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01 Jul

NISSAN QUEST 1995 There Is An Odor Present about in the air conditioning system that is making the driver sick. please describe. tt
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Air Conditioning Unit Causes Severe burning of eyes and lips. please describe in more detail. tt

NISSAN MAXIMA 1993 When Turning The Air Conditioner on there is a bad fumes smell . tt
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Had To Have Blower System replaced, it filled passenger compartment with smoke. tt
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 The Air Conditioner Is Putting out an odor. because of the odor the owners wife has developed asthma. please describe. tt
NISSAN QUEST 1993 The Car Has A Burning smell present in the passenger compartment and may be due to the vents. please describe. tt
NISSAN SENTRA 1990 In The Summer Time The air conditioning system don't work there is no cold air coming out. tt
NISSAN QUEST 1996 Airbag Light Had Been Flashing. consumer called to dealer who stated repair might cost between $500 - $ 2000 .
NISSAN QUEST 1994 While Driving A Strong Gas odor comes through the vents and fills the vehicl's interior even with the windows down. at first fixing
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1994 Exhaust Manifold (passinger Side) Cracked due to fatigue. please provide further details.*ak blower noise in a/c since the begining. *yh
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Debris Gets Into A/c Evaporator and becomes locked inside, allowing water to build up into drain tube , spilling over onto engine
NISSAN QUEST 1997 While Driving With Air Conditioning on, vehicle loses power/starts shaking and shuts completely off. driver has to turn air conditioning
NISSAN ALTIMA 1994 When Using Air Conditioner Pressure builts up and air releases. also, back right passenger side coil springs are making loud noise
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 When Air Conditioner Is On the engine would have high rpms, intermittently which affected the performance of the brakes causing them to become inoperative
NISSAN SENTRA 1995 When The Air Conditioner Is on there are no brakes , had to replace the brakes on thre occasions. please describe .
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 While Traveling On Highway And without prior warning air conditioning was leaking coolant inside of vehicle, causing vehicle to stall. dealership
NISSAN ALTIMA 2001 Air Conditioner Makes Noises And blow out cool air and sometimes gets really cold. *yh
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Crank Shaft Broken When Nissan dealer try to change timing belt. the next day i call aaa tow my quest to arco gas station.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1986 The Ozone Produced By The fan brushes of the internal fan blower is not vented to the outside of the car but to the internal
NISSAN MAXIMA 1998 On 6/11/02 I Had To have my car towed to the dealership (towing is supposed to be covered in my warranty which they made me
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Rear Fan Does Not Work, apparantly this is a problem with the 1995 quest if you will check this site you will find that
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Air Conditioning System Caught On fire, blowing flames from burning plastic into passenger compartment, while driving on residential street w/ ac on.
NISSAN QUEST 2002 Airconditioner Blows Out Hot Air. the dealer has attempted to fix the problem 3 times. the dealer stated nissan sent a service manager
NISSAN 200SX 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
NISSAN 200SX 1996 This Car Has Been Nothing but a diaster for us since we drove it off the lot on march 18, 1996. within
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 The Defect Database Is Full of customer complaints regarding the defective seal between the timing cover and the block. a technical service bulletin
NISSAN ALTIMA 2000 I Started To Brake My vehicle well before a red traffic light. in the line of traffic, i was braking firmly but
NISSAN MAXIMA 1994 Power Window - Regulator Arm broke, heater & a/c - cabin fan only runs on high speed
NISSAN 200SX 1998 When The Car Was Assembled at the manufacturer, the air comprosser was bolted down to tightly. we had purchased the car in
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 Air Cond. Lines Freeze up air cond. becomes uneffective
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air after an hour of driving with it on.
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air after an hour of driving with it on. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1995 I Purchased This Van Used. beginning of july air-conditioner became sporadic. seemed to quit working when it became very hot,
NISSAN MAXIMA 1989 A/c Failed; Santa Monica nissan claimed the whole dashboard computer needs to be replaced at $1000. later found your bulletin fc0006029.
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 After Approximately 30 Minutes Of driving, despite adjusting every control possible, the air conditioner ceased working. while stopped for lunch,
NISSAN 200SX 1998 A/c Pressure Hose Connector Broke. yh
NISSAN 200SX 1998 Since The Second Time The clutch cable was broke till now, the car still sit in the garage of ellis brooks(dealer). the dealer
NISSAN 200SX 1998 1. When I drove @ the speed of 55, the wheel still shift to the right. 2. ellis brooks(dealer) replaced
NISSAN QUEST 1999 I Started Having Problems With the brakes and the air conditioner around the same time frame give or take a few weeks. the
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 When The Air Conditioner Compressor is engaged the engine will hunt from 1100rpm to 1800rpm.this causes the truck to lurch forward as the vehicle
NISSAN QUEST 1994 We Have Had Nothing But problems with this van. air conditioner/ brakes/seat belts,and the most costly of all, transmission failed at 2800.
