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Mercury Suspension Front Wheel Bearing Reports

22 Mar

MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Front Wheel Bearing Has To be replaced or wheels may come off while driving. dealer notified. feel free to provide any further information.
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1998 Consumer States During Routine Oil change mechanic saw the front bushings were shredded. *slc

MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1995 Suspension Bolts & Coil Springs had rusted through & broke. happened while driving vehicle. had no warning of any problems. took vehicle
MERCURY SABLE 1997 Consumer Stated Had To Flush radiator out at least five times because of dirty water, it is written in owner's manual that the radiator
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Consumer States That There Is premature wear of the front hub bearings. the dealer has been notified. *jg
MERCURY SABLE 1999 On Right Side Of vehicle wheel bearing has gone bad, vehicle is not making noises, and steering has become
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1998 Wheel Bearings Were Defective. steering made a lot of noise while consumer was driving. toook vehicle to an independent mechanic,
MERCURY COUGAR 1992 The Right Rear Wheel Bearing is going bad causing the wheel to almost fall off. nlm
MERCURY VILLAGER 1998 Front Wheel Bearing Nuts Have no castle washer between the nut and the cotter pin. there is a 3/16 gap between the nut
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 First Time My Wheel Bearings were replaced 08/30/00 under warranty.i think that wheel bearings shouldn't have to be replaced with such low milege.
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1997 Wheel Bearing Growling Howling And vibrating. *ak
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 1998 Wheel Bearings Went Out. *slc
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 1999 Front Bushing Failed Causing Vehicle to make noise when maknig a left turn.
MERCURY SABLE 1992 Right Wheel Bearing And Inner tie rod failed. mjs
MERCURY VILLAGER 1995 Front Wheel Bearings Failed 2 times. *sd
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2007 Front Bearings That Attaches To the awd failed. it will be replaced as soon as parts are available. *tr
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Loud Roaring Noise Coming From front left wheel. ford dealership service department replaced wheel bearing as part had failed. after replacing
MERCURY MARINER 2005 I Purchased A 2005 Mercury mariner 7/24/2006at anaheim lincoln mercury and they were shut down. i have gone to many fords & they
MERCURY MARQUIS 1997 Engine And Engine Cooling System. suspension front wheel bearing. *nm
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2002 Dt*: The Contact Stated The vehicle's front driver side made a wobbling sound while driving 8 mph. the sound only occurred when the
MERCURY MOUNTAINEER 2003 2003 Mercury Mountaineer Awd 4. 0l. we purchased our mountaineer in june of 2004, with 22,000 miles on the odometer.
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 2000 Mercury Marquis Has A defective steering gear box. *mr the problem was due to a defective bushing in
MERCURY MYSTIQUE 1999 1999 Mercury Mystique Had Wheel bearing replaced on both front wheels.*mr the wheel bearings were replaced because the consumer heard a loud thumping
MERCURY COUGAR 2001 2001 Mercury Cougar. since i have owned this car i have replace the engine at 65,000 miles, left front wheel
MERCURY GRAND MARQUIS 2000 While Driving Vehicle Made A very loud noise. took vehicle to the dealer and got no satisfaction. took it to another dealer,
MERCURY COUGAR 1999 Driver's Side Wheel Bearing Has failed 3 times in 4 months. each time requiring the bearing to be replaced, as well as the

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