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Mitsubishi Suspension Front Control Arm Lower Ball Joint Reports

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MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Heard Noise Coming From Left right front, replace lower control arm and ball joint. tt
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Car Spun Out Of Control, hitting a telephone pole, due to ball joint failure, air bags failed and the seat broke.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Recall 00 V 421 001/lower ball joint boot: reporting upper ball joint is failing as lower ball joint; notified that
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Consumer Received Recall 00v421001 on front end for lower ball joints . since last month front passenger side tire has worn down
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Nhtsa Recall 00v421001/ Manufacturer's recall 98v020000 for lower ball joints. dealer had been contacted for remedy, but was unable to perform
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Consumer Is Calling Dealer In regard to recall #001421000 for lower ball joint boot. dealer refused to remedy vehicle because oil was
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Vehicle Was Parked In garage for a 1 hour. consumer's dog was scratching on door when consumer opened door and
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Dealership Examined Vehicle For Recall 00v421001. dealership in each communication with consumer changed name of the component that would be repaired for
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recall 00 V 421 001/lower ball joint boot: dealer gene messer mitsubishi, amarillo,tx; phone# 806/358-8888 charged consumer for recall part,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Consumer Received Recall Notice Nhtsa 00v421001/manud to perform repairs due to the fact that the side that was defective was n0t the side
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Nhtsa Recall#00v421001/ Manufacturer's Recall Sr01-007. dealer was contacted for recall repairs, but was unable to complete work because parts were unavailable until further
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Recall#00v421001/manufacturer's Recall Sr01-007. contacted dealer, and dealer stated vehicle was salvaged. dealer will not fix vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Contacted Dealer In Reference to recall 00v421001/ manufacturer's recall sr01-007. dealer stated parts were unavailable until further notice. please provide
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Received Recall 01v421007/ manufacturer's recall sr99-002. consumer has previous problems with right front lower ball joints. dealer
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Received Recall 00v421001/ Manufacturer's recall sr99-0002. consumer called dealer and made an appointment, had a 4 hour drive to dealership.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 After Consumer Contacted Dealer to have recall 00v421001/ manufacturer's recall sr99-02 taken care off, premium mitsubshi in new rochelle,ny
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1998 There Is A Vibration That happens at higher speeds, approximately 55 + mph. dealership has repeatedly informed her that tires
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 While Driving Lower Ball joints collapsed and front passenger side tire turned outward. also, axle came loose. dealer
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Consumer Took Vehicle In For lower ball joint recall 00v421001/ manufacturer's recall sr99-002 repairs. vehicle's problem involved upper ball joints
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Consumer Had Received A recall notice for control arm, but did take vehicle right away for repairs. 30
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Lower Front Ball Joints Had a lot of play. vehicle was making loud noises when making turns. taking vehicle to dealership to have
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 While Driving, Ball Joint assembly failed, causing right front tire to come off and front end of vehicle dropped, during recall
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 While Driving At 10-15 Mph lower ball joint fell off vehicle. had this component looked at under recall 99v066001 in september 2000. was
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Recall 99v066001/ Manufacturer's Recall Sr99002. consumer was traveling 50mph & ball joint on the right side came out and broke lower control arm,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recall 00v237000, Took Vehicle to dealer in july 2000 for recall. was told boot did not need to be replaced. while driving
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Took Vehicle For Recall # 99v066002 repairs, and dealer refused to fix problem. on her way out,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Recall 99v066001/ Lower Ball Joints. took vehicle to dealer november and october 13,2000, and dealer was not
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Without Prior Warning Lower Ball joints broke, causing major damage to vehicle. vehicle has expierienced the same problem as mentioned in
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Recall 99v066001. ball joint separated from steering knuckle, causing driver to lose control and cause damage to
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 When Making A Left Hand turn lower ball joint right front came off, causing the wheel to separate from axle, wheel
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Recall 99v066001. Dealer And manufacturer wanted to charge owner to replace the lower control arm.*ak the dealer found out the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Has Received Recall Letter 99v066002. dealer refused to do repair work, stating that boot was not damaged, and wanted to
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recalll 99v066002 Lower Control Arm: ball joints. dealer is refusing to perform recall repairs because boot is not cut, but
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recall 99v066002/lower Ball Joins: Dealer refused to honor recall. informed consumer that vehicle had too many miles. notified manufacturer, and informed
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Consumer Contacted Dealer In reference to recall nhtsa 99v066001/ manufacturer's recall sr-99-002 concerning lower ball joint failure. dealer and manufacturer refused
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Consumer Contacted The Dealer In refernce to recall 99v066001/manufacturer's recall sr99002/ lower ball joint boots. dealer inspected vehicle, no parts replaced,
MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI 1995 While Driving About 5-7 Mph nd making a left turn, lower ball joint and axle broke. vehicle has been repaired
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Lower Ball Joint Separated while consumer was pulling off from a stop sign, causing the front right wheel to break away from
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Recall 99v066001. Dealer Is trying to charge the consumer for recall service. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 99v066.002/lower Ball Joint: Recall received and dealer notified. vehicle taken to dealer for recall. but dealer informed consumer that the lateral arm
