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30 Jun

NISSAN QUEST 1996 Stereo Controls Mounted On Steering wheel failed.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 Prior To Buying Vehicle, consumer expressed interest in a tether anchor, dealer stated that this part could be ordered and installed, however

NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Both Fobs (car Keys) Went bad on my 2009 nissan murano, unable to lock and open doors using the fob. i had
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 A Recall Notice Of Leaking valve stems on 2009 nissan cube was performed in 2010, now the problem has regenerated , still
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2008 Nissan Rogue- Both Front door handles have completely failed and neither door can be opened from the outside. the only way to open
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Bought 2013 Altima In Feb. in march noticed the passenger light was on when someone was sitting in the seat. followed by on
NISSAN ARMADA 2006 My Nissan Armada Caught Fire with no warning. nissan has admitted this is due to a recalled air compressor unit with likelihood to
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Nissan Has A Universal Problem with the 2005 and 2006 xterras and pathfinders fuel level sensor. there needs to be a recall asap.
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 2004 Nissan Maxima se (equipped with six speed manual transmission) component faiure: clutch master cylinder 1st occurence
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 I Purchased Snow Cables From a near bye auto parts store i told them that i would be driving in snow threw 5 different states
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2005 Nissan titan. on thanksgiving evening my family and i were driving home on a major highway when all of a
NISSAN MURANO 2009 The Keyless Remote Appears To lock the doors and set the security system. the door handle was pulled allowing entry into the car
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Air Bag Default Warning On instrument panel. 2005 nissan armada. dealer says air bags will not work unless an interior harness from
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 (1) I Have Experienced The same problem with the seatbelts in the back seat of my 2011 nissan titan. they tighten up on
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 2006 Nissan Titan Only 35, 000 miles and both exhaust manifolds cracked and were leaking exhaust gases that could not be fed into catalytic converters.
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 2004 Nissan Titan Exhaust Manifold cracked this is a emission issue. *tr
NISSAN LEAF 2011 Although Apparently Working As Designed, the pedestrian warning sound on the nissan leaf is inaudible to any with moderate hearing problems, including a
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 How Can A Major Car company build a vehicle that has so many rust problems. my 1998 pathfinder has so many rust problems.
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 My Quest Was Purchased 12/06. since then the odometer has malfunctioned. they would not fix it. the brake disc have malfunctioned twice,
NISSAN MAXIMA 2005 2005 Nissan Maxima Purchased New in 2004. the car keeps making sudden violent jerking movements while driving creating a potential hazard for a
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 On Tuesday, August 2, 2011, i was driving on a major expressway. while trying to exit from the expressway,
NISSAN QUEST 2008 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2008 nissan quest. the contact stated that smoke would rise from under the hood of the vehicle whenever the
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Nissan Unsafe Failure Parts Transmission and radiators hi my name is [xxx] my story begins as a happy one, but soon turns out to
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 While Driving Approximately 25 Mph, i applied pressure to the brake pedal and the brake pedal fell to the floor. we had no
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Rear Axle Seal Leak On my 2007 nissan titan xe. differential oil on rear brakes caused major safety problem. *kb
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 I Purchased A 2001 Nissan pathfinder in 2004. the bose 6-disc changer immediately failed. the dealership repaired it because it fell within the
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 A Road Object Which Went under the car not over any tire struck the gas tank and punctured. the installed recalled added tank protector
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Transmission Issues. After 65, 000 miles 2005 nissan maxima jerks between low gears shifts and slips frequently during normal driving. a transmission flush
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Normal Bumps In Road Cause driver's side sun visor to drop and obstruct the driver's vision. part appears to be un-available and/or way
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Nissan Versa 2007-> Traveling On a hwy approximate speed 110 kms/hour, sliding off the road and over steering my vehicle resulting in 8.5
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 *tr
NISSAN VERSA 2009 Fuel Gauge On 2009 Nissan versa completely stopped working. looked on the net for advise on how to fix it, to my surprise
