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30 Jun

NISSAN SENTRA 1987 The Drivers Side Handle Keeps breaking and causes driver not to be able to open the door*ak exterior driver's side handle breaks suddenly without warning,
NISSAN D21 1996 Failure Of The Driver Side door, when driving the vheicle the passenger side door opened (no door warning light on the vehicle.

NISSAN STANZA 1987 Automatic Door Locks Have Locked parents, children, etc., preventing exiting. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1994 1) Electric Door Locks Fail to disengage. 2) unknown sound upon braking in front w/dealer saying sound is normal. please describe details.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Malfunction, driver could not exit vehicle due to malfunctioning door locks. tt
NISSAN PICKUP 1984 Door Closes Up Underneath Hard plastic decorative air vent. this pinch point cut off fingertip. please describe. tt
NISSAN PICKUP 1984 The Structure Of The Door on the vehicle lost finger tip. tt
NISSAN SENTRA 1994 Front Passenger Side Door Keeps trying to come open to point where lock breaks; door sticks out about 1/2 inch. tt
NISSAN AXXESS 1990 The Sliding Doors Come Open while driving. please describe. *ak
NISSAN SENTRA 1987 The Door Will Not open. please describe. tt
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Door Locks Automatically Even With key. dealer replacing actuator.*ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Doors Lock On Their own. also, when unlock ingdoors on inside of vehicle they automatically lock back up. contacted
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 Door Locks Will Just Lock without touching panel. soon after locks kept going up and down, smoke came from dashboard.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1997 Consumer Took Vehicle back to the dealer to have alarm put on. since then power door locks unlocked and
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1994 When The Door Is Shut automatic lock would lock all the doors. sometimes would unlock, and then relock by itself.
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Lock Mechanism Works Improperly. for instance, when door is opened all of the doors would automatically lock. *ak consumer states
NISSAN MAXIMA 1993 Power Operated Door Locks On all four doors become jammed and will not open from inside, preventing occupants from exiting vehicle.
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Whenever Vehicle Is At a standstill and doors are not locked, they would automatically lock on their own. had actuator replaced
NISSAN QUEST 1997 When Going In Or out of the vehicle all doors will automatically lock. sometimes when getting out doors will
NISSAN SENTRA 1999 Automatic Power Doors Locks Would intermittently unlock by itself while driving at any speed. dealer was notified , and an appointment was
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Passengers Are Getting Trapped Inside vehicle and locks cannot be secured from outside due to a defect within locks and alarm system. dealer has
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Rear Passenger Side Sliding Door comes open while driving,even though door seems to be shut and locked. when the vehicle is parked on
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1994 Transmission Would Stick. Would fail to shift into another gear. would have no prior warning when transmission sticks. would stick in 2nd
NISSAN QUEST 1997 All Electrical Door Locks are working intermittently. consumer had the vehicle in repair shop twice. still, dealer can't
NISSAN QUEST 1996 The Power Locks Locked on their own once the door was shut. also, at times the key will not unlock the locks.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 The Electronic Door Locks Malfunctioned, which automatically locked the door. common problem. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1997 All The Doors Are Locking up automatically whenever consumer gets out of the vehicle. also, whenever consumer takes
NISSAN FRONTIER 1999 Weather Stripping On Driver's And passener's side windows and front mirror keeps coming down. approox. nine inches, 3/4 width. flies
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Passenger's Sliding Door Is Not working. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Automatic Locks Are Locking By themselves, trapping an infant in the vehicle while consumer went around vehicle to front driver's door.locks
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 After Vehicle Is Started the power locks activate on their own. if consumer steps away from the vehicle while starting it,
NISSAN QUEST 1994 It Is Difficult To enter vehicle. as soon as door is unlocked from outside, either with key or keyless entry system,
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Was Trying To Unlock Power doors & they failed to unlock. elctrical system had malfunctioned. whenever inside of vehicle, doors lock
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Power Lock And Latch Fails to operate and close properly. dealer notified, and informed consumer that the problem could not be duplicated.
