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01 Jul

NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Damp Patches Appeared On The original alu rim 20'. it happened app. 3 months after using my new car. i have reported
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 My Car Started To Have a very long cranking period when starting the back in 6/2007, took the car to dealership they nothing was

NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 This Isn't Fair. 2002 nissan altima. 5900 miles. man this car is junk, nissan should reimburse people about that, work
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 2005 Xterra 35000 Miles filled up at gas station gauge went to completely empty. the dte read ------ . did some
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Driving Off-road And Small Hills. front axle failure, 4x4 would not disengage, had to tow it. it is at

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