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Faulty Bose Sound System 6 cd changer. left side speaker on & off. i called so many times to nissan corp.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2006 I Took The Car Into a nissan dealer for a abs issue i have where abs,tcs and slip light is coming on and maken
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2004 Nissan Maxima That Sways while driving straight and shifts hard or skips out of gear between 2nd and 3rd gear. only have 59,
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 When My 2002 Nissan Altima was about a year old, my vehicle began having difficulties starting in the morning. i live in
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2006 Altima-sluggish Performance-had To Put 2 quarts of oil in car today-just had oil change two weeks ago. while driving up a
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 My Driver Side Sun Visor does not stay in the up position. it droops down intermittent blocking sight of view. this
NISSAN XTERRA 2002 Dear Sir/madam: my vehicle has had the following problem/failure of the rearview mirror system, yet the dealer states it my responsible
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A Nissan Maxima that i had to replace all tires because of a defect that came to me in the mail after i
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Recall Id # 08v284000 - equipment:electrical:air conditioner recall date:jun 27, 2008 component:equipment:electrical:air conditioner model affected:titan units affected: 180664 recall details
NISSAN XTERRA 2005 Hello: I Have A 2005 nissan xterra suv. the rockford-fosgate cd-player exchanger is malfunctioning with the cd's stalled in the cd player
NISSAN ALTIMA 2009 I Have A 2009 Nissan altima with just over 13000 miles on it. last week as i was driving to work at about 65
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Car Has Been Diagnosed with a faulty crank and cam sensors, catalytic converter as well. today i took car into shop
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 In 2008 I Purchased A new 2008 nissan sentra. following the purchase i have incurred numerous issues and safety hazards. the vehicle began
NISSAN MURANO 2007 Doors Can Be Unlocked And the car ignition can be started without a key, and there is no way to lock the ignition,
NISSAN XTERRA 2008 The Vdc And Slip Light are constantly on when the battery has either died, or has been disconnected. once the battery is
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Exhaust Manifold Leaking For The second time. bank 1 side was bad before the 80 emissions warranty was up, however dealership wouldn't do
NISSAN SENTRA 2006 Recall Number: 07v527000 My Dealership states this does not exist for my 2006 nissan sentra with a 2.5l engine, and i'm having an
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 The Windshield Wipers Quit Working. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5- i have been to the dealership over 9 times with brake issues and had my master cylinder replaced once already
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Brakes, Pads, Rotors replaced numerous times, car steering wheel vibrates horribly when braking ,brakes squeal horribly with braking (metallic) .
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 I Took My Vehicle A nissan sentra gxe 2002 for oil change at nissan agincourt in scarborough in spring 2010. this time i took
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 2006 Nissan Frontier Fuel System. after fueling up my pickup, the check engine light comes on and gas gauge show empty and dte
NISSAN ARMADA 2005 Previously Reported Under Complaint #odi id number : 10339985. a summary of the problem:the issue/problem: the brake light comes on.
NISSAN MURANO 2007 The Battery Has Been Replaced twice in the vehicle and it has less than 35,000 miles on it. the first replacement was done
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 I Own A 2005 Nissan pathfinder and i have radiator and transmission failure! defective radiator causes engine coolant to leak into transmission which could fail
NISSAN TITAN 2005 Tail Pipe Fell Off While driving on the interstate 2 weeks after nissan performed their 27 point inspection, which supposedly included checking
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2005 Nissan Murano Door Locks fail to lock and unlock. i have a 2005 murano and the door locks recently have stopped working.
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 On July 20, 2010, i was stopped at a traffic light when i was rear-ended by another vehicle. the force of the
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 2005 Nissan Pathfinder. engine cuts off without warning while driving. has happened twice in traffic, one time at a busy
NISSAN MAXIMA 2005 2005 Nissan Maxima Sl Transmission problems, the car has a real problem going into gear from 1st to 2nd gear. *tr
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Hi, I'm Writing To you because since day one in 2007 when i bought my 2007 nissan titan i have nothing but problems with
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2003 Nissan altima 2.5 sl, in approximately 2008 february, my car stopped on me while driving on the freeway.