NISSAN QUEST 1994 Ac Evaporator Leaked And Had to be replaced.( dot number: tire size: p205/75r15 )
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Ihave Contacted The Dealership Where my service had been done on all of my complaints and have gotten no satisfaction.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Air Conditoner Failure Due To poor design of undercarriage could lead to fire. sliding doors constantly jams and could result in rear seated people
NISSAN FRONTIER 1998 Truck Has Been To Dealer 6 times for repair. no safety defect listed within summary. *ak
NISSAN SENTRA 1995 When The Airconditioner Was Turned on the engine will stall when i slow down or stop. at times it presented safety concerns because the
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Sliding Door Lock Has Been repaired but never stays repaired. can not be opened from inside at times, can not be unlocked
NISSAN MAXIMA 1998 The Air Conditioner Evaporator Is located below the air intake and is open to dirt and debris. this clogged on a trip, causing
NISSAN MAXIMA 1992 Brakes Pull To One Side pads have been replaced problem still occurs. engine is noisy and rough. crankshaft was destroyed while
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 The Air Condition Unit In my car makes the car not excel to the appropriate speed when the air condition is on. in order
NISSAN FRONTIER 1998 Seat Lever (recall). Clamp on a/c tube (recall). shifter boot--leaking.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1997 Air Conditioner--compressor.
NISSAN QUEST 1998 A/c Motor Failed. yh
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Air Conditioner Evaporator Failed. *yc
NISSAN MAXIMA 1997 A/c Compressor Failed. yh
NISSAN SENTRA 1998 Air Conditioner Solenoid Failed. mjs
NISSAN ALTIMA 1998 Air Conditioner Failed Resulted In leakage. mjs
NISSAN SENTRA 1993 A/c Compressor Failed. nlm
NISSAN MAXIMA 1996 Air Valve Defective.
NISSAN QUEST 1995 Air Conditioner Failed. *skd
NISSAN ALTIMA 1999 The A/c Blows Warm Air since the a/c condenser was damaged by rocks on the road as the result of the dealer failing to install
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Consumer Stated The A/c Is not blowing cold air.*jb
NISSAN ALTIMA 1993 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed Causing noise. *mjs
NISSAN QUEST 1998 Air Conditioner Failed Causing Leakage. mjs
NISSAN QUEST 1998 Belts Loose Causing The A/c to make noise when turned on. nlm
NISSAN ALTIMA 1995 Air Conditioner Failed. Mjs
NISSAN SENTRA 1995 Air Conditioner Does Not Get cold.
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Rear Air Conditioning Unit Failed.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1998 Air Conditioner Compressor Malfunctioned.
NISSAN SENTRA 1996 Air Conditioner Compressor Failed, causing car to slow raipdly with total loss of power.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1991 Air Conditioner Fan Motor Very loud.
NISSAN SENTRA 1994 Air Conditioner Blows Mist Onto occupants.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Evaporator Housing Not Draining Properly, causing electrical problems, burnt out #3 fuel injector.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 1995 Air Conditioner Failed.
NISSAN QUEST 1996 A/c Refrigerant Pipe Leaked, causing a white mist all over the hood/front windows. *ak
NISSAN SENTRA 1994 Air Condition Dryer Burst, injuring driver due to chemical inhalation. *dh
NISSAN QUEST 1993 Recall Repairs Refused Due To unavailability of parts. *dsh
NISSAN SENTRA 1992 A/c Leaks Condensation Onto Passenger's floor.
NISSAN MAXIMA 1995 Air Conditioner Malfunctioned. *ak
NISSAN QUEST 1994 A/c Fan Failed.
NISSAN VAN 1987 Air Conditioner Hoses Failed.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 nissan pathfinder. the contact stated that noise was heard from the air conditioner as the vehicle was started.
