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Oldsmobile Engine And Engine Cooling Engine Gasoline Belts And Associated Pulleys Reports

16 Mar

OLDSMOBILE 98 1990 Replaced Serpentine Belt Twice. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 98 1990 Replaced Water Pump Twice. *ak

OLDSMOBILE CALAIS 1990 Replaced Alternator Belt. *ak
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1994 Throttle Cable Became Stuck In the open postion, allowing vehicle to suddenly and unexpectedly accelerate, resulting in a collision. consumer stated
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1997 Abs Light Has Been Coming on intermittently, braking distance is normal. vehicle taken to dealer 15-20 times. replaced brake pads/ alternator/
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 During Wet Road/weather Conditions power assisted steering failed. dealership installed a water deflector plate to prevent water from contacting power
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 With Front Wheel Drive Vehicle making a right turn and driving over a puddle , water will splash from wheel and get into
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 1998 When Going Over Water Puddles serpentine belt gets wet, causing loss of power steering and wheel lockup which could result in an
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1996 54,697 Miles, Throttle sticking. 62000 miles, engine misfiring, spark plugs replaced. 63k miles, serpintine belt broke.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 The Lower Intake Gasket & oil pump drive o-ring seal is leaking coolant internal & is mixing with oil, engine will need to be
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 When Driving Thru Puddles During rain, water splashes on the serpentine accessory drive belt , causing the power steering pump pulley to slip
OLDSMOBILE CIERA 1995 Belt Tensioner Broke.
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1997 Customer Stated That Belt/pulley Making noise, dealer replaced tensioner, acc drive, and serpentine belt which was making a noise and starting to
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 The Seperntine Belt Failed. nlm
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 1998 The Serpentine Belt Was Cracked and worn at 40k miles. nlm
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1999 The Serpentine Belt Cracked. nlm
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 Serpentine Belt Failed. Yh
OLDSMOBILE BRAVADA 1996 Abs Brakes Failed. Also replaced front brake rotors/calipers and engine fan belt. *ak
OLDSMOBILE 88 1992 Grinding Noise When Turning Steering wheel after several repair attemtps.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1984 Engine Belts Failed.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 Serpentine Belt/tensioner Belt Failed. *ak
OLDSMOBILE FIRENZA 1983 Fan Belt Replaced.
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1994 Serpentine Belt/tensioner Belt Failed.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2002 (1) No Warning -just At dealership 3 weeks before. (2) timing chain broke while on interstate causing catastrophic engine failure & had to
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2000 While Driving 65mph In The fast lane on the highway my car died. i had to cross over the highway to make it
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 2002 Tl* - The Contact Owns a 2002 oldsmobile alero. while driving at 40 mph on a very nice day the timing
OLDSMOBILE SILHOUETTE 2000 Dt: The Consumer Stated while driving he lost power to his vehicle because the cable was touching the belt and eventually it frayed the
OLDSMOBILE INTRIGUE 2002 Consumer Was Backing Out Of the garage and the steering wheel failed. consumer was unable to turn or move the vehicle. consumer
OLDSMOBILE AURORA 1995 While Driving Smelled Of strong gas fumes in/out. fuel was leaking into the engine compartment. replaced the fuel pump.
OLDSMOBILE ALERO 1999 Due To Gm Defect To date i have had to replace intake manifold gasket, water pump, thermostat, serpentine belt and am now
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 1997 While Driving At 30 Mph consumer heard a loud noise coming through the engine. suddenly, steering wheel locked .
OLDSMOBILE 88 1998 In Early 1998, I purchased a 1998 oldsmobile eighty-eight brand new from reliable oldsmobile dealership in cleveland, oh. although
OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS SUPREME 1997 While Driving And Without warning steering wheel locked up. dealer replaced rack and pinion and right axle.*ak

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Mine will not pull a hill under a 1/4 tank of gas I don't know why it seems like it smothers itself out. the check engine light flashes then i can pull again the plug wires need changed in the back but can;t get to them.

2003 alero gought from burrel motors in port coquitlam B>C fuel pump wnnt already and the emblem for the engine keeps coming on ...of course the extended warranty i purcahsed does not cover the fuel pump brakes going too i am so stupid

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