NISSAN TITAN 2008 On The 2008 Nissan Titan there is a design flaw that may cause injury or death. the headlamps and turn signal are on the
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 Transfer Case Seals Have Failed for the second time after having been replaced by the dealer in the fall of 2008. nissan north
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 My 2005 Nissan Murano Lock actuator on the driver side went out. *tr
NISSAN SENTRA 2004 Stop Lite Switch Defective. replce the switch. *tr
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 June 2, 2009 I had to have my 2006 nissan xterra to victory nissan in mechanicsville, va after being told by nissan's recall
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 My Check Engine Light Would come on and off along with the gas gauge going crazy from empty to full. they replaced sensor after
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 I Have A 2000 Nissan sentra and twice now the "plastic dip stick handle" has broken off when a mechanic pulled it out to change
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 I Purchased A 2009 Nissan maxima on november 12th 2009, unknowingly that nissan issued a recall for the front suspension (recall summary nissan
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 2005 Murano. Right Side passenger side door lock buttons on the outside of the door do not work and now rare door lock is
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 On Tuesday May 11th My 2003 nissan murano began to make a loud grinding noise which has been attributed to a crack in the transfer
NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 I Bought A Nissan Maxima 1999 for my daughter only to find out that she got in her car one morning after just having her
NISSAN MURANO 2006 Solar Visor Not Secure. has fallen repeatedly during normal driving. presents major safety hazard as view of road will be impaired
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) as stated in my last
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 I Have A 2003 Nissan altima. this car is burning oil like crazy. there's no smoke or anything of that sort, but
NISSAN SENTRA 2007 A/c Unit Never Worked. radio unit never worked. fuel gauge was defective. car was bought new and unused. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 The Nissan Titan 2007 Has a front end brake problem . they wear out to the point that when you press the brake the
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Transmission Jerks/slips Between The 1st and 2nd gear shifts when accelerating and decelerating.
NISSAN MURANO 2006 I Own A 2006 Nissan murano and in the fall of 2009, started experiencing an issue with my sunvisor. i understand that
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Titan, As I'm driving hesitates, or momentarily cuts response, and my engine stalls and turns off, i have since then
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Information Redacted Pursuant To The freedom of information act (foia), 5 u.s.c. 552(b)(6) vin [xxx] 2006 murano
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 On 1/25/10, My 2002 altima with only 27,000 miles on it, kept stalling or not starting during 3 shopping stops. i
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 At Regular Driving, Brakes failed at 7500 miles (while driving approximately 47 mph on the 5 freeway southbound). tustin nissan dealership found all
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Td Insurance Company Has An written estimate for the use of used airbags in repair of a consumers car. the insurance company
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Rental Auto Failed To Stop. went to floor on brake pedal and still did not stop. hit parked car in driveway and fence
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Leased A 2005 Nissan maxima and fell in love with the car so much that i purchased the car when the lease was up.