NISSAN QUEST 1996 When Ignition Switch Was Still on and/or engine running consumer stepped out of vehicle to open house gate, all vehicle doors locked up unexpectedly,
NISSAN SENTRA 1997 All Four Doors Are Not aligned properly. vehicle has been repaired by dealer, but condition appeared not to be
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Consumer Will Provide Vin. # at later time. the doors will automatically lock by themselves. if using the keyless entry with in
NISSAN QUEST 1997 During A Vehicle Crash The window and door locks malfucntioned while being in a "locked" position, and the occupant wasn't able to get
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 The Door Locks Automatically When the driver's side door is closed while car is running. manufacturer contacted.
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Owner States That The door locks do not operate properly. she notes when opening door, the automatic lock will
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Vehicle's Automatic Electrical Door Locking mechanism locked by itself with the car on and off. this occurs when trying to exit, possibly
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Electrical Power Door Locking System intermitently malfuctions, does not allow the unlocking of doors, possible electrical short. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Onwer States That Her Power door locks malfunctioned and that she is concerned for her safety. she also states that while exiting vehicle at
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Do not lock/unlock from driver's side. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Lock sometimes without owner locking them. *ak
NISSAN 200SX 1995 The Electric Door Locks Failed, replaced switch; also, problems with signal light even after it wa sreplaced. the light beams will
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Consumer States That While Driving the sliding door will pop open even if door had been locked. *mr
NISSAN QUEST 1994 When The Doors Are Locked and trying to unlock them, the automatic lock backed up. *ak
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1995 While Traveling On Highway And without prior warning vehicle will stall. also, electrical locks will not stay locked.dealership is aware of
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Doors Lock Automatically In Hot weather. consumer feels children could be in danger. *ak *yh
NISSAN SENTRA 2001 Headrest Will Not Stay In down position, it keeps rising up, blocking consumer's view oncoming traffic. consumer feels this is
NISSAN QUEST 1998 The Remote Keyless Entry System fails to keep the car locked or unlocked, the consumer must not use the key to unlock the door
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 Door Locks Do Not Work with the key, the locks jump up and down, the locks also slip down when the door is
NISSAN QUEST 1996 The Electric Door Locks Lock and unlock themselves, on one occasion the doors locked a small child within the vehicle for a short period
NISSAN QUEST 1996 The Door Locks Intermittently Lock by themselves for no reason. the last time this happened, my two children were left locked in the
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Door Locks Lock And Unlock by themselves. when i walk to the otherside to remove my children, the doors will automatically lock
NISSAN QUEST 1997 The Power Door Lock System appears to intermittently locks itself. this usually occurs with the vehicle not moving when i open the driver
NISSAN QUEST 1996 My Kids Were Trapped In the car we had to bust out a window to get them out. the doors would not unlock
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 The Doors Lock Electronically Without initiation. i have to unlock the car several times, even when i am in the car with
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Power Door Locks Lock On their own. i have had difficulity getting in and out of the car because when i unlock the
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Recently Saw A Story On this on cbs news, son has been trapped in car, wife had to climb in through sunroof.*ak
NISSAN QUEST 1994 As Reported On Cbs Eye on america on sept. 7, 2001, i have a nissan quest with demon locks. they
NISSAN QUEST 1996 The Power Door Locks On my 96 nissan quest have a mind of their own. the family calls them "crazy" and we have
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Since 1999, Doors Lock without any warning. happens while driving down road & when stopped, engine running or not. when
NISSAN QUEST 2000 We Have A 2000 Nissan quest minivan. we have electronic remotes to lock/unlock the doors. our 8 year old daughter,
NISSAN QUEST 1998 The Vehicle Locks The Door automatically with no reason. this can happen even when the vehicle's engine is running. also, if unlocking
NISSAN QUEST 1996 The Power Door Locks Continually lock by themselves. once, locking my 2 year old daughter in the van without it running. we
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Doors Will Lock On Their own without warning including when engine is running and no driver and/or passengers are inside. dealer has replaced
NISSAN SENTRA 1999 Traveling On Freeway At Approx. 20-25 mph. in stop and go traffic, approx. 4pm. the car in
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Door Locks Will Lock And unlock on their own. at times slider won't open preventing occupants from exiting vehicle. front doors have locked
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Power Door Locks Engage Without the control being touched. this has happened both while driving, and while parked. *ak
NISSAN 240SX 1994 When I Purchased This Car in march of 2000 i was unaware of the many problems. the first noticed was the interior light
NISSAN ALTIMA 1993 The Front Passenger's Door unlocks. it doesn't lock again. luckly, found it when the car was not in motion.
