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Nissan Power Train Axle Assembly Axle Shaft Reports

30 Jun

NISSAN FRONTIER 1999 Odi 726296, Second Complaint on driveshaft. had been replaced in july 2000. during routine inspection by consumer noticed that bearing popped
NISSAN D21 1994 Due To The Design Of ball joints/tie rods wear out, causing tire to wear more frequently. also a

NISSAN 240SX 1995 No Body Can Fix The braking system in my car. i've been trying to get them done for at least 2 years.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1994 Transmission Bearings/3 Gears Failed. *ak
NISSAN CREW 2004 2004 Le 4x4 Offroad-big Tow package with 62,900. miles. i was leaving my apt. made a right turn, started to
NISSAN TITAN 2004 After Approx 38,000 Miles the driver side rear seal required replacement due to excessive leakage. at 43,600 miles the rear axle
NISSAN XTERRA 2005 Differentials Front And Rear Are under engineered and break extremely easily. transfer case also wouldn't shift into 4 wheel drive. *tr
NISSAN MAXIMA 2001 My Nissan Maxima (2001) Began to hard time shift between 1st and 2nd gear at approx. 55,000 miles. when i reported it
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Shimmy In The Steering Wheel, axle replacement three times and new tires replaced all within 90 days. the tires are probably
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 Nissan Sold Me A Car wherein the transmission was not bolted to the frame. ecause of a missing bolt, the front differential

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