NISSAN ALTIMA 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 nissan altima. he received a recall notice on 12-7-2009. he took the vehicle to be
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Salvador Alarcon Who Is The owner of alarcon's tire shop was acted deceitfully by having his staff install 235x65x17 vehicle tires on my 2005 nissan
NISSAN VERSA 2007 Nissan Versa 2007. some times the car won't start with the intelligent key. the car sometimes locks automatically and other times
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My 1996 Nissan Maxima Caught on fire by itself in the midnight, and it was almost completely destroyed by the fire. i received
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2007 Nissan altima sedan that had the rear sway bar snapped in two. the nissan dealership had mentioned that it
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Front Drivers Seat Mounting Bracket has been replaced four times because it rocks when driving and/or stopping. this is an obvious
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have Had 2 Sets of chinese brake rotors installed on 2 different vehicles. they warp and cause an unsafe condition after 12 months
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Nissan Altima 2002 Is smoking my brakes have failed almost causing a wreck i have had to put brake pads on my car 4
NISSAN TITAN 2004 I Have A 2004 Titan crew cab 4x4 with 61,000 miles. april of 2009 i checked my air conditioner and found it
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Transmission Jerks On 2nd And 3rd gear. common problem with 2004 nissan maxima se, and nissan refuses to do anything. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Back Rear Window Regulators Not functioning. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Van Had The Red key warning light go on and smelled like electrical burning. i had it towed immediately to a nissan dealer
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2004 Nissan maxima se with 51039 miles and recently i noticed that the car jerking changing gears so i took it to
NISSAN SENTRA 2007 My 2007 Nissan Sentra Was purchased new in december 2006. after having to bring in my car on several occasions for minor glitches
NISSAN MURANO 2009 I Recently Had The Opportunity to drive a 2009 nissan murano equipped with their "smart key". similarly, i also drove a 2007
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 The Car Rpm Drop Down below 500, last year it led to service engine light and spend around a grand, but never fix,
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Nissan Altima Gle 2001 Required the intake manifold gasket replacement on 10/11/03 under warranty because the car idled very high when at a stop
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 My Bose Cd Changer In my 2001 nissan pathfinder hasn't been working in a couple of years. it comes up with an err2 message.
NISSAN XTERRA 2005 This Complaint Is About My nissan xtera 2005. i had 1/8 of a tank of gas and went to fill up. after filling
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1999 I Wrote Previously On Issues with my 1999 nissan pathfinder & recalls safety defects etc..etc.. ? re airbag switch installation to
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Fuel Tank Indicator Does Not indicate full tank after filling full; first occurrence in july 2007; second occurrence feb 2009; not under
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My 2002 Nissan Altima's Check engine light came on. the car started running sluggish, and totally ran out of oil! mechanic
NISSAN QUEST 2004 I Bought A Nissan Quest 2004 van from broad street honda dealer at richmond it has serious door problem which was not locking completely and
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 I Purchased A 2001 Nissan pathfinder. the 6 disc bose cd player worked perfect for a few years. in 2006 it read err2.
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Purchased An After-market Engine cold air intake for my 2006 nissan pathfinder. approximately a month after i installed the intake a piece
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 1995 Nissan quest . the passenger side lap safety belt first went out of order (the belt stuck and
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Own A 2003 Nissan murano sl awd. the fuel tank shroud was installed in compliance with recall campaign 06v003000. the
NISSAN ALTIMA 2009 I Recently (12/30/08) Bought A 09 nissan altima 2.5sl with connection package and within the first week of driving the car i came across
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Airbag Light On Dash Keep blinking in the off/on position. turn the airbag off, then back on and it started blinking and keeps
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Brakes Were Losing Power with the brake pedal feeling 'mushy' and brake light on. the dealer, maita nissan, advised me
NISSAN FRONTIER 2004 Cd Player Will Not Eject disc only makes clicking sounds. this happened 24 months after purchase mileage was over warranty. they would not
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Own A 2002 Nissan altima , i have to put a quart of oil in this car every 50 miles, from wha
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Purchased This Xterra In may of 2006. in the past 8 weeks i have had to have my 06 nissan xterra towed
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2006 Service Engine Soon Light Popped on. read owners manual. advised to open and re-close gas cap. did that. light did not
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 The Driver's Seat Has Broken twice under warranty and repaired. now it had broken a third time out of warranty for the exact
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 Cd Player No Longer Works; displays err 2. radio volume control knob no longer works. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Boyfriend Was Driving My car on the i-10 when he suddenly heard a loud crack and the seat was suddenly lopsided. i therefore
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Own A 1994 Nissan altima. in december 2006, the driver's side sunvisor malfunctioned and dropped down blocking the driver's view of
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My 2004 Nissan Titan Leaks profusely onto by emergency brakes. my emergency brakes do not work at all on a hill.