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Recall 99v 066-001/lower Ball Joint : while driving at approximately 30 mph the lower ball joint separated. manufacturer notified, and informed
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Nhtsa Recall # 99 V 066 001, lower ball joint failure; on above date consumer contacted a dealer concerning recall received,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 While Traveling At 30 Mph the lower ball joint felloff, causing the whell to collapsee at an angle,.the wheel was held on
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Recall # 99v066001 Mitsubishi/lower Ball joint boot: the lower control/ ball joint arm is loose, but not damaged. dealer stated that
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 While Driving The Vehicle About 10mph thewheel turned inward due to a ball joint coming loose. dealer has seen vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Recall 99v066001, Lower Ball joint failed. dealer replaced parts included in recall, and charged owner for the recall. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 When Driving At Any Speed and making any type of turn,there is a clicking noise coming from under the vehicle due to
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Received Notice #99v066001. Contacted dealer.right front wheel came off due to ball joints breaking. axle broke & went into transmission. lost
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Nhtsa Recall 99v-066.002/ Lower ball joint: vehicle experienced lower ball joint failure while driving. dealer informed, and told consumer that
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 While Driving At 40 Mph and without prior warning lower control arm/ ball joint fell off. *ak
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1998 Due To Non -tightening/missing of the lower ball joint nut by the manufacturer. while driving the vehicle the right wheel
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Component Related To Recall 00v421001 for lower ball joint interacts with lower compression arm in front suspension, which also needs to be
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1998 Recall On Lower Ball Joint boot was done in january 2002. on 30 april consumer was unable to steer at slow speed.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 On August 8, 2001, i took my eclipse to jerry's mitsubishi in baltimore, md to have the independent front control arm and
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 I Felt The Car steering wasn't tracking and delayed while i was making a turn into a curve on the road and the steering
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Excess Play In The Lower control arms and ball joints. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 8/9/33 Toke Car In For recall on lower ball joint inspection . dealer no damage seen. but noticed the lower ball needed to
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Lower Ball Joint - Front: left ball joint came off while driving off the driveway. had it replaced ($391.00) at pep boys.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Consumer States There Is A recall campaign 00v421001 concerning the lower arm ball joints on the front suspension being damage. consumer is requesting
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 The Consumer Lost Control Of the vehicle which resulted in an accident due to worn out lower lateral arm ball joint, prior to recall.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Is Requesting A Refund for repair work related to recall 00v421001. *slc
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 The Lower Lateral Arm Ball joint were defective causing premature and excessive wear to the tires, the driver of the vehicle also noticed extreme
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Prior To Recall(sr-01-007) While Pulling out from a stop sign, consumer states it seemed that vehicle had fallen into a hole, when consumer
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Prior To Recall (00v-421) The lower lateral arm ball joint failed and caused the left front wheel to come off. et
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 While Driving, Consumer Hit a puddle of water and vehicle hydroplaned, consumer lost control and vehicle slid sideways and went off the roadway,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 While Making A Turn, vehicle made a very loud cracking noise and vehicle fell to ground, consumer had no control of steering,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 The Consumer Had Ball Joints replaced at an independent mechanic prior to recall notice 00v-421 because the steering wheel seemed loose. nlm
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 The Lower Control Arm Ball joint failed prior to recall notice 00v-421, consumer was denied reimbursement because several words were wrong on the invoice,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Lower Control Arm Ball Joint failed prior to recall notice 00v-421. nlm
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Possible Ball Joint Failure Prior to recall notice 99v-066 may have caused accident in which consumer lost control of the vehicle and struck garbage cans,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Owner Would Like To Make manufacture aware, that this is the first and only recall notification (99v066) he received, owner states that manufacture
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Recieved Recall 99v066002, upon inspection of recall, dealer found damage to the passenger ball joint but would not repair this part because
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Consumer Experienced Problems Before Recall 99v066001, consumer wants reimbursement for several repairs and a total of nine trips to the repair shop due to
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Received Recall 99v066001 And took vehicle to dealer for repairs, dealer informed consumer that the dust boot covers on vehicle would not be
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component (99v-066004), prior to recall notification, excessive wear of the tires occurred prior to axle falling
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component (99v-066) prior to recall notification which resulted in vehicle accident due to loss of control.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Both Front Lower Control Arms failed prior to recall notice 99v-066. nlm
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Was Never Notified Of recall 99v-066 of the lower lateral arm ball joint which resulted in the left wheel coming off while driving.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component prior to notification, however is denied reimbursement due to location of repair. (99v-066)
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Consumer Was Denied Repair Under recall #99-002, dealership refused due to worn part rather that cracked or split. *mjs
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Recall Work Not Performed In a timely matter and once perform a mechanic notice bolts on the control arm were loose or missing. 94
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 While Driving The Consumers Arm ball joint failed prior to recall notice 99v-066 resulting in loss of control. *nlm
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Recall Repair Completed, However consumer charged for additional repairs during repair, possible damaged component due to defect. (99v-066).