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2000 nissan frontier. the contact stated that the air conditioner only functioned intermittently. the vehicle was taken to
NISSAN ALTIMA 2005 Tl* The Contact Owns 2005 nissan altima. the contact had taken the vehicle to an authorized dealer for an unrelated repair and the technician
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 I Have Repair The Pulley on my vehicle twice and it is still doing the ame thing. making a loud noise, when
NISSAN MURANO 2009 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2009 nissan murano. while driving approximately 70 mph the contact noticed that the air conditioner failed. the
NISSAN ARMADA 2007 Tl* The Contact Owns a 2007 nissan armada. the contact stated that the air conditioning unit would activate and deactivate independently. in
NISSAN LOWER LINK 9999 This Statement Is In Addition of numuras safety recalls. july 2008 on interstate 22 myrtle beach my 2003 murano stalled out with son and
NISSAN SENTRA 2007 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2007 nissan sentra. the contact started the vehicle and turned on the air conditioner; however, the air conditioner
NISSAN VERSA 2009 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2009 nissan versa. while driving 30 mph with the air conditioner turned on the contact suddenly fell asleep and crashed
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 Today, My Family & i almost bought the farm when the brakes went out on a freeway off ramp on our way back from
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2004 nissan armada. the contact stated the rear air conditioner refrigerant tubes were repaired due to failure.
NISSAN FRONTIER 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 nissan frontier. the contact stated that fuel gauge did not work and she would have to periodically check the
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 I Have A 2007 Nissan altima. i bought it used from a dealership in houston, tx on 12/10/2008. i drove
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 Tl* The Contact Owns A 2002 nissan altima. the air conditioning system will not circulate heat. also after service the oil and antifreeze
NISSAN TITAN 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 nissan titan. the contact received a recall notice for nhtsa campaign id number 08v284000. she was
NISSAN 999R5 AR000 9999 Nissan Uses Faulty Equipment In their vehicles and ashly at their consumer affairs dept actually told me that nissan only expects their vehicles to last
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 My Car Is Jerking And bucking bad. there are thousands of people out there with the same problem and nissan is not doing
NISSAN ARMADA 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 nissan armada. the contact's wife drove approximately two miles with the air conditioner activated. she exited
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 A/c Was Working Weird In the beginning on how it turned on etc. when i took the vehicle in the first time under
NISSAN TITAN 2006 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2006 nissan titan. five minutes after the contact started the vehicle, he noticed smoke underneath the hood.
NISSAN PATHFINDER 2000 2000 Nissan Pathfinder With Multiple front end problems. consumer states that the dealer replaced the air conditioner compressor and did not repack the front
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 I Have Had Problems With my 2004 nissan maxima since purchasing it brand new. within 60 days of purchasing the car, i had
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 2003 Nissan Altima With Recall for a sensor. consumer states that she would like reimbursement because she did not take it to an authorized
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada With numerous problems. customer states the vehicle has had some of these problems washer tank/motor/level sensor, electrical worked after
NISSAN TITAN 2007 This Is My 2nd Nissan titan in less than 2 years! i traded in a 2005 with less than 20,000 miles because of 3
NISSAN MURANO 2004 2004 Nissan Murano Front door locked when consumer opened it. customer stated that the door stayed locked when she opened the door
NISSAN ALTIMA 2002 2002 Nissan Altima Overheats, air conditioner and engine failures. customer states that she has brought the car in on numerous occasions for
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 I Have A 2004 Nissan maxima se that i bought 2 years ago with 14000 miles on it. currently have 24000 miles so i
NISSAN MAXIMA 2004 Biggest Problem Is The Transmission on the 2004 maxima. it started with jerking, and speed changes while driving. rotators, air
NISSAN FRONTIER 2000 This Is The Fourth year in a row that i had to refill the air conditioning a/c on the truck, i
NISSAN CREW CAB 2000 2000 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab front grill , marketed as stainless steel chrome , but in fact is plastic ,
NISSAN XTERRA 2001 Since I Began Ownership Of my vehicle, i have had to get the air conditioning system hoses replaced 2 times. both times,
NISSAN TITAN 2005 2005 Nissan Titan With A host of serious issues, of course there was the brake problem, radio wouldn't shut off and the air
NISSAN FRONTIER 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated The defroster when activated, turned the air conditioning on and the only way to turn it off was to shut
NISSAN MURANO 2006 Evidently A Rock Was Able to penetrate my condenser due to the wide open gaps in the front of the vehicle. my a/c
NISSAN FRONTIER 2003 Air Conditioner Compressor And Lines broke. *nm
NISSAN QUEST 2005 I Have Had The Van in the shop at least 4 times(~15 days) with ongoing problems which include: the windows failing to roll up
NISSAN MAXIMA 2000 2000 Maxima Had Problems With the ignition coil assembly. *ts the ac compressor was replaced. the malfunction indicator light illuminated.
