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Nissan Suspension Front Macpherson Strut Reports

01 Jul

NISSAN SENTRA 2001 When Driving Vehicle Vibrates And bounces. dealer has inspected vehicle, and will replace struts. manufacturer has been notified.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1996 Consumer Took Car To dealer to have tires rotated. mechanic could not do a front end alignment because struts were leaking,

NISSAN PATHFINDER 1996 There Is A Leakage Coming from struts. also, steering locks up and vehicle won't start up. *ak
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 Front Coil Spring Broke And strut came down on the front tire on the driver's side. vehicle is not driveable. dealer contacted and
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 Vehicle Was Rattling On Right side. took vehicle to mechanic, and when mechanic moved vehicle, the right front wheel fell off.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 The Struts Are Leaking. *jg
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 The Struts Went At 52, 000 miles $800 to replace, exhaust manifold needs to be replaced(warranty). today the news that the speedometer was
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 The Oxygen Sensor Has Failed several times, the earliest time the vehicle having only 28299 miles. vehicle has experienced and exhaust leak.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 I Contacted My Nissan Dealer the first time the struts went out. they replaced only 1 strut not 2. when the
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 I Feel, As many other 96-97 pathfinder customers do, that excessive and uneven (cupping) tire wear and premature strut failure,
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 Front Struts And Shocks Failed causing premature tire wear.
NISSAN ARMADA 2006 I Bought My Nissan Armada brand new in 2007. it is a 2006 model. the vehicle is very stylish but it is like
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1998 The Front End Of My 1998 nissan pathfinder shakes wildly when i drive it. i had a mechanic inspect the vehicle and he said
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns A 1997 nissan pathfinder. while driving approximately 15 mph, the steering wheel became stiff as the power steering assist
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2001 nissan pathfinder. the contact stated that the driver side front strut tower failed and separated. the steering
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Since The Car Was New (purchased feb. 2004), i have had a knocking sound from the front right. the dealership originally
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 I Am Having Problems With the performance of my 1997 nissan pathfinder se (81,000 miles); at first i thought that the front shocks
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Front Struts Have Been Replaced and were in need of a third set. with 37000 miles the dealer said this
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan maxima. while driving the contact heard a buzzing sound which alerted him that the motor mounts were
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Seven Months Ago I Started to hear a rattling noise coming from the front of car whenever i go over a bunch of bumps in
NISSAN MAXIMA 2005 My Wife And I Purchased a 2005 maxima sl in october of 2004. we have had the front struts replaced 5 times. this
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Front Struts Have Been Replaced four (4) times in a 2004 model. *jb
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Front Struts Bad From The first 3 months i owned the car. all rear and front driver side were replaced under warranty, but
NISSAN MAXIMA 2000 At About 75,000 Miles, engine would take a little longer to start especially in rainy weather. it sounded like it was
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Loud Rattle Hollow Sounds From front end . replaced struts now 4 times in 8 months i think a recall is in order i
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 Front Left Strut Tower Is rotted and cracking without any apparent reason. the right side looks brand new, yet the left side
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while driving at no specific speed, the front end shimmies and vibrates. the vehicle was taken to
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Dt: The Contact Stated there was a loud banging noise coming from the front end of the vehicle. the dealership determined the
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 I Bought This 2004 Nissan maxima at difeo nissan dealership of jersey city. since i got it, i had to take it
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Both Struts Have Been Replaced the mileage was at 11743 for the right strut and left strut at 16753 miles the car still drives bad.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Front Struts Replaced On My brand new 2004 nissan maxima after 9 months. i also had to have my rotors turned after 18k miles.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Both Front Struts Make Noise when going over all bumps in road. front of car is becoming bouncy when driving over time due to
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Dt: Contact Complained About strut problems. they kept wearing out. first happened on 8-23-04, and dealer repaired it.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 1) Manufacturer Defect In the suspension (2004 nissan maxima se) 2) caused car to make a sudden reflex to the right twice on
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 While Driving At Fairly High speeds vehicle shakes. when taken to dealer for service it was determined tha tshaking was due to
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 I Will Include All Of my problems i have had with my 04 maxima se. the first major probem i had was my
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 2004 Nissan Maxima--front Struts Defective immediately after purchase of replaced with 3000 miles on them ,
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 I Have A Serious Problem with the front struts of my 2002 nissan altima. everytime i drive over a washboard or speeding bump,
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 Right Front Strut On My 2003 nissan altima has failed 4 times in 18 months. mileage is high on my altima, at
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 The Front Driver Side Strut continues to fail. the part has been replaced two times, however the cause has yet to be determined.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Consumer Complained About A front strut problem.. when driving over a pot hole the piston inside the strut broke, causing vibration
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Failure Of Passenger Front Strut at 2600 miles. daily driving of vechile in light traffic. no pot holes, etc.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 I Have Had Three Sets of struts replaced on my 2004 nissan maxima. the latest set of struts are exhibiting early signs of failure.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 This Vehicle Has Moderate Vibration at highway speeds. the dealer has done the following to try and eliminate the problem:
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 1. Normal Driving; 2. both front struts on the vehicle were blown; and 3. dealer replaced the parts under warranty.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Sun Roof Assembly Was Replaced due to leakage because it was installed wrongly. the strut suspension malfunctioned, it made a clunking noise as
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 Consumer Complained About A struts problem. consumer contacted manufacturer, who was not interested in what consumer had to say regarding the defect
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 The Maxima Had 1600 Miles on it and the right front strut failed. the car was driven under normal road conditions; no
NISSAN SENTRA 2004 My Front Right Strut Failed for no apparent reason after only 5 months and 11,000 miles. there was no reason for the failure
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 When Driving 5 Mph a rattling noise came from the front. vehicle was taken to the dealer, who determined that
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Passenger Side Strut Makes Noise when going over bumps. *ak
NISSAN MAXIMA 2001 I Believe The Right Front strut i purchased for my 2001 nissan maxima is being incorrectly manufactured by kyb america, llc (subsidiary of

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