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Erratic Operation Of The Electric door locks has prevented access through the sliding side door, and occasionally has prevented passengers from exiting through the
NISSAN 300ZX 1990 Passenger Door Will Not Open whatsoever. person on passenger side could be trapped in car, unable to open door. this
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 The Side Panel Of Both doors both sides broke, and bump guards have discolored. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1996 No Summarylisted For Above Vehicle. *ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Ihave Contacted The Dealership Where my service had been done on all of my complaints and have gotten no satisfaction.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Air Conditoner Failure Due To poor design of undercarriage could lead to fire. sliding doors constantly jams and could result in rear seated people
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Door Locks Activate/deactivate Autonomously. dealer indicates failed actuator and charges $160 to replace.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 I Began Having A Difficult time unlocking my doors with the key. then the power locks began locking and unlocking themselves at different
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Sliding Door Lock Has Been repaired but never stays repaired. can not be opened from inside at times, can not be unlocked
NISSAN MAXIMA 1987 Power Door Locks Will Not open automatically or manually from inside the vehicle. occupants were trapped inside and had to request assistance
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 The Air Condition Unit In my car makes the car not excel to the appropriate speed when the air condition is on. in order
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Door Lock Failed. yh
NISSAN ALTIMA 1997 Automatic Door Locks Failed.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1996 Power Door Lock Failed, couldn't be opened with remote or interior electrical switch.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Front Door Closing Strap Failed. *dsh
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Power Door Lock Failure. *aw
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Consumer States The Electric Door locks will lock the vehicle with no signal from the door locking buttons or the remote device.*yh
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1993 The Consumer Has Been Unable to open the pasenger door by using the key, the vehicle has been taken to the door for this
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 Power Door Lock Actuator Failed locking consumer out of vehicle while running. *mjs
NISSAN QUEST 1996 On Two Occasions The Power door locks failed resulting in two small children to be trapped in the vehicle outdoors in 100 degree temperature.
NISSAN QUEST 1998 Automatic Door Locks, Lock and unlock intermittently by themselves. nlm
NISSAN ALTIMA 1997 Electrical Fire In Fuse Box in passenger compartment, without warning. power door locks would relock doors after manual unlock resulting in problems exiting
NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 Design Of Vehicle Door Caused consumer to hit eye on door edge (sharp and pointed) when exiting the vehicle. nlm
NISSAN SENTRA 1998 The Power Door Lock System is suppose to allow you to lock and unlock all doors simultaneously using the driver side door key, but
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Power Door Looks Lock By themselves.
NISSAN 240SX 1995 Power Switch Problem Causing Doors to lock intermittently.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1996 Door Seals Leak Air.
NISSAN 200SX 1995 Door Seal Came Out.
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Sliding Door Power Lock Does not work properly, will not unlock when engaged.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Malfunctioned. *ak
NISSAN SENTRA 1987 Rear Passenger Door Handle Inoperative.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Automatic Door Locks Failed.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Automatic Door Lock Failed.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Defective Power Door Locks. *ak
NISSAN ALTIMA 1997 Fire Started By Fuse Box in passenger's compartment without warning. also, power door locks malfunctioned, they would relock doors.