NISSAN QUEST 2006 A/c Was Not Working And air compressor got frozen after a/c was turned on around 600 miles. air compressor and bell were replaced
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Purchased This Vehicle 3 Months ago, used. we have had nothing but problems since. the main problems are: the roof
NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 Radiator Is Leaking. A/c is not working at all. timing belt is about to go out. *jb
NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 Radiator Is Leaking. A/c is not working at all. timing belt is about to go out. *jb
NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 Dt*: The Contact Stated the air bag light illuminated intermittently. the dealership determined the entire air bag system needed to be replaced.
NISSAN QUEST 2005 Intermittent Compressor & Ac/ Hvac system failure, while driving with ac on air will turn warm for some time and then get cold,
NISSAN ARMADA 2004 Consumer Has Had Numerous Problems with the brakes and air condition on 2004 nissan armada. *ts when the brakes were applied, the
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Purchased 2004 Nissan Quest In january of 2004. the air conditioning system emitted a very foul (musty) odor the first time i used
NISSAN QUEST 2005 Dt: The Contact Owned A 2005 nissan questand had several problems with this vehicle, such as air conditioner compressor went out/the vehicle pulled
NISSAN XTERRA 2002 Dt: The Contact Is having problems with her air condition. her brother has a 2001 nissan xterra and they done a recall on
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Nissan Quest 2004 Has Been in for service 5 times. tire problems, console lights (possible short) and rear interior lights.
NISSAN ALTIMA 2001 When Using The Air Conditiioning unit in the 2001 nissan altima, there is a buzzing or whirring noise during operation. vehicle noise is
NISSAN FRONTIER 2001 A/c Fan Switch Gone Bad. replaced part. i know a couple of people with the same type of truck and similar year that
NISSAN SENTRA 2004 Air Conditioning Compressor Will Engage (a/c will turn on) regardless of ambient air temperature, when one or both of the following conditions are met:
NISSAN NISSAN 1996 No Acceleration With Air Conditioner on. o2 sensor replaced, is that normal. brakes going out after recently having them fixed,
NISSAN ALTIMA 2004 Air Conditioner Compressor Does Not disengage when the manual selector switch is moved from the defrost position. the only way to disengage the compressor
NISSAN QUEST 2004 A/c Problems, Rattles, sliding doors raking paint off of sides of vehicle. *nm
NISSAN MAXIMA 2000 Problems With Air Conditioner Compressor. *mr *sc *jb
NISSAN QUEST 2004 (1) Ever Since Buying The vehicle on may 1 2004, the a/c system on this vehicle has been performing poorly. (2) on
NISSAN QUEST 2004 Air Conditioning Does Not Feel like it is blowing as cool as it should. also, hot air coming from floor vents.*ak
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 While Driving 55 Mph Vehicle stalled. the consumer was able to pull the vehicle off of the road. the dealer and
NISSAN MAXIMA 1999 I Need To Replace The following for my 99 nissan maxima so far:- (1) 2 oxygen sensors. (2) 1 engine control module
NISSAN SENTRA 2003 My Air Condition (a/c) Will not turn off all the time. i will turn on the heat without the (a/c) button on and i
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Vehicle Stopped With Foot On brake. a/c compressor kicks on and vehicle's idle starts to race so fast that the brake does not
NISSAN QUEST 2002 Loud Clunk During Cold Start and again when a/c is turned on. started at 11,000 miles, and seems to be getting worse.
NISSAN MAXIMA 2001 Numerous Problems With Vehicle's Front rotors. *mr this was the consumer's third set of front rotors and the latest set
NISSAN QUEST 1997 Car Stalls/dies.. When driving long says nothing wrong. cannot find problem. twice stalled on highway. twice
NISSAN FRONTIER 2003 Air Conditioner A/c Works properly until the defroster is engaged. once the defroster is turned on the ac remains on until the
NISSAN SENTRA 1999 I Have A '97 & '99 nissan sentra gxe & both have suffered the same ac problem - the auxiliary fan ( air con cooling
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 Problems With Front Lower Control arms and defective pulley in engine. *mr the fuel pump was replaced at 17000 miles. the
NISSAN ALTIMA 2003 A/c Compressor Does Not Disengage when the manual selector switch is moved from the defrost position. this is covered by a service bulletin
NISSAN QUEST 2001 Vibration Felt In Front end and pulling to left. steering wheel shook and was difficult to control over 55 mph.
NISSAN SENTRA 2000 Air Conditioner Blows Hot Air after an hour of driving with it on. *ak *nlm
NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 Dealer Is Denying Responsibility For the problems i am having. i brought the truck 4 times for abs, 3 for a/c not working
NISSAN FRONTIER 2002 The Vehicle's Abs Light Always comes on, and the a/c doesn't blow out cool air/per invoice-when driving at freeway speed, the a/c will

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