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recall Component Failed Prior To recall notice, however vehicle denied repair reimbursement. (99v-066) mjs
MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI 9999 Recall Repair Work Completed (99v-066), during repair damage to upper rubber boots which were torn. mjs
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component (99v-066) prior to recall notice causing extreme loss of control and near accident. mjs
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Rubber Boot On Vehicles Lower control arm ball joints failed prior to recall notice causing the vehicle to drop to the ground while backing into
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Dust Cover On Ball Joint assemblies failed prior to recall notice (99v-066). nlm
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of Recall component prior to recall notice, however being denied for (different component part) (99v-066). mjs
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 During Recall Repair Inspection Of the front lower ball joints, dealership advised that component was fine however additional repair of the lower lateral arms
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component on two occasions prior to recall notice (99v-066), however denied due to additional work necessary to correct
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Recall Component 99v-066001 Failed Prior to notice. yh
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Recall Repair Work Can not be performed by dealership due to lack of parts, vehicle is experiencing defect at this time (99v-066004).
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Front Sway Bar Bushings Worn out, lower ball joints loose. mjs
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Had Recall Work Done on the right lateral arm ball joint due to cut, however dealership refused recall repair on the left lateral
MITSUBISHI 3000GT 1992 The Nut Came Loose From the front control arm bolt causing the left front supension to come apart and the wheel to jump under the
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1999 Lower Lateral Ball Joint Broke off and tire came off of car causing my daughter to lose control of car. found out that
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mitsubishi galant. the contact stated that the lower ball joints were in pieces. the vehicle is
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1995 mitsubishi galant. while making a left turn at approximately 5 mph, the front driver's side wheel detached
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Received Recall For Lower Ball joint in 2001. because they didn't show damage, the dealer only lubricated them. the right one went
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Rattling/clacking When Driving Slowing On rough road. found right front lower lateral arm has a lot of play and also inner and outer tire
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 The Wheel Of My Daughter's mitsubishi galant fell off! while pulling into the driveway at our home, the galant's ball joint on the
MITSUBISHI MITSUBISHI 1997 My 1997 Mitsubishi Has An open recall to remedy suspension front:control arm: lower ball joint defect. i purchased the car used in
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1995 mitsubishi eclipse turbo gts. when the tires were aligned, the mechanic stated that the wheels were falling
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mitsubishi eclipse gsx. the contact stated that the ball joints were detaching from the vehicle.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo Customer states that less than four months after purchasing the car, it broke down in the parking lot. the
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Tl* - The Contact stated that he was pulling out of his driveway in his 1998 mitsubishi eclipse when his lower ball joint failed.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 A Near Miss. The nut on the lower control arm came off on drivers side. 75 mph and thank goodness i was strong
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Dt*: The Contact Stated While driving at 15 mph, there was a loud noise. the contact looked under the vehicle and saw
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Dt*: The Contact Stated while applying brake pressure at various speeds, there was a popping noise. the vehicle was seen by
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 1999 Lower Ball Joints. *jb
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 We Purchased A Used Car that had a recall on it. after my wife and child almost had a serious accident i found out
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Dt*: The Contact Stated prior to purchase there was a recall for the lower ball joints, #00v421001. the recall work was
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Pursuant To The Ball Joint recall for my 1994 mitsubishi galant, i took my car to ourisman mitsubishi in 2004 who then inspected the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 During Replacement Of Struts Service technician noticed that ball joints had excessive play. *ts the manufacturer has recalled many ball joints
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Re: Dealership Complaint: refusal to honor existing nhtsa campaign id
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 I Received A Recall Notice for my 1994 mitsubishi galant ls ,and i took my car to the nearest dealership, ourisman mitsubishi,
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Dt: Front Passenger Side ball joint failure. contact said the wheel and ball joint fell off. caller received recall
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 My Galant Has Had Wheel vibration problems since i purchased it brand new in 2000. i took it to the dealership a countless number