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 Doors Do Not Close Tightly.
NISSAN D21 1995 Driver's Door Drop About 1/2 - 1 inch, causing front edge of door to wedge behind edge of front fender/trapping driver inside vehicle.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Intermittently Lock the doors by themselves while the vehicle is moving/stationary/idle, represents potential hazard. *ak
NISSAN STANZA 1987 During A Rollover Accident The doors flew open upon slightest impact to front corner on the driver's side, resulting in a fatality
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Door Locks Will Automatically Lock when doors are open, locks must be held in unlocked position to exit vehicle.
NISSAN SENTRA 1991 Gradual Deterioration Of Drivers Door. *dsh
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Direct Impact To The Driver's side metal door, causing door to buckle/pierce abdominal cavity, resulting in fatal injuries. (attorney for client)*sd
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Electric Door Lock On Passengers side fails, unable to unlock from within.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Locks Failed. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Power Door Lock Failure. *ak
NISSAN ROGUE 2008 2008 Nissan Rogue- Both Front door handles have completely failed and neither door can be opened from the outside. the only way to open
NISSAN ARMADA 2008 Last Night Ready To Leave and load family into vehicle. my husband opens the back door to load a stroller but the door did
NISSAN ALTIMA 2004 Three Of The Four Exterior car-door handles have broken off in the past year, including two in the past two weeks.
NISSAN MURANO 2005 Door Actuators Failed. door locks fail to lock and un-lock. occurred at various times, using any means available to lock and
NISSAN VERSA 2007 The Door Handle On The driver's side of my 2007 nissan versa came off in to my hand when i went to open
NISSAN MURANO 2003 The Door Actuator, For the right rear door, does not function properly. when i push the electric "doors unlock- lock button" on
NISSAN MURANO 2004 At Approximately 60,000 Miles with the age of the car being approximately five (5) years old the front passenger door would not unlock or
NISSAN ROGUE 2008 Outside Passenger Door Handle Stopped working. have been reading tons of complaints from other rogue owners who are also having this exact same
NISSAN VERSA 2013 Front Doors Leak Air Into the cabin very bad. have taken the car back to the dealer three times complaining. they finally said
NISSAN TITAN 2005 (1st)the Driver Door Handle Froze and i was unable to unlock door to get out. (2nd) while daughter was in the backseat of
NISSAN XTERRA 2006 Tried To Open Rear Drivers side passenger door, and will not open from outside or inside of vehicle. checked locks, opened
NISSAN TITAN 2005 The Door Handles On My 2005 nissan titan freeze every time the temperature drops below freezing . i live in the northeast !
NISSAN TITAN 2004 The Wiring Harness, In the back door has broken, because of a nissan engineering problem, both the harness and wires have broken,
NISSAN MURANO 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2005 nissan murano. the contact stated that the front passenger door and the trunk doors could not be opened
NISSAN MURANO 2004 I Have A Nissan Murano 2004 with approx 66,000 miles...all four actuators failed at the same time. when i
NISSAN VERSA 2010 We Bought The Basic Model of the 2010 nissan versa. our chief complaint is the fact there is only one lock and it is
NISSAN MURANO 2009 Passenger Door Won't Open. *tr
NISSAN VERSA 2009 My Versa Interior Door Panels are coming apart and i have already had one replaced but it did it again and now all of the
NISSAN VERSA 2009 Horn Not Reliable And Will not always work or makes a low "sick" sound, had to have fuel valve replaced as car wouldn't start,
NISSAN MURANO 2004 Automatic Left Side Door Lock does not function automatically. front right side and left rear door locks only work intermittently. i have been
NISSAN ROGUE 2009 Both Front Doors Got Jammed? and would not open. car was in nissan dealership for almost 2 weeks to fix. *tr
NISSAN TITAN 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan titan. while the vehicle was parked the contact was unable to immediately open the front passenger side door
NISSAN TITAN 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan titan. the contact stated that all of the doors on the vehicle have failed to lock properly.
