Engine Would be making noises. had vehicle serviced. two-weeks later, engine check indicator light flashed.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 Vehicle Stalls Out While Driving at highway speeds. dealer has been notified. feel free to provide any further information. *ak
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1998 While Driving There Is A rattling sound in engine. please provide any further information.*ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 While Driving Vehicle It Will shut off without warning. also, cannot restart vehicle. vehicle had to be towed.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Ongoing Problem With Engine Stalling/shut down intermittently. vehicle been in dealer shop on several occasions, and problem still reoccurring. feel
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1999 The Vehicle Shuts Off While driving, this has happened twice, but when it starts it continues until it has stopped running for a
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Engine Failed And Was Replaced twice. *jb
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1996 #6 Cylinder Failed Resulting In engine failure. dealer wants to rebuild or replace with a new engine. consumer feels this major engine
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1996 Northstar Aluminum Cast Engine Block cracked across the entire bottom of the surface. *et
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1989 Engine Failed. Yh
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1996 Engine Shut Off While Driving the vehicle at various speeds without warning. yh
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 Fuel Pump/steering Rack And Pinion/both front struts/battery,and engine failures.
OLDSMOBILE 88 1996 I Was Driving Through Town, easton ma, and the engine sputtered a bit. next, a kid hailed me down
OLDSMOBILE 88 1996 Applied Pressure To Brake Pedal to stop, brakes made a thunking noise and the brake pedal pulsated excessively, abs light on dash illuminated.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Gasoline By Passes The O-ring and pools on the top of the motor. dt
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 All Three Problems (abs Failure/ windshield wipers/ oil leak) described by dealer as "very common" for 1998 oldsmobile intrigues. mr
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 Car Would Be Going Down highway, and just stop running, this also happen to me back in august of this year, i
OLDSMOBILE 88 1997 I Have A Problem With the plentium being made of plastic. to put plastic in the engine, this car is only 5 years
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 I've Had Numerous Problems With this car from time of purchase. i have 9 pages that lists the defects of this. i would
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 This Vehicle Is Prone To multiple component failures.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2000 Car Dies At Highway Speeds . been to dealer 4 times . the dealer changed the crankshaft position sensor twice .
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 I Have Had The Same problem twice in this newly leased vehicle. the engine stalls with a resulting loss in braking and steering.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 The Anti-lock Brake System Is inoperable, it is causing the engine to shut off at any particular time while driving. so i'm
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 05/13/02, 6,000miles, going 65mph on interstate message center displayed 'service brakes now', engine shutdown immediately, coasted to side of highway.
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1999 Failure Has Occurred 8 Times over the course of 6 months. is intermitent. have located 6 other related complaints on website
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Driving On The Highway the engine cuts off with no warning signs on any of the gauges, and no indication that the engine
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 2002 Incident #1: Defect In wiring of engine control module caused ecm to short out while driving causing engine to stall. from talking
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1996 Lifters Collapsed, My Mechanic is having trouble getting the gaskets to put it back together.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2001 Low Tire Pressure Light Has had to be reset 3 times, car handles bad on the road and now service engine soon light
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1996 54,697 Miles, Throttle sticking. 62000 miles, engine misfiring, spark plugs replaced. 63k miles, serpintine belt broke.
OLDSMOBILE 98 1991 3.8 Engine--shutter Also At the 70 mi.per hr. speed. *ak
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 The Lower Intake Gasket & oil pump drive o-ring seal is leaking coolant internal & is mixing with oil, engine will need to be
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Engine Sputtered And Shut Down causing loss of power steering, power brakes, etc. fortunate not to have happened at high speed
OLDSMOBILE ACHIEVA 1996 Car Stalls While Driving, wont start for 5 or 10 min. rear window still popping out . no dealers can duplicate problem

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