NISSAN FRONTIER 2006 I Own A 2006 Nissan frontier, it was delivered with only half the keys programmed for the vehicle, a strange rattling of plastic
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Clarion Audio, No Sound. when the car was started. the vehicle the radio display and controls work properly but there is no
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 Courtesy Copy Of A Letter from consumers written to nissan north america re problems with their 2005 nissan pathfinder. *nj the
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 I Purchased A 2001 Nissan pathfinder from a family member. the bose 6 cd changer comes up with an error message err2. i'm
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Just Bought A Nissian pathfinder and while i was going over it after i got it home i found out that the rear part
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Own A 2002 Nissan Altima; replaced catalytic converter 6/2005 @ 71k miles. it fell under federal emissions warranty. 7/2008 service
NISSAN MURANO 2005 Drivers Seat Rocks To The left. was informed by jim mills nissan that the seat track was bad, $716 to replace. not
NISSAN QUEST 2004 In December Of 2006 We purchased a 2004 nissan quest se. the first year was not entirely trouble free, the drivers seat would
NISSAN TITAN 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan titan. while driving at an unknown speed, smoke entered the vehicle through the vents.
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A Nissan Murano. ever since i purchased the car it is used, i have nothing but trouble with it. the
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 This Vehicle Has A Faulty fuel gauge, gas tank, fuel pump...whatever! this is the 3rd gas tank and fuel pump
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 In August 2007, My 2003 nissan altima began to hesitate while driving. the check engine light came on. the light remained on
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 The Bose 6 Disc Changer is also giving me as well as hundreds of others the dreaded 'err 2' error and will not eject or
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Wife Skidded Off A freshly graveled road and nose-dived into a ditch frontend first, catapulted the vehicle into a c/clockwise spin and wrapped
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 This Complaint Has To Do with the failure of the oil stick for the 2001 nissan sentra. i have owned the car for
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 6 Disc Cd Changer Shows err2 on screen and will not eject any disc. problem occurred around 70k miles and dealer would not
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 This Car Has A Serious safety flaw in that it hesitates from an idling stop. when you press on the gas while sitting
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2002 Nissan Altima Faulty Engine and catalytic converter. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2002 Nissan altima, i have an error message on my 6 disc cd changer. it is err3. i cannot
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 I Have A 2002 Nissan altima, i have an error message on my 6 disc cd changer. it is err3. i cannot
NISSAN QUEST 2001 Automatic Windows Defective ; regulators and motors grind resulting in hot motor smell and windows failing to operate up or down .do not
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 Factory Cd Changer For 2001 pathfinder le becomes jammed, will not play cds or eject them, shows an error code of err2.
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 After 30-45 Minutes Of Freeway driving (65-70 mph) gas fumes will enter into cabin of car. once car gets off freeway, fumes
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Purchased A 2004 Nissan maxima, on february 27 2007 with only 24,000 miles. three months later, the vehicle started to
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 Bose 6 Cd Changer Does not work and has never worked for more than 6 months after i bought the truck. *tr
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Nissan Has A Recall On old model of pathfinder on fuel filler tube, but nissan only willing to replace the fuel filler tube for
NISSAN QUEST 2006 There Is No Sensor On the automatic sliding door. as my daughter was manually opening the door, so was i with the
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Airbag Failure X2 On Front end crash with significant damage & disabling injuries in 2004 & again in 2006 i have made complaints on same
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 2000 Nissan Sentra- Many Consumers with 2000/2001 sentras complaining about similar problems. car stalling- shutting off when car is slowing down. rpm is
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 The Problem Started With The fuel sensors in the fuel lines in june 2006. the service engine light came on and when the
NISSAN TITAN 2007 07 Nissan Titan Radio Fades in and out .they replaced it and it still fades in and out *cn
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 My 2001 Nissan Pathfinder 6 disc cd changer went out on me the other day with the dreaded "err2" message. this is clearly
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2005 nissan altima. while driving 30 mph, the vehicle began making a loud noise and the service engine
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2002 My 6 Disc Cd Changer does not work. the problem has been well documented on this website, and several message boards.