NISSAN MURANO 2003 Door Handle Problem. key lock cover fell off and key lock is loose. locks stopped working
NISSAN MURANO 2007 After 32,000 Miles My 2007 nissan murano door locks began opening a closing while driving. this began after replacement of battery by dealer.
NISSAN SENTRA 2005 My Car Is A 2005 nissan sentra limited edition the drivers door will not open. the only way i can open it is
NISSAN ALTIMA 2008 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2008 nissan altima. the contact stated that the front drivers side door filled up with water whenever it rained.
NISSAN QUEST 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A Honda 2009 nissan quest s/se/sl. the left and right sliding doors failed. the doors do not close automatically.
NISSAN QUEST 2002 Rear Door Handles On 2002 nissan quest break off, leaving no way to open the door to the passengers from the outside of the
NISSAN ARMADA 2005 The Door Actuator (passenger) On my 2005 nissan armada has gone out twice with in 14 months, causing the door not to be able
NISSAN ALTIMA 2010 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2010 nissan altima. the contact stated that she rented the vehicle and while driving in a flash flood. the
NISSAN MAXIMA 2005 The Second Automatic Door Lock has gone out on my vehicle. now the passenger drivers side rear door will not unlock automatically.
NISSAN TITAN 2004 The Issue I Am Having is with my 2004 nissan titan. when it gets cold out, all of the door handle freeze
NISSAN TITAN 2005 2005 Nissan Titan. Door latch failure during cold weather below freezing. live in anchorage alaska, so time period of this weather is
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan altima. while entering the vehicle the sharp lower corner edge of the front driver side
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan quest. on 4 separate occurrences, when the consumer pressed the key fob to open the passenger
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan altima. the contact opened the driver's side door and the sharp point at the bottom edge severely
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 Courtesy Copy Of A Letter from consumers written to nissan north america re problems with their 2005 nissan pathfinder. *nj the
NISSAN QUEST 2004 In December Of 2006 We purchased a 2004 nissan quest se. the first year was not entirely trouble free, the drivers seat would
NISSAN QUEST 2007 My 2007 Nissan Quest Rear driver side sliding door is defective and not shutting properly. it is over traveling and hitting the b
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1995 nissan altima. the power door lock locks and unlocks all of the doors in the vehicle except the
NISSAN TITAN 2004 Drivers Side Door Mechanism Freezes. door can be opened from the inside but will not latch and close properly. this cause
NISSAN QUEST 2007 Tl*the Contact's Spouse Owns A 2007 nissan quest. the contact stated that the automatic and manual sliding doors will not open or shut
NISSAN TITAN 2005 In Cold Temperatures The Driver side door on our 2005 nissan titan crew cab is extremely difficult to or will not open. when
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Numerous Complaints With Vehicle /sometimes no power ( is an issue on the freeway) turn engine off and restart car runs fine most times??? engine
NISSAN TITAN 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan titan crew cab. when it becomes really cold in the single digits, the driver's side front
NISSAN QUEST 2006 Passenger Sliding Door Motor Died in sept. was replaced. last week door started sticking again and then fell off the track
NISSAN TITAN 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan titan. while driving 5 mph, the contact attempted to apply the brakes, but the vehicle
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan quest. the rear driver side sliding door closes by itself. the vehicle was taken to
NISSAN QUEST 2004 2004 Nissan Quest Sl Van, passenger side power door, closing on its own and failing to sense an obstruction (in this case,
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan quest. the contact stated that the vehicle's side electrical sliding door opens and closes automatically.
