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Mitsubishi Suspension Rear Reports

Wednesday 9th of September 2015 05:36:58 AM

MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1991 Rear Axle Bracket Broke Causing the vehicle to go out of control. tt
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Rattle In Right Rear Suspension. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1991 Rear Sway Bar Bracket That holds bar to vehicle broke resulting in loss of control, spinning out or shifting of wheels. please describe
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 While Making Repairs Dealer Noticed and informed consumer that rear wheel knuckle had cracks all away around, and needed to be replaced or
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Rear Suspension Does Not Stay in allignment and bottoms out. dealer has inspected vehicle on several occasions, and the problem
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1991 The Rear Sway Bar Mount broke, causing the sway bar to separate from the chassis. this caused the vehicle to fishtail. dealer
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1998 While Making A Right Or left consumer would hear noise for the front of the vehicle. dealer has been contacted. please at
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 Tires Are Shaking Due to lugs:nuts being too loose. also, rear of vehicle is too low/ brakes have been repaired
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 The Back End Of The car would swerve if the brakes were applied at 50mph. dealer replaced lower rear control arm. *al
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 The Consumer Has Been Experiencing problems with rear suspension. during inclement weather, the vehicle tends to sway back and forth.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Main Engine Rear Seal Failed/driver's seat belt does not lock/all lights dim or get brighter due to electrical failure/front end suspension bushing failed/when using keyless
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2001 Right Side Of Car Suddenly dropped when making a left turn from a stop light. driver lost control of car running into right
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 2000 Inadequate Rear Suspension/suspension Sagging. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 No Summary Listed For Above vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2000 The Vehicle Was Sold With inadequate rear coil suspension resulting in the vehicle "bottoming out" with rear passengers. the vehicle was represented
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1999 No Summary Listed For Abov evehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 No Summary Provided By Consumer
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Rear End Misaligned, Causing vehicle to pull to the right/premature tire wear. *aw
MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2004 Broken Rear Control Arms On a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor caused extreme fishtailing on even slight snowfall and poor suspension when making turns and going over
MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2004 Broken Rear Control Arms On a 2004 mitsubishi endeavor caused extreme fishtailing on even slight snowfall. our mechanic said that he has seen
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 1999 Rear End Unstable. vehicle backend swerves and fishtails on wet or icy surfaces. repair shop states back end is frozen and
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1992 I Was Driving My Mother-n-laws 1992 mitsubishi galant and all of the sudden the car just started to swerve from right to left making a
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 2002 At About 95000 Miles I noticed the vehicle becoming very hard to drive whenever there was slight moisture or snow on the roads. after
MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 2004 I Heard A Squeaking Noise coming from the back of my 2004 lancer ralliart. i had the rear sway bar replaced, and
MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2004 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2004 mitsubishi endeavor. while driving approximately 30 mph, the contact heard a loud noise coming from underneath the
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2004 Rear Wheels Toe In. rear control bushing seems to be worn out and need replacing. my wife's former car, a 2004 mitsubishi
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 I Took My Vehicle In to the dealer twice in 2006 about a "squeak" that i heard from the rear passenger side while driving.
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1995 I Have A 1995 Montero sr and while i was driving on the highway i smelled oil and when i stopped to check it the
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 When Car Was First Purchased told dealer it felt like back end was kickin out on wet roads,took it dealer was told they could
MITSUBISHI RAIDER 2006 Shortly After The First 7000 miles a noise, like metal objects b egan coming from rear of the vehicle, usually during turns.
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 Tl*- Contact Owns a 2003 mitsubishi outlander, for which he had to replace the rear lower suspension arm 4 times. first
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Cap Of Driver's Side Rear strut tower failed. car skidded because the spring and shock were released. replacement parts were secured from dealer
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2004 Dt*: The Contact Stated while traveling various speeds, a wobbling sound was heard coming from the rear of the vehicle. the
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2003 Recent Incident Of Right Back wheel displaying excessive noise and impairing driving, as well as repeated incidents of brake wear, malfunction and
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 2002 I Bought The Car In apr. 2002 and since then have only put 40k miles on it. there was a squeaky noise from
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 2002 Noticed Recently Purchased Rear Tires were balding on inside camber and a noise was detected when rounding corners. went to replace tires and the
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 My 2003 Mitsubisihi Lancer Oz is experiencing some type of problem with the rear suspension. we've had the car for 3 years and
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2001 While Driving 60 Mph Vehicle swerved to the right, and driver lost control of the vehicle. then, driver noticed that
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2002 Left Rear Of Car Was making a intermittent noise that was faster with speed of car. checked strut on left rear found it to
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer Es 2002, vehicle has been making an annoying squeeking sound coming from the rear ot the car. three attempts have been
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2002 While Parked Rear End Caught on fire. no injuries reported. *ak
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 Car Bushing Had To Be replaced with only 6000 miles.. why? dealer couldnt explain. also, twice car has accelerated when
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2002 Having A Problem With Rear suspension. the entire back end sounds as if the frame is broken. was assured by mitsu service
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1994 When The Consumer Backed Out of a driveway the rear sway bar broke. a mechanic looked at the vehicle and suggested that the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2001 Me And My Wife Were driving about 45 miles an hour when the rear end of my car started sliding i try to correct the
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2002 I Am Having Problems With the rear suspension of my 2002 mitsubishi lancer. service tells me that they have received a bulletin from mitsubishi

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