NISSAN SENTRA 2001 My 2002 Nissan Sentra Gxe oil dip stick broke when i was pulling it out to check my oil level. i did a search
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 I Just Purchased A 2001 nissan pathfinder. the 6 disc cd player does not work, it says "err2". i was
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2005 2005 Pathfinder Se, Roof rack front covers keep coming off while driving, design/mounting mechanism insufficient. it's happened 3 times,
NISSAN MURANO 2003 I Was Traveling Out Of town alone with my 3 children and after we had been on the road for about 3 1/2 hours,
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Grinding Noise Upon Initial Start of day and several failures upon initial start; sluggish and feels like it'll cut off on incline and acceleration.
NISSAN CREW 2004 My Nissan Quest Has Had a number of problems since i have purchased in november 2004. -airbag and seat issue (corrected after several
NISSAN XTERRA 2005 Dt: Contact States There Is nhtsa recall campaign concerning the trailer hitches. the parts needed to repair their vehicle are not
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 Nissan Altima 2003 - Vent blows hot air over 100 degrees when temperature outside is comfortable (80's) . manufacturer checked car &
NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 Purchased A 05 Frontier Cc 4x4 truck from a local dealership. 2 weeks i had the truck roughly the 15 of july,
NISSAN 350Z 2004 The Navigation System Door Sticks. this has occurred 5 or 6 times. the dealer has replaced the door, the motor and the
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Re: My 2004 Nissan Quest-have had same problem recur for almost 1 yr & dealer has not fixed it in 5 tries. on 7/21/04,
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Complaint Regarding 2004 Nissan Quest tow package and wiring design flaw.*mr the consumer stated the directional lights only blinked once when a trailer
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 2001 Nissan Pathfinder Se Had problems with air bags and seat equipment during a major accident.*mr prior to the accident, the consumer
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 This Car Has Been A lemon since day one, in and out of dealership for one reason or the other, it started with
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 Front Brake Rotors Warping
NISSAN SENTRA 2001 I Changed My Oil On my 2001 nissan sentra and when i removed the oil dipstick, the plastic handle broke off leaving a
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2001 My Daughter's Service Engine Check light keeps coming on. she has pulled over at the side of the road over and over due
NISSAN 350Z 2004 While Driving 40 Mph, the vehicle's traction control engaged on it's own. however, the road was dry and not wet.
NISSAN 350Z 2004 I Own A 2004 Enthusiast model 350z . during our vacation this year we noticed a roaring noise coming from the front tires.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Steering Wheel Shimmies At Speeds from 50-80 mph and also shimmies harshly when braking at lower speeds. i had this in for repair
NISSAN QUEST 2004 On March 31 2004, my wife and i purchased a 2004 nissan quest se. (vin 5n1bv2u44n352872). the reason for the purchase was
NISSAN QUEST 2000 After Engine Is Running For over 500 miles,(ie road trip)the van starts to buck and buck, engines hesitakes,no power is this a
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Manufacturer Refused To Investigate Why the consumer's vehicle stalled. *ph the vehicle would stall without cause. the mechanics
NISSAN QUEST 1999 When You Put Your Foot on the accelerator & try to prss on it...the accelerator will stick. its like it dosent
NISSAN XTERRA 2001 Power Window Motor & Regulater failure, all windows. the window motor and regulater have failed many times. now my truck is not
NISSAN NISSAN 2001 I Am One Of Many who have had the oil dipstick break off in their 2001 nissan sentra. i was able to remove
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 I Am The National Technical advisor for jiffy lube international and i would like to file a defect concern regarding engine oil level dipstick failures.
NISSAN SENTRA 2001 I Took My Car To have the oil changed and in the process the oil dipstick handle broke. when i notified nissan,
NISSAN FRONTIER 2001 During High Winds In The riverside,california area the bed liner of my 2001 nissan frontier was sucked from the bed of the
NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 The Sway Bar Doesn't Stabilize the vehicle. *jb when driving the vehicle it bounces sideways, there noise when going over bumps

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