NISSAN QUEST 2006 The Automatic Side Doors Close with an excessive amount of force and an inadequate safety mechanism. as a grown adult they can push
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Tl* - The Contact states that his sliding doors will not close on his 2004 nissan quest van. the contacts states that this
NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated That the sliding side door closed without warning, breaking the fingers of the contact. the door continued to
NISSAN QUEST 2000 The Consumer's Daughter Opened The sliding door of the 2000 quest intending to climb inside. the heavy sliding door fell down and outward
NISSAN QUEST 2004 The Automatic Sliding Side Door on my 2004 nissan quest van closes suddenly and without warning -- pinning the person entering/leaving the vehicle,
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 I Am Greatly Disappointed Due to the fact that i have been experiencing several problems related to the same matter in my 2001 pathfinder se.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 2004 Nissan Quest Se With a manufacture date of 03/29/04 just spent 30 total days in the dealer's shop while certified nissan service personnel and
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Grinding Noise Upon Initial Start of day and several failures upon initial start; sluggish and feels like it'll cut off on incline and acceleration.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated there are multiple problems associated with the vehicle. first being, the brakes made a noise when applied.
NISSAN QUEST 2005 Power Window In The 2005 quest rolled up on driver's head while it was out of the window. *ts the windows have
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated While pressing the button to close the automatic sliding door, the door hit a passenger. the dealership was
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated the automatic sliding door was inoperable and had to be opened manually. also, the door made a
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Sliding Doors Rattles And Noisy. third seat windows when open rattles and noisy. rear windshield wiper does not clean. *nm
NISSAN QUEST 2005 Dt*: The Contact Stated the rear sliding door was difficult to open. the contact managed to open the door by using extreme
NISSAN MAXIMA 2000 2000 Maxima Engine Failed. piston rod broke into pieces and totally damaged the engine. *ts the rotors were turned and the
NISSAN SENTRA 2002 The Driver Door On 2002 nissan sentra gxe will not open unless i let down the window and open the door from the outside.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 I Wanted To Notify You of the defect in the power door mechanism of the 2004 nissan quest sl. my vin number is [xxx].
NISSAN QUEST 2004 The Power Sliding Doors In my nissan quest 2004 require a very strong force to stop them once they are activated to close. my
NISSAN TITAN 2004 Numerous Problems Have Arisen With my leased 2004 nissan titan king cab. including serious vibration problems that occurred upon braking to the point the
NISSAN QUEST 2005 The Consumer's Complained That Her children's fingers can become stuck in the door and that the third row seat can disengage. *ts
NISSAN ARMADA 2005 There Are Multiple Issues With the nissan armada 2005 vehicle. 1st, the brakes have gone out numerous times and have had to
NISSAN CREW 2004 My Suv Was Not Even 30 days old when i had serious vibration when braking.have taken the suv in for service a min of
NISSAN MURANO 2004 My 2004 Nissan Murano Began having a "tinny" noise coming from the front passenger door. i thought that perhaps the insulation had fallen
NISSAN TITAN 2004 The Consumer Is Experiencing A problem with the brakes. the consumer had to replace the brakes and rotors every 5,000 mi.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 The Automatic Power Sliding Door would not reopen as the passengers were getting into the vehicle. the door sensor failed to reopen the door.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Nissan Quest 2004 Service Engine soon light on and problems with steering. *bf the service engine soon light had come
NISSAN QUEST 2004 2004 Nissan Quest Power sliding side door smashed child's hand. the door neither stopped nor retracted, but shut tightly and completely on
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Vehicle Stalls, Sometimes It will not start. vehicle has been serviced numerous times, and a sensor was replaced.
NISSAN QUEST 2004 A/c Problems, Rattles, sliding doors raking paint off of sides of vehicle. *nm
NISSAN QUEST 2004 I Went To Pick Up a computer/ modem. i got home and picked it up out of the back seat, the side
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 The Door Is Not Align right could the center beam be bent? also molding inside of door is not staying on the center beam? dealership

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