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Mitsubishi Steering Linkages Tie Rod Assembly Reports

15 Mar

MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1995 While Pulling Away From A stop sign the inner tie rod fell out of the car and caused no steering and no brakes.please describe.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1994 The Right Side Front Inner tie-rod broke and caused the vehicle to loose control. tt

MITSUBISHI GALANT 1996 Recall 99v066001. Dealer And manufacturer wanted to charge owner to replace the lower control arm.*ak the dealer found out the
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1998 While Driving Passenger's Front Inner tie rod broke, causing loss of steering control which might have resulted in a crash. dealer said
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1995 Driving At Approximately 10-15 Mph, making a right hand turn, inner tie rod broke, causing a loss of vehicle control.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Carter Pin And Nut Which holds tie rod end together was not on vehicle at the time of manufacturing of vehicle. *ak
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1995 Lost Control Of The Vehicle when pulling out onto the road because the left front inner tie rod disconnected. *ak
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1994 While Driving Bolt That holds steering rod to tire fell out. this caused left front tire to wobble. if on
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1996 On January 14 I Took my car to punte hills mitsubishi for a recall on the lower control arms. since i was there
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Tie Rod Ends Were Completely worn through. could move right rear wheel with hand.*ak
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1999 Car Would Shut Off At any time/ would shut off when pulling out from a green light, or would shut off when stopping.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Lower Lateral Arms And Tie rods had to be replaced at 35,100 miles. when passing another vehicle at 60 mph, the
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Vehicle Experienced Failure Of The recall component on two occasions prior to recall notice (99v-066), however denied due to additional work necessary to correct
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1994 Design Defect Caused The Outer tie rod to break apart.
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1995 Lost Control Of The Vehicle when pulling out onto the road because the left front inner tie rod disconnected. vehicle lost control for the
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1989 The Tie Rod Broke Inside the adjustment sleeve.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2001 Right Front Steering Assembly (tie rod & ball joints) tore away from where it was attached to the frame resulting in the vehicle to go
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1997 Received Recall For Lower Ball joint in 2001. because they didn't show damage, the dealer only lubricated them. the right one went
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1998 Rattling/clacking When Driving Slowing On rough road. found right front lower lateral arm has a lot of play and also inner and outer tire
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer. Axle bearing failed on passenger side. i replaced it. inner tie rod tore out of outer tie rod.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 Tl*the Contact Owns A 1997 mitsubishi eclipse. while driving 35 mph, the vehicle spun out of control and crashed into the curb.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1995 When Driving The Car The front end was making very loud noises which became worse when driving over bumpy roads. i had one
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1994 Pursuant To The Ball Joint recall for my 1994 mitsubishi galant, i took my car to ourisman mitsubishi in 2004 who then inspected the
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1993 Pulled Out Of Driveway And proceeded forward when the right wheel did not steer. drove vehicle back into driveway. passenger side
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2001 This Vehicle While Backing From a parking spot separated the inner tie rod from the outter there are no sings of damage or abuse that
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1989 We Bought A "certified" Car from liberty auto plaza (on the window sticker it indicated that it was certified and that there was a 57
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1997 I Have Owned My Care for 3 years. in that time i have had a leaking sunroof, broken passenger rear view mirror,
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 1996 Nar 03/05/2003 The consumer rear door hinges had to be replaced , the tie rod broke on the truck, and the
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2002 Our Accident Occured While Towing a pop up trailer. we are experienced driver's and have been towing a trailer for more than 12

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