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Nissan Vehicle Speed Control Linkages Reports

01 Jul

NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 When Applying Brakes To Come to a stop,vehicle will surge forward. engine revs and rpm's go up all the way. only way
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 While Driving At Low Speeds or when pulling into a parking space vehicle will unexpectedly accelerate, cause unknown. please give any

NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 While Brakes Were Applied vehicle accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly, twice resulting in collisions. manufacturer and dealer have been notified.
NISSAN ALTIMA 1996 Three Times In The Last seven months vehicle has accelerated on its own. nissan could not duplicate this problem. *ak the
NISSAN ALTIMA 2000 While Traveling 15-20 Mph vehicle suddenly accelerated up to 50 mph, even after shifting into reverse, vehicle continued to accelerate up to
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 Vehicle Jumped Into Drive And accelerated suddenly and unexpectedly, causing a colli sion which resulted in minor injuries. air bags did
NISSAN SENTRA 1995 Sudden Acceleration When Coming To a stop. also, when this occurred it disengaged the brake system , as well. vehicle
NISSAN ALTIMA 1993 While Consumer's Wife Driving Vehicle it sudenly accelerated. driver continually had to apply brakes hard, and eventually was able to
NISSAN MAXIMA 1993 While At A Complete Stop vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly accelerated . driver had to put vehicle in neutral to stop
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 Sudden Aceleration While Driving Or at a stop position. vehicle been in/out of dealer shop and nothing could be found. *ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 Traveling 70mph With Cruise Control on and began to slow down, but cruise control would not release. swerved to avoid vehicles in front.
NISSAN SENTRA 1998 When Coming To A Complete stopand upon depressing the brake pedal, vehicle suddenly accelerated without prior warning. consumer has contacted dealer.
NISSAN 300ZX 1986 When Setting The Cruise Control and driving about 2 or 3 miles after setting, the cruise control will automatically accelerate. the dealer is
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 When Applying Brakes To Bring vehicle to a stop, the throttle stuck, causing vehicle to increase speed. please provide further details.
NISSAN 240SX 1989 Have Experienced Two Cases Of sudden acceleration. *ak
NISSAN 200SX 1989 The Throttle Clip Came Off the vehicle when driving, causing the vehicle to accelerate and brakes to malfunction resulting in
NISSAN MAXIMA 2002 Consumer Took Feet Off Brakes vehicle accelerated without touching gas pedal. this has happenwed 3 times. contacted dealer. sending out an engineer
NISSAN QUEST 2000 When Accelerating From A Stop vehicle would lurch forward, gas pedal was hard to press, took vehicle to dealer, and dealer replaced
NISSAN SENTRA 1998 When Coming To A Stop and depressing the brake pedal the vehicle accelerates uncontrollably. the first incident occurred in january of 1999 (no injury
NISSAN 300ZX 1985 Fuel Leaks Near Injectors does not run properly.unintended acceleration when shifting from park position. *ak
NISSAN 240SX 1989 Sudden Acceleration,resulting In Loss of control/collision. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 1998 Vehicle Intermittently Accelerates While Braking.
NISSAN D21 1995 Cruise Control Failed, Causing sudden acceleration.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1996 Comments On Reformulated Gasoline Causing leaks in fuel system which may result in fires. *ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 2002 Nissan Altima 2.5s, while driving on the expressway the altima just cut off completely. the steering locked not giving me
NISSAN XTERRA 2000 I Was Driving On The freeway at approximately 65mph. when encountering slower moving traffic i attempted to slow down by applying my brakes.the
NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 Problems Viewing Vehicle's Speedometer.*mr please respond promptly in resolving matters. *cb
NISSAN MAXIMA 2003 When Brakes The Were Applied, the vehicle accelerated. mr the vehicle experienced sudden acceleration where the engine revved @1500 rpm,

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