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15 Mar

MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1993 There Already Been A Recall on the system in question guide rail/door latch switch. i have been included in the latch switch recall
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 Driver Side Foot Rest Loose. yh

MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 2009 At About 6pm On December 16, 2010 my dad was parallel parking along the side of the road outside our house, when his
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 2002 2002 Mitsubishi Montero Sport. the horn sounds for no reason, when the temperature drops below 55degrees. i must remove the
MITSUBISHI SEAT BELT ASSEMBLY 9999 I Have Two Issues Which seem to have both already been reported. 1. while driving the transmission will idle
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2006 Today, April 21, 2011, i put my key in the ignition switch and my key broke. the metal part of the
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2008 Mitsubishi Is Fully Aware Of problems with electronic keys in new models and would not replace the keys. problems reported by mitsubishi in
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2003 Heater Core In 2003 Galant has gone out, which means no heat in vehicle. quotes for repair are between 900-1300, labor being
MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO 2004 I Bought A 2004 Lancer oz rally brand new, still drive it daily and i've always had this problem too. it was
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 My 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Heater knob broke off and i am unable to get the defroster to work. this has been an ongoing
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2004 I Turned The Knob To heat. it was pretty stiff but it would move to cold temperature fine. i tried it again and
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE SPYDER 1998 Both My Handles Broke Off, the drivers side arm rest,( where the buttons for the windows are), fell off and into the
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 The Heat/ac Knob In My 2003 mitsubishi lancer will not turn. it has been difficult for years, but for fall/winter 2009 i had
MITSUBISHI ENDEAVOR 2004 A/c Drains To The Interior drivers side floor board creating a sever safety hazard, also rusts out the fan blower. *tr
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 Mitsubishi 2003 Lancer Es problem: ac knob won't switch all the way over to heat?it kinks. if you turn it too hard,
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer - Difficulty turning the temperature knob. had it fixed at the dealer just enough so that i could turn the
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2004 Heater Control Knob Was Hard to turn since purchase of vehicle and eventually broke off. now i am forced to adjust temperature using pliers
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2004 I Own A 2004 Mitsubishi lance ralliart sedan. the air control switch (knob used to adjust the temperature) began sticking/catching about in about 2006
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 Since We Purchased The Car we have been complaining; but told that the knobs are a little hard to turn and there is no
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1997 Tl* The Contact Owns a 1997 mitsubishi mirage. the clips that secures the floor-mats to the floorboard has fractured.
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2008 Gps/radio Can Not Be Seen during sunny day especially with sunroof open. *tr
MITSUBISHI MONTERO 2002 Antenna Raising Motor Broke And now when car is turned on or off, it makes a very loud noise as it attempts to retract/extend
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer 2003 Base Model air conditioner (heat cool) knob broke off due to malfunction of turning/wires. this has happened to numerous people and
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 Tl*the Contact Owns A 2003 mitsubishi outlander. on two different occasions, the tires flattened due to the valve stems. three
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 I Had Just Left My home. i had not been driving for more than 2 minutes when my front speakers shut off.
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 2002 I Bought This Car From fowler mitsubishi, norman, ok and every time i run the a/c, the entire drivers side (front &
MITSUBISHI LANCER 2003 When I Bought The Lancer in 2003 the first thing i noticed was the knob for the air and heat was really hard to turn.
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2003 Heater Does Not Blow Warm air anymore. was told by dealer that this is a common problem, but should not be for
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 I Have A 2002 Mitsubishi galant, the knob that controls the air temperature in the car used to make a clicking noise when being
MITSUBISHI GALANT 2002 I Purchased My 2002 Galant in august 05. when i first turned the dial to heat, it made a "clicking" sound and then
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1999 Took Car To Dmv And it won't pass obd-ii test. i have tried three times. found out that a tsb-03-13-005 was sent out.
MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER 2003 This Is A 2 Year old car and the heater and air conditioner do not work. i have ra and lupus and my husband
MITSUBISHI DIAMANTE 2003 When I Apply The Brakes, the car shakes and jerks uncontrollably. i have had work done on the rotors as well as the
MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE 1999 My 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse leaks water inside my car on the driver and passenger sides. i now have mildew in my car and
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 1999 Mitsubishi Galant With Clearcoat failure on entire top of hood, car, and trunk local dealer said i was out of luck,
MITSUBISHI MIRAGE 1996 I've Had Problems With The car from day one. it has always used oil, having to add more oil all the time
MITSUBISHI GALANT 1999 Paint Flaw ,the Clear coat is coming off. it has spread all over the whole car looks as if it is
MITSUBISHI MONTERO SPORT 2000 Brakes, Grind And Squeak, had them checked was told that they were fine. also had a front wheel allignment due to right

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