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 When Driving Any Speed, the consumer would hear a cracking noise coming from the steering wheel. the dealership informed the consumer of a
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Consumer Took Vehicle To Dealer for recall 00v421003 repairs. upon leaving the dealer consumer got into the vehicle to take an hour ride
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 Recall Sr-04-001: Driving 35 mph front right lateral ball joint separated from socket causing lost of control. *bf the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Front Lower Ball Joint Failed. recall 00v421001. dealership would not repair the problem, because the vin was not included. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 After Receiving A Recall 00v421001, an appointment was made. vehicle was taken to the dealer, and consumer was told that
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 I Have Owned My Care for 3 years. in that time i have had a leaking sunroof, broken passenger rear view mirror,
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 While Making A Left Turn out of the parking lot vehicle failed to move. consumer had the vehicle towed to the dealer
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 The Ball Joints On The right side of the vehicle came off while driving.*mr as a result the vehicle collapsed onto the ground
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 The Consumer Took His Vehicle in to have the oil changed and upon entering the bay at the shop, the lower ball
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 While At A Stop Front passenger side ball joint failed. vehicle was towed. dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 While Driving Ball Joints Separated and the front end of the vehicle collapsed.*mr this failure occurred prior to receiving recall notice sr-04-001.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Consumer Received Arecall Notice For replacement of lower ball joints. dealer refused to do recall repairs. service manager mike sweitzer.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Premature Wear Of The Lower lateral arm and ball joints. *mr the vehicle made noises and the steering was off.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 The Right Side Ball Joint separated almost causing consumer to have an accident.*mr *la
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Request Reimbursement For Repairs Done prior to receiving recall notice. *ph the vehicle's ball joints failed prior to recall notification (00v421001).
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Request Full Reimbursement For Ball joint repair prior to receiving recall. *ph the vehicle made noises while in motion due
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2001 Premature Wear, Need Replacement. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1998 In November 2003, while driving between 20 to 25 mph, front passenger tire fell off, vehicle was towed to
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 1996 While Driving At Normal Speed right ball joint broke. as a result, consumer's vehicle was involved in a collision.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1999 While Driving 60 Mph Front driver side lower ball joint snapped. consumer managed to pull over, and had the vehicle towed.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Left Front Ball Joint Fell off. this caused the vehicle to suddenly stop and fall flat to the ground. *ak
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1998 Ball Joints Were Replaced Prior to consumer receiving the recall notice. *ph the consumer request reimbursement for the repairs.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 1998 Recall Work That Would Not be completed, unless additional diagnostics were purchased and paid for. subsequently, i continue to drive
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Consumer Complained About A Ball joint problem. the wheels can be heard when making a sharp turn. consumer can hear the rattling from
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 Consumer Received A Recall Notice for ball joints in september 2000. consumer took vehicle to the dealer, who inspected the vehicle, but
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 While Traveling Down Our Street, my lower ball joint on my 1996 mitsubishi eclipse gs failed. i was traveling approximately 30-35 mph at
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 While Driving At Any Speed lower ball joints were making loud noises. dealer stated there was no recall on this vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 When Driving Steering Wheel Felt real loose. dealer stated lower ball joints failed.*ak
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Front Suspension Lower Control Arms ball joint. loud knocking sound evident on drivers side. wheel base on drivers side is
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1999 The Vehicle Was Taken To the dealer for a recall 00v421001 repair on 4/12/2001 concerning lower ball joint boot. dealer inspected the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 Consumer Has Had 2 Different lower controll arm ball joint failures. while driving in 10/02, right front wheel "caved in"
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 While Driving, The Ball joints separated which caused the vehicle to steer to the left and damaged the axle. *jb
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 I Was Driving About 70 on the interstate, i pulled off onto the access road. my car felt very unstable.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 There Was A Cracking Noise when the vehicle was turned, consumer received a recall letter regarding the ball joint, however the dealer refused
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Paid For Repairs On A 1996 mitsubishi galant es suspension front control